EF-4025 Extra Collar for Electronic Dog Fence

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For the EF-4000 Fence System

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EF-4025 Extra Collar for Electronic Dog Fence - Description

Extra Collar for Electronic Dog Fence

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EF-4025 Extra Collar for Electronic Dog Fence - Reviews

Works great. Be careful not to leave two collars side ...

Works great. Be careful not to leave two collars side by side, They will beep at each other wearing down the batteries. Also don't leave on dog in the house, my dog got zapped walking too close to an outlet.

Vlyn - Amazon - March 14, 2015

Four Stars

Works great for my 40lb Australian cattle dog.

Timothy N. Metzger - Amazon - December 29, 2014

Works fine but has some issues

Small screws that strip easily when replacing the battery and the plastic buckle sticks

Kathy M (Indianapolis, IN) - Amazon - December 21, 2014

The system has performed very well and we are satisfied that our pups will not be running down our ...

I ordered the Dogtek electronic dog fence system, along with a second collar, to contain our two very active young Border Collies. We live on 15 acres and decided to use the Dogtek system to enclose a 1700 foot circumference circle around our home. I was concerned about this size of enclosure and contacted their helpline. The contact person assured me that this system would control as much as 3000 feet of wire. So on that basis, I ordered extra spools of wire and rented a trencher made by Eztrench from my local tool rental store. This trencher cuts a narrow 4 inch deep trench (even through roots), lays the wire underground, and covers it up for you. They advertise that it can lay 100 feet of wire in about 5 minutes. Myself, and a neighborhood lad (he performed the grunt labor), followed the instructions to the letter, completely finishing the installation in about 3 hours. The system has performed very well and we are satisfied that our pups will not be running down our drive to the county road out front. The pups quickly determined what the boundaries are from the warning buzz , along with a couple of "bites" from the shock. They now recognize the flags that are marking the boundary wire and they keep a safe distance from it. We are very pleased with the results.

Tom Batchelor - Amazon - December 4, 2014

i love

as descripted. i love it

kellye smith - Amazon - December 1, 2014

Five Stars


Romeo - Amazon - November 13, 2014

Five Stars

Worked great with the invisible fence system!

L. Quick "Lissquicky" (APO, AP, USA) - Amazon - November 9, 2014

One Star

Doesn't work with dumbdog.

Grandma liz (USA) - Amazon - November 5, 2014

E F 4000 with collar

We had to buy extra wire to keep our German Shepard in bounds, We have wide open country and mountains, we had no fence to speak of. It works great,do check the batter cover on the collar the screws have come loose, and battery for it has lasted okay,I'm pleased.

Jill - DOGTEK - October 22, 2014

Broken within 6 weeks

We bought the Dogtek fence and this additional collar over the summer. This additional collar quit working within 6 weeks. I could actually hear something rattling around inside. Opened it up and tried to fix it, but the collar still doesn't work. It's cheaply assembled and I would recommend going with a different brand all together.

D - Amazon - October 21, 2014

Works well

Got this for our other dog for the fence system. Works great, has several levels of correction.

R. mayer (Md) - Amazon - August 24, 2014

Five Stars

Works great and most importantly keeps our escape artist safe.

Mike - Amazon - August 22, 2014

For me it was a waste of money

Received item and extra collar. One collar did not work. after repeated emails with no timely response. I called. I had to pay to send back defective collar. The batteries do not last. My one dog kept running right through the fence. For me it was a waste of money.

nancy k. - Amazon - August 10, 2014

Five Stars

Great product...2 dogs contained without complications.

Wendell A. Lashley "jazzlover" (Georgia) - Amazon - July 16, 2014

Great product.. Not cheap quality!!

Awesome this works great on my german shepherds. And for the PETA freaks I think my dogs like the shock!

jpd4x4 - Amazon - June 13, 2014

Great quality, tested it on myself before we used it on the dog.

Great quality, tested it on myself before we used it on the dog. The shock settings were a little difficult to get properly because they are set by holding a button on the collar in while you wait for a beep. You must then count the beeps to determine the shock level. The beeps go by pretty fast so getting an accurate count is challenging but not impossible.

Training my dog was easy. I just walk her around the yard near the areas and wait for the beeping. When it beeped I said sit and gave a treat. After a few days when she hears the beeping she sits and eventually just walks away. So far she has not even been shocked.

The battery has been excellent, I haven't changed it yet. Other collars we have tried have been inconsistent and the battery lasts only a few days or weeks. This one has been months. I highly recommend it.

Robert - Amazon - June 1, 2014

It solved the problem.

Our yard is fenced in with farm fence but my dogs and the neighbors dogs are able to get at each other. This had resulted in very bad bites more than once. I was not able to let my dogs out unsupervised because 2 of my dogs would go and fight with the neighbor dogs, even though they have been severally injured four times. I was looking at putting in a privacy fence but that was going to cost at least $600. I thought this would be much more economical. We laid it out one day, tested it out and then put the collar on the dogs. It worked immediately. I like that the beep happens before the stimulation. The next day we buried the line and my dog wanted to come by me but when she heard the beep she stopped and would sit down. We have been using the fence about a week and have not had any incidents with the dogs. I'm going to ask the neighbor if they want to buy collars for their dogs because they still come to the fence barking. I only had to put collars on two of the dogs because my other dog does not engage with the neighbor dogs. The one thing I would caution on is the batteries. It was hard to see the + and - on the collar. We put them in the wrong way and thank goodness we were just testing them and didn't put them on the dogs. The collars got really hot and started to smell. They were so hot it burned to take the batteries out. My daughter then looked at the collars and saw the + and -. I still couldn't see it. They should make it easier to see since it is so dangerous if the batteries are incorrect. I'm so glad we bought this. I decided on this one because other reviewers had good customer service experiences. I did not have to use customer service though because this was so easy to install.

Kathy - Amazon - May 29, 2014

Dogtek Dog Collar

I have two Labs this collar hasn't stop ether from leaving the property even at the high lever it don't stop them from crossing. The warning sound goes off but the dog keep going.

Ed barnes - Amazon - May 3, 2014

Great addition for 2nd dog

works well for 2nd dog for dogtek fence set up, I don't have to worry about our dogs now that we have our fence

iluvbirth (Quinwood, WV United States) - Amazon - March 4, 2014

extra collar

This is the same collar that come in the EF-4000 Dogtek fence, it works perfectly. The battery life is awesome and it already come with 1 CR2 battery so you don't need to buy any. I have 4 dogs (4 collars), everything works as it should, never had any problem with my collars.

Clark Kent - Amazon - February 5, 2014

Worth The Money

This is such a great device I am glad I bought this. The collar really holds up and takes plenty of abuse from my dogs daily and still keeps on working. I have had it for a few months now and not had a single problem with it yet which is great.

Steve Newson - Amazon - January 28, 2014

Didn't work with the EF-4000 Dogtek Fence I bought

Even after a fresh battery, it didn't work with my new Dogtek fence as it advertised. Meaning, it tested shock at random points, but when on the actual dog, it didn't give any warnings or shocks at all.

Tara White - Amazon - January 9, 2014


Purchased a fence and two collars. One collar works fine, although batteries need to be replaced much more often than advertised. Second collar stopped working after two months, I mailed it back. A new replacement collar arrived and broke before the dog even walked out the door. Mailed that back 3 weeks ago and still waiting for a reply. Insured mailing fees are not reimbursed for faulty products. Have a feeling that during the lifetime of the dogs, it would have been much cheaper and easier to install a wooden fence instead. Disappointed in the product.

S Richardson - Amazon - January 7, 2014

The dogs and I now enjoy more freedom!

Read everything I could find about training, one site said two weeks... that made me avoid the task. After about 6 months the wife said 'The grand kids and I are going to train the dogs' (cocker spaniel sisters s a year old). Both dogs got jolted twice and now have no interest in crossing the fence line. Now, instead of running to the road or into the woods they hang around the house sniffing, chasing bugs, playing and having a good time. With a single call they come running. What a relief!

Glenn Burroughs - Amazon - September 8, 2013

Works just fine.

Bought this for a friend's dog who visits. Since his dog is used to staying in an invisible fence, this collar did the job. Now we can relax without having to worry about him getting out into the road or wandering off.

Karen Ringener - Amazon - July 13, 2013

Dogtek extra collar

Great collar! A little pricey compared to the cost of the dog fence system, but well worth it. No complaints to date.

Shellie Long - Amazon - June 28, 2013


This product was definitely not what was advertised! We installed it correctly around the perimeter of the yard and tested it, the collar beeps randomly in the middle of the yard where it should not, leaving my dogs terrified of their bathroom area, and refusing to leave the back porch! We tried it for a week and the collars were very inconsistent. Sometimes it would give a warning beep, other times it would just randomly shock my poor doggys. Just uninstalled it and dropped it off for return! Would never recommend DogTek EVER!

AshleyK - Amazon - April 26, 2013

Not a good product

We purchased the electronic dog fence system and collar for our dog. In less than 6 months the collar quit working so we ordered another $60 collar. That one lasted less than 3 months. I am now in the process of sending back the second collar to either be fixed or replaced. Postage to ship it back to Dogtek is NOT paid for by them, even though it is their defective product.

T. Brusseau (Idaho) - Amazon - April 10, 2013

Equipment seemed to be OK but was to large for our small dog

I rated this a three only based on the size.We returned the Dogtek system for another with smaller device on the collar.

Phil - Amazon - December 4, 2012

Batteries can work loose

We added a dog and needed to add a collar for our Dogteck Electronic Fence. The first dog is medium sized and the color fits well. This new dog is small (though not as small as a toy) and the color is very big on her. Be careful with the batteries. They seem to work they way loose and no longer make contact. All in all, I'm satisfied that I made the right choice. Oh, and changing the batteries is a hassle. You have to loosen the collar from the back of the battery cover and then work four very small screws which will require a small Phillips style screwdriver.

Kezopster "Altheas" (Branson, MO, USA) - Amazon - October 16, 2012

works well but...

works very well but the collar tends to die after a year and you have to have dogtek replace it. There are 2 things I do not care for about the collar1st is that the internal beeper to warn the dog is so faint that the dogs do not hear it most of the time especially when they are excited about something on the other side.The 2nd thing that i do not like about the collar is the battery and it's life. The battry is a CR2 and there is no way on earth the battery lasts 6 months like dogtek advertises, beprepaired to replace it every month and CR2 batteries are not cheap.

RR - Amazon - August 27, 2012

great dog fence and great collar

The collar works great, I use 2 of those on my Dogtek fence. Never had any problem with it, my dogs are contained in my yard, works as advertised.

Mike A - Amazon - June 25, 2012

good fence

The collar works great, I use 2 of those on my Dogtek fence. Never had any problem with it, my dogs are contained in my yard, works as advertised.

Nick - Amazon - May 18, 2012

best collar

I have 2 of those collar that I use with the EF-4000 fence. The battery life is awesome, it uses regular CR2 batteries and its waterproof.

Alexis Bechetoille (Fairfield, OH USA) - Amazon - April 3, 2012

No Customer Service and Terrible installation instructions

I am sending my Dogtek back this week. No customer service at all...phone number disconnected and no response to email. And the instructions were not helpful to install and train.

J. Maurer "JoJo" (Chicago, IL) - Amazon - March 4, 2012


If you have the Dogtek EF-4000 fence and have more than one dog you will need to purchase extra collars. You can add as many collars as you wish. Collar is fully waterproof and works with a standard CR2 battery, the battery life is 6 months!

Frank - Amazon - January 18, 2012

Wireless fence

This was junk as the wireless fence did not work and customer service failed to respond. The good news is Amazon rapidly accepted my return no questions asked and promptly reimbursed me. I went and hired a professional for $1100 and two collars had the fence installed circiling my property 1 acre+ and more importantly received some great training. Works like a charm (DOGWATCH Wireless fence).

Ronald M Tuczak (Medford Lakes, NJ) - Amazon - December 8, 2011

Dogtek collar

Rebecca ( Marion, NC ) - Wayfair - December 31, 1969

dogtek collar

steve ( Louisville, KY ) - Wayfair - December 31, 1969

Dog Tek collar

Cindy ( Neustadt ) - Wayfair - December 31, 1969

Scared my dogs

Tammy ( Michigan ) - Wayfair - December 31, 1969

Did not work

Douglas ( SD ) - Wayfair - December 31, 1969


Bree ( United States ) - Wayfair - December 31, 1969

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