Canicom 200 Remote Training Collar

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Electronic dog collar training system for controlling a single dog with a working range of 200 yards. It features 9 levels of impulse with an LCD display.

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Canicom 200 Remote Training Collar - Description

Canicom 200 is an electronic dog collar training system for controlling a single dog with a working range of 200 yards. It features 9 levels of impulse with an LCD display providing optimal control.

Canicom 200 also has the benefit of a flash impulse button which gives consistency to any impulse. If you need to train more than one dog or require a range larger than 200 yards, you can consider our Canicom 400.

Is your dog out of control? Is he difficult to train?
You are not alone. Many dogs simply do not respond to traditional training methods which is why thousands of owners and professional trainers have used Canicom to assist them in their training programs.
As we all know an out-of-control dog can be a danger to themselves and others. Canicom can help you achieve a well trained and contented dog within days.

The Canicom universal Training Collar
Weighs less than 3oz including the internal 3v lithium battery. It is totally waterproof and shockproof to withstand a normal dogs lifestyle. The strong adjustable collar fits all neck sizes 20 inches.

How does it work?
Used alongside your vocal training commands, your Canicom dog trainer assists you by transmitting a combination of beeps and electric impulses to your dog via the specially designed collar. The beauty of the system is not in its power (we recommend the minimum setting required to get attention) but in the immediacy of the command given. Corrective commands can be given immediately even though your dog is some distance away.
As we all know: an immediate command is an effective command.
As you progress your dog will learn to associate your trigger commands with the electric impulses. Eventually you will be able to reduce, then disable the impulses - using only the beep function. Finally you can dispense with the collar altogether. (As an alternative, a dummy collar can be used at this stage.)

  • 9 different levels of impulse
  • Continuous Impulse
  • Flash Impulse
  • Beeper Function
  • LCD display
  • Magnetic on-off switch
  • Fully Waterproof Collar
  • Limited One Year Waranty

Canicom 200 Remote Training Collar - Accessories

Canicom 200 Remote Training Collar - Documents

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Canicom 200 Remote Training Collar User's Guide PDF 225.89 KB Download

Canicom 200 Remote Training Collar - Reviews

Five Stars

Works perfectly, simple to use, and far cheaper than other products with similar features.

Sperry Megerian - Amazon - March 8, 2015

Four Stars

Very nice

Jerry - Amazon - March 1, 2015

Five Stars

Thank you

OSSAMA - Amazon - February 24, 2015

Five Stars

This a great product.

David Houk - Amazon - February 3, 2015

happy but missing dvd

Arrived on time . I am very happy. I have not yet tried it out however I noticed it is missing a DVD. If I receive that I'll give 5 stars.

matea Greaves - Amazon - January 29, 2015

It worked fine for a couple weeks

It worked fine for a couple weeks. Not sure why exactly but after that I could put it on the highest setting and touch it with my hand and it barely phased me.

Snooks - Amazon - January 8, 2015

works Great

works great!

Susan Beedenbender - Amazon - December 8, 2014

Two Stars


immortalmoon (WV) - Amazon - October 24, 2014

Five Stars

works like a charm

kandice - Amazon - October 10, 2014

Four Stars

Product does the trick!

Jessica - Amazon - October 5, 2014

My dog has responded well and this is a useful training tool

The collar works as advertised and I haven't had any problems with it. My dog has responded well and this is a useful training tool. It will still require consistent effort to train your dog effectively, but this approach has produced more results than other methods I've attempted and so may work for you too.

Geoffrey Grossman - Amazon - September 8, 2014

Good collar for the price

Good collar overall. It gets my dog's attention though I have to set it no lower than "6" for my dog to react. I have a Boxer, so I thought it would work well at lower levels seeing that Boxers have very short hair but no such luck. Other than that, it is a good collar. The battery life seems to last quite a while with periodic use.

Adam - Amazon - August 6, 2014

maintenance for dog and battery replacement cost should be kept in mind.

The collar eats a lot of battery and battery is not cheap to replace with the frequency you need to replace it. The color does hold strong to water protection and the range of signal is very close to what is mentioned in product information.

These types of collars if used on short to medium hair length dogs will give them folliculitis (hair inflamation) due to the prongs moving the base of the hair with dog's movements. I have had to pay expensive vet bills to get the areas treated with antibiotics and ointments. Best recommendation is to shave an approximate area around the dogs neck where the prongs will sit on top of the skin, use small prongs and keep an eye for any skin conditons. It helps to see changes in skin when the skin is expose instead of under the hair. It isnt esthetically pleasing but your dog will appreciate not having a hole in his/her neck that this thing can cause with its hair infection.

maro - Amazon - July 24, 2014

Works well, the dogs learn to respond to the ...

Works well, the dogs learn to respond to the beep real fast, so you don't have to zap them more than a few times.

superbird_71 - Amazon - July 22, 2014

Best correction collar with remote I have ever used

Best correction collar with remote I have ever used! Experience of many others that for one or reason or the other they really didn't work out with my large Rottweiler.

Patti - Amazon - July 13, 2014

Stopped the Dog Chasing Cars.

Range limited the main reason for four stars. My dog is short haired approximately 50#, had to crank it up to a higher setting to achieve the needed results. He may have been zapped tree times and that was it for car chasing. Some folks may be concerned about this method of training as being cruel but the shock is, under one actuation method, a very short zap. I tried it against my hand and it got my attention it was not painful. Make sure the prongs are making skin contact which requires a snug collar. Battery life is good for both transmitter and collar, would say for one dog the rechargeable types are not worth the extra cost. Primary lesson learned the Dogtek now sits in a drawer.

H. M. Brenner (Florida) - Amazon - May 21, 2014

Waste of Money

When this product came to us the battery in the remote was dead...had to buy new battery for the remote before we could use it. Worked for the first 3 weeks then after that it would only beep not shock. We even bought new batteries for both collar and remote. Did nothing. Of course when we tried to return it the return policy was up (by 8 DAYS!!!!)and you can no longer return this product. How convient! Don't waste your money.

Tim Markle - Amazon - May 18, 2014

Works well

After a few teething problems this is working well for our Chow/Lab mix. Prior to getting this we had issues with him taking off to deposit his necessaries on the neighbor's lawn. Now whether I like my neighbor or not this is not something I want happening. Within 3 days of getting this collar and 1 zap the dog will go where he is supposed to, not go where he is not supposed to and will return to the house on a single beep. Mission accomplished.

Our main problem initially was activating the collar with the remote, our dog has a fairly heavy mane and it was a real pain finding the box and positioning the remote just right to activate it. What we have done since is to use a larger lower powered magnet which will quite easily activate and deactivate the collar, we also remove the collar now after every use as we noticed our dog was getting some discomfort from it.

Would I recommend this, definitely, but it has to be used methodically and I would say the collar should only be put on when the dog is going out and removed immediately they come in.

Efros "12th level priest" (USA) - Amazon - March 14, 2014

A good product

Had one just like in the past which finally wore out. This unit purchase was exactly the same and worked great. The range is not the 200 yards Advertised but it is reasonable. We chose this product because it has a tone as well as the adjustable current and our dog responds well to the tone alone. The size is great for our 90 lb rambunctious English lab.

George M. Boyer, M.D. - Amazon - March 11, 2014

Good results

Collar works great, good puirchase and good results. Our dog knows when we put it on even without activation that he behave.

Mother Nature - Amazon - February 6, 2014

Higly recomended..!!!

I have chosen Dogtek Canicom Electronic Dog Training System because one of my neighbor recommended me about this device. Before using this, i thought it wouldn't be very effective. But after using it, now i can see a great changes has been made in my coolest redbull. I love their movement and now he can understood easily everything. It's totally in nice shape and work perfectly. My coolest redbull is now well trained up. So i don't have any hesitation now for recommending this device to the other peoples.

Lillian Vickery - Amazon - January 28, 2014

train my dog

I liked everything about training aid, unfortunately, I received something similar from a familly member who no longer needed the collar. However, I would purchase same unit in a NY minute for its' features and range.

Bisko - Amazon - January 24, 2014

This product only worked for a few weeks

While this product was VERY effective for the training, it only lasted for a few short weeks. What good is a dog trainer if it quits working as soon as your dog is trained?

MelindainDallas (Dallas, Texas) - Amazon - January 23, 2014

Good value for beginner

Pretty solid collar. Worked well for about a year until I lost the remote while pheasant hunting with my airedale. If I could find a replacement remote for a reasonable price, I'd give it 5 stars. Def a bargain in the world of over priced e collars.

Dmp - Amazon - January 23, 2014

awesome product

great product .I have a 7 month springer only had to use the shock part a couple times now all i use is the bell and and he stops on a dime . love it works great

Tony - Amazon - January 15, 2014

Training collar

Works great, and very easy to use! I have purchased other brands and have not been happy with them. Glad I found this one.

Gayle Stevens-Skarb - Amazon - December 31, 2013

Good buy

My dog will actually listen now and she doesn't even have to have the collar. After a few shocks she figured out what happens when she doesn't obey. Worth the money.

Rachel - Amazon - December 27, 2013

Dogtek Canicom Electronic Dog Collare

I've used electronic collars three times this price that did not do as good as job as this one. So far it's outlasted the more expensive ones. Great collar and the batteries go a very long time. I highly recommend this product.

Mark (Port Orchard, WA United States) - Amazon - December 22, 2013

First One Died After One Week - Battery Died On Replacement After Little Use For A Month

Not impressed! When it works it seems to work well. The on/off button on the remote wouldn't work after a week when using the first one I bought. The battery died on the second one after a month with almost no use. Not a reliable product. I thought spending a $100+ dollars would get something of better quality but I was wrong.

R. Malcolm (USA) - Amazon - December 20, 2013

Never work. DOA

DOA. Decided to get another brand. Inserted CR2 battery 3 times and did not even hear the beat. Also, one screw is missing on the device. Very disappointed. Going back to Amazon and getting another brand.

Jeffrey Ong - Amazon - December 7, 2013

Great product!

great product, has worked wonders on our 1.5 year old great dane. He's 150 lbs and I've never needed to use anything above a "7" of the 9 levels. Levels 1-3 could hardly be felt by my arm and my sister has tried it on her small dog as well. Also to note is that my neighbors purchased one as well and there is no interference!

J. Grant Samples - Amazon - December 3, 2013

Don't like it

I prefet return to a positive education. My dog just fears that thing, I don't want to have a dog who fears me cause of that.

Bigot Wilfried - Amazon - November 15, 2013

Highly recommend.

Works great. Used on my 60lb boxer. He's a rescue and I needed something to get his attention. Only needed to use it a few times.

softball mom - Amazon - November 10, 2013

great for redirecting and correcting reactive/excitable dogs!

I have a male (neutered) labradoodle named Booker who is just under a year old. He's a great dog, really. But he is very reactive to people and especially dogs. He would get very excited when he sees dogs or people-- complete with whining, pulling, jumping, spinning. He has not one aggressive bone in his body, just misdirected energy, but his crazy behavior was unpleasant to have in public. I walked him on a Gentle Leader and also tried a choke collar. Neither one was able to penetrate his frenzied state of mind enough to redirect his attention. Any verbal or physical correction only added to his excitement, and I was worried that over-correcting with a regular choke collar could hurt his neck.I got the e-collar and started using it on walks and in the house for when people came to the door. I was able to use a low setting for most interactions simply by correcting him immediately when he would start showing signs of over-excitement (whining, pulling, ears forward).The results have been AMAZING. Since I've been able to clearly communicate to Booker the behavior I do not like him exhibiting, he can now obey confidently and stay focused on me even with distractions nearby. On walks, he is no longer lunging toward other walkers-- he is quiet and calm and gentle, just a great ambassador for dogs everywhere. Booker had his collar on at Petco this weekend (usually just a huge danger zone for over-excitement and intensely distracted behavior) and with just a few minor corrections, he was the best-behaved dog in the store! We're so glad we have this tool.

Olivia - Amazon - November 4, 2013

review DOGTEK Canicom 200

It is being really effective and it is completing the teaching we are doing. The thing is that the dog knows when it is carrying it so he changes his behavior depending on it. It is incredible how it changes. Nevertheless it is helping a lot and I hope the change be decreasing with time.We normally start appying a first high level shot at 5-6 and after that we reduce to 2-3.The dog is a Sttafordshire bull terrier (pitbull) and around 25kg (8 months old).

agustin - Amazon - October 29, 2013

OK Collor

This color is OK. Just a little hard to turn off and on. If you have a good amount of patience and a dog who is willing to sit still for it. This should be fine. Not for my puppy though. Returned.

twilightstar (Seattle Area) - Amazon - October 29, 2013

So far, so good

Purchased to assist with training on lead for our German Shepherd dog. She has a habit of pulling while at heel when seeing other dogs or squirrels or really anything. We watched the training video (it wasn't that great, no real training tasks, just general information) and did what it recommended to begin our training. It's been a week of use and she is responding nicely. I rated 4 stars for two reasons: training video is pretty lame and I don't like that the collar fastens like a buckle belt, since you have to take it off after use. Wish it was a clip.

Rhonda White "Trickalizzard" (New Jersey) - Amazon - October 26, 2013

Battery life

It's pretty hard to train consistently with a puppy when the damn thing dies so fast. I go for a week at a time finding or waiting for new batteries then have to start all over again.

Q - Amazon - October 25, 2013

Works well.

Definitely got my 75 lb hyper dogs' attention. My dog was barking uncontrollably and jumping at dogs passing by in the street, appearing as if she was a very aggressive dog. I found that the correction must be applied before the situation escalated. As soon as she saw the dogs and started whining was the best time. Timing is everything for this to work properly. Good product overall.

Linlpt (NC) - Amazon - October 11, 2013

Good collar for the price

We used this for our male 4-year old German Shepherd (approx. 80 lbs). We had moved to a new area and he was barking more than normal. We did not want a collar that corrected him every time he barked, because we want our dog to alert us at least with one bark.We used this for 3 full days and occasionally put it back on for the alert beeps when he does bark continuously. It was very effective and he learned very quickly.My only wish is that the units were rechargeable. My only complaint is that the handheld unit battery was dead upon arrival.

Amanda L. Harvey "Amanda" (Green Bay, WI USA) - Amazon - October 6, 2013

Dogtek Collar

I am very pleased with the collar. I have had it for for over a month andHave only had to shock her a few times. The beeping sound makes herdo what she is suppose to without shocking.Would suggest for anyone with an young lab for training purposes.

plynch - Amazon - October 2, 2013

Instructional video would not play!

Quality is OK, but the instructional video which is essential to its use would not play in any of my DVD players!

Mr Spike - Amazon - September 19, 2013

Not what I expected, but cost was right.

Battery life is not that long. The collar must be removed from the dog to turn the unit on and off.

Tina H - Amazon - September 7, 2013

Great for interactive training - Range through obstacles is poor

I bought this collar mainly to help with barking and jumping. I've tried the collars that respond to a bark but it just taught my dog to bark just loud enough to not set it off or worse, whine. I wanted something I can use to zap her when she starts howling at the neighbors etc... even if I'm not in the backyard with her. Generally it works great and she has improved quite a bit but it doesn't always work through windows and not at all through walls. I would recommend this product with the caveat that it's best used in open spaces.

Michael (Battle Creek, MI, United States) - Amazon - August 29, 2013

good features

This is my third manually operated training collar in twenty years. I've also used passive anti-bark collars (scent and shock).This works pretty well. I had to turn it up to 5 or 6 to get one of my dogs to respond (top number is 9), which is unlike my prior collars that had to be on 1 or 2 or the shock was too great.The ability to press a button and generate only noise is the attractive feature. My dog learns that after the noise it's time to listen up or else a shock will come. I can train without actually shocking the animal too much. No nice owner really wants a lot of shocking.It's nice that the collar is waterproof. The method of switching it on and off (magnet in the remote) is good to prevent accidentally having the collar on, but it's a tad difficult to use.

C. Pelham (Zone 5) - Amazon - August 29, 2013

Works just as it should

So far it has been very effective and operates just the way it issupposed to. Set-up and use is straightforward. My dog is a border colliemix and 50lbs. The main behavior I wanted to address was her taking offfor some attractant (usually another dog) even while I'm ordering her 'no! stop!' At those times, she just puts her ears back and runs faster- maddening (and potentially very dangerous if your dog won't pay attentionwhen you tell her to stop). The trainer I sometimes work with calls it'flipping you the bird'. Now I have a response/consequence and it's made ahuge difference in that behavoir, basically I have not seen it sinceproviding just a couple corrections. I really like that there's atone/sound that you can trigger that gets the dog's attention and I've beenable to pretty much use just that almost all of the time and only have toproceed to the shock on rare occassions. An integrated bark collar setting would be a good imprivement.

El Jefe (California) - Amazon - August 27, 2013

Great way to keep dogs attention

This collar works great. I have a 90 lb mix breed that knew all the commands, but he would get distracted when we were out on walks if he saw another person or dog and just ignore me all together. This collar has remedied that. I hardly use the shock component. I always push the tone button first and once he felt it two or three times on a level 4 (I tried them all on my arm and 4 was the first level I could even feel and he didn't respond to the first three levels either...) I only have to use the tone. Its a great way to remind him to pay attention and listen to me.

Amanda - Amazon - August 23, 2013

Dogtek collar

So far, I've been very pleased with this. I haven't had it too long, so I can't vouch for the longevity of it, but it seems to be of good quality and has worked well. I have used on both my dogs for different reasons. The Weimaraner is overly exited and hyper and is generally ill-mannered with guests, so I use it to curb his jumping. The Doberman has aggression issues and it's hard to break her focus when she gets mad at something (the Weim). I've found that the collar works well in breaking her focus as nothing else has worked. The setting 5 seems to be the magic number as neither of them responded to anything lower than that. It doesn't seem to hurt them at all; it just stops them from doing whatever they're doing, which is what I wanted. I can't imagine a dog that doesn't respond to this. If my Dobie did, any dog should. I took away one star because it's a pain to put on; I just prefer quick buckles.

Rachel (MATTOON, IL, United States) - Amazon - August 1, 2013

Just three shocks did the trick

My dog is a 6 year old male 65 lb. Aussie Dingo mix. The only behavior I used it for is humping at dog parks and when he's off leash on trails. Humping in the past resulted in several scars and many fights from dogs who objected to public sex on the first date and owners angry at me.All my training of him for six years has been positive and I very much did not want to shock him but it's hard to reward the absence of bad behavior when the dog is half a football field away. I set the intensity at '5' which got a definite reaction but not a yelp. I only used the unit when Rusty was either actively humping or putting a paw on the victim's back as foreplay to humping. I think that timing is everything with this collar so the dog doesn't get confused about what they're supposed to stop doing.He seems to have learned not to hump with only three shocks total on two different occasions. I'm still putting the collar on him before going to an off-leash area, but if he keeps up the good behavior I'll stop that soon. Three shocks for about $120 bucks sounds like a bad deal, but the dog not getting himself or me in trouble or injured is priceless.The collar has gone swimming several times with no apparent ill effects. Setup and instructions are clear and easy, and the included video is helpful.There are a couple of changes that I'd like to see in the collar: 1) an automatic beep maybe 1 second before every shock so that the animal quickly learns to respond to the beep without having to get shocked. The beep button is too far from the shock buttons to conveniently do that manually, and 2) the heavy plastic of the collar makes it hard to put the collar on and off. Nylon strapping would be much better.A company rep emailed me to let her know how the collar's working out. That's worth a star any day.

Wings42 "David" (San Diego, CA) - Amazon - July 29, 2013


We have an 80lb German Shepherd and yes the Caincom 200 Dog collarhas made a huge difference in our dog training. We have been able toeffectively train our dog without it but we were having issues with hergetting to excited with visitors and barking incessantly whenever we wouldbe in the front yard and it seems to be solving both issues so we are verypleased with our purchase.MY ONLY CONCERN WAS NOT HAVING A RECHARGEABLE BATTERY BUT UNLIKE MANY OTHERS IT DOESN'T SEEM TO SUCK UP THE BATTERY LIFE.WE HAVE HAD IT FOR ABOUT A MONTH AND STILL NOT HAD TO REPLACE THE BATTERIES.IT HAS GREAT RANGE AND NO ISSUES WITH FINDING AN EFFECTIVE SHOCK LEVEL, WE ACTUALLY DON'T HAVE TO SHOCK ANYMORE BECAUSE SHE SIMPLY RESPONDS TO THE BEEPING SOUND.OUR DOG ALSO LIKES TO PLAY FETCH IN THE POND AND WE HAVE HAD NO ISSUES WITH THE COLLAR MALFUNCTIONING.

cbask11 - Amazon - July 23, 2013

Outstanding results

I absolutely love theproduct and purchased this product for my 130lb Rotweiler and another for my 20lb Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Kimberly Ferris (TEHACHAPI, CA, US) - Amazon - July 19, 2013

Great collar for short hair dogs.

I have a Husky and with his longer thicker hair, the metal leads are not long enough for the collar to work every time. When it makes contact tho, it works great! Good distance and battery life. Contacted the manufacturer to see if I could purchase longer metal leads for the collar and they suggested I shave the dogs neck because they did not have longer leads. Other than that, I am pleased with the collar. Very well made and sturdy. Battery life is great and the working distance ( when leads make contact) is farther than I need, but glad it is that far when needed.

lowrider02 - Amazon - July 12, 2013


After just one day, our dog became a listening mindful pet. She was getting pretty stubborn to our repeated commands, so a couple days of training got her in line. we still use it outside while in the yard with our kids and the neighbor kids. Ne no longer have to have the dog on a lead, she can roam as she wants and leaves the kids alone. Also just sits and watches other people walk by without running after them. If she get a wild hair, just a simple beep will remind her what cold come next. For our size dog, black lab German shepherd mix 48Lbs, a low setting of 4 usually does the trick.

Randy Wooten (Pekin, IL) - Amazon - July 1, 2013

Dogtek Canicom Training collar is awesome!

I was really hesitant to use a training collar on my female pit bull mix but this collar has helped with her training tremendously. I hike with my 2 dogs off leash in many state forests and although my dogs are well-trained and stay with me most of the time occasionally they'll see a deer and take off to chase for a few hundred yards. The female started taking longer and longer to return so I decided to try the collar. I used it by beeping her first and then applying a correction of 2-3 until she'd come running back. After 2-3 times of this she now will come most of the time when I call her and almost always if I just beep her with no static correction. So far it has worked really well for me and I'm extremely pleased! The collar is waterproof and my dog doesn't mind wearing it at all.We're off for many happy adventures and more peace of mind for me.I highly recommend this collar if you have a stubborn dog who won't listen when very distracted.

Christine Butler - Amazon - June 25, 2013

canicom 200 dog collar

the canicom 200 I think is the best collar I have tried yet. as a matter of fact I will not try another. I have tried a few others to no avail. but this canicom 200 is the greatest. it has stopped his barking. with the sound device I am training him to listen to commands, its just great. I would recommend this product to anyone trying to train a dog or break it of bad habits. always remember you have to catch them in the act not later.

thor "movie buff" (Joliet, Il. Usa) - Amazon - May 30, 2013

a good training tool

My dog is a Golden Retriever Mix and weighs about 45 pounds. I bought this collar because I wanted to control her nuisance barking and she is a very headstrong dog that tends not to pay attention when she gets all wound up about defending her territory against anything and everything that moves. When I first rescued her, she even barked at birds flying overhead! My husband suggested that we get a 'bark collar', but I did not want to teach her that all barking is inherently bad; I wanted to teach her obedience. This collar has worked well towards that end. I only had to use the correction impulse a few times and at a low setting. Mostly, I was able to get her attention with just the audible tone. She now responds much better to voice correction and I have not used the collar for many weeks.

Sharon O Webb - Amazon - May 21, 2013

"Stop Jumping!"

Whenever anyone walked into the house, our stubborn Airdale (60lbs of muscle) jumped all over you and he had sharp nails. That was the main reason we decided to try an electronic collar. I was a little nervous about using the shock settings at first, have found (after one shock all the way up at 9) that just the sound gets our dog's attention. He has stopped jumping when we walk in the door, we can have company over without putting him in his crate, we can even take him on walks and runs with just his electronic collar on! We never thought that would be possible. Just the sound or even a 2 on the shock is enough to get his attention!We love this collar and so does our dog, he gets more freedom, gets to say hi to people now and is much better behaved with this collar. He even listens better when the collar is off. I would highly suggest this collar for an owner who is dedicated/fair but a dog who has selective hearing

Lauren M Calderon - Amazon - May 19, 2013

Dogtek canicom electronic dog training system

This training system has been a wonderful blessing. It worked perfectly on my dog. I have a great Dane dog who is just under a year old and weights 110 pounds and is full of energy. This system is very easy to use and effective. My dog responded immediately to it and now no longer needs it. Well worth the money spent even though i only needed to use it a few times. Great product.

mrsaltmyer - Amazon - May 15, 2013

Dogtek Canicom Electronic Dog Collar

I am very pleased with this product. I bought the collar when my dog proved to be more stuborn than my training skills. He was barking at everything on four legs, while tied in the back of my stationwagon. No amount of yelling or reprimanding broke him of this annoying habit. I bought the collar and cringed the first time I had to use it. He yelped once, and then layed down. I thought wow that was worth it! But as the days went on he decided to try my patience again, and a total of three shocks later, he is happy and well behaved while he has the collar on, whether it is activated or not.

Annie Cox - Amazon - May 15, 2013

Works great when used apporpriately

I have a 4 year old Shiba Inu-Chow Chow mix and this collar really works for us.First let me say we have taken quite a few behavioral training classes with her, so we know when to use corrective measures. This detail is important because if you use corrections at the right time, it can greatly improve your life with your dog. I would highly recommend taking BEHAVIORAL classes and talking to a trainer about your specific dog as well as watching the video.As far as the system itself, it shipped quickly and is still working. I have tried other collars but this is the best I've come across. I like the sturdy feeling this one has as well as the option of setting the strength of the shock. The systems even works when we use the remote from inside the house and our dog is in the backyard, 50-75 feet away.The sound and shock is delivered from the collar, which runs off of AAA batteries. Due to our dog's stubbornness we switch out the collar batteries almost weekly, I would suggest getting rechargeable ones. We've had the system since January and have only needed to change the remote battery once. Be forewarned that the battery in the remote is an unusual size, so if you don't live near a well stocked electronics store you might want to order an extra one.I should also say that we live in Southern California, so we have not tested how well the collar can stand up to extreme weather. But it is still working just fine, even after the few rainy days we've had.

S. Long "Shi-City" (Carson, Ca United States) - Amazon - May 15, 2013

Works good!

I previously bought Innotek Automatic No-Bark Collar (Rechargeable) and I had a bad experience because it didn't work properly. Waste of money!Dogtek Canicom is a well developed product made with good materials and equipped with batteries that you can easily find in any convenient store. You can easily turn on/off the collar and the transmitter. Different levels of static correction and an audio horn to call dog's attention.I highly recommend this product.

M. Rosmaninho - Amazon - May 5, 2013

Not enough adjustment

Shipping was fast, product was as advertised. There is not fine enough adjustment on power level, #4 couldn't feel and #5 was pretty painful (used it on myself first, my dog seemed to agree with me) Return was easy and refund was prompt. I ordered an Einstein ET-300TS, it seems to work much better (it is about $70 more expensive)

Bill the Wrench - Amazon - April 30, 2013

Works good, I like that is has sould correction not just shock

We used the sould correcting more than anything and after just a couple of shock corrections our dog learned to react to the sound. It has made being out with our dog much more enjoyable know that she will come running when we call.

DP - Amazon - April 4, 2013

Works Like a Charm!

I have an 11 month old Great Dane that I've had since she was 4 months. I have diligently trained her during that time and she knows all of her basic commands well. The problem was that after a few days of good adherence to a new command, she would get bored and respond only if she was in the mood. After a while, even simple commands like lie down were met with a lot of vocal 'just leave me alone' complaining indicating that I was getting on her nerves, even though she would eventually lie down. Annoying to say the least. No way I was going to sit around with a clicker all day long. I'm not that anal. That's fine for the people who are. And I don't believe that the clicker or treat method work for really rebellious dogs. Not to mention that treats get really expensive really fast and are useless for controlling a 120 pound dog who feels that she should always get her way. A lot is also made of the whole pack leader thing. Well no one exudes pack leader like I do. What they don't mention is that any deviation from what the leader of a wolf pack wants is met with a swift physical (read violent) response. A toothless pack leader is an ignored pack leader. This collar gives the owner some teeth, and pretty impressive teeth at that. The great thing is - once she realized that she could get a nick from the collar for refusing to comply, all I ever have to use is the beep. She knows that the beep is her chance to get her act together. The rare occasions that she does need a reminder, I only need to use a low setting - level 3 out of 9 levels. This doesn't cause pain, I've tried it on myself. It does make her uncomfortable enough to want to comply. I tried an El Cheapo e-collar before from Amazon and the thing didn't even work. I wasn't certain that this would either but boy was I pleasantly surprised! Now I have the happy dog that I always wanted because she's able to interact with everyone without wreaking havoc and no longer has to be crated when the kids are home from school. If you have a dog that likes to test your will, get this collar. But use it sparingly - only use it if your well trained dog is refusing to listen to a command it already knows. Do that and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Runatem "runatem" - Amazon - February 28, 2013

This collar is a lifesaver!

I have a Newfoundland puppy, who at 1 year old is not quite the size of a puppy. He is huge, and obnoxious. I was keeping our not so puppy size puppy in the kitchen at bedtime, in case of accidents, but quickly realized that he was getting into so much trouble while we were upstairs fast asleep. He would help himself to whatever was on the counter, even cardboard, put aside for recycling, would be shredded all over the floor come morning time. He once enjoyed a whole bottle of unopened syrup after scavenging it from the counter and chewing through the top once. I came home once from working an overnight, to what could have been catastrophic disaster.. the kitchen sink was on and running full blast, for who knows how long, luckily there wasn't anything stopping up the sink, so we didn't have a flood. He would jump on people, charge at them, and obnoxiously jump around them at their feet. We tried everything, this dog was just too stubborn. After stealing food countless times from not just the kitchen (on top of the fridge even!), but my toddler's own plate, we decided to go for this collar. The difference in his behavior was immediate. He stole food from the table, got a little shock, and ran away and hid. I could leave food on the floor at this point and he won't go near it. He doesn't jump on people, or my counters, and listens to verbal commands promptly. I would buy this thing all over again given the chance.

Jude's Mommy17 (Ny) - Amazon - February 4, 2013

Not sure if we'll have to resort to shaving the dog...

We bought this for our two year old Border Collie who has just one bad habit--chasing our horses. Figuring he's a pretty smart dog, we went for the less expensive collar, hoping we could break him of it with just a handful of negative reinforcements (a nice way of saying "electrical shocks").On the upside, the unit was extremely easy to set up, is user friendly, and worked straight out of the gate without any issues. On the downside, the collar portion is made from cheap plastic, so if you foresee needing to use the collar for any length of time you may need to replace it with something else.The reason we're giving it four stars instead of five is that so far, our dog has yet to receive a shock due to the amount of hair he has around his neck. (It's winter in Idaho and he's grown a bit of a lion's ruff.) While the collar does come with extra long probes that can be switched out for the shorter version it comes equipped with, even this hasn't quite done the trick. So we're down to contemplating a partial shave.If your dog is short or medium haired, I think this collar is a great choice. If you're like us, with a half-lion on your hands, still give it a try but know you'll probably have to pull out the razor to get the right contact.

C. S. Ring (Idaho) - Amazon - January 30, 2013

A cut above the rest...

The Dogtek Canicom 200 is a dog training collar that is far better than its competitors.o Its specified range of operation is accurate and greater than anything I've seen on the market. I've used the 'SportDOG Field Trainer' and it's range is maybe half it's stated distance, which is far less than Dogtek's.o The batteries used for the Dogtek collar are long lasting, especially compared to the 'SportDOG'. The button cells used for the hand device last respectably well as they are only 'CR-2032'. The battery for the collar itself has laster several months thus far, with no signs of giving out yet. The 'SportDOG' hand device batteries, while the same as the Dogtek batteries, did not last as long and even needed to be removed from the device after each use due to their being drained while not in use.o While the dog collar device is larger than the 'SportDOG' device, it is well constructed with a collar that will fit just about any dog size.o Ease of Use: For the most part the Dogtek collar is very simple to use. The one drawback is in how the collar is turned on. You must align two marks, one on the collar and one on the hand device to turn it on or off. This can be difficult if the collar is already on the dog.o Overall, this collar is a keeper.

Brian "Brian" (Milton, VT USA) - Amazon - November 16, 2012

This one works!

After trying lots of different collars that simply didn't work out, this one does the job. After 2-3 'shocks' it only takes the warning buzzer to stop the barking now. Don't know how long the batteries will last yet, but we have kept it on pretty much all the time for a few weeks. It seems that verbal commands to 'be quiet' are a lot more effective now also.

Elizabeth Thompson (RICHMOND, VA, US) - Amazon - June 28, 2012

Worth the investment

After hours of research, I purchased the Dogetk collar about 4months ago. Very happy I did. Everything works just as stated. The response time from remote to collar is quick, the remote is easy to use, the collar is easy to turn on/off. The actual collar construction & design appears to be rugged and has held up well. Distance of collar to remote is as described.No complaints after 4months. Glad I chose this unit over the cheaper competition.

Brimud - Amazon - May 24, 2012

Trust This

This collar is great. It is simple to use, battery life is very good on both collar and remote and the range is outstanding. This is the best trainer I have ever been around. This item is not cheap but the results are great. This is truly a well designed and built product.

Jed (Black Hills) - Amazon - June 14, 2011

well made collar

I'm a dog trainer in Buffalo NY, I've been using those training collars for a while and I recommend them to my customers. They are well made, works with regular batteries, durable, and work great.

protrainer (Buffalo, NY) - Wayfair - October 14, 2010

dog collar

nick s ( Missouri ) - Wayfair - December 31, 1969

great collar

I used this Dogtek trainer for more than 6 months and I am very happy with it. Works nice and really help me a lot with my dog.

eday - Walmart - November 30, -0001

Good range

I bought this collar to replace a Petsafe 400 trainer, the range of my petsafe collar was about 50 yards, but the box said 400!! I called Dogtek and they told me that their Canicom 200 was really 200, so I decided to give it a try. I am glad I did, the collar works perfectly, it's really a 200 yards range and the battery last a lot longuer than on my Petsafe collar.

NewHaven22 - Walmart - November 30, -0001

easy training

I own this Dogtek Training Collar, I am very pleased with this product. It is a great tool, I was able to easily teach my dog a few of simple commands: Sit, Come, Stay ... The collar also help me to get rid of the bad habit my dog had of jumping up on people! The collar is a bit expensive but it's really well made.

Jon5 - Walmart - November 30, -0001

Very effective

I purchased this product to get a few issues under control that obedience classes did not fix. So far this has helped tremendously. The product is a little pricey, but handles the problems I was experiencing, so over all it is well worth the money.

Kmckinley - Walmart - November 30, -0001

The product does not perform quite as good as advertised, It works well at short range, but ffaulters at longer range. It has helped teach our dog, where her boundries are and to come home when beeped.

rvhobo (GA) - Walmart - November 30, -0001

best trainer around

I used it to train an older dog I got for the dog shelter. The dog was very stubborn but this trainer really worked. The construction of the product seems very strong, no problems so far.

elpal00 - Walmart - November 30, -0001

good quality product

The quality of this training collar seems good. I use it to train my 40lb border collie and I am seeing great result so far, a professional trainer recommended me the Canicom. The collar is not rechargeable but that's not an issue since the battery last a while.

cubalibre74 - Walmart - November 30, -0001

Worth the investment

After hours of research, I purchased the Dogtek collar about 4 months ago. Very happy I did. Everything works just as stated. The response time from remote to collar is quick, the remote is easy to use, the collar is easy to turn on/off. The actual collar construction & design appears to be rugged and has held up well. Distance of collar to remote is as described.
No complaints after 4 months. Glad I chose this unit over the cheaper competition :)

Brimud (Ashburn, VA) - Walmart - November 30, -0001

We purchased this for our 5 year old rescue dog, a boxer/pitbull/english bulldog mix. We had problems with her running out the door at every opportunity and running around the neighborhood until she was tired and ready to come in. We were hoping that this system would help us curb this behavior, but it has gone above and beyond our expectations. After three days with the collar and minimal shocks she is a different dog. She no longer bolts out the door, but we are able to take her out sans leash she has learned our property lines with just the beep.

happyshopping83 (Hickory, NC) - Walmart - November 30, -0001

My husband & I wished we had invested in this 2 yrs. ago for our Golden Retriever! Great investment!

Chrisangel (Opelika, Al) - Walmart - November 30, -0001

Good for the price

It shocked Jesse once, don't know how good it is for dog got shocked one and has been very good since then.He wears it with it turned off and does very good.
He is afraid I am going to shock him.Dont know about a training tool thow.Cause he is so scared of it..

an anonymous customer (Jacksonville, Fl) - Walmart - November 30, -0001

Prevents dogs from running off

We got this to let our dog off his leash in open areas. He quickly changed his behavior during walks. He listens to commands better and stops when shocked. He doesn't run off instantly anymore. Worth the money. If you have multiple dogs they make different systems for multiple collars. (My only regret because I have 2 dogs)

Bryan5 (CA) - Walmart - November 30, -0001

easy to use and affordable

Have a dairy farm and this is used so my border collie doesn't get out of control moving the cows. Seems to be pretty durable so far.

sicklesmom (Sharon Springs, NY) - Walmart - November 30, -0001

Great product, very helpfull!!

I bought this collar to train a 9 month old Lab. My dog was eating everything he could see. He was getting sick from eating everything. I used the collar to train him to stop picking up things and then eating them. It worked great and now he listens and drops what ever he picks up when told to drop it. And now iam starting to use the collar less and less. This collar helped me so much.

mukio (Florida) - Walmart - November 30, -0001

great product

My dog would not listen to me at all until I bought this, now just a week after using he's a different dog and I haven't needed to go past 5 on the settings. I am very happy with my purchase!

sheldone - Walmart - November 30, -0001

Dogtek Training Collar

I previously owned a Petsafe training collar. Loved it, but the price of the rechargeable batteries were expensive, so when I needed to replace with a newer collar I chose Dogtek I read the reviews, and made my choice to order the collar. When I received the collar, the battery was dead and had to be replace. I did contact the company and they sent me a replacement. I have a unruly Springer Spaniel. Once he is outside, he is uncontrollable, so I was excited with the comments about this collar working when he gets out of control. It does not work. In fact it does not shock him at all, even if I have the No. 9 setting. I shaved the hair under his neck, but it still does not work. I would recommend a Petsafe Yard & Park for a few dollar more that this piece of Junk I paid $119.00.

Gardengirl927 (Des Moines, Iowa) - Walmart - November 30, -0001

Collar worked on stubborn dog

Great collar to train a hard headed dog. Easy to use, lightweight collar, weatherproof and adjustable. Training was much easier with this collar.

lorihifi (Clearwater, Fl) - Walmart - November 30, -0001

Did not have the DVD in the package and batteries

The actual unit worked pretty good after buying new batteries.
overall I give 3 Stars. Will write a better one when you send me the DVD and batteries.

DCinWNC - Walmart - November 30, -0001


I purchased this item for the sole purpose of preventing my overly social Golden Retriever racing off to greet and jump on other hikers. Unfortunately, by the time I've hit the "flash" button, dog is 30 or 40 yards on his way and apparently feels nothing from the collar.

Muldoon1 - Walmart - November 30, -0001

Great for the price

The only thing I wish I would have known before my purchase was that you can't charge it. It operates off batteries.

Urology - Walmart - November 30, -0001

Works great

Only had it for s couple of weeks, but it's working great so far.

DonnH - Walmart - November 30, -0001

Control dog collar by dogtek

This was a 2 item product, remote and collar. The remote did not work. After having to produce a receipt, the remote was replaced.

Sonny - Walmart - November 30, -0001

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