EF-4000 Electronic Dog Fence System

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The EF-4000 is an invisible dog fence which enables you to keep one or more dogs in complete freedom within a perimeter defined by you without the need for an ugly containment...

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EF-4000 Electronic Dog Fence System - Description

THE EF-4000 is an invisible dog fence which enables you to keep one or more dogs safe in complete freedom within a perimeter that YOU define without the need of an ugly containment fence.

You will be able to rest assured that an unlimited number of receiver collars can be used within one perimeter to contain as many dogs as you wish safely in the same area.

The EF-4000 advanced technology makes it adaptable to any type of terrain: open, wooded, hilly, fenced, unfenced, hot or cold!

EF-4000 Features and accessories:

  • Transmitter with power adapter
    • 2 adjustable zones
    • 8 levels of static corrections
    • On/ off switch
  • Innovative, fully waterproof collar
  • 500 feet of perimeter wire
  • 6 months autonomy with one battery (CR2)
  • 50 training flags
  • Three wire connectors
  • One Test Lamp
  • Two pairs of contact points (long and short)
  • Limited One Year Warranty
  • Easy, Do-It-Yourself installation
  • Superior customer service and support

How does it work?

A discrete perimeter wire (up to 2000 feet / 5 acres) is placed on the ground, buried or raised on an existing fence. This wire carries a signal from a small transmitter unit. The dog wears a discrete receiver collar that receives a signal when he approaches the perimeter wire. When your dog first approaches the wire he enters the warning zone and is warned by a beep from the collar. As he gets closer to the wire he enters the correction zone and is corrected by small electrical impulses. As he leaves the area the impulses stop. After a few days, as the dog learns the boundary the electrical impulses can be reduced and the collar used to emit sound beeps only.

Battery Cost Comparison Data



Perimeter Technologies®Ultra Fence



Invisible Fence®Boundary Plus®

Battery Costannualy $4.00 $39.80 $48.00 $53.70 $70.00
Battery Type CR2
Battery Price $2.00 $9.95 $4.00 $8.95 $17.50
Battery Life 6 months 4 months 1 month 2 months 3 months

EF-4000 Electronic Dog Fence System - Documents

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EF-4000 Electronic Dog Fence System - Reviews

My son and had no issues with the install instructions ...

My son and had no issues with the install instructions. It took just over an hour to layout the wire and 30 min to hook it up.

William Weiss - Amazon - March 17, 2015

The product is great - except DogTek must have used a water soluble ...

The product is great - except DogTek must have used a water soluble glue for holding the flags on the wooden posts. I've had to replace every one with masking tape. I sent two comments to Dogtek but got no response at all. The PetSmart flags, installed at the same time, worked fine. The electronic parts of the system are great, covering our 3 acres. The dog alarm (battery was dead when we received it) works great after figuring out that there are 8 settings on the collar. I replaced the wire with 14 gauge due to the length and that works well with the system.

S. Werkema (Knoxville, TN) - Amazon - March 9, 2015


Worked as described, easy setup

David Freels - Amazon - March 4, 2015

One Star

Dog went right though it 3 times.

Maureen Cramer - Amazon - February 24, 2015

giving it one week

Just got it today. Apparently some jerk has abused our rescue dog with a static collar. He is terrified of the beep alone. It doesn't help that the beep setting on the lowest reads for about 3-4 feet instead of just the 1.3 that is stated. The other dog is much smaller and ignores the beep but stays away from the flags. The big boy is scared of her beeps! He is terrified to do anything in the yard now and I can't even get him to go outside. The static is not too harsh but doesn't keep him from jumping the boundary when he hears the beep. The beep scares him.

I will give this one week and update if anything changes. So far not impressed. All directions have been followed but I have not buried it. Wanted to see if it even worked.

Some people should not have the right to have a dog. This dog is 100 lbs and terrified of a beep.

Tabitha Basye (Southern California) - Amazon - February 18, 2015

Great Product

Very prompt service, the product works great so far!

David E - Amazon - February 9, 2015

Low Quality

Collars and system started having issues after 2-3 months resulting in dog escaping the yard. After 8 months the system entirely an the dogs continually ran the fence. Do not buy this product if you want to keep your dogs contained. Our lost dog has not yet been recovered/found over 3 months later. We switched to sport dog with much better results with our other dogs.

- screw's fall out of collars
- inconsistent signal and behavior (often fails to correct the dog as they near the boundary)
- we contacted the company and followed suggestions instructions for correcting issues but didn't have any additional success
- dogs can sit at the edge of the boundary and wear down the batteries
- batteries don't last very long

Kaley A. Mayer "ElectronicEagle" (WI) - Amazon - February 6, 2015

Five Stars

Works great and is easy to install

Amazon Customer - Amazon - February 5, 2015

Works great. Didn't take the dogs long to realize they ...

Works great. Didn't take the dogs long to realize they weren't supposed to pass the flags.

nova3930 "nova" (AL) - Amazon - February 5, 2015

Have a lab pup who runs free in our backyard ...

Have a lab pup who runs free in our backyard with a 3 foot fence. Shocked 1 time. Has never come near fence since . Hears the beep and backs away. She only wears the collar half the time. Classic classical conditioning.

Julie Johnson "huskystudentdoc" (Seattle, WA United States) - Amazon - February 4, 2015

Two Stars

The dog runs right through it!

Angel Pape - Amazon - February 1, 2015

but overall I am very happy with this purchase

Long term update: I purchased this kit 2 years ago. It was a tough job to instal everything, but overall I am very happy with this purchase. I have a big yard, and a 50 pound lab. It did take some training. Originally after the dog was shocked, she was scared to go outside as some of the other reviews mentioned. However it just took some training for the dog to comprehend what was going on. And ofcourse the collar will beep before it shocks, so our dog now knows where she can and cannot go.

I think the biggest watch-out for this product is you cannot leave the collar on the dog when they are in the house. If you have a doggie door and your dog goes in and out all the time, it wont work for you. But for us being able to have the dog SAFE in the yard and being able to run and play all she likes it worth the price!

Larry Middleton - Amazon - January 23, 2015

Five Stars

does the job

dn100 - Amazon - January 13, 2015

Great product. So easy to self install!

We bought this after moving into a home with a large backyard. We previously had Invisible Fence installed in our old backyard. We had 300 Square feet of grass and the unit cost $500. It was worth it but I am so glad we did this ourselves. This system was so east to install. It took one afternoon. The dogs already knew what the beeping meant and only were corrected one time. They never go near the grass now. We have had this unit for about two months now and I couldn't be happier. Directions were easy to understand and this box has everything you need to create a barrier for your dogs.

M. Alsop (Laguna Niguel, CA) - Amazon - January 12, 2015

Excellent value

Nice product. Easy to use and set up. The dog trained to it very easily. He is a Labradoodle and not very stubborn though. I put the controller outside near an outlet and mounted it inside a sprinkler enclosure.

John L. - Amazon - January 10, 2015

So disappoining!

We had high hopes for this dog fence! We had a 7 month old black lab that had just discovered that he could jump the fence and wanted to be able to keep him in our yard and safe. We ordered the system and at first, it seemed to work. He heard the beeping, got shocked a few times and then just walked away. However, he jumped the fence when he saw a cat, got shocked once and then just kept running. What's worse is he couldn't actually come back in or he would get shocked again. Once he determined that it was a small temporary price to pay for freedom, he jumped it over and over again, running into the street with oncommh traffic!! I'm sad to say that we will be returning this right away.

H. Venegas (Manhattan Beach, CA USA) - Amazon - January 6, 2015

Collar failed.

Collar failed after first use. Returned.

everhunt (Santa Barbara, CA, US) - Amazon - January 6, 2015

Not for German Shepherds!

Did not work at all. Did not affect either of my German Shepherds. Sent it back!

MFowles - Amazon - January 5, 2015

Great for the money!

This actually works pretty great. I was worried about my 60lbs Lab/mix just going through it, but he's a smart guy and quickly learned without much formal training. I do feel like the batteries have depleted pretty quickly in the collar, especially since we only use it for short periods of time throughout the day. However, they're still working, I just know they'll be going out soon because of the sounds it is giving. If you have a small dog, or larger dog that is smart and minds simple commands this should work perfectly. We have a large yard and it covered most of it with some to spare!

Courtney - Amazon - December 29, 2014

Three Stars

still getting out at times

Yolanda Thomas - Amazon - December 28, 2014

gets the job done

My border collie learned it in about half an hour, and has worked great ever since! Granted I have only had it for about 6 months.

Isaiah Philo - Amazon - December 26, 2014

don't buy for a big dog!!

I have an 80lb German Shepard, and she literally laid on the wire, totally unaffected by the zaps. This may work for small dogs, bug not bigger ones. There is also a setting where the stronger the zap, the bigger the warning sound zone was. If the power was set to 10, my dog couldn't go anywhere in the yard without the warning buzzer going off. I returned this product.

Amazon Customer - Amazon - December 22, 2014

It works great. Now we don't have to worry about Tico ...

It works great. Now we don't have to worry about Tico running out into the street

reina - Amazon - December 17, 2014

Five Stars

This product works great. It was exactly what we were looking for

Tj - Amazon - December 14, 2014

Does not work.

Today I ran the wire around the perimeter of my yard without burying it. It's basically just a big circle. I ran both ends to the transmitter and connected the node to the collar to test the signal. The node would not light up. I tried flipping the battery the other way in the collar. Same thing. Node would not light up. So I tested it on myself by holding the connection points on the collar against my palm. NOTHING. This system does NOT work. It's extremely easy to set up. You just run the wire in a loop, strip the ends and connect it to the transmitter with the plug they give you. I think the collar is faulty.

Rachel Fee - Amazon - December 14, 2014

Collar stopped working. No way to know until after you dog runs away.

The collar stopped working. When the collar worked it was fine. My dog would respond to the beeps at about eight feet and would rarely get shocked. I was comforted in that, thanks Pavlov.

I thought the wire had a cut or had severed somewhere, but that was not the case. The wall unit has a feature to let you know it is severed. I had this installed for about two months before the collar stopped working. I may try to get a replacement from DOGTEK.

Then when the collar stopped working there was no way to tell. There is no light on the collar to let you know it is low on battery or working correctly. My dog would just run off and I wouldn't know it.

I replaced the battery and the collar still doesn't work.

I am pretty disappointed because I trusted the system to work to protect my dog. It didn't and I didn't know it.

nateowens4 - Amazon - December 13, 2014

Five Stars

Couldn't do without it!

nancy c. palsulich - Amazon - December 11, 2014

Easy installation.

Nice fence. Our dog hates it....which is good. We were able to train our dog in a couple of days. Tip: you only need to place it a half inch or so below ground level. Grass will quickly grow over the wire.

Sailor Man (Pamlico Beach In North Eastern North Carolina) - Amazon - December 7, 2014

DOES NOT WORK! Waste of time an money!!!

Complete CRAP! I spent 8 hours digging a trench all the way around my house and yard then i plug it in and it didn't work. I spent another hour fiddling with it making sure everything was plugged in correctly also. I followed the instruction exactly as stated. I feel ripped off...out $150 for the kit and another $50.00ish on the 2nd collar. DO NOT waste your time and money.

Amazon Customer - Amazon - December 7, 2014

This product worked for the first few months with my ...

This product worked for the first few months with my black lab. After a while the dog still kept getting out even after i replaced the batteries. I know longer use this.

Joe Polonczyk - Amazon - December 5, 2014

great system

This system works great. Be very careful about how strong you set the shock setting. Start with factory setting and adjust from there.

David Lane - Amazon - December 5, 2014

good luck

Easy and quick to install. But I was disappointed with the instructions on how to increase and decrease the strength on the collars. It works for short hair dogs but not for long hair dogs. The prongs are too short for long haired. Lucy is our pit and her hair is short. I felt awful when I saw the damage to her neck. Thank God she is fine. She knows her boundaries but our other dog Jack doesn't feel a thing. Not only that but he teases Lucy. We shaved Jacks hair around the neck area and it worked temporarily. Our dogs are stubborn and they will jump the fence. We love our dogs and we never had to tie them or place runners until a neighbor stated coming around and provided treats. Now they jump two fence to get go her house. Unfortunately the damage is done.

Jayni S. - Amazon - November 27, 2014

Has Worked Perfectly!

We have a dog who was jumping our fence, as if it wasn't even there. She is a crazy dog and we thought she may just go through this system and figure out that, once she got past it, it wouldn't zap her anymore. We installed it, put on the collar, she was zapped 4-5 times and has not tried to go over the fence again. We have been pleasantly surprised and would recommend anyone try this with a difficult dog.

Belinda Cast (Anniston, AL United States) - Amazon - November 25, 2014

Easy to install

No frills. Easy to install. Dog got zapped twice and now knows where the boundary is. Decent product, no 5 star because it didnt blow me away and doesnt have a transmitter that can go outside, I have to run the cable through my kitchen window.

Please test the strength of the zap and adjust accordingly before you put it on your dog. The factory setting was a little high for my medium sized dog.

RGarner - Amazon - November 24, 2014


Taught my puppy QUICK not to dig up the plant beds or run out of the garage.
I feel SO BAD when she gets shocked though... she is afraid to go into the back yard now.
There REALLY needs to be a way to adjust the distance of the warning and shock ranges separately. The range is adjustable, but I can't adjust the warning range w/out adjusting the shock range.

GldnGrmCrkrTrvsT - Amazon - November 15, 2014

Mixed review

It took me three days to get this fence installed. It really is not made for city yards. The yard it was installed on has a four foot chain link fence which is installed on wooden posts and rails and at the base the fence is attached to wooden ties so that the dog cannot dig out. We needed this fence to keep a puppy who is a climber from escaping. At several points in the yard the yard was too narrow to put the fence wire on the ground, there would have been no room for the dogs to walk, so it was installed on top of the wooden rails. The first couple of weeks it worked great. Now it is beeping in places it should not beep. However, so far the dogs are staying inside the yard which is the reason we got it. I bought a Petsafe surge protector for it since Dogtek does not make one. Time will tell

Kathy M (Indianapolis, IN) - Amazon - November 15, 2014

Not for a patio

I wanted this to keep my dog in my patio of my townhome. Didn't work for this area to keep her from jumping over the wall. The loop was difficult to use in my patio. I can see how it would work in an open area. But it didn't work for my patio.

Sherri Hudson - Amazon - November 15, 2014

Happy Dog and Owner

The DOGTEK Electronic Dog Fence has been awesome. We have a Great Dane weighing in at about 140-150 lbs.She is huge and too big to run and play in the house without breaking things so it has been wonderful for her and the entire household. It was strong enough to zap and scare her once or twice, but now she knows to not get near the edge. When she hears the bing she jumps back before it gets her. She was a little nervous first few days but now is a happy dog which makes for a happy owner.

Mary's daughter - Amazon - November 11, 2014

Love this product and wish we had it sooner!

LOVE this product. I tell people all the time this is probably the best purchase I have ever made. It gives us such a feeling of relief and security knowing our dog is safe and happy. We have a very large open yard and knew putting up a physical fence would be very expensive so this was our only option. Our dog is very sensitive and skittish so we knew she would be highly sensitive to the shock. We just let her roam the yard with the flags out and she tested her own boundaries. It took twice of knowing when she heard the beep she would get shocked. And hasn't had issues since.

Emilee Madden - Amazon - November 10, 2014

Very easy to install but not strong enough to control ANY ...

Very easy to install but not strong enough to control ANY DOG!!! I have a <10lb mutt that can run through the "fence" like its nothing about a week after instalation and second dog followers her right on through. And I tested the spots they run through no problem with fence at all JUST NOT STRONG ENOUGH... worked Great for about 4 days... I believe the end result is if your dog wants to get out and all u have is an "invisible fence" he/she is going to get out

Ronnie Henderson - Amazon - November 4, 2014

The worst part is the test light went off so I ...

Very, very tricky to install. The directions don't warn you that it WONT WORK if the transmitter or the yellow wire is anywhere near a metal object. So if you have underground utilities, a fence, landscaping, gutters or anything else anywhere near the wire, it wont work. The worst part is the test light went off so I though it was working BUT it was not issuing the "stimulation". ( I tested it on my own arm at the highest setting.). Ended up pulling out the wire and throwing the entire thing away.

it's great - Amazon - November 3, 2014

We love the Dogtek Electronic dog fence

We love the Dogtek Electronic dog fence. It keeps our Weiner Dog in the
yard. He was zapped a few times, but quickly learned not the dig under the
fence. He weighs about 9lbs.

Amanda Trudeau - Amazon - October 29, 2014

It does it's job my dog will absolutely not cross ...

It does it's job my dog will absolutely not cross the fence line he won't even get close enough to make the warning beeper go off

Dennis M. Ruffin jr - Amazon - October 28, 2014

Works, but not perfect

Could use a little more zip, he runs right through it at 4 and below, and has even tested it a few times at 6. It's more of a deterent than a boundry. I've had to quite a bit of leash training.

Granich - Amazon - October 23, 2014

Work Well and Easy to install.

Works as advertised. I bought this to keep the dog from digging in the garden. I tried ordinary fencing and my dog, who can easily jump 6 feet, did not find this to be a deterrent. I only have to use it when I am not at home. She is a good dog when I am there, but as soon as I leave she transforms into my crazy, though loveable dog who gets into some things she should not while I am away at work.

Michael Vernon (Palm Springs, CA) - Amazon - October 20, 2014

Three Stars

WORKS but my dog is too tough!

Ron Leard - Amazon - October 18, 2014

This sucks

collar battery went dead after a few days. The battery is a special odd size, ran to radio shack to buy an emergency battery. The stupid battery cost was $12.00! For a single battery! I was pissed! So because the first battery went low just before it went dead, our doggy figured it out and started simply walking over the wire. Then after the new battery, he started running over the wire and after he figured that out, the whole thing was a complete waist of money. Just Get the radius wifi system which is what I have on order now. I didn't buy it before because it was expensive. Well, Im buying it now after waisting my money on this old outdated can be outsmarted by any dog technology. Once they run over the wire thats it. There is nothing to let pooch know he is on the wrong side of the wire, as with the wifi radius one there is. There are a few out there, so look closely because one is super good with battery backup and even can be powered by the car, and the battery backup can be used when in a picnic area away from the auto for 8 hours. And the wifi base is also a battery charger for collar. Its about time somebody really sat down and figured out a good system. If pooch runs outside of boundary he is neck stimulated for up to 30 seconds if he doesn't come back. If a dog does that after a progressive increase in neck stimulation and beeps, then there is no hope for the pooch.

Chris Haywood (Spanaway, WA USA) - Amazon - October 13, 2014

Product works well once installed, but know your dog.

Once we got this working, it worked well. It took a lot of trial and error on our part and three people to understand the directions. I tested it on myself first and the shock is enough for any dog. Know the personality of your dog. My dog is now afraid of the backyard. She will go back there with me, but not by herself. If your yard is small, this doesn't give your dog a lot of room to run around. Even on the setting that beeps closest to the buried wire, the beeps starts pretty far back. Hopefully by working with my dog, this will work out.

Jennifer Sloan - Amazon - October 12, 2014

Just what I needed!

Easy to install, and works awesome!! I have a 6 month old Bernese Mountain dog, about 60 lbs and she has tons of energy, she kept digging under the fence while we were at work, and escaping our yard! We followed the instructions, took our time training her and it only took about 2 days and she does not go near the flags or the fenced area, even if it is not on. It does not hurt her, it just gives her a sharp warning! Highly recommend!

Allison Fasching "alleyfasch" (Pleasant Hill, MO United States) - Amazon - October 6, 2014

my dog skipped across it freely sometimes and it was shocking my poor pups in the middle of the yard randomly

Did not work for me, my dog skipped across it freely sometimes and it was shocking my poor pups in the middle of the yard randomly. Completely backfired as my dogs decided to use the living room as a toilet in fear of getting shocked.

AshleyK - Amazon - October 3, 2014

One Star

The instructions are worthless. Still trying to figure out. About ready to send back

keith murray - Amazon - September 29, 2014

We are very happy and would highly recommend it

We have an 11 1/2 yr old black lab. He started wandering, which he had never done before. We didn't want to spend a lot of money and our neighbors told us about this system. He learned quickly and it has been very effective. My husband and I installed it in about 5 hours-with the help of an edger. We are very happy and would highly recommend it.

Trisha L Oberhoffer - Amazon - September 18, 2014

Works great..

Works great ... Should of gotten this sooner... I have 2 large labs and it only shocked them 3 times and they haven't gotten out since ... Goin on 4 weeks... :-)

Jon Zamarripa - Amazon - September 15, 2014

Our fence thanks us!

We have a very naughty red heeler who likes to rip off fence pickets and escape! We put in this electric fence and feel so relieved that we don't have to worry about her being destructive anymore. I also like how it beeps to warn her that she's getting close. It was very sad when she got shocked, but she learned fast!

Kari - Amazon - September 15, 2014

Great quality and easy to install

The system was easy to install and my 90 pound lab/shepherd mix responded quickly to the change. I used a rented gas powered edger for the perimeter of my yard. I did half of the depth in one pass then dropped to 2 inches on the second pass. I had to use my circular saw for a few of the roots and used a concrete blade for the driveway. The number of flags provided allows them to be spaced about 12 feet apart if you use only the 500 foot spool. The collar seems to be high quality and no issues with the battery that is provided.

David Brennfleck - Amazon - September 10, 2014

I don't like it

Poorly made. Signal varies causes dogs confusion. Did not last more than 3 weeks

David Farris "Dave F" (Fort Worth, TX) - Amazon - September 6, 2014

worked good for a while

worked good for a while. Getting customer service from Dogtek when the transmitter burnt out did not go well.

Allen blackwell - Amazon - September 3, 2014


I've been using this system off and on for about 3 months now. It was pretty simple to install but did take some time. We used a small tiller to bury the cable. I've had to replace the battery in the collar once but it does say that may be the case as the dog gets used to his boundaries. It did only take my dog about three days to get the point. He is a large retriever/Pyrenees mix so the factory setting wasn't strong enough but bumping it up a couple of settings did the trick. The system does seem to just not work at times. I'm not sure if this is a user flaw or if the collar has just lost contact with his skin. Turning the unit off and back on seems to help. Overall, I'm happy with this fence system. It has improved my dogs quality of life substantially.

Ash - Amazon - August 25, 2014

Cost Effective Dog Containment System

So far this Dogtek Electronic Dog Fence System works as described. The range settings are not as precise as I would like, but with the multiple settings I found the "sweet spot" I was looking for. if you make sure the collar is tight enough, this works great. Our puppy doesn't even get passed the beeping 99% of the time, because she has learned what's in store. Time will tell the durability of the system, but so far I am happy with it; especially for the price.

frugal dad "B" (Reading, PA) - Amazon - August 25, 2014

works very well

So far so good. We stapled this to our wood fence so it was easy to install (versus burying it). It has different adjustments for the distance in which they will hear the warning and then the correction. It offered different ranges and was easy to adjust to your situation.
I decided on this system because the replacement batteries for these collars can be gotten from a store. I think the other collar systems have to have their batteries specially ordered, which was a big negative for me. Also the price is very reasonable comparing it to other systems. I ordered an addtional collar because I have two dogs and both collars work well together. Training was easy, amazing how fast they can learn that the beeps mean they need to back away. Prior to purchasing, I called their customer service for questions I had and their service was amazingly good. The person was freindly, knowledgable and answered all of my questions.
I was torn about getting a 'correction" system, but we had to do something to keep them on our property. They were digging underneath the fence and we had just been lucky that they weren't hit by a car or hurt in some other way. After we installed the system, no more run aways. They learned quickly, after one correction, that if they hear the beep, they back away. So any misgivings I had about the zap, are gone. Some dogs just like to wander and this works keeping them in.
I am now confident to let them run and play in the backyard.

R. mayer (Md) - Amazon - August 24, 2014

Five Stars

Great product and it made my bailey stay in the boundaries

Katherine E.Martinez (West Hartford, Connecticut United States) - Amazon - August 20, 2014

Five Stars

It work great. My dog got scared really quick so he doesn't leave the yard any more. Thanks.

Jonathan Duguay - Amazon - August 13, 2014

works as advertised, no issues with setting up the ...

works as advertised, no issues with setting up the fence. I've been able to keep my 95lb Catahoula/pit mix in check

Steven Harrell - Amazon - August 12, 2014

Works great

This fence is great. We rented the machine that trenched and layed the cable all at the same time so it went pretty smoothly. We did watch several videos on youtube and on the Dogtek website. Make sure to plan out everything ahead of time. A friend of ours forgot to leave an opening in the loop for the dogs to exit the house so we were sure not to do make that same mistake. Our only issue has been with the large size range of our dogs, which is not an issue with the product. We have an 80 pound Lab and 3 small dogs, 10-15 pounds, and the setting that worked best for the little dogs was not strong enough for the Lab. When we turned up the power it is a bit too strong for the small dogs and they are now a bit hesitant to venture very far into the yard.

Janie Sawyer (Ypsilanti, MI United States) - Amazon - August 12, 2014

It has performed perfectly and was extremley easy to install

i recently purchased a Dogtek Electronic Dog Fence. It has performed perfectly and was extremley easy to install. I would highly recomend this system to any dog owner,,,thx Gary

gary rose - Amazon - August 11, 2014

One Star

does not work like it says it works dog still ran through it

excited about shoes (California) - Amazon - July 24, 2014

Sturdy spool and wire with wonderful and fast delivery and customer service.

Good and sturdy wire and spool. Delivery was fast and accurate and their customer service is fantastic. Wonderful product and company!

Nikki - Amazon - July 23, 2014

good deal

this fence works very well I believe it will save my dogs life I highly recommend it we don't need the fence because after one time he knows it will work

roxann hunnicutt - Amazon - July 23, 2014

Dog too smart.

Good for small pets. However, once installed, my dog refused to go into the back yard! He's no fool.

Hepotter - Amazon - July 22, 2014

instructions could be better but thanks to youtube nothing is impossible

Solved my recurrent problem of dogs digging under the chain link fence...it works as advertised. Installation was laborous but not complexed (buried the wire) using a gas powered lawn edger...instructions could be better but thanks to youtube nothing is impossible. I sleep well knowing that the dogs are contained and have a large yard in which to roam.

Wendell A. Lashley "jazzlover" (Georgia) - Amazon - July 16, 2014

This is a great system, have had one for 2 years and ...

This is a great system, have had one for 2 years and my dogs wont leave my 1 acre yard. Be sure to use a surge protector on the transmitter that plugs into wall. I had to replace my transmitter due to a lightning strike ;didn't read it in the instructions when I first purchased it. I highly recommend this product. It would be wonderful if the receiver batteries lasted about 2 months longer than they do, but still batteries are cheaper than an a cylclone fence that covers an acre in which my dogs would dig under or jump over-problem solved!:) Thanks, Joseph

joseph ellis snuggs - Amazon - July 15, 2014

Five Stars

does the job!

danny singleton - Amazon - July 9, 2014

DOGTEK EF-4000 Dog Fence Review

The DOGTEK electronic fence has been very effective on our 2 year Golden
Retriever. She is about 65 lbs.

In fact I did *not* have the DOGTEK collar on her this morning when I let her
out but she did not stray off our property. Obviously she has learned the
boundaries thanks to the DOGTEK product. I would buy the DOGTEK product

Ken - Amazon - July 2, 2014

I went an inch deeper and lost a bit of fine tuning capability

Works. dogs are lot trained in a month. batteries last about 3 months. Up to six, but I have one dog that REALLY likes to test the system.... I just change the $5 batteries every 3-4 months whether they need it or not. Rent a "bed bug" to bury the line, it goes fast. did half acre lot in an hour. While the system say 2-4 inches below the surface, use the MINIMUM, I went an inch deeper and lost a bit of fine tuning capability.

Jay - Amazon - July 1, 2014

Not happy

Cannot get this to work - dog runs right through it. Sometime it creates a shock and other times nothing. We tried repeatedly to get this to function with no luck, now I can't return it because they say it's been too long (1 mo and 3 days) so now I'm stuck for the money for something that I can't make work and can't use.

SUE PECK - Amazon - June 17, 2014

Great Price for a Great Product

This fence is great! I was a little apprehensive at first, as I have a stubborn dog, but with just a little bit of training, she does real well. It only took her a week to learn the boundaries. Installation was a breeze, just make sure you rent an edger at your local hardware store and it makes the job 10x easier.

Aaron Wolf - Amazon - June 16, 2014


When I first heard about this gadget, Dogtek Electronic Dog Fence System, I though it is the most unrealistic gadget out there! My husband has actually pushed me to buy it and see if it really works. With straight fingers, this item is AMAZING! Our dog, joey, can now play safely in our backyard! Our backyard is not closed off and so the Dogtek fence helps keep joey in a safe perimeter which he can play in and we can safely watch him!

The batteries last for a pretty long time and there really is no maintenance for this system!! It is amazing! We are even thinking about getting another dog to our family and extending our backyard perimeter!

Thank you for the amazing product! You guys have for sure changed our dog's life!

Shavit Tsadok - Amazon - June 9, 2014

Dogtek Electronic Dence

Its ok as long as the weather is nice. Problem with signal when the ground is wet. Obviously wont be able to use it in rainy season or winter. A waste of money.

Patricia Denise Casey - Amazon - June 1, 2014

Great product, easy to install and use.

Great quality, tested it on myself before we used it on the dog. The shock settings were a little difficult to get properly because they are set by holding a button on the collar in while you wait for a beep. You must then count the beeps to determine the shock level. The beeps go by pretty fast so getting an accurate count is challenging but not impossible.

Training my dog was easy. I just walk her around the yard near the areas and wait for the beeping. When it beeped I said sit and gave a treat. After a few days when she hears the beeping she sits and eventually just walks away. So far she has not even been shocked.

The battery has been excellent, I haven't changed it yet. Other collars we have tried have been inconsistent and the battery lasts only a few days or weeks. This one has been months. I highly recommend it.

Robert - Amazon - June 1, 2014

Excellent fence system

This fence is great but the training manual needs to be more helpful. I have had an invisible fence for 25 years and used their training methods. It is great that the batteries are over the counter, the batteries for the other fence systems are expensive to replace and have to be ordered. The fence itself is perfect, works well and is adjustable, which is so important. Overall, it is an excellant buy.

mary baldwin - Amazon - May 26, 2014

I have no idea how the product works, I haven,t even installed it. It is sitting in the box it came in on my counter.

I probably won't have an opinion about the function of the product for are least 30 days after I get it, so I
have to wonder why I get a request to review it 2 days after I get it. If anyone at Amazon reads these reviews maybe you should rethink how soon you ask someone to review the product.

John Faircloth - Amazon - May 18, 2014

umm does this thing even work??

dunno if im dumb or the product is crap but this thing did not work for me at all. dog walked right over the line without a inth of a zap. returned it the 2nd day.... id go wireless or just get a fence. or maybe get a dog that wont run away :)

nick - Amazon - May 17, 2014

looking for the best product for our dog...

have not purchased yet, my concern is he is a 70 pound pit bull and is only 7 months old, i anticipate him weighing as much as 150 pound, and am concerned these type of fences will not work for him, he is very smart, listens sometimes, but he is very very very strong....help:

William D. Smith - Amazon - May 14, 2014

My dog is traumatized!

We have an Olde English Bulldogge, and bought this thinking it actually might not work at all because of the breed's reputation for high pain tolerance. We followed this installation and training instructions exactly, and he's been zapped 3 times since we put the system in. It's still set on 4 for strength, so it's not to the "stubborn dog" (high) range. He won't even go down the steps outside unless he has to "use the bathroom". He won't play outside, he just sits on the steps and pouts with his ears back. He's having accidents in the house because he doesn't want to go out the door. It's awful. We purchased this product so that he could be free to run outside safely, and now he's miserable. 4 days ago (before we installed this), he was obsessed with going outside. He would sit by the door constantly wanting to go out and play. We can't even lead him on a leash up to the beep zone to train him now. This product should come with a warning. We never would have installed it if we knew there was even a small chance of this happening.

Anna Rattigan - Amazon - May 13, 2014

This System Works!

I had no idea if this was a good system when I purchased it. There were others that seemed about the same. It seemed like a good value and it turned out that it was. I bought extra wire with the system because I had about 2 1/2 acres to enclose. I installed it myself and was excited when the green light went on showing that I had made a successful connection. During the installation I called the Dogtek people and they were very helpful. A large part of my property has a barbless wire fence which can cause problems with the fence and which they outline in their manual.

The hard part was getting my Akita to understand the system. As they said in the manual, you may have a stubborn dog which will take more time. My dog was a very stubborn dog. Part of the problem is that she is almost deaf and could not hear the beep which warns her when she is getting close to the underground fence. Also, her coat is very thick and I ended up having to shave her neck where the collar goes.

I did the training as outlined in the manual with a lot of positive reinforcement. Then I let her loose. She crossed the boundary several times in the beginning getting shocked each time. The problem was that she was running and when she got shocked she was now on the other side of the barrier. To get her back across I had to turn off the system.

After two or three days I was discouraged. But then I left her outside all day again and this time she was home when I got home. It has now been two months and she has not broken across the barrier. This is good for her safety. I couldn't be happier. This product has changed our lives for the better.

How to improve? It would be good for Dogtek to supply waterproof wire connectors which are much sturdier than what is supplied and probably will work better in an outdoor environment over time. I bought some on Amazon and I am glad I did. My second suggestion would be to emphasize that dogs with thick coats will have to get shaved around their neck. My only frustration was not knowing this in the beginning. This extended the training cycle. Once my dog was shaved at the throat where her collar would normally be did the system start to work.......and with this change it worked very well. My last suggestion would be for Dogtek to provide the lightening protector. I bought one from them and I am glad I did. We have had several lightening storms and the system and transmitter have worked without a problem.

Steve Scott (Spring, Texas USA) - Amazon - May 11, 2014

Works great for us

I researched many under ground fences and this one seemed to be the best. We have a 65lb Catahoula/lab mix to keep contained. The installation was not that difficult, just burying the wire took a little while. We didn't bury it deep at all. My husband used a flat bottom shovel and just lifted the grass an inch or two, buried the wire, and pressed grass back down. The directions were straight forward, it did take a few adjustments of the receiver and collar, and we did have to put the longer prongs on the collar for our dog to feel the shock. We put the flags were we set the receiver to do the warning beep and it only took two times of him getting shocked to keep him in the yard. He will not get anywhere close to the flags now. And for the reviewers giving bad reviews because it shocks the dogs inside, there is no point in having the dog wear the collar while inside, we take it off when he comes inside. Overall great product.

Jennifer - Amazon - May 9, 2014

When it works... it REALLY works...

.. but when it doesn't, it doesn't.

My dog recognizes the yellow wire is 'bad', but is confused on when it is bad. She can be standing right on top of it (about a foot from the wire) and the collar is beeping constantly, but is not shocking her. How do I know it's not shocking? Because when it does, she flips out and starts whining loud and sounds to be in pain.

But like I said, when it works it really works. She has a habit of jumping my 8 foot fence, and she has figured out to get past the wire as fast as possible by jumping up. I've tried changing the settings to high distance, and the collar starts beeping reflecting this from several feet away, but it just doesn't shock. She realizes the beeping is bad, and her whole body language changes, but it rarely shocks..

I recognize this may be user error, or just a bad collar. If anyone has any advice, Ill take it!

Jonathan - Amazon - May 9, 2014

Dogtek elect.dog fence system

This system don't stop my two Labs from crossing. They feel the shock and here the warning. But they cross the barrier any way. Even at the high point on the dial the dog still walk though.

Ed barnes - Amazon - May 3, 2014


Our two Great Pyrenees puppies learned this system within a day or two of touching spots here and there. We didn't even have to walk the perimeter (although we would have, but we buried quite a lot through woods).

A. Howell - Amazon - May 1, 2014

Happy with the product

This fence has been a great training tool for my 90 pound Doberman. Now he is very well behaved just to see the collar. He will run through the fence if provoked.

Christina C. - Amazon - May 1, 2014

Works like a charm

I bought this to keep my German Shepherd dogs from jumping up at our fence when the neighbor's dogs are outside, as well as to keep them out of my garden. It works really well. My husband had no problems setting it up. He said it was really easy. His only CON was that it's hard to determine the strength/level the collars are set at. Other than that it works like a charm and so far it's served its purpose. I might recommend that anyone interested in using this collar might want to let their dog wear it for a few days to a week before actually turning it on. Otherwise you might scare the bejesus out of the animal and it won't ever want to go outside again.

DeLynne Skorey (Fort Collins, CO) - Amazon - April 30, 2014

Directions were lacking.

I recently bought this system and it was worth the money, my only complaint is that the directions were not as detailed as I would have liked.

William Mccoy - Amazon - April 27, 2014

Good value!

We live in the country but our house sits close to the road. Our dog is drawn to the road as she is attracted to neighbor's doggie smells coming from our mailbox post. Apparently, it has the lure of a fire hydrant. It has definately taken care of that problem, but for awhile after she got her first "zap" she was afraid to step outside the door. It is gradually getting better, though. The wire is not fishing line thin, like some, and easily handled. I would say we are very satisified.

GMA - Amazon - April 19, 2014

Great product

Love this product, wasn't sure about the instructions. Called tech support not a whole lot of help but figured it out on our own. My walker hound was always digging out of the yard under the fence. But with this product he won't go near the fence. On shock and he was done. As soon as he hears the beep he takes off in the other direction. The adjustments are a little tricky but once u play with it u can figure it out. They say not to put near a metallic fence (chain link) or at least 3 or more ft away but we put it about 18" away and it works just fine. Also we had to run it up along the house to allow our dog to come in and out of some areas. Works just great. Def recommend!!!!

Veronica Rykaceski - Amazon - April 16, 2014

works great

this is the best thing we ever bought, so far its holding up, easy to set up and the dog learned quickly

Jesse Lewis - Amazon - March 24, 2014

Enjoying our new fence

We have had great success with this fence for our dogs. They are rather large and rambunctious but this fence keeps them both safe. Recommend it to anyone needing to keep their pets in a confined area

iluvbirth (Quinwood, WV United States) - Amazon - March 4, 2014

Would not recommend

So far very dissatisfied. Received the fence and collar. The collar did not work. Tried to contact customer service via email. That was a joke, no resolution and the lack of response was upsetting. The issue was not resolved . Finally called and was told we had to pay to mail it back. We were told we would get back within the week. We still have not received, we have been trying to resolve for three weeks. So we paid for a brand new fence and collar and received a defective collar. We had to pay to send their defective merchandise back. Still waiting to even try the fence but based on horrible experience so far not expecting much.

nancy k. - Amazon - February 24, 2014

Easy and Effective

It has worked great. Very easy to install and has been more effective than I could have imagined. Got my wife to stop complaining about the mess the dog makes in her flower beds in the back yard. Boxer, about 70 lbs.

Eli Espericueta - Amazon - February 24, 2014

1st time using a dog fence

We lost our golden retriever of 13yrs last summer, in the fall we got a new golden puppy, i installed the fence w/a weed wacker/edger and it works great, after a couple of zaps, she respects the line/fence. after 6months its been great, i bought a new battery for when it does go out, but so far the original has lasted.

SteveW - Amazon - February 23, 2014

awesome awesome

our house backs up to golf course so we didn't want to put up a fence that would hinder our open view.
our dog had a bad habit of running away as soon as she was off leash...this was a problem

we chose the dogtek fence based on the great reviews.

seeing my dog get shocked initially was a bit sad. she wouldn't leave the back deck for a while so I had to literally drag her back to the yard and play with her to ensure her that some parts of the yard were fine and would not shock her.

a few days of this and she is the happiest dog ever. she knows where the boundaries are and stays within them. she doesn't try to run away even when she doesn't have the collar on.

great product, would recommend to anyone with a dog

ysmith - Amazon - February 19, 2014

It is capable of injuring your dog

We installed this per the instructions and set the collar as recommended. For about a week and a half, it worked ok. She was still going in areas where she wasn't suppose to but for the most part, she was staying in the area where we wanted her. One day, she had somehow moved the collar to the front of her neck. When we checked on her, she had a severe lesion on the front of her neck which required veterinarian attention. I'd post a picture of the wound which is an almost exact replica of the collar unit but I deem it inappropriate.

Folks, if you absolutely have to install this, do everything in your power to keep it from shifting. The company's design does allow for it to move, even when fitted tightly as recommended. Customer support took two weeks to email us back about our initial email even though their system said they responded immediately.

Performance nut - Amazon - February 16, 2014

Great product

The fence works just as advertised. My boxer got used to the perimeter quickly and has not strayed beyond once.

Joe Bellah - Amazon - February 15, 2014

The Best!

I had an in-ground pet fence, in the past, for about 15 years and it worked well enough. When my dog died in 2012 I thought I would never want another dog and disposed of everything. With time I felt the need for another dog companion and began shopping for in-ground pet fence systems. The one I used to have was no longer available, I bought one that appeared similar but found it was an inferior product.
I needed a product that was adjustable, reliable, and cost effective over time. I chose the Dogtek System and have been very happy with it. It is the only product, that I found, that is effective and humane because of it's range of adjustments and their customer service is very good also.
One tip I offer to any new owner of an in-ground fence system is to always keep a spare battery that goes in the collar.

david schott - Amazon - February 14, 2014

I'm A Beliver - It works great & doesn't hurt my dog!

I was totally against shock collars; no more! After only one shock, Nessy now respects the beep immediately! All happy!

Judy Sears - Amazon - February 12, 2014

Saved my dog from the orphanage

I adopted a German Shorthair Pointer from an animal orphanage. These are hunting breeds and I already have one so I knew what I was getting into. My current GSH and any other dog I had was trained by me, knew hand commands, never jumped a fence, and could easily be walked without a leash. This new dog was about 2 years old and had no training. He also had never been in a house judging by his lack of understanding on how a door worked and trying to drink from the toilet.

He would rather spend all his time hunting for critters in the yard. And if he saw a squirrel in a tree on the other side of my 54" high fence, he would jump it. In the first week, he bolted 3 times. Even with me standing right there. He had to be walked on a leash in the backyard.

Ordered the pet fence. Installed by wire staples along the bottom rail of my cedar fence and then in the ground in front of gate openings. My house is part of the the 4th side to my backyard fencing. So I ran the wire up the corner molding of my vinyl siding and up above my 2nd floor windows by tucking under the siding laps. It all comes together by running a twisted section from the fence into my shed. There its powered up on the number 1 setting and lowest dip switch. There was plenty of wire for my backyard which is probably 125' x 100'. Install only took about an hour with my wife helping me but I'd rate my DIY skills at a 9. But it is pretty straight forward.

Collar was set to 6 by me as recommended for stubborn dogs. I then (THIS IS KEY!!!!!!!!!!!) went around my yard and checked to see that it beeps with at an adequate range of 4-6 feet from the fence. And checked on my 2nd floor that if the dog came in without me getting the collar off that he didn't get zapped just by going upstairs. That's why I put the wire above my windows high up.

I also let the collar zap my arm so I could verify it works. WOW! Number 6 was a hammer. Its factory set at 4 and can go up to 8. I turned it back down to 4. I let it zap me because I wanted to have the confidence it worked as installed and that it would be enough the first time to learn the lesson. I walked him around the yard on a leash with the collar on, let him hear the beeps, and pulled him back saying no. Let him off the leash and it took about 15 seconds for the first zap. But one is all it took!

Works great! Had for about 2 months now and no jumping attempts period. Training has now most likely supplanted the need for the collar, but will wait more time before testing that route. In the end, this great device probably saved my newly adopted dogs life. I see it as quite the bargain.

M. Pulaski "Super Genius" (Runnemede, NJ United States) - Amazon - February 9, 2014

A Must For Any Dog Owner

I have two dogs and a pretty big size yard; and buying a fence was just too expense for me and I did not really want a fence in my yard but I wanted my dogs to roam free in my yard without a leash and this was best solution. It is so nice knowing my dogs can roam free in the comfort of my yard and I know they will not run away.

Nascarboy (Pennsylvania, USA) - Amazon - January 28, 2014

I'm A Beliver Now!

I was totally against this type of control for dogs , but after trying it, I no longer feel that way. It only took one shock, and now when Nessy hears the beep, she turns and goes the other way. She is a very big dog and easily jumped the fence [to chase the cats and one skunk, unfortunately]. I could not afford a new fence and was convinced to give this a try. It was a very affordable way to keep Nessy safely in the back yard. I'm a happy customer!

Judy Sears - Amazon - January 28, 2014

Good System

The system working great on my dog, When she hears the beep she stops on a dime now and backs up.

Frank E sherman - Amazon - January 27, 2014

St Bernard

I have a St bernard puppy that is a VERY free spirited animal. I live near a road that people never obey the speed limit on and I wanted to keep him away from it. after putting in the fence the dog went near it and heard the beeping and acted confused at first. so he proceeded further towards the fence. he was shocked by the fence on its lowest setting once. after the initial correction the dog has no intention of trying to cross the line again. i can walk across the area where the fence is with his favorite toy and he will sit down before the beeping even starts now. I installed the fence when he was only 2-3 months old. he is now 7 months old and i can let him out with or without the collar on and he WILL NOT go out of the area. I have a 1 acre yard and it required a extra spool of wire to install. also RENT A MACHINE THAT WILL INSTALL THE FENCE!!!!!! this will make your life so much easier

Robert Breske - Amazon - January 19, 2014

electric dog fence

setup was easy to understand for the Fence. everything works just the way it should. Just got to remember to use the provided bulb not your hand.lol

mike - Amazon - January 17, 2014

Be careful!!! READ the directions COMPLETELY first.

This came "set" as it said for a medium dog/low setting......suggested medium dog covered a few settings and started at medium size/setting 4/low out of 8 total.....BUT, it goes on to suggest maybe starting at the lowest and working up....(?) A bit confusing......anyway, my dog is a "rescue" that had been starved, possibly beaten/abused and when I got first him, was afraid of his own shadow!!! As he began "coming out of his shell" he started becoming overly "adventurous" and "had no respect" :o) for the wall/fence & could leap it like a gazelle......and seemingly had no fear of cars.....

Whatever.....on setting 4 it "zapped the chittlins" out of him and he immediately went into a scared to do ANYTHING mode......that's when I RE-read the instructions and noticed if the dog has a timid and/or shy temperment/demeanor he may need a lower setting. Long story short, I used setting 2 and it did get his attention and he's still cautious but is coming back to his former fun-ness and hopefully will not become over-bold......I am a bit concerned about the "distance" we have it set for. There are many "adjustments" that this is capable of.....we had to use a short distance as our yard is quit small and the middle distance/setting would limit it too much.....but it seems that if he were at at a dead-run with the short-dist. setting he could actually get "beyond" the "zapping-zone" and while he would be shocked, he would then be essentially "locked OUT" but we've got many plants around which I think woul hopefully eliminate the chance of his going past/through/over/beyond the zone.

Sooooo, I think it's a great item.....be careful with the zapping intensity and it could just "save your relationship!!!" with your pup.

Peace & Good Luck

Alan Wehmer - Amazon - January 16, 2014

Maybe I got a dud, but this fence was worthless to me

I followed all the directions to the T. I laid out the line on the top of the yard so it could be seen easily. I even put a fresh battery in the collar. It tested that it would shock, but it was inconsistent and random. It rarely gave the beeping warnings. Looks like I'll just have to get chain link fencing since this just won't work for us.

Tara White - Amazon - January 9, 2014

not worth it

i would not recommend this product to anyone. spent hours digging trench, just for the thing to work once. and my dog would just run passed it. I ended up pulling up all wire and now it just sits in garage... I would use a professional installer or a wireless system before I would go through that hassle again.

fireman314 - Amazon - January 2, 2014

Shotty system

This system did not work for our dogs. We have a siberian husky and a mastiff, so they are pretty big dudes and they are pretty stubborn so we were reluctant to try this sort of thing anyway, but we were looking for something that worked until we can get a privacy fence installed in a year or so. We tried this product for nearly 2 weeks. In that time (we tried mainly supervised and some unsupervised), they escaped approximately 10 times. No matter the level of shock, they were not deterred from running through the fence if they really wanted to get out. Once, we threw a ball, it went outside the boundary, and the mastiff ran through the fence to get it and came back through to bring it to us, despite being shocked both times. That happened on shock level 10, which just goes to show how the fence doesn't keep the dogs in. And, some of the time, they weren't getting shocked at all, despite the collar being worn correctly. We do NOT recommend this product. It's just not worth the time and money.

Hannah - Amazon - December 24, 2013

Safety Fence

I love my safety fence. I can keep my dogs in the yard and out of my neighbor’s yards. They do not really care for animals, so I keep my dogs in my own yard and out of theirs.

Karena Lewis (Allentown Pa) - Amazon - December 15, 2013

No worries

Since I have placed up the fence I do not have to worry about my dogs getting out and being lost. I set up my fence a few feet from my garden as my dog loves to dig up my plants. I am so much happier that I can keep both my dog and my plants safe.

Shashikant Nishant Sharma "Author & Reviewer" - Amazon - December 15, 2013

Doggy border patrol

I have set up the fence around my yard. I call it my doggy border patrol. I had a mishap once with my dog who got out into the street and was almost ran over, so now I can keep him in a safe zone.

Coochie - Amazon - December 14, 2013

satisfied customer

This product is working great for my German Shepherd mix. The item got to me on time and training my dog to know her boundaries took about 2 days. Also getting her to not just run straight through it took an extra day of training her with her leash attached. Although setting up takes a bit of work, if doing alone, it is quite fast and easier with 2 or more people helping out. I would recommend this product to another dog owner. Just be patient with your dog and try to make a game of it until they completely understand!

Tim - Amazon - December 10, 2013

Two Paws Up

We love this system and have now installed 3 of the same make/models... We are a Bully Dog Rescue and this system allows us to give know fence jumpers and escape artists acres to run on instead of being kenneled and exercised !on a run leash... we were able to place dogs that could not have gone to homes without this system and because of the great price it is not a hardship on an adoptive human....As with everything we use for training, this was tested on a human first, me. I left the collar on factory settings and placed it around my ankle... for the big guys that is perfect... for under 50# I recommend turning the collar to the lower setting...Two Paws up from The Escape and it is on our list of recommended items for the safe environment of Bully Dogs.....

Lost_in_Florida - Amazon - December 5, 2013

Good Replacement for Previous System

This was very easy to install, replacing my Invisible Fence system and leveraging my existing and butchered wire surrounding my 3/4 acre yard. The instructions were easy to follow and, in all, may have taken me a total of 15 minutes. I found the strength setting adjustments to be somewhat inconsistent and had to result to a bit of trial and error to get right, but I got it to work and the dog quickly discovered the rules again. Found replacing the system was cheaper than the just replacing the Invisible Fence collar, and now the battery changes will be even easier.

Stuart Thomason - Amazon - November 20, 2013


It does not work stays broke more than it work and no were on the site did it say you could not put it beside a metal fence till I got it and started putting it up now I have to come out more money I threw the box away and can't return it been up two weeks it works for about three days

Jared jones - Amazon - November 20, 2013

Great Product!

Works great for our 75 lb Pit Bull. Only took 3 times of training and he steers clear of the boundary all the time. I have already taken down half of the flags and plan on taking down the rest of them this weekend.

Rick Wofford - Amazon - November 20, 2013

Does its job!

We had quite a bit of an issue with our dog trying to dig under the fence and escaping into neighbor's yard. The dog is a Golden Retriever, about 2 years old and weighs about 45 lbs.It was a little bit of work setting up the electronic fence. But once setup, the product worked like charm. The dog got shocked a couple of times but she never ventures out now. This product is clearly inexpensive compared to the other similar products on Amazon and at the retail stores.

VIKRAMAN T RAGHAVAN - Amazon - November 19, 2013

Highly effective!

The fence is wonderfully effective. It keeps our 80 pound American bulldog mix out of my plants. And I have enough wire to enclose another flower bed. Absolutely love it!

Danielle - Amazon - November 19, 2013

Great product

I purchased this after my dog repeatedly escaped over a ~ 6 foot privacy fence. Easy to install and works great! My dog discovered very quickly not to go near the flags. I tested the collar on myself prior to use. It is not overtly painful - just a quick shock that felt like a sudden vibration. You can turn up the settings if needed. Overall excellent value and I'm very happy with this purchase.

Nomad - Amazon - November 15, 2013

I approve!

At first I was really skeptical to use this as I didn't want my dog getting hurt. I did however want him knowing that he has boundries (even though we have a fence in back- he was a digger) so I have since been using this! The first couple of shocks (puppy is 11 months, 35lbs and hasn't experienced anything like the shock before- I had it barely above zero) so needless to say after first shock he yipped around like a big baby and didn't want to go outside, however he slowly (within a week and a half) has since been able to run and play and learn his boundries. He has not dug out, which also means he hasn't gotten hurt outside the fence line! Like I said, it sucked while he got used to it, however I know he is safer and won't dig out when I am not looking!Only negative is that I put it in at the base of the fence and even at the shortest distance you can keep them from the wire (fence line, etc.) is about 18 inches... it beeps at 18 inches away, and zaps at 12- sad as that really minimizes play space within the yard. Otherwise, I installed it in about two days!

Renee - Amazon - November 13, 2013

Great item,

It has been amazingly effective! We have 3 dogs, a 5 year old male boxer about 70 pounds, 8 year old male long haired dachshund about 15 pounds, and an 8 year old male black lab about 90 pounds. We encircled a little over an acre of land with the system.It is a night and day difference. The dogs quickly figured out where the edges are, and they stay away. Every now and then one chases a squirrel near the edge and gets zapped, but that is very rare. Before the fence they ran off almost daily. We were at our wits end.The dogs can now run and play on all this space, and we are relaxed. No more leashes. Even when playing all the way at the other end of the yard, one call brings them running back.A neighbor's dog wandered on to our property the other day, and the dogs followed me right to the edge as I was taking her back, then sat down and watched. They didn't even try to cross the line while I was down the street talking to the neighbor.It has been absolutely wonderful!

Kevin - Amazon - November 13, 2013


I have a German Shepherd/Labrador mix and he weighs approximately 80 lbs.I moved to a house without a fence between the front yard and the backyard. I tried to train him to remain in the backyard but if I ever had to quickly run inside for anything he would take it as an opportunity to explore the neighborhood. When he figured out how to open the screen door I decided to buy the DOGTEK Electronic Dog Fence. I installation, some training, and a couple of... lets call them 'lessons learned' my dog no longer runs off.Installation took approximately 45 minutes, training a couple of hours. My only complaint is the antenna (the yellow cord that actually defines the boundary) can sometimes be hard to conceal without digging.

Blake - Amazon - November 12, 2013

Returned it

Didn't notice anywhere in the write up that the wire has to buried and can't be within 5 feet of any metal fence.

Sheila - Amazon - October 29, 2013

Great Collar

We purchased this fence for our 1 year old 85 pound German Shepherd. It works great we have no complaints about this product. We have the collar setting set to 5 and the fence setting to 1/2 and she knows her boundaries. She will not go within a foot of the fence even with her collar off. We (my husband and I) tried the shock on ourselves first before putting it on our dog. It hurt but it wasn't horrible. Just a nice corrective shock that tells her 'hey you are not supposed to be over here' ... The set up was very easy we just linked it through our metal chain link fence then dug under the gate and buried the wire. We have been using it for a few months and have not had to change the batter yet on the collar. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking to keep their dog safe in their yard. This has saved our dogs life because without it I know she would have been hit by a car ... Thank you Dogtek for such an amazing product!My only complaint is that if she has the collar on in the house when she walks by the Wii or X-box she will get shocked. This is clearly stated in the instructions you are given with the fence system. So I definitely recommend taking the collar off while the dog is in the house. It didn't start happening until about 2 weeks ago and she has worn the collar in the house previously with no issue.

MadEm&Mick'smom - Amazon - October 22, 2013


The fence has been very effective. We put it in and 3 days later they knew where to stop. We have a teddy bear that is about 12 lbs and a golden retriever puppy that is about 40 lbs.

1 - Amazon - October 16, 2013

Great fence

We simply placed the wiring on existing wood fence as our labradoodle, Charlie, was digging under it. It worked great. He no longer digs out....even when he doesn't have the collar on.

Doodles - Amazon - October 16, 2013

awesome dog fence

this is the first electronic dog fence I have purchased and I couldn't be happier with it. our dogs learned their boundaries within a couple days and very few times of being corrected by the pulse. now even without hearing the initial beeping they know when to stop. awesome product. would definitely buy again and highly recommend it to anyone.

pparker - Amazon - October 9, 2013

Mixed feelings

My dog just got shocked because he came up to me to play fetch. I was typing on my Macbook Pro at the time. Out of curiosity, I Googled to see if this was a known issue. To my surprise, I found a review saying this is an issue the company knows about.

So, why not put a warning in the documentation?

Other than that, this thing does exactly what it says it's going to do.

So, if you have Macbook Pro laptops, take the collar off the dog indoors.

Hrm - DOGTEK - October 7, 2013

Stop That Dog

Didn't get a chance to use it. My wife and I decided that we wouldn't want someone to try to control our actions with an electrical shock so we didn't put it on our little boy.

Moose - Amazon - October 2, 2013

Works as good as advertised.....

The DOGTEK EF has been very effective, exactly as advertised. Quick and easy to train my two miniature dachsunds....they are about 15 pounds each. Installation was a bit of work but well worth it. Very satisfied with this purchase.

VP3 - Amazon - September 24, 2013

Works Great

so far it has been very effective with my dogs. I have a Lab mix that weighs about 85lbs and a mutt that weighs about 40lbs. My smaller dog has ran threw it a few times chasing cats but my big dog will not go near the flags at all. I am very happy with it.

AOD84 - Amazon - September 24, 2013

Works Great On My Six Alpine Pack Goats

I did not use the DOGTEK EF-4000 for dogs, I purchased the system for my 6 Alpine Pack Goats. The goats learned to jump through the electric fence rendering it nearly useless. I added the system to our existing fencing by placing the DOGTEK wire on 6' t-post insulators about three feet above the ground - most of our fence posts are metal t-posts. Total length of the radio wire is 1700' (I have about 5 acres fenced). The system works great with the collars set on their highest setting - 8. The goats stay away from the fence now and have not made an attempt to breech it... The goats weigh around 70 to 90 lbs (young Alpine goats) and their hide is much thicker than a dogs. This is the best radio fence system I have ever used! I have one collar on our 110 lb livestock guard dog and she stays inside the fenced area now and barks whenever she hears one of the collars making a warning sound: She is a Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog. I just purchased a second system for our south pasture, another 5 acres, this one will be powered by a solar panel that will charge a 12V battery with an inverter to provide the AC for the EF-4000.

David H. Scott "Dave" (Hot Springs, AR) - Amazon - September 18, 2013

great fence

The fence was easy to install. Took our dog 2 maybe 3 days to learn and stay in his boundaries.

danny - Amazon - September 18, 2013

very effective and easy

First of all fast shipping, as with almost every Amazon purchase, frustration-free packaging, everything you see listed or in the photos is included. The flags, the wiring, the connectors are all a better quality than what a national brand sells in their store. I know because I purchased one of their extension kits to add distance to this system.Having read reviews on many units, here and elsewhere, decided to (mostly) follow the advice of others:- establish your border- lay out the wire- holding the collar with light hooked up (included with purchase), know/set your audible warning and electric feedback limits- set the flags inside the border for a buffer zone- make several trips around the perimeter with your dog on a leash, using a combination of verbal commands, and treats for positive feeback- I took the extra precaution of accompaning my dog first time out while she was wearing the collar, gave a verbal warning right before the collar audible.I added 500 feet range to the unit, should have purchased from Amazon with the original order, but wasn't sure. Didn't want to wait for shipping, bought extra wire/flags locally, not as high quality as with this unit. Buried about 100 feet of wire in the lawn, rest is in wooded area, wire is simply laid down. No issues with exposure or additional range.She only got hit twice that I have ever known, first time she seemed to have no clue why, second time she got the message. She now has a little more than an acre to play in, knows her border, and never attempts to cross.About the dog - she is a rescue from a local shelter. Mixed breed, 50 lbs, 3 to 5 years age. I was extremely lucky with her, she already knew verbal commands, was housebroken, very well behaved, and very gentle. Chances are I can adjust the feedback to the lowest setting and still remain effective.This product doesn't get 5 stars because the documentation isn't the best and the settings aren't extremely user friendly. How many of us know what a potentiometer is? The chart showing the warning versus correction zone, and how to adjust it, isn't intuitive either. Some of it requires taking the cover off the collar and moving slide switches, some a dial on the base unit. I don't have experience with other products to know if this is a 'standard' or not.In the world of digital everything, can't imagine it would be tough to design a product where all settings could be performed at the base, with very clear indication of the zones.Hope this review helps you, I recommend this product, worked first time it was turned on, with no issues since. I hope your experience with a rescued animal, and a fence system like this, is as rewarding an experience!

Hank Tassin "Wired Up" (Georgia) - Amazon - September 17, 2013

Overly Temperamental

This product is overly sensitive and temperamental, and after spending the day digging the trench had the joy of experiencing the thing continuously register an error(continuous beeps from transmitter) . I checked the line to make sure nothing was damaged or cut or crossed and it wasn't and it still registered an error. Eventually it stopped registering an error for a bit and worked for a few minutes, then registered an error once again. I then again inspected the wire with no damage visible and the thing still did not work. I then pulled up the wire to ensure nothing was damaged and there was absolutely no damage. I will never buy or recommend this product to anyone.

Benjamin Smith - Amazon - September 15, 2013

Nice electronic fence

Im using this device in my quinta outsid the capital city of Costa Rica; it Works properlly.I recomend to buy an extra battery. for training your dog.At the begining is a shock for then (even for us) but is better a little electric shock (or 2 or 3) than a shut in the head of your dog.

Alejandro Guerrero - Amazon - September 14, 2013

Good no-frills system

After a brief, bad experience with a well-known rechargeable trainer-collar+fence system I decided to keep it simple. The Dogtek fence seemed an obvious choice for our needs: extra power (2000' loop, 16-gauge wire), independent alarm and shock settings, and the cheapest replacement batteries. We haven't been disappointed and our 2-year-old pitbull has learned quickly at no more than medium settings. Because of the powerful neck and very short hair, the collar can't be adjusted tightly enough to stay high and straight without starting to choke her as she moves or chews, and because of the heavier receiver it tends to move to one side when she shakes (perhaps the shorter set of studs could be shorter still?) but - also because of the short hair-length - the studs stay in contact with her skin even when they aren't centered. Our additional costs in addition to the heavier wire were an extra $5 for a masonry blade for my Skilsaw and $6 for a caulking-gun tube of driveway sealant, which was sufficient to bury the wire across about 18 feet of blacktop. (I wish I hadn't given away our electric edger when we moved to the woods!)

ChuckFBG "Chuck" (Worcester County, MA) - Amazon - September 14, 2013

Just what our dog needed.

Our dog is a three year old German Shepard-chow mix named Maka,weighting about 50 lbs. The system has been very effective with Maka andnext summer I will expand the size of the barrier.Installation was straight forward and the wire is stronger then it looks.

loren - Amazon - September 11, 2013

Easy to install and comes with a ton of wire and flags

This fence was a breeze to install and works perfectly. It comes with a tremendous about of wire, I could have done my yard at least 5 more times with the wire I had left over.Performance...Awesome it works so well and you can really adjust it to your likingBottom line, it works and works well my dog used to escape my fenced in yard all the time by digging under it, now she never escapes. She doesn't come close to the fence and when she does as soon as she hears the warning beep she immediately backs up. She was getting zapped a lot the first week but now as soon as she hears the beeps she stops.

Edward Streiff (Pittsburgh, PA) - Amazon - August 29, 2013

pain in the butt

i got this system because my boxer kept diging under the fence to escape. What this product did not tell you is that the wire has to be 3 feet from a chain link fence, which in my case is bad because he likes to run with the neighbors bogs/ Also the wire breaks really easily it got tangled and broke when trying to untangle it. also i had to call about the control settings because it made no sense to me .The wire can only be dug about 4 inches under the ground which i worry about when we have rain or sonw if the wire is going to come up. overall i have an acre the wire does what it is suppose to just a pain to install

Megan - Amazon - August 26, 2013

Great Value and works great

I bought this for my two medium size dogs ~ 45lbs each... The hardest part of running the fence was digging the trench and filling it back in. If you have the extra money to pay for the install I would highly recommend it...if not you will have to rent a bed edger and put in some work. I would also recommend buying some additional line... I have about 1/2 an acre and the included line was not long enough. So instead of waiting for amazon to ship I had to lay $70 at petco for more line.The flags are nice and sturdy wood but heat causes flag part to fall off. If you have a exploring dog like mine make sure you let him/her get shocked plenty of times around the border or else at a fast running jump will cause no chock. I know this sounds like a bad review BUT I absolutely love this product and my wife and dogs are much happier. Big dogs are not meant to stay in the house. They need to run. This product allows my dogs to do just that and I can tell how much happier they are.It doesn't take long for them to learn the boundaries. I accidentally let them out without the collars and they stayed happily in the yard anyway.

Timothy Cowan - Amazon - August 25, 2013

Great product .

This fence kept my 120 pound Rottweiler within my yard no problem .Diesel can now run around our 2 acre yard as he pleases. Great product and very easy to install

Dwayne - Amazon - August 21, 2013

Works but a short shelf life

A relative snap to install and I'm not much of a tool or fix-it type of person. We recenlty installed some lawn area on our property and wanted a way to keep the dogs off the freshly minted lawn and for them to consider relieving themselves on the other two-acres. The unit worked great. We simply kept changing the colar on each dog about every third day and quickly they all learned to stay off the grass. However, in less than two months, the main power unit stopped working, Our suspicion was that we set it up outside beneath a deck ... and the power unit is intended for indoor use only. I thought I could work around that angle. I guess not. My recommendation is if you intend on placing the power unit outside don't go with this option until they make an all-weather unit. And now that my system has gone kaput I can't buy a second power unit ... have to purchase the entire system. Poor form for an outdoor product. Spend a few more dollars Dogteck and make this outdoor friendly.

Carrie G. VomSteeg, Trustee - Amazon - August 20, 2013

It works... most of the time.

The product was something that I had been thinking of getting for quite sometime. After doing a lot of research and talking with my trainer, I decided to purchase a wire-based system. Not really seeing the need to purchase on that is twice the price, I purchased this dogtek one. Installation was pretty straight forward and painless. Training my dog has been easy. However, there are some times where the fence simply doesn't work. My dog walked right through the fence and it never even beeped! She wasn't sprinting or chasing something, she simply walked through it. However, when I called her back, the fence decided to work and beeped at her trying to come back in. This has happened 3 times now in 3 different sections of the yard. It's not a deal-breaker and I'll worry less once I know she's trained on the boundaries, but it's still faulty...

M. Nemergut - Amazon - August 20, 2013

Awesome product

We love this product. We are having problems with our 1 year old labradoodle digging to chase bees so we made it not so desirable.

Krista L Silveria - Amazon - August 20, 2013

Works great!

We installed this fence system inside our wooden privacy fence because our dog was climbing the fence. We have a very large yard and used 1000 feet to go all the way around the fence. I like the adjustability of range of shock and warning and it has worked wonderfully to keep our dog in the yard.

GTL "GTL" (Murfreesboro, TN USA) - Amazon - August 9, 2013

Dog fence

We were trying to keep our Boston Terrier from getting out of our yard with this system. As far as what it is supposed to do, it is a great product.But a word of caution...make sure not to make your setting too high as your dog will do a backflip and make the most awful noise you ever heard...and if you misjudge the setting, make sure your kids don't see you laughing at the dogs reaction, because they will be VERY upset at you!!!

J. Reynolds (Louisiana) - Amazon - August 6, 2013

Love it!

Got it had it set up the next day. Took my German Shepard around the perimeter as instructed. Afterwards I turned it on did the same. When she got to close her collar beeped and a firm pull on her leash a firm NO and I let the fence do the rest. She was trained in less than a couple hours with a couple shocks. She stays in her area now thank you!

Aaron - Amazon - July 25, 2013

Very Effective

We have an 80 pound German Shepherd/Lab mix and this fence has been very effective at keeping him in our yard. The setup was pretty easy and didn't take very long. We did not have to set the shock level very high at all for it to contain him. The only thing that could maybe be improved is the little white flags...it didn't take long for the flags to blow off the sticks, but that wasn't a big deal to us as our dog figured out the area pretty quickly. Great product!

Dog Owner - Amazon - July 24, 2013

Works great!

What a relief to know that my dog isn't going to get out into the street or wander off. He's a smart pup and it took just two days for him to figure out that those flags meant go no further! I fenced in about 4 acres so he has the run of what I keep mowed and so far, no problems. The price is great, much less than some other brands and spare parts aren't too bad either if you need them. I did have to buy a second collar for a friend who visits and brings his dog and his dog learned very fast as well. This is a great solution if you you don't want to spend big bucks to fence in your yard but remember....though it will keep your dog in, it won't keep other dogs out. For the peace of mind this fence is giving me, I give it five stars.

Karen Ringener - Amazon - July 13, 2013


No training instruction included for my dog.Installation was easy but without training instruction very incomplete product. Had to give a 3 because of lack of trainig material.

timothy s. smith - Amazon - June 30, 2013

Dog fencing system

This fence has changed our life with our pups. We have a black lab and a border collie pup just over 4 mths old. Even though we live in the country our rock road is very busy and lost the brother to our black lab, it was heart breaking. It took a little time getting the wire buried, but once we got it down it didn't take too long. Well worth the time and expense to keep your furry family members safe!!!!

Shellie Long - Amazon - June 28, 2013

Honorary Lab is Fenced =D

This has been extremely effective for my dog. We already had a fence but he kept getting out underneath the chain link fence. We wired that fence and he got close enough for it to beep at him 3 times and he is scared of the fence. He won't even come close to that fence any more, even WITHOUT the shock collar on. It has not yet shocked him because the beep scares him away. Something you should also know is that he is very sensitive to sound and anything around his neck, such as the pinch collar I walk him with. He is just a stubborn and hard headed. He is part Labrador part German Wire Hair and weighs 65 pounds.

Kmf - Amazon - June 25, 2013

Works like a charm

This worked for our lab/golden retriever mix when she figured out how to climb over our chain link fence. We liked it because it uses batteries that can be replaced rather than having to be charged. Now we go to work without worrying about our baby getting out while we're away.

J. L. Hughes (Birmingham, AL) - Amazon - June 3, 2013

Worked Like a Charm

We rescued a one year old German Shepherd mix who has no problem soaring over our chain link fence as if it were a sport. Once she cleared the fence it took us almost an hour each time to catch her and bring her back home. My husband easily installed this fence system in an afternoon. It took Zoey having a couple of run ins with the fence within the first 45 minutes and we have not had any issues since. In fact, we just discovered last week that the battery was dead in the collar and she had not even attempted an escape. LOVE this product!

Kristin M Sasser Burch - Amazon - May 24, 2013

Nice system

It was easy to set up though burying the cable can be time consuming. I just to create a flap by going just under the grass roots as opposed to digging a trench . I have a puppy which learned how to not get shocked very quickly and though she escaped a couple of times that was easily resolved by adjusting the correction distance. Speaking of which the adjustments on the system are seemingly endless and very important. I would say they add value to this over any other system that does not have the same options. It does do this weird thing where the collar will beep inside the house for no reason in certain spots but we have just started taking it off when the dog is in the house and put it back on to let her out. This might be just unique to my situation. Overall good product, performs as advertised and for the money you will not be dissappointed.

JTROTH - Amazon - May 22, 2013

Problem solved

This worked on its lowest setting for our German Shorthaired Pointer who was jumping the 4ft wall of our backyard. It took training and she was scared to go in the yard for an entire day, but after that she just stayed away from the wall. We can now trust her to be in the backyard again.

Mmac - Amazon - May 21, 2013

Works great!

No regrets here; we have a Vizsla (medium sized dog) that likes to jump things like fences. We have a 4 foot fence around our property and he kept getting out. I considered putting a 6 foot privacy fence but decided to try my luck at this instead. We've had this fence for a few months now and we have not had a single incident of him escaping. We've since covered our entire property with this fence. The kit only includes 500' of wire which has to be installed in a radius so 500' isn't very much; we had to wind up purchasing two more rolls to cover our property. Some of the wire is buried, while a good bit of it is stapled to our existing wood fence.

pitch - Amazon - February 8, 2013

Sturdy functionality with some nice options

This is the first electronic fence I've tried, and it works very well so far. The spool of wire that came with the kit seems very sturdy; you definitely need to make a decent attempt to cut this stuff. Plus, you can bend it around corners or various obstacles and it will hold its shape. I spent an hour or so tucking it under the fence around my property, and I ended up with more than enough to get full coverage. My house has a handy enclosed outdoor box with its own power outlets for the phone and internet hookups, so I just plugged it right in there. The unit immediately fired right up and promptly started shrieking - looks like there is an audible notification in case of a break in the circuit. I plugged both perimeter leads in and tried again - lights on, no beeping. Next was the collar, and it came with an Energizer battery. Bonus! Plus the collar easily fit my mastiff's neck. At the terminal unit, the size of the "warning" zone is adjustable, as is the size of the "shocking" zone. The magnitude of the shock is adjustable at the collar.My large mastiff is usually just a hair above comatose, so I wasn't too worried about him charging the perimeter. Our yard is also completely fenced. It's just that once in a blue moon he'll decide he wants to dig through to the neighbor's yard and socialize with their (unfriendly) dogs. Since he doesn't regularly patrol the fence, I couldn't immediately observe and train him to the collar. So I just set it on a low shock setting and let him loose - probably not the best solution, but it was the best I could come up with at the time. I guess he must have hit the edge at some point since now he seems to keep away from the fence, and I haven't seen a single hole since. Since installation we've had a good heavy rain, and everything is still running fine. For this price, I am very happy with this system.

5ninefish (Honolulu, HI United States) - Amazon - February 8, 2013

Shocks the dog inside

The fence works, however radio frequency radiation from our MacBook Pro laptops, their power supplies, and other electronics will cause the collar to deliver a shock. As a result I cannot recommend this system if you want to leave the collar on your dog inside.I brought this issue to the attention of DOGTEK customer service. They stated it was a common problem and there is no fix for it. Below is the message I sent and their reply:Our EF-4000 collar will intermittently shock our dog when within a few inches of our MacBook Pro laptops or power supplies. This makes it virtually impossible to leave the collar on our dog in the house because she will be shocked at random times when she comes close to any of these devices. Apparently the frequencies used by these receivers are also in the range that these devices emit as RF radiation.Do you have any suggestions to fix this problem? Have you received any reports of this problem in the past?Thanks,Steve---------------DOGTEK Support TeamJanuary 24, 2013Hi Steve,Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence with all makes and models of electronic fencing systems. This is why we suggest pets do not wear the collars inside. Rogue collar activity can sometimes occur do to the circuitry and electric waves within homes that can trick the collars in to either beeping or emitting the correction.Thank you,DOGTEK Customer Support[...]

Steven D. Hane (Gaithersburg, MD) - Amazon - January 24, 2013

Great price, great product!

We bought this product based solely on price, we have 3 acres so we got additional cable. My husband installed the fence several months ago and we have had no problems. Our fence is buried through the yard but through wooded portions we just staked it down. The cable is not as thick as the name brand products however I believe you can buy cable at a home improvement store if you want to use something different. Also the number of flags is grossly inadequate, plan to get more before training your dog! Training our dog hasn't been as simple as I thought, after getting shocked a few times she became too afraid to go in the yard so we had to back off and continue tying her up for a while. Also we live in an area where there are a lot of dear and if she runs through the fence fast enough it doesn't deliver a shock (this is true with any fence). The success of any fence largely depends on the individual dog and training them to use it. Recently I went on a walk with my kids and the next thing I know our dog is by my side.... she had totally gone through the fence! However I took a closer look and the battery needed to be replaced, my fault. We have been pleased with this product so far, it was a great bargain compared to the name brand kit that would have been $700! I will update this review once we have owned the product longer.

Katrina Terkeurst - Amazon - December 21, 2012

System should be great for the price

Returned this system for one with smaller collar units due to small size of our dogs. If we had dogs 15 lbs or larger this would have been the system for me.

Phil - Amazon - December 4, 2012

Good product, works for active adult dogs

We have a 3-year-old English setter, about 50 lbs. We've had this electric fence installed for about 6 months now. It took a while to install until we developed a system (we have about 1/3 acre 'enclosed' by the fence). It was difficult to train our dog to the fence, because there are no obvious boundaries that defined where the electric fence was. The only time we've had a problem is once we were hanging out across the street and he really wanted to be over there with us, so he went through the fence, and once or twice he has chased a neighborhood cat right through the fence. He is a hunting dog, after all! Overall, it works well for keeping him in the yard; we even leave him through the day when we are at work, with no problems.

E. Danks "Occasional book buyer" (Versailles, KY) - Amazon - November 8, 2012

Been using it for a few months and have had no problem

The collar of my old fence (petsafe) died and I decided to try out another system instead of buying another collar. I am glad I did, the Dogtek fence is superior in many ways, the collar is more sturdy and I feel that the boundaries are more accurate. I have been using it for a few months now and have no problem to report.

John B. - Amazon - October 22, 2012

WOW - Really Works~!

We have two small yorkie mixes and these collars worked like a charm just on the first setting. Very easy to use and it gives a warning sound before they approach the board. Recommend whole heartedly!

Tammy Atkins ( Clinton Township, MI ) - Wayfair - October 21, 2012

Dont waste your time or effort

This is my second elec fence. I installed the first one myself with no problems. This one is just aweful. No matter what we do, it wont connect. Read the directions again, no help there. Read the troubleshoot section, that was useless as well. Called customer care, got treated like an idiot and still no help. Then I went and got my neighbors husband, he said it is set up correctly. Still doesnt work. Spend the extra money on a quality product. This one is ****

Leslie Mikulka "lilyred" (Arizona) - Amazon - October 4, 2012

Great Electric Fence for the Price

We ordered this fence about 8 months ago as a last resort for our 'escape artist' dog. Our dog was escaping our backyard on almost a daily basis. He'd jump the fence, dig under it, and also find ways to go through it. We were at our wits ends.This fence was so affordable I worried it won't be good. I was wrong, thankfully. It's been PERFECT. No problems whatsoever. My husband easily installed the wire right on top of our existing fence. Training guide included with this fence was almost useless, but after looking online I was able to get better training directions. Our 3 year old lab mix took to training very easily and within a few days was trained. Let me say, it has been 8 months and he has not escaped from the backyard yet. It's been a lifesaver. We changed the battery last month. Great battery life.Sometimes i accidentally forget to turn the fence on/ or put on the collar, and our dog has stayed put. It's been a lifesaver...at a great price. Highly recommend it. Simple but effective.

K. Delgado (Hawaii) - Amazon - September 17, 2012

Not Happy

My 1st transmitter broke a yr after purchase. Because I didn't keep the receipt I had to repurchase another one. This new transmitter lasted 7 days. I had both on a surge protector. I think the product itself is faulty.

Richard - Amazon - September 7, 2012

works well but...

Th system does work well but the signal box does not last and you have to have it replaced in a year or so or at least that is what has happened to me and a friend of mine. Dogtek was good about replacing it but the draw back is you have to send it in to them in Florida on your own dime to be repaired and you are left tying up your dog or leaving them in the house garage for 2 weeks.I like the product just be prepared is all.

RR - Amazon - August 27, 2012

Just okay

I have had one other electric dog fence at another home and had no issues with it. This fence seems to do the job, but I have experienced a few glitches and I can't seem to get a hold of anyone in customer service. First of all, the beeping that should occur as the dog approaches the fence only works if he walks up to it slowly. When he's running (which is most of the time), it seems like to collar doesn't react fast enough and there is no warning beep, just the shock. I've played with the settings and can't seem to fix the problem. Secondly, the collar sometimes goes off in the house (where it is nowhere near the fence). I have been shocked twice by it as I adjusted the collar, and he has been shocked once with it when he came in from outside. Again, I've tried calling the company but have not been able to get ahold of anyone. I will continue to call and hopefully can resolve these problems. I bought this fence because it got a lot of good reviews and seemed like a great deal, but I'm not all that satisfied.

Becky - Amazon - August 7, 2012

very difficult to understand directions

The instructions where extremely hard to understand even with two men helping me. The collar still does not seem to affect my dog much, however I own a wolf. My dog was just sitting by the back door for a ling time and out of the middle of no where it shocked him.

Joan ( Oregon ) - Wayfair - July 29, 2012

Dogtek is great!

I have a Dogtek bark collar and I'm very happy with it. I will purchase this fence and let you know how it goes.

kevm - Amazon - July 17, 2012

this fence is great!!

wow! this fence is really great, my 2 dogs use to do to my neighboor yards everytime I will let them play outside, I didnt want to get a regular fence because it's expensive and it will mess up my view. I installed the Dogtek invisible fence in 1 week end and it works great. My 2 dogs are now contained within my yard and, they will never go pass the warning beep.

Mike A - Amazon - June 25, 2012

super fence

This fence is the best, it solved the problems I had with my dogs, it was very easy to install and my dogs are safe now.

John ( Houston, TX ) - Wayfair - June 18, 2012

Best dog fence

This is not my first dog fence, I have couple years of experience doing that under my belt! The collar of my old fence stopped working so instead of buying a new collar I decided to try another brand. One of the main problem with my old fence was the battery life, the battery on the collar, I had to put a new battery in every 3 weeks and if I forget to do that I will take the risk of my dog running away. The battery in the Dogtek fence collar is suppose to last 6 months, I did not had to change the battery yet, so far so good. The other reason I got this fence is because you can adjust the warning zone (beep) and the correction zone (shock) independently for each other. I set up the transmitter to have a large warning zone and a small correction zone, my dogs know better, he always stops at the beep, he never get shocked. The installation was very easy for me, I just had to swap my old transmitter by the new one and that's it, I kept my old wire the same. The collar is very light, I can adjust the strength of the correction by pushing a button under the battery cover. When I open the battery cover I can see the waterproof gasket, it's well made, I have a pool and my dog swim with the collar without any problems. Overall this fence is excellent, I like it better than my old one and for the price I don't think you can beat that!

Nick - Amazon - May 18, 2012

Great fence for a great price

We live out in the country and didnt want our puppy wandering away from the house. Bought this and bought additional wire to go around our property. Only took about 2hrs to put in, and after our puppy getting zapped once, shes never tried to leave the area again, and after a week we removed all the flags and she knew where the wire was. Its awesome, I HIGHLY recommend this product. We also love that it takes batteries you can buy right at the store. Other collars make you order a whole new collar, which can get quite expensive. So if you are looking for a good product at a good price, this is the way to go!!!

Mest1215 - Amazon - May 8, 2012

invisible fence

My only option after my homeowners association told me NO FENCE! Looked at a lot of reviews and decided on this fence by dog tek. Works well, keeps Lil' Payne (80lb Shepard) inside my lawn when he's out playing with the kids. Highly recommended, works as advertised.

Dillan Evans ( Alberta, NY ) - Wayfair - April 25, 2012

Great product, wonderful customer service. Highly recommended!

After reading different reviews and tried to call all the brands of dog fence I decided to go with Dogtek, they pretty much were the only one that answer the phone right away and they knew what they were talking about.I can't recommend this fence enough, it worked perfectly on my 2 dogs, and they are now contained in our yard.I just have some advice for the installation, you can rent or buy an edger at Lowes, that will save you some time during the installation to bury the wire. To cancel the signal from the transmitter to the beginning of the yard you will need to twist the wire, you can do it by hand but it will take forever, I inserted 2 wire in an electric drill and pushed the button, took 1 minute!Everything else was straight forward. You can adjust the power level on the collar but I did not had to touch that, I just stayed with factory settings.

Erika - Amazon - April 17, 2012

Dogtek Fence

After several other methods failed to keep one of our dogs in the yard, this electric fence has succeeded. Digging was not an option for us, so we ran the wire through 1/2-inch PVC pipe. We learned through tech support that the ends of the wire need to be stripped where they connect to the transformer box, even though the instructions state that is not necessary. So far, we are very happy with the product.

S. Hernandez (El Paso) - Amazon - April 8, 2012

great product

Easy to install. Dog learned to stay in area in one day. Save tons if money vs buying anywhere else.

matt - Amazon - April 8, 2012

very satisfied

I installed this fence 2 months ago for my 2 dogs (golden retriever). they did not escaped once since that, it works great. Excellent product!

Alexis Bechetoille (Fairfield, OH USA) - Amazon - April 3, 2012

electronic fence

The instructions were very vague. I do not see it working at all. my dog stands on it looking to see where the noise is coming from. I have it set for full power with no results. Only an occational slight shock.

Sylvia (Frostproof, FL) - Wayfair - April 1, 2012

Dogtek Electronic Dog Fence System Review

I purchased the DOGTEK Electronic Dog Fence System with extra Ant wire. First off, the dog was able to easily escape the boundry so I encreased the signal and the poor dog couldn't escape the signal anywhere in the yard, so I decreased the signal but encreased the power of the shock collar and this worked for about 1 day, then the dog was able to get used to the shock, so again I encreased the shock power and the collar beeps but doesn't deliver anything to the collar. Not sure what is wrong but the system doesn't seem to work very well. Also the number of flags provided for a visual for the dog is not suffecient for a yard larger then a sand box. I am looking at other systems, but this one is just not reliable enough for what I need.Bill M.California

bmac0699 - Amazon - March 12, 2012

awesome product

This is the best dog fence in the market today, very reliable. I tried a lot of fence and this is the one!

Massimo (Jacksonville, FL) - Wayfair - January 23, 2012

install it in 1 afternoon

I ordered this system for my hound mutt, Jumper. I received it promptly and found that it was even better than what I expected. I laid out the wire and installed the system in one afternoon. The transmitter box is easy to understand and adjust and the collars are small and comfortable on Jumper. Training went smoothly even for my dog who is known to be stubborn when he wants to be. All in all, I simply can't believe how great this work. Jumper is now safely contained and I am one happy customer!

Randy - Amazon - January 23, 2012

better than fences with rechargeable collars

I own 2 boxers, Bentley and Sadie, I installed a regular wire fence with wood post last year but my dogs were able to dig out under it and push the wire. I heard about those invisible electronic fences, I ended up purchasing a fence from Innotek with a rechargeable collar. After installation the fence was working, dogs were not able to escape, however the rechargeable battery on the collar only lasted for few days and over a couple months the battery life got shorter and shorter. When the battery is dead the dogs will found out and run away! Did I mention my dogs are very smart? Anyway I then purchased this Dogtek fence because they have the longest battery life of 6 months. It was a lot cheaper than the Innotek fence and it's also a lot better and I don't need to recharge collars anymore.

Jerry Faller - Amazon - January 18, 2012

great invisible fence

A friend recommended this product to me and know I am doing the same for you ) This is a great fence, my dog was trained in a couple days. Strong construction, impressive product.

hercules (Tampa, FL) - Wayfair - January 10, 2012

Praise the all mighty electric fence gods!!

This electric fence is AMAZING. Very simple to install, a no brainer, didn't take long at all. Once everything was set up we brought our Lab and Rottweiler out and walked them around the perimeter without letting them get shocked, I pulled them away as soon as their collar started beeping, the second time around I allowed their collars to beep and did not pull them away, they received their shock and ran away from it. At most they were shocked about 3 times and they were able to associate the beeping with 'I better step back or I'm going to get bit', they have not left the yard since. This system was very affordable and I was able to purchase an extra collar. The batteries that the collars take are very inexpensive and you can pick them up at Walmart. I would definitely recommend this system to any pet owner looking for an alternative to fencing. I cannot say how happy I am just to open the door and let them run!

Cherie - Amazon - September 23, 2011

Failed to work. No customer service response

Purchased the underground electric fence to contain our two large breed dogs. I reviewed the manual prior to purchase and it seemed to be a technically easy install. However, the transmitter main unit, when connected as outlined in the instructions, emitted a continuous beep. I contacted the company and requesting to troubleshoot but received no response. hence, I returned it. Amazon readily accepted the return and it was surprisingly easy as it was my first return through Amazon. However, I imagine having a good return reputation is not the goal of Amazon. They would rather products work. But, this one did not.

Ronald M Tuczak (Medford Lakes, NJ) - Amazon - September 13, 2011

Super headache

We got this because our great dane keeps jumping our 4 foot chainlink fence. It took us a week to get it to work- we ended up haveing to buy new wire from home depot to replace the wire it came with because it was defective. 2 weeks later the battery on the colar died... we have to replace it every 2 weeks or so still.. it just eats up the battery life! we have had it for 3 months now and i swear it quits working every other week!!!! Its currently not working! We have checked the lines, the collar and the adjustable box but cant figure it out. called customer service and they were no help. For us- we have a big expensive dog that likes to jump fences and we cannot have our fence failing constantly--- do you know how much ground a great dane can cover with a 15 minute lead???!!! Spend an extra 30 bucks on another system cause this one is a waste.

Lace - Amazon - August 12, 2011

On Site Instructions Lacking Important Details

The instructions inside of the package tell you that you can't install the antenna wire anywhere within 10 feet of any electrical cables or within 6 feet of a gate. That pretty much rules out 75% of my yard (I'm in the city and have a pretty small front yard). I wish they would have put THIS information somewhere obvious so that I could have read it BEFORE I ordered the electronic fence. Now I'm paying for shipping, AGAIN, and I wasted my time waiting for this to arrive. So not only am I out my shipping costs, but I assume Dogtek is out too since they wasted time and effort packaging it and sending it to me. Simple solution = MORE INFORMATION on the Amazon page for shoppers.That's the reason for just one star - hopefully someone like me will see the single star and find my review, realize that the underground antenna may not work in their yard either and not waste time and money like I did. For all I know, otherwise the electronic fence probably works great as long as it can be properly installed.

sean (Mesa, AZ, United States) - Amazon - August 8, 2011

Very Good

I've searched for a very long time for a good electronic dog fence. At first I've purchased one of these $50 fences and that one broke down after 4-5 weeks. I wanted a rechachable dog fence but after reviewing this item, I decided to purchase it along with a battery charger.The Collar itself is very solid, a it chunky but just right for my 67lbs American Pit Bull Terrier. I ran the wire under ground aorund the fence, along crawlspace/ outside wall to prevent the dog from digging around my scrubs and flower beds. It works prefect. I don't have it set it to high, only at level 3 and it works effectively.I would purchase it again

flavor - Amazon - July 12, 2011

Totally dissatisfied!

I received the invisible fence and 2 dog collars 3 weeks ago and the collars are already broken!!! My dogs are not hyper or unruly, they just like to chew on wood (they are both under 2 years of age). I wanted to keep them from the back deck and pool so I ordered the invisible fence and collars. During the first week, my smaller Shepard scratched at her collar and frayed it to the point where we had to cut it off and jimmy-rig a chain onto the device. A week later, my larger Shepard was roaming where he should not have been able to and we found that a prong had broken off. We are still trying to figure out how that happened since the darn thing is up against his neck!Fortunately, the beeps are keeping them at bay, but we want them to work as we were promised they would. The DogTek company won't replace the one with a frayed collar! ...and they will only replace the broken one IF we ship (at our expense)the broken one to them first! So... what are we supposed to do with the dog while we wait??? I spent over $200 and it was the worst investment!My advice, don't buy from DogTek and check the warranties before purchasing anything expensive!

G'Ma - Amazon - July 1, 2011

Works Great

Great kit, easy to install. I ended up having to buy more wire - no big deal but I wish I had bought an extra spool up front.

Lauraswoodstove (Boston, MA) - Wayfair - May 12, 2011

Works great

We purchased this fence for our adopted terrier mix who recently figured out how to jump a 5 foot wall. We were worried she would run to a busy street not far from our house. The fence is in and, after a bit of a learning curve, our girl has stopped roaming the neighborhood. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is that the warning signal wasn't quick enough for a sprinting dog. Other than that, it is a great product.

Sasha's Mom - Amazon - May 6, 2011

This product saved our family!!

When we first got our two dogs, Kaya and Fable, we had no idea that eventually they'd be big enough--and smart enough--to find the smallest point in our already low fence and hop it at will! One day Fable stayed out all night and that's when I came running to amazon and found this product.I won't lie, digging the hole took work: measuring, tapping the ground (we only went 1/2 inch deep, and have had no problems), placing flags, etc. If you are tired of dealing with your dogs running around--spend the day or so to make this happen.The best thing about this product is how adjustable everything is: for example, at first we wanted to have a huge warning zone so the dogs wouldn't get shocked. Turns out, that wasn't needed at all. We turned it to practically the smallest zone because once our dogs hear the beeping--they know they're too close to the flag (which is when the buzz happens).It was hard seeing the dogs get shocked, and initially our basenji reacted badly. She would refuse to go outside and once she peed in the house (and pooped on the deck).But we were patient. It does take about 3-4 days of practicing. First, you need to put your dog on a leash and walk them around. The first day we only allowed them to get close enough to hear the beeps. No shocks. We would say no and pull them back.the second day we allowed them to get shocked and that's when our basenji began to fear the yard (our mastiff was completely trained and simply avoided the areas where she saw flags. maybe the smarter the dog the quicker they learn).To fix our basenji, I spent a day or two putting her on a leash and walking her to the potty (kind of like when we trained her). This way she knew her bathroom area was safe. Then We'd sit in the middle of the yard and I'd talk to her while she was on the leash trying to pull away. After two days of this she was fine.It should also be noted that putting the fence within 3 feet of a metal fence causes it not to work.This product has made our family so free from stress. Before we had tie the dogs up and go out and get them....now we just check their collars, make sure we see the green light, and open the door! My husband and I no longer fight about needing the $4000 for a new fence, we have one that works perfectly!I definitely would recommend this product to owners of medium sized dogs like mine who will leave your yard the moment they get a chance. I could talk for days about this product...but I'll stop and just say that if i could give it 10 stars I would!The best part is that our dogs NEVER get shocked! They know from only two times that the beep equals a shock...so they run around the yard, sleep when they come and and aren't chained to a horrible stick in the dirt.

Be-asia Mckerracher (Kirksville, MO USA) - Amazon - March 24, 2011

Great Buy!!

The piece of mind this containment fence has giving us is priceless. We live near a very busy road that neighborhood kids like to speed on. Because of DOGTEK, I don't have to worry about my dog jumping over our dog yard fence and getting loose. I recommend this unit, it has worked GREAT for me!

Jim The Tool Man (Gulf Port, FL.) - Wayfair - December 8, 2010

Company stands behind product.

Had some initial issues and contacted company. Everything was resolved beyond my expectation. Good company to work with...and great product.

JDD (Jackson, MI) - Amazon - November 26, 2010


We have a 1 acre yard. Burying the fence was a little labor intensive but so worth it. Our dog was trained quickly. He was zapped three times before he got it. Now he knows her boundaries and respects them. We are now all enjoying the freedom.

Barnett (Jersey) - Wayfair - November 5, 2010

great fence

I've been using this Dogtek fence for about 2 months now. I have 3 dogs, it works great for all of them. I bought this fence because it says that the battery will last 6 months, I did not had to change the batteries on any of the collars yet.

RickHill (Rosemont, IL) - Wayfair - October 8, 2010

as easy as 1,2,3

Product ReviewThe wiring for the electronic fence was easy enough to put down, the wiring hook up was also very easy although the instruction sheet had a couple of glitches appearing to result from ESL issues, the flags could have been a few inces taller and a bit bigger. I know my dog has only violated the fence 3 times (he's a slow learner) in 3 weeks and I dont think the flags have helped to deter him. Overall I am VERY SATISFIED WITH THE PRODUCT.

dude (Southern California) - Wayfair - September 6, 2010


Anonymous ( Oklahoma ) - Wayfair - December 31, 1969

Good price

Dana ( Oklahoma ) - Wayfair - December 31, 1969

Very nice.

Douglas ( SD ) - Wayfair - December 31, 1969

It does what it says!

Jennifer Blake ( Salt Lake City ) - Wayfair - December 31, 1969


Bree ( United States ) - Wayfair - December 31, 1969

Work like a charm!

My boxer Spooky use to bark non stop and for no reason. I tried the Dogtek collar and I was completely amazed by the result. He completely changed his behavior, I don't even need to put the collar on my dog anymore.

Jon5 - Walmart - November 30, -0001

no more barking

This product is true to its description. I purchased the collar for my dog who bark consistently. We used it everyday for the first 2 weeks and now he just bark every once in a while.

an anonymous customer - Walmart - November 30, -0001

good quality product

I was rather skeptical at first but I decided to try it anyway. I'm so glad i did. It really works with my dog :-)

bills4 - Walmart - November 30, -0001

my dog stopped barking

this collar is great, used it on my dog and he stopped barking after I placed the collar on him. Very happy with my purchase. Thanks

linda2234 - Walmart - November 30, -0001


I'm so happy, this collar really work! I was threatened by letters from my neighborhood association, they were complaining about my dog barking and told me that I can get fines for that. When I put the collar on my dog stop barking, and even with the collar off he now bark a lot less than he used to.

guzman81 - Walmart - November 30, -0001

great bang for the bucks

One of my neighbor paid about $1100 to have Invisible Fence install their system! I bought this Dogtek fence, I paid $199 at the time and installed it myself in 1 sunday afternoon :) My fence works great! You should've seen my neighbor face when I told him what I paid.

SeaBright (Sea Bright, NJ) - Walmart - November 30, -0001

Works Great

This product is really great. I like the cloth collar. The other barker collar I tried before, was plastic, and the dogs just scratched at them so they moved off where they were the most sensitive. These you can tighten just enough to work, but not bother the dogs at all.

SierraDogLover - Walmart - November 30, -0001

Dogtek nobark collar Model NB-sonic

I'm having trouble finding replacement battery--CR2450. Walmart does not carry in store or online. Can't find www.dogteck.com on internet. Enclosed guide says you can find spare parts from your supplier. Still searching internet.

SmokeyHollowDaisy - Walmart - November 30, -0001

Does not work on my dog

This product does not work on my dog. His barks do not activate the collar.

Robohoss - Walmart - November 30, -0001

it worked

I bouth this bark collar and also the Dogtek invisible fence for my dog. I'm happy with the result, my dog stopped barking right away!

JennyF78 - Walmart - November 30, -0001

very good

The fence works great, keep my dog away from the road! I called the manufacturer few times to get help with installation, they have been very helpfull. Thanks

JennyF78 - Walmart - November 30, -0001

Not for a constant Barker

Great if your dog only barks three times a day. I have to beagles and we recently moved to a new house where the neighbor hosts feral cats. The cats come in to the yard every night and when our beagles go out to potty in the morning one is NONSTOP baying if I am not standing out there insisting he potty and come back inside. He is smart, if a collar beep warns him and then corrects him he will turn the bay in to chirps which are still frustrating the neighbors but not as much. This particular collar will beep warn and then correct but the beagle is smarter than that. He will time the howls with the safety settings on the collar. The other beagle barks when inspired by the first beagles natural instincts. However beagle number two will bark straight through the corrections, and kill the battery in a single day. This is horrible for their skin. There has got to be a better product alternative to debarking.

gddyup - Walmart - November 30, -0001

it's effective

It's effective on my dog, easy to use, the collar seems of good quality, the price is great.

sunnynaw - Walmart - November 30, -0001

keep my pet safe at home

I bought this electronic fence to replace an old one from an other brand. I think it works a lot better, the correction zones are more precise. My dogs were already trained, I kept the same wire that I had, I just replaced the old transmitter and collars by the Dogtek ones and everything worked right away.

loved701 - Walmart - November 30, -0001

Great product

We were surprised to find an electronic fence for such a great price but after reading the reviews, we made our purchase. We are very satisfied with this fence. It was very easy to install and has been very effective in keeping our dog in our yard.

BlueCookieMonster (Northwest FL) - Walmart - November 30, -0001

It really works.

Many say that dog collars are hurt full to the dog. But it only takes 1-2 time of being zapped and then the dog knows not to bark. When you take the collar off the dog and it barks put it back on, and you will see the dog hang it's head. It knows that this is a punishment for barking. It works every time. With in less than a week or so the dog will know not to bark. This REALLY does work!

Tuff67 - Walmart - November 30, -0001


My 2 dogs used to run away everyday, they will come back all the time but I started to have people complaining in my neighborhood. I ordered this fence and installed it, I had few questions during the installation process but I called the manufacturer and they have been very helpful, overall it was very easy to install. The fence works awesome, dogs stays home :)

elcampi - Walmart - November 30, -0001

What a relief!

I don't have to worry about my two dogs running out in to traffic! I live near a busy road that people tend to speed on. Heard about this fence from a friend and decided to give it a try, thank goodness I did! I've had it since April, I 100% recommend it to all!

mlinebacker54 (Palm Harbor, FL) - Walmart - November 30, -0001

great results

We have 2 large dogs.One of them is a fence jumper. We weaved the boundary through a chain link fence. We are so glad it works. During the installation I called Dogtek with a question, they have been great.

doglover41 - Walmart - November 30, -0001

This product saved my dog!

Thank you Dogtek! your product saved my dog! I has a lot of trouble with my dog running away, he already got ran over by a car once and needed surgery. I was not able to install a regular fence due to HOA rules so I gave this electronic fence a shot and I'm glad I did. It was very easy to install and the fence works amazing!! My dog always stays in the yard, no more worry, no more problems!

superdad88 - Walmart - November 30, -0001

I love this product, it was easy to install and worked right away. I use it on 2 dogs, I had to purchase an additional collar.

retriever33 - Walmart - November 30, -0001

get this fence

I previously owned a invisible fence from a different brand, the collar was rechargeable and it was a horrible! I had to charge the collar every 2 days, what a waste of time. The Dogtek collar works with a regular battery, it cost $2 and last about 3 months!!

papadog1 - Walmart - November 30, -0001

Works great on a pitbull

I have a wood fence that go all around my backyard but even with that my pitbull was able to dig underneath and escape. I install this Dogtek invisible fence, I used wood staples to attach the antenna wire to my wood fence, it took me about 2 hours to install. It works perfectly, my dog will not go anywhere close to the fence. Great product!!!

kissimmee55 (Kissimmee, FL) - Walmart - November 30, -0001

Took me a couple "training sessions" with my mind of its own stubborn Chow, but now he knows his boundaries and Is staying out of the road! On a side note I can sleep better now... two thumbs up Dogtek!

Elaine89 - Walmart - November 30, -0001

very very good

This dog fence is a blessing, my dog did not run away since I got it. This is an excellent product, installation was not that bad, took us an afternoon to wrap it up.

doubledoors (Atlanta, GA) - Walmart - November 30, -0001

Overall Good with Pros and Cons

I bought this about 3 weeks ago. It works well for the most part, and being on the lower end of the price range for electronic fences, I can say that I'm satisfied. It is not, however, as effective as an actual fence. The dog learned right away, but she does get out on occasion.
The pros: the price and the fact that with a wired fence you can define the area that you want off limits, in contrast to a wireless electronic fence (which defines a radius around the unit). However the wireless unit is much easier to install...
The cons: Installation is tricky and labor intensive, especially when you want to customize it and not just do a simple perimeter. I recommend laying the wire down with landscape staples first and making sure that it works before burying it. I was also disappointed because there wasn't enough wire to cover the area that I wanted, which is about 3/4 of an average suburban lot, so I had to go out and purchase additional wiring. Finally, I have noticed that the signal and shock can be irregular near the wire at times, which is probably why the dog can occasionally get through it (besides the fact that she's big, 90 lbs, and stubborn!).

walmartrocks8879 (Michigan) - Walmart - November 30, -0001

excellent product

I am very happy with this fence, it was a breeze to install and the Dogtek customer service was top notch. The fence on itself works great and my 2 dogs are now contained.

hry11 - Walmart - November 30, -0001

Dogtek fence

I bought this to replace a different collar/transmitter. It works perfectly, and there are
adjustments for shock zone, beep zone, and shock intensity. Highly recommend!!!
PS, this unit is made in France, not China.

CaseKing (Taylorsville , NC) - Walmart - November 30, -0001

Best husband ever

So happy my husband bought this for our dog, Lady. She learned quickly and now we can keep her safe from traffic and other animals. Very satisfied.

lorihifi - Walmart - November 30, -0001

Exelent product

Very happy with this purchase easy to install and good results.
My dog now respect my flower bed areas.

Vely91 - Walmart - November 30, -0001

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