NoBark Spray Citronella Bark Control Collar

  NoBark Spray Citronella Bark Control Collar Rating: 3.5 out of 5 based on 244 reviews


The NoBark Spray collar helps to prevent barking by delivering a unique and specially formulated spray/ mist when your dog barks.

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NoBark Spray Citronella Bark Control Collar - Description

  • END ANNOYING BARKING: Utilizing a proven method to train your dog not to excessively bark, the DOGTEK No Bark Spray Collar is one of the most effective No Bark collars available on the market.
  • NO HUMAN INTERACTION NEEDED: The No Bark Spray collar is able to automatically sense your dog’s barking, so it does not require any human involvement beyond refilling the unit.
  • FITS SMALL, MEDIUM, AND LARGE DOGS: The collar strap fits neck sizes up to 24 inches in circumference.
  • A GENTLE YET EFFECTIVE SOLUTION: The No Bark Spray collar offers an alternative method of training from the usual tone-based or shock-based collars. An advanced microphone receiver detects barking, causing the collar to release a brief burst of specially formulated No Bark Spray. The burst of citronella spray acts as a distraction to your dog’s attention, deterring them from continuing to bark.
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY: DOGTEK is a brand you can trust! We offer a 1 year limited warranty on all of our products.
The DOGTEK NoBark Spray is one of the most effective collars on the market using a proven method to train your dog not to excessively bark.

How Does it Work?

When your dog barks, the Dogtek® NoBark Spray delivers a short spray of harmless citronella mist towards the dog's lower jaw. Completely harmless and painless, the citronella anti-bark collar is scientifically proven to be the most effective on the market. The Dogtek® NoBark Spray collar is automatic and does not require human involvement.

The Dogtek® NoBark Spray does not use static corrections or beeps, so it will not create any extra anxiety for the dog. Within a short period of training time, the dog begins to associate the citronella spray correction with their bad barking habits further reducing your dog's desire to excessively bark.

Product Features:

  • Dogs 6 lbs. and up can use the NoBark Spray Collar
  • The spray is harmless and effective
  • Device is Lightweight and great for most breeds
  • Uses 6-volt alkaline battery (included).

Kit includes:

  • 1 Dogtek® NoBark Spray device
  • 1 refill canister of citronella spray
  • 1 adjustable nylon strap collar
  • 1 6v 4LR44 battery
  • 1 user's guide

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NoBark Spray Citronella Bark Control Collar - Reviews

Bought this for my chihuahua because she barks all the ...

Bought this for my chihuahua because she barks all the time for no reason. At first this scared the s*** out of her to the point she would hide in the corner of the couch shaking. Then she would be constantly needing attention while shaking. Yes it stopped her from barking for a little until she realized she could turn her head and avoid the spray all together. So she would keep barking but still not at much as she used to. Just wasnt as successful as i was hoping!

Chris Meyer - Amazon - March 16, 2015

Five Stars

great, worked the second time. Doesn't bark when the collar is on even if it isn't activated.

Jean - Amazon - March 15, 2015

Not for long ears!

The collar worked great for my cousin's dog, but not so hot for my little dachshund. Every time he shook his head his long ears triggered the spray, so all it did was make him more anxious. It's a great tool and I know it works, just not for my dog.

Tara - Amazon - March 14, 2015

Five Stars

Collar works great. It took about 3 days to train my dog. Easy to fill and operate.

Leanne - Amazon - March 11, 2015

Bark collar

collar works as described and appears to control the barking. On/Off switch very small and difficult to operate.

michael waterman - Amazon - March 11, 2015

One Star

Terrible doesn't work !!

Tony Carranza - Amazon - March 10, 2015

save your money! Not voice activated

Don't waste your money! You have to stay right with your dog, it's not voice activated! It just sprays evey so open! The info is miss leading! (Says when your dog barks! that doesn't mean this will spray then!

Lisa Zens - Amazon - March 9, 2015

Five Stars

Worked great for our chihuahua eliminated barking

Michele Siegel - Amazon - March 9, 2015

Arrived broken from seller, the ones not broken don't work either

This collar is garbage. But ironically Amazon will not lwt me post my continued problems with it. Keeps rejecting my review...if you want a well built product that works as it should, do NOT buy this one!
I purchased 4...all 4 were defective!

Marnie (Troy, Va, United States) - Amazon - March 6, 2015

One Star

It worked for about 15 minutes. Then stopped. Had to return it.

Ginna Waddell - Amazon - March 4, 2015

Worked at first

We have a very big dog, he is over 120lbs. He likes to bark at the neighbor dog, for hours, specially if we are gone. I wanted to try this product. So to say the least I am a little disappointed, it worked at first. Now he is use to it, so it don't really work that great. It goes off even when he shakes his head, its not really teaching him not to bark if it goes off whenever.

Jennifer Cordtz - Amazon - March 3, 2015

Five Stars


Fran Huffman - Amazon - March 3, 2015

but goes off easily when my dog shakes his head or even drinks ...

It works, but goes off easily when my dog shakes his head or even drinks water. It is too sensitive to sound and there is no way to adjust it.

Michelle Ratliff - Amazon - February 25, 2015

It would spray my dog everytime she scratched and shook ...

It would spray my dog everytime she scratched and shook her head. She was tense and wouldn't move around while wearing it so decided to return item.

rebecca - Amazon - February 24, 2015

Happy buyer

Mail time was very quick. I was alittle disappointed in the fact that the microphone is so sensitive that it sprayed twice when he didn't bark but that's all it took. Now we just say "quiet" and show him the collar and he stops. Best $$$ I've ever spent. Our whole house is happier now.

Jen Decker (Death Valley, CA) - Amazon - February 23, 2015

Five Stars

Definitely a better alternative to shock collars.

Desiree - Amazon - February 22, 2015

One Star

My dog still barked her little head off so I returned this item.

Christine Conway - Amazon - February 21, 2015

Four Stars

price was right and it woked greaT!

Rita Bosnich - Amazon - February 16, 2015

Spot on!

I bought this for my Pomeranian chihuahua who had a problem barking ar nothing. He is around 10lbs of spunk, and a mouthful of bark. Within the first few days of use he had learned to not bark. The classical conditioning this collar provides is great! I only had it spray him on accident twice when he moved around too much. Other than that it was perfect!

Carrie - Amazon - February 16, 2015

Five Stars

This is the only thing I have found that works to keep my dogs from barking.

Dragonfly (Port Townsend, Wa) - Amazon - February 14, 2015

Five Stars

Great product until my dog had enough and ate the collar

Catherine Kidney - Amazon - February 3, 2015

Changed our lives - or at least our dog's life!

This collar has changed our lives or at least our dog's life! We've had our little pit mix for under 2 yrs and she is sweet as can be - except as she grew from puppyhood, she had become so protective and barked ferociously any time the doorbell rang. People would visit and she would calm down only to go off in a fit of barking at them again if they got up and walked around (or sometimes not, it was totally random at times). We have people over a lot, have 3 young kids w/ friends in and out all the time, etc. so this was really not working out! She never bites but her bark can be intimidating even tho she is small, barely 40 lbs. It's the pit look, people react to that much more than if a golden or beagle were barking the same :-/ so one spray of this stopped her in mid-bark. She acted really timid upset at first and still doesn't love the collar, but has gradually become resigned to it. Was very easy to adjust for fit, seems as comfortable as a regular collar. The sensor is a little boxy at front but doesn't seem to get in her way much. Not sure how long the filler spray will last but I'm not sure we will need to have much of a refill because it only took a few times and now when she has the collar on, she doesn't bark so it doesn't go off. Was easy to fill, not sure when it is full but the instructions say you cannot overfill so that's good. The price of this was way less than another brand that appears to be pretty much the same. This collar has made her tolerable to have around people again. She is now learning to trust people we invite in and even enjoy company. We are so happy we tried this! It does go off sometimes w/ enough vibration (i.e., she jumped up to our bed and it sprayed her - which come to think of it is not necessarily a bad thing, altho we usually let her up). We only put this collar on when we are expecting people to come over or come to door, and take off her reg collar so the tags don't make it go off. So be aware of those shortcomings, which are reasonable really. you want it to go off w/ a vibration from her bark. it has gone off just a few times when she wasn't barking, so that we can live with. So far - we are really happy with it - if you have a problem barker, try it out!

blumuun - Amazon - February 2, 2015

Bark Collar, good for being the price it is...

It works well for my Border Collie, 35-40lbs. However my Black Lab, 90lbs decided to bark AT the collar till it ran out of juice. That's just MY lab for you though. I have used similar collars on my rehab dogs and I would say it works 85% of the time. My one annoyance with this one is that it sprays when you turn it on. I guess as a check feature it is nice to be sure it's working, but I just find it wasteful.

Compared to other brands, it is pretty similar. Citronella collars have the added bonus as a mosquito repellent, which is nice.

Beware long haired dog and loud drinker dog owners. This collar will spray when it senses the louder slurping noises of a extra joweled dogs. Also long hair breeds such as Chow Chow or Pyrenees may find it difficult to work because the spray can get caught in the fur and the surprise spray to the face is half the deterrent. The smell after a while doesn't bother the dog, it is the initial spray to the face that really sells this collar. Dogs don't like to be sprayed in the face and neither do you. They learn quickly if I bark, I get sprayed. Works best on medium to short hair dogs in my opinion.

Amazon Customer "TMS" (Arizona) - Amazon - February 2, 2015

I would recommend this item.

We don't have to use it much on our small dog anymore . It is not so effective on our long haired dog, but still a help.

Christine Chapling - Amazon - February 1, 2015

Want a collar that will spray your dog at random times?

Didn't work, it DID spray him when he didn't bark or even move (I get if he made a little sound or something, but NOT just existing) but did NOT spray him when he was making quiet barks. There is another brand for almost $40, that one works like a charm. This one, no.

Sheila McGrath - Amazon - January 29, 2015

NOT for small dogs!

Advertised as for dogs 6 lbs. and up, but this thing is HUGE! My dog is 11 lbs. and the spray container and mechanism was much too big for her. Also the directions for installing and shortening the strap leave a lot to be desired. But we tried it and it worked when the dog barked. BUT, it would also shoot a spray when she just shook her head as most dogs do from time to time. This item might be suitable for a good bit larger dog. But if you are looking for a no-bark collar for a small dog, I suggest spending some more money for one that is much smaller and not quite so sensitive. Not at all satisfied.

calimesajim - Amazon - January 23, 2015

One Star

Goes off all the time its junk dont buy it

Rebecca bayliss - Amazon - January 18, 2015

The product works well, however it is very cheaply ...

The product works well, however it is very cheaply made in comparison to the other brand I've used. I don't expect it will last long if your dog is the type that will knock it around.

laurie - Amazon - January 17, 2015

Five Stars

Totally works!

Karyn Imel - Amazon - January 14, 2015

All in all a great buy and it arrived very quickly

This collar works well on my dog, a 35# terrier mix. We only use it outdoors because she barks incessantly and annoys the whole neighborhood. My only complaint is that the collar fires off a spray when you turn it on which wastes the citronella. All in all a great buy and it arrived very quickly.

AB - Amazon - January 14, 2015

Sprays the dog when he shakes or moves too rapidly!

Sprays the dog when he shakes or moves too rapidly! I wanted a collar to teach him not to bark, not punish him for shaking or running around outside!

Jordan Vorderbrueggen - Amazon - January 14, 2015

Dog with Napolean Complex Conquered with Citronella

This collar has been very effective. We have a chihuahua (6lbs) who chronically barks at everything. Since wearing the collar, his barking is now controlled. Now he doesn't wear it all the time, but whenever he starts to bark, just show him the collar and he stops!

jolene d holzhauer - Amazon - January 13, 2015

good idea just needs some refinement

On and off switch is difficult to use. Must use tip of ink pen to turn off and on.
seems too sensitive. Sometimes squirting for no good reason. Microphone to sensitive.

mike - Amazon - January 12, 2015

the item arrived quickly. The price was very affordable ...

the item arrived quickly. The price was very affordable. It is effective in stopping my dog from barking after only a few uses but when she shakes her head it misfires and scares her for no reason.

Jessica Spitzenberger - Amazon - January 12, 2015

UNUSABLE. Does not work. Sprays constantly, even when there is no noise, even when it's not even on my poor dog.

Unusable. :( BEWARE BUYER

It sprays ALL THE TIME even when when:
1) I turn it on
2) There is NO noise at all
3) When there is a quiet noise

I should have tested it immediately and returned it sooner.

An Tran - Amazon - January 11, 2015

One Star

Have to refill it too often.

Marlynn Sparks - Amazon - January 11, 2015

Five Stars

Great collar !

Carole Dickinson - Amazon - January 10, 2015

Do not buy this collar.

Worst training collar ever. It would spray my dog when I would sneez or cough if he was on my lap.

It would spray my dog if a door slammed near him.

And when he would shake his head vigorously it would spray him.

All this collar taught him was to be afraid of everything.

Gary Phelps - Amazon - January 9, 2015

One Star

Broke really quickly!

Michele - Amazon - January 6, 2015

We are very pleased hope you can achieve the same

Worked the first time, our dog is a full breed Cairn terroir and don't bark much. She started to bark at a neibor she wants to play with we put this on her and one bark one spray. We don't moke Her wear it I just have to show it to her and she understands. We are very pleased hope you can achieve the same results

Jjs37 "jjs1865" (USA) - Amazon - January 3, 2015

One Star

They r garbage fell apart and don't work

carmen trunzo - Amazon - January 3, 2015

Defective product, seller won't pay for return shipping.

This thing didn't work right out of the box! It won't hold liquid, it just comes spraying out the nozzle as I try to fill it.
The seller is trying to get me to pay for return shipping!
Dogtek, we have a problem.

S. Barton (Portland, OR) - Amazon - January 2, 2015

Great product

A little clunky for smaller dogs but works great. Very effective yet humane.

Megan Johnson - Amazon - January 1, 2015

Five Stars

love it

Scott - Amazon - January 1, 2015

Five Stars

Worked great to stop my dog from unnecessary barking.

Khoi - Amazon - December 28, 2014

Five Stars

Makes my dog very nervous, but it did keep her from barking.

hortonnorton - Amazon - December 27, 2014

They work and they're worth buying

We bought 3 of these for our 3 Corgis. Corgis bark a lot because they are great watchdogs. But they also have a lot to say. After putting these collars on them for just 3 days, their barking significantly reduced. After that, just picking up the collar and showing it to them gets them to stop -- pretty much. You can't stop a Corgi from barking completely, but these collars definitely helped.

Tripp Hazzard "No Fault Lawyer" (New York, NY) - Amazon - December 23, 2014

Four Stars

Worked good

Ryan - Amazon - December 23, 2014

One Star

TERRIBLE!!!!! it stinks up your house and my dog would choke NOT good for small dogs as it claimed.

lisa.Jd - Amazon - December 22, 2014

Love the spray collar

Love the spray collar. We have 2 smaller dogs they range 5-15 lbs. Works great. If they ever make a smaller one that would even be better.

Lori - Amazon - December 22, 2014

The sounds of stillness.

I had 2 barking shelties. 2 collars + 5 minutes = no more barking. One of the first products I have ever purchased that exceeded my expectations. I am enjoying the quiet.

KatieO - Amazon - December 21, 2014

End the Barking!

All we have to do is show him the collar now and there is no barking!

Jacqueline Merrill "Jaciam" (Taos, New Mexico) - Amazon - December 21, 2014

Two Stars

Spray collars are going off when the dogs are not barking.

Debby S Sexton - Amazon - December 17, 2014

These collars work wonderfully for solving this problem in a humane manner

I am a regional coordinator for a miniature pinscher rescue organization. We rescue a number of pins that have been surrendered to the pound for barking. These collars work wonderfully for solving this problem in a humane manner. It takes more than a collar to train the behavior away, but they are a good start. Finding the batteries can sometimes be tricky locally so purchasers may want to order a spare.

Suzanne "Kindle Rocks!" (Sacramento, CA) - Amazon - December 15, 2014

Five Stars

Love it!!!! Wonderful results.

Amazon Customer - Amazon - December 15, 2014

Four Stars

Its Ok

Tommy Jonasson - Amazon - December 14, 2014

One Star

This product didn't work at all. Speed the dogs for no reason.

Tige Daane - Amazon - December 14, 2014

Four Stars

It's a bit sensitive, but otherwise works well. Long battery life.

Shannon (USA) - Amazon - December 12, 2014

Works great! Dog learned after second spray

Works great!
Dog learned after second spray.
Order batteries on amazon, hard to find in store.

Ana - Amazon - December 10, 2014

This solution was perfect and I have already recommended the collar to others ...

It's a miracle collar! Within 1 hour, our VERY newly rescued Yorkie-who barked CONSTANTLY was quiet. It even helped to calm him, as his barking frenzies would work him up-spinning, jumping, etc. He's a 7 pound dog, 2 yrs old, that was in 6 homes before we got him and seems to have had little to no training. This solution was perfect and I have already recommended the collar to others with similar problem dogs. Thanks!

vicki ziesemer (Milwaukee, Wi USA) - Amazon - December 10, 2014

Five Stars


miss B - Amazon - December 9, 2014

"Pet Supplies" is an awful company

The product, which does not list the ingredients of the spray, broke almost immediately. It shot a continuous flow of spray spontaneously and did not stop even after turning off the collar. The company "Pet Supplies" went from disinterested to insolent and indignant when contacted. They refused a return or exchange and should not be trusted.

jason - Amazon - December 8, 2014

Two Stars

Broke after a month.

Danielle Schechter - Amazon - December 8, 2014

Works just as good as the "name brand" but a much better price.

Works just as good as the "name brand" but a much better price. Includes battery and spray.
The only caveat is that it sprays a "test spray" each time you turn it on, so you must turn it on BEFORE you put the collar on your dog.

Long Beach Native (Long Beach, California USA) - Amazon - December 7, 2014

The important answer: It works!

The collar works great on my Jack Russell mix. She's very vocal, but it happens sporadically so she doesn't have the collar on all the time. I don't even have to turn the spray on anymore. I have tried another similar collar before, but this one delivers a stronger burst and it did the trick. I think it's a great option if you're thinking of getting a shock collar. It's painless, much less traumatic and still gets the job done. Worth the investment!

coolblast (Los Angeles, CA United States) - Amazon - December 3, 2014

Spray too easily!

Received our collar and it was not working the way other collars have for us. This collar was extremely more sensitive, spraying our pup when he'd simply whimper. It got to the point where he was comatose from fear when wearing the collar. Contacted the company for a replacement, not a refund, thinking maybe our's was simply faulty. They would not do that since I no longer had a receipt. Didn't think to use my Amazon confirmations, but I only wanted an exchange. I was willing to send the one we had back to them so they could see I wasn't making things up. They did suggest putting tape over the mic, starting with scotch since it's thinner. I ended up using electrical tap and it STILL easily sprays. Ended up buying another brand which we're MUCH happier with.

BJ Cerny - Amazon - November 30, 2014

... dogs and when they are wearing them they work great. They do quiet down quicker even when they ...

I bought 4 of these for my dogs and when they are wearing them they work great. They do quiet down quicker even when they have them off now. Also I can just show it to them and say "quiet" and they calm down. Only problem is every so often my dog will shake its head and the spray will go off. The price for the quality is the best thing of all considering I needed four. I would recommend for people with yappy dogs to give it a try. It's worth it for the cost. By the way I bought it for my 4 pomeranians who were big time talkers. I think it improved their barking by eighty percent.

outwest2005 - Amazon - November 25, 2014

but I didn't think it was that bad. Just a cheap product over

I ordered two... The first one completely stopped working after three days. The second a week later. The miss firings are true, but I didn't think it was that bad. Just a cheap product over all

Mandy allio - Amazon - November 25, 2014

Very Effective

The Spray collar was very effective. We only used it a couple of times and the barking has greatly subsided. We may have to use it in the future, but that is fine. Our dog is a 17 pound mutt with no dominant breed.

Amazon Customer - Amazon - November 25, 2014

She did not like to be sprayed at all

This worked the first time. I do not keep it on my small dog but it she barks, I just show her the collar and she stops. She did not like to be sprayed at all.

tenath - Amazon - November 19, 2014

Did not work, had to pay for return shipping, waste of money.

Not only did this product not work, but I had to pay for the return postage!
I have a small dog, only 5 pounds, and because of that, the sensor cannot pick up her higher pitched frequency barks. She stood around awkwardly the first time I put it on her but the second there was a knock at the door she was yapping and barking away.

I would NOT recommend this to anyone with a small dog and I am less than impressed that I have to pay for the return shipping. Between both shipping transactions it almost just makes more sense to keep it and give it as a gag gift to someone.

Not impressed.

Lindsay - Amazon - November 18, 2014

This product is great for my small dog who barks a lot

This product is great for my small dog who barks a lot. He is too small to use a shock collar on, so I looked into this technology instead. It works perfectly, but he's so smart that he knows when he's not wearing it, he can bark anytime he wants. Other dogs tend to learn and not need it after a period of time, but mine apparently needs it whenever he is in a high barking situation.

ALC - Amazon - November 17, 2014

Five Stars

This product is very effective and my dog do not bark

lucie villemure - Amazon - November 16, 2014

Stops the Bark but sprays when dog scratches or shakes head

Stops the Bark but sprays when dog scratches or shakes head. Price is good compared to other collars. Better option (for the dog) than a shock collar, and more effective than the sonic collar. Purchased for 2-year old, 18-pound, American Eskimo. Collar size fits well, spray box is a little smaller than a sonic collar and about the same size as the shock collar. Like the shock collar, it can be inadvertently set off by the dog scratching the collar or shaking their head. Used it a few times and it does stop the barking, but it also startles the dog and other dogs around it. Spray scent is light (smells like a citronella candle) and can linger on the dog's fur / chin area. I do not recommend leaving it on overnight or unattended. Took it off when the dog jumped on our bed in the middle of the night and the collar sprayed. Only needed to use it for a few times to train the dog that she didn't want to wear it.

The Beef (San Diego, CA) - Amazon - November 16, 2014

The citronella was never overpowering and was easy to use

This worked in two days! The citronella was never overpowering and was easy to use. The box is large for a little dog (mine is 6 pounds) but it wasn't too heavy. One downside was that it would go off if she shook her body (like shaking to get water off). And it would go off if another dog close to her was barking.

Amazon Customer (PORTLAND, OR, US) - Amazon - November 15, 2014

Defective & ineffective

This collar is not bark activated. It is movement activated! It was so sensitive. It never did work. It also shoots off as soon as you turn it on. I couldn't find the box for over a month. They won't refund me cuz I contacted them after the return window. I told them it is defective. They offered me a new one. How does that help? I don't need two defective collars. Don't waste your money!

Mamirhi - Amazon - November 14, 2014

Works great! My dogs have stopped barking and this is ...

Works great! My dogs have stopped barking and this is a humane way to make it happen. The collars are super sensitive, so when the neighbor dogs bark-ours get sprayed. We used it for about a week and now we just put the collars on and the dogs don't bark. We don't even turn them on anymore! Great product, great price.

tommy - Amazon - November 13, 2014

No more bark

Showed progress in one day. We don't turn it on all the time now.

tim weaver - Amazon - November 13, 2014


hi I have an 80 pound Shepherd mix. I ordered this collar as a last resort for barking. We have tried a shock collar but it caused him to have seizures. This collar seems to scare him when it sprays which is enough to deter him from barking. The only downside is that sometimes it goes off if he itches his neck. Other than that this collar has worked out very well for us.

ANDREA RIVERA - Amazon - November 12, 2014

Totally worth it!

I have a 40 pound blue heeler spears mix that barks outside at everything that moves- so much that neighbors were leaving grumpy notes. I ordered this and the directions were super simple, and it has cut her barking down significantly. Occasionally she will just bark through the spray but that really doesn't happen often. It was absolutely worth the price! Sometimes her collar will go off if she shakes which is the only reason I docked a star, but it should be more like docking half a star. Great product, fast shipping, awesome!

Desiree L Helmer - Amazon - November 12, 2014

Sprays All The Time!!

At first I thought this collar was a good idea, I have a small dog and I did not like the idea of a shock collar. Unfortunately this is almost worse, it sprays him all the time, even when he or other dogs around are not barking, he doesn't know what's going on! Plus be ready, you'll get a BIG spray when you turn the collar on for the first time. I wish I would of sent it back.

mary baranski - Amazon - November 12, 2014

We have two Yorkies that love to bark

It works! We have two Yorkies that love to bark. All we have to do is hold show the collar and the stop barking. I can't say it's miraculously cured them of barking... But they are terrier. It's in the breed.

Christy Kimberlin - Amazon - November 12, 2014

How Fox terrier has epilepsy but also had a bad habit of high pitch howling - almost screaming when ...

How Fox terrier has epilepsy but also had a bad habit of high pitch howling - almost screaming when we came home from being out. Wearing this collar twice and the problem has been resolved!!! Yay.

Sarah Anderson - Amazon - November 11, 2014

This product was easy to set up

This product was easy to set up, and works perfectly. My dog (about 10lbs) no longer barks at night. I wish I had bought this sooner.

sandra sullivan - Amazon - November 5, 2014

this worked fabulously for my yappy little dogs. it ...

this worked fabulously for my yappy little dogs. it doesn't hurt them in any way but simply startles them just enough to make them rethink the nonsense barking. I only actually had to use it a few times .. now I just have to say , "Do you want the collar?" and they stop barking ! :)

susan harrison - Amazon - November 4, 2014

Great product! Thanks

the easiest way to get your dog to stop barking at nothing!!! It works with a simple mist on his chin when he barks. Now I don't even need to put the collar on him...when he starts barking I hold the collar up and he stops. Great product! Thanks!

Debbie L ONeil - Amazon - November 4, 2014

I got this for my 4 year old havanese pup ...

I got this for my 4 year old havanese pup. I can't believe I waited so long. My neighbors have stopped complaining and it doesn't hurt my dog! Everyone wins!

Jess - Amazon - November 4, 2014

Less barking

We needed something to help with the noise from our beagles. They both tend to be skittish and bark at their own shadows. We recently moved into a house that has no carpet and is all hard wood. I am not sure if I am just noticing it more or the sound dampening is just not happening now. These items are great at distracting the dogs once they start barking. They also both now recognize that their noise affects the citronella spray. Unfortunately, being a sound detecting device, the unit sprays citronella when they shake their heads and their collars bang up against it. To get around this we usually spray the unit before turning it on and then turn it off. We have found that once the recognize what it is and how it works they bark a lot less.

Christopher Sollars (Washington DC) - Amazon - November 4, 2014

love it!!

The item arrived on time and the dog has learned his lesson in just one day! Not only has he stopped barking, but he is less hyper too. He has realized that the calmer he is, the less likely he is to get sprayed. You gotta love this product!

dmr - Amazon - November 3, 2014

terribly made

Im so disappointed in this collar. This isn't the first citronella collar we've had, so my dog is already trained to know if he's wearing it not to bark loud. Unfortunately this dogtek collar goes off regardless of him barking or not. If he shakes too much it sprays him! Not only that but the way they setup up the actual collar is incredibly bizarre-- doesn't fit right. Would never buy again.

Amazon Customer - Amazon - November 2, 2014

Four Stars

Worked great, just a little bulky for my small dog

Rita Walsh (NAPLES, FL, US) - Amazon - October 29, 2014

This worked great for my dog

This worked great for my dog. I only had to put it on her for about one week and she stopped barking for the most part. Great product.

Beatriz - Amazon - October 29, 2014

My poor little dog was quivering in a corner

OK folks. This item should be taken off the market. Not only does it spray every time you turn it on, which wastes expensive citronella product, but it sprays randomly without a bark stimulus! My poor little dog was quivering in a corner, and she is accustomed to this type of collar. (I couldn't find my 75.00 Petsafe item, so went for the cheapie). I feel like a complaint should go to the ASPCA. (P.S. The one made by Petsafe is reliable).

fynnlarie (Vermont) - Amazon - October 28, 2014

It does and doesn't work for barking; sometime it ...

It does and doesn't work for barking; sometime it goes off and sometime it doesn't, but the citronella does calm my dog done, which helps with her barking.

Jill Smith - Amazon - October 28, 2014

Not the best bark collar i've purchased

Not the best bark collar i've purchased, but does the job. Can't complain for half hte price of other similar collars

Brian - Amazon - October 24, 2014

It did what it advertised to do but did not ...

It did what it advertised to do but did not deter my dog from barking....she didn't seem too bothered by the spray!

Beth Bond - Amazon - October 22, 2014

Great item!

highly effective! We loved it. I used it consecutively for about 2 weeks...first week with spray turned on, second with it off. Now we don't even have to wear it anymore. Just keep it ready for moments when we might. My only complaint is when I went to refill it, it just kept spraying out, even turned off with batteries taken out. I read an amazon review where they said they took the batteries out for 24 hours to reset the collar after that happened to them. I tried that and it did the trick. Not really a big deal, but didn't see it outlined in the instruction manual, so a little frustrating at first.

I have a Beagle mix (with what we are unsure about), and she weighs approximately 20lbs.

bridget monroe - Amazon - October 21, 2014

Two Stars

did not do anything affects to my dog

Denisse - Amazon - October 21, 2014

Five Stars

Works wonderful!

Rebecca Hough - Amazon - October 21, 2014

I have a new dog!

We love the spray collar. It has reduced the barking about 80%. He have a Mini-Dachshund he is about 13 pounds. We were hesitant that the collar would work on him because he is a crazy barker but after a few sprays he was a new dog. If he gets really upset he still barks and takes the sprays no matter how uncomfortable it is, but overall we are really satisfied with the Spray Collar.

Debby Lopez - Amazon - October 20, 2014

Did not work

Might just be our Yorkie but he was totally unimpressed with this product.

DRUDDELL - Amazon - October 17, 2014

Three Stars

be very careful how you use this product. It can frighten my dog.

wet - Amazon - October 12, 2014

Three Stars

Sometimes goes off by itself.

Michael S. Bajis "Michael" (Florida) - Amazon - October 8, 2014

Affordable, humane way to control nuisance barking

Wonderful, humane way to control dog barking. We have a 48 lb lab mix who loves to bark at everything under the sun. We didn't want to use a shock collar so we opted to give this collar a try. It definitely does the trick, but it took her a few times before she connected her barking to the unpleasant spray. Once she understood the connection her barking subsided immediately. Now, all we have to do is hold the collar up if she barks and she stops instantly because she doesn't want us to put it on. This product is an affordable, humane and effective way to control nuisance barking.

UrbanUtah (Salt Lake City, UT) - Amazon - October 7, 2014

so I don't like when she barks because there's an other dog in ...

I used it on my 70 pounds dog, she's 7 years old. My office is at home, so I don't like when she barks because there's an other dog in the street, so sometime I put the collar on her, and she stops barking! Until now, the result is good...thank you

Nathalie L. - Amazon - October 6, 2014

Great product!

I put the collar on my 10 lb chihuahua and after 1 spray she stopped barking. Amazing product! I've recommended it to friends who have used the collar also. It really works!

Tamara Post (Baldwin, NY United States) - Amazon - September 30, 2014

This was broke sprayed the dog if she even moved ...

This was broke sprayed the dog if she even moved but not when she barks Sprayed me just holding it in my hands :(

Ellen M. Douma "" (Michigan USA) - Amazon - September 29, 2014

Don't waste your money on these

Don't waste your money on these. They fire randomly, don't hold much product and were completely ineffective at stopping barking beyond the intial shock of the first spray. I had one on a very vocal foster dog, and even if there was absolutely NO noise it might just go off. I had to take it off because random corrections can ruin a dog.

Anna Warmuth (Cookeville, TN United States) - Amazon - September 27, 2014

This product worked pretty good for the first few times but then it ...

This product worked pretty good for the first few times but then it started spraying every time my dog moved. Will not buy again

Gloria Ross - Amazon - September 27, 2014

Great product!

We love the collar. It works great for our chihuahua mix! It was long, but we followed the instructions for sizing it for small dogs and the for is perfect. She only wears it occasionally (during high bark times), but has learned to have more control over her barking even without the collar. One thing that surprised me was the sense of calmness that it gives her. She always seemed so stressed out when she was barking at things, and it was like she had finally been relieved of that duty. She lays down and relaxes when we have company and is able to enjoy her environment.

Jennifer McAdams - Amazon - September 24, 2014

Five Stars

Works great and a fraction of the cost of similar collars. Definitely better than a static collar any day!

Melody Fox - Amazon - September 23, 2014

Great answer for barking dogs!

I bought this for my little bitty dog who barked at everything. The puff of citronella is perfect. The box is a little big for my 6 lb pup but it's not uncomfortable for her. She quit barking after the first time. I took the collar off her and if she barked I just showed her the collar and she quit. Very humane. Totally recommend it.

TS - Amazon - September 22, 2014

Tried to return it but didn't feel like jumping through hoops to do so

Worked a few times and then quit. Tried to return it but didn't feel like jumping through hoops to do so.

Anne Cleveland "ARCleveland" (St. Louis, MO) - Amazon - September 22, 2014

Have to return this

Upon turning on this unit, it sprays. So I've gotten sprayed in the face. I've had other brands of citronella bark collars and never had this issue. I think this needs to be returned as I believe it also sprays my dog for no reason.

Jan Flood - Amazon - September 20, 2014

This is a great product. I wish we had bought it years ...

This is a great product. I wish we had bought it years ago!! Nice and peaceful around the house.

Emily Beller - Amazon - September 19, 2014

Five Stars

Works great my dog's barking is fully under control with this collar.

Kyle Bielski - Amazon - September 17, 2014

It Workd

Worked well for barking now just need the collar no spray

Anthony Queen - Amazon - September 17, 2014

Great product!

Worked extremely well for my dachshund and worked immediately.

Ellen Bradstock - Amazon - September 16, 2014

its ok

Its OK, don't like how it sprays in the mouth.

dean050804 - Amazon - September 16, 2014

when they are in use they are very effective in keeping my dogs from barking unnecessarily. And my dogs know when they are weari

I bought two DogTek collars for my two Shelties who are about 26 lbs each. Shelties are prone to barking in response to a lot of things in their environment. I don't use the collars all day every day. However, when they are in use they are very effective in keeping my dogs from barking unnecessarily. And my dogs know when they are wearing them that they can't bark or they will be sprayed. I am still working on curbing their barking when the collar isn't on. Overall, I think it is a great product and is very effective.

Cindy Golini - Amazon - September 15, 2014

Five Stars

Works well for our dog and has excellent customer service.

April H. - Amazon - September 15, 2014

Five Stars

Great product! I got one for my Beagle and she is a different dog; stopped barking immediately.

Jennifer Artiaga - Amazon - September 15, 2014

Four Stars

works great I just wish it had a sensitivity adjustment.

Scott K. - Amazon - September 15, 2014

Great Training Aid

It does exactly what I intended it to do (which may not be a common intention). I bought it just to help aid teach my dog (a 15lb Chihuahua/Boston Terrier mix) the quiet command (she already did well with it when I was home, this was just an incentive to continue doing well with it if I wasn't). I only had to leave it on her twice, turned on, before she got the hint. Now I occasionally leave it on her when I'm not home, but shut off, and she passes my tests (I knock before unlocking my apartment door to see if she responds and she consistently stops at one short bark, which is acceptable). The only issue I have had with the collar's sensitivity was that it would spray her when she jumps (not onto things or people, just up and down around my feet when I get home). Not too bulky, but for a dog her size a little awkward. Other than that, I've had no problems, and as I said it did what I needed it to do. It works as a training aid, not as a standalone solution.

DG - Amazon - September 13, 2014

Great product...

After just being sprayed a couple times our pup quit barking. We put it on him now to go outside but never bother to turn on because he learned so quickly. He was quite the barker, everything that moved, now he's enjoying things , playing more, not so focused on the leaves moving...

beesbells "beesbells" (Florida) - Amazon - September 13, 2014

Does stop the barking... but your battery will be exposed

We just received this collar last night and we already have mixed feelings about it. The collar seems to work pretty good as far as startling the dog and getting him to stop barking; however, the battery cover is already lost some where out in the yard. Another reviewer mentioned that their battery cover came off pretty easy. I guess we should have listened and found a way to better secure it (with tape???).

Tripletmom "Tripletmom" (Texas) - Amazon - September 11, 2014

One Star

Worked good for couple days then stopped spraying

maribel flores - Amazon - September 10, 2014

Wish I had heard about this product sooner!

I bought a DOGTEK spray collar for my two Papillions to share and see if we could get their barking under control. It worked so well on my dominant/older 12 lb dog that I decided for the excellent price I would just order a second one for my timid, anxiety,smaller 7 lb Papillion rather than keep switching it from dog to dog. They are working beautifully for both of them altho the anxiety ridden dog was very skidish and freaked out about it at first. If they happen to forget they are wearing them or get excited and bark, it only takes one spray and we hear nothing. These males are both 10 years old and we didn't believe we could teach our old dogs new tricks. I would highly recommend this product.

Lauren Rosenau - Amazon - September 9, 2014

It has helped with my dog 's barking, but ...

It has helped with my dog 's barking, but it does spray when my dog is not barking sometimes.

Tammy Zollo - Amazon - September 5, 2014

not great but not bad

Seems "ok" definitely have to watch your dog. It seems to spray at times when nothing should make it spray making my dog think he's done something he shouldn't :-(. However when he does bark it is powerful to stop him when the device is full of spray. I don't recommend the nonsmell spray, only the citronella one. Not only it keep bugs away it is very string for a dogs sense of smell. Good price at 20$. Just don't leave it on your dog all day.

W. Doolittle "wdcharmed" (San Diego, California) - Amazon - September 1, 2014

defective product

I've owned a product similar to this in 2012. My dog was at it again so I figured I'd buy another. I decided to go with this company to save a couple of bucks and now wish I hadn't. You have to reset the unit every time you have to fill it up. I have to remove the battery, turn unit off, and can't fill it until the next morning. I really have to wait overnight because the unit will just spray its contents out immediately. Im pretty sure I have a defective product so I called Dogtek. After going back and fourth , they told me to send it back, at my expense, and if they decide its a defective product then they will send me a new one. I shouldn't have to pay for something this company did wrong. Absolutely ridiculous.

Monique (USA) - Amazon - August 29, 2014

Not good

The collar was going off without the dog barking. I had to take it off. Now I put it on him upside down. At least if it goes off it sprays the floor. I would not buy this brand again.

Amazon Customer - Amazon - August 27, 2014

It works

I've tried the DogTek spray collar a few times now with my 55 pound Brittany and it works great. After one or two sprays, he gets the message and changes his bark to a muffled low rumbling for a few seconds and then stops. What a great product. Definitely makes going places with my buddy more enjoyable.

Julie - Amazon - August 25, 2014

Over sensitive!! Sprays for no reason!!!!

We read many reviews of this collar being successful. We were very hopeful that it would help our mini shnousser to stop barking. Unfortunately, the collar misfires whenever she shakes. The sensor is too sensitive and goes off at more than just barking. So it didn't work. Waste of money

Katrina - Amazon - August 25, 2014

Junk.. Spend the money on the nice ones...

Mine was working great till it broke now when I try to fill it the spray comes out everywhere I haven't even had this that long. And I took the batteries out I did everything... I want a refund...

amykay - Amazon - August 21, 2014

Never ever again...

It does spray when the dog barks.....But it also sprays when he sneezes, shakes, runs, scratches. He's now had it taken off and is in hiding. Never again. I will be returning this item for a full refund. So angry..

Amazon Customer "Jamus" (Missouri) - Amazon - August 21, 2014

it really works!

great product! it quickly, effectively and painlessly taught my toy poodle not to bark.

mw - Amazon - August 20, 2014

Easy to use and assemble

worked on the first use for my 25lb beagle who loves to howl in her kennel. Easy to use and assemble!

Anji P Nussbaumer - Amazon - August 19, 2014

Five Stars

Very good

Susan Irwin - Amazon - August 18, 2014

Safe for Dogs

This is a fantastic product. It's great to find a safe alternative to the traditional shock collars for barking dogs. My puppy responded to it immediately. I travel frequently with my dogs, and this will be well used when we visit hotels and the dogs need to keep quiet.

Zacharias - Amazon - August 17, 2014

One Star

Unfortunately this product did not work for us at all

cecilia termini - Amazon - August 15, 2014

Not working.

Didn't even work a little:( Shipping was fast though.

Jaclyn Punturo - Amazon - August 15, 2014


This product broke the first time I used it. The battery compartment door fell off. Also, the battery fitted loosely, so it took some fiddling to get it to work.

Ali Canada - Amazon - August 13, 2014

Stay collar works great.

We tried the shock collar first. It was too much for our Jack Russell. Made him cower. So we tried the spray collar. Worked right away. Now we don't even turn it on sometimes and he still knows . We recommend it highly.

Jean Balliet - Amazon - August 4, 2014

The dog product I bought works awsome and I have ...

The dog product I bought works awsome and I have told all my friends about it . I would buy one more if I could afford it . Thank you

jesse moran - Amazon - August 4, 2014

Total junk.

Never worked. I put it on my dog and it sprayed him. My dog shook his head and it sprayed. My dog walked over to the door and it sprayed him. Then my dog barked - no spray. I tried to refill it and spray simply came out the other end nonstop. I'm going to try to return it but don't know if I'll be able to. I bought this one because it was cheaper than the other models, but it's a complete and total waste of money.

Baroke - Amazon - August 4, 2014

great prices!

Excellent product, fast shipping!!!

Kelly kranz - Amazon - August 3, 2014

My dogs cannot stand it.

This product is wonderful. I have 2 dachshunds and they bark. Well, not anymore. I can even take the collars off and just show it to them and they don't bark. They do not like the spray in their face at all. Love it...

David L Phelps - Amazon - August 1, 2014

All in all I am happy with my purchase

The collar works as intended in controlling my dogs barking.I find it overly sensative at times such as when you close the car door it tends to go off and at other times when the dog may be playing or running . All in all I am happy with my purchase.

Arthur Balthazar - Amazon - August 1, 2014

Don't buy! Sprays for no reason at all. ...

Don't buy! Sprays for no reason at all. It didn't even phase my 50 pound boxer when it sprayed. This can't be returned to Amazon due to hazardous material.

Chrissy M. - Amazon - August 1, 2014

I think we found a winner!

Our dog Rocky (15 pound Miniature Schnauzer) has been trained with spray collars before, and responds very well to them. The reason why we bought this one is because the other brands kept breaking. So far, we've experienced no issues with this collar and are very pleased with the product. Thanks!

Tim - Amazon - July 29, 2014

Sprayed my dogs whenever they shook their heads. We ...

Sprayed my dogs whenever they shook their heads. We are still playing with collar adjustments to see if we can make these work. So far it hasn't worked.

energizek - Amazon - July 22, 2014

Five Stars

Great product, my Chihuahua Is finally silent (if she has the collar on)

K. A. Beaver "Savta of 7" (California USA) - Amazon - July 21, 2014

Great one! Highly Recommended

I like this collar. Every time my dog barks, he gets a spray of citronella which is kind of nice and smells good. I don’t keep it on him all of the time, just when there is a lot going on and he’s likely to do his excited barking. Wasn’t pricey and works good.

jhons pitterr (New York, USA) - Amazon - July 21, 2014

Effective One

My neighbors complained about my dogs barking all of the time. I live upstairs in an apartment complex, so my dogs were responding to every little sound. They do alright when I’m home, but I’d come home from work with angry notes taped to my door. After some research, I decided to try the No Bark Spray Collars. Both of my dogs don’t like wearing the collars but it definitely stopped the barking issue. My neighbors and I are grateful to finally find something that works.

Robin Milford - Amazon - July 18, 2014

Works perfectly and great value. Well recommended

Thank God I found this collar. My 80 pound lab mix would not stop barking at everything. It was driving me and my wife crazy and we’d even talked about finding a good home for him. I saw this collar and figured I had nothing to lose but $25 bucks. Worked perfectly and stopped the barking.

Benedict Allen - Amazon - July 18, 2014

A great find!

Wasn’t sure about this collar, it seemed like a simple spray wouldn’t be enough to stop my barking dog. Put it on her and within the first day she learned that if she barked, the collar sprayed her. I preferred this to an e-collar because my dog is kind of skittish. She learned so quickly that after a couple of weeks I didn’t have to put the collar on her anymore. She just didn’t bark arbitrarily anymore. A great find!

Jason D. Williams "-Jason" (Orlando, FL) - Amazon - July 16, 2014

so it looks like the collar is working

I only tried the collar once so far on our dog, and it seems that every time he started to bark the citronella spray went off and the dog stopped barking afterward, so it looks like the collar is working! I also noticed that the spray goes off as soon as I turn it on, without any barking, which is a bit odd.

Roxanne Cariadi-kimbler - Amazon - July 16, 2014

The units do no seem to get triggerd every time ...

The units do no seem to get triggerd every time they bark so the training is not as consistant as it should be.

Jim - Amazon - July 16, 2014


I got this collar as a gift from my mother-in-law who said she’d tried it on her Shih Tzu. That dog barks at everything and she swore to me it works. I put it on my dog, Roscoe, and after the first couple of barks he figured it out. I’m not the biggest fan of my mother-in-law, but she was not wrong about this collar. One of the best gifts she ever gave me.

philip - Amazon - July 16, 2014

Collar is too sensitive

Collar is too sensitive. Sprayed our dog when he was just walking around. Even when we removed his regular collar, and there was nothing to make noise. We have been using spray collars for over 10 years now and this one is by far too sensitive and not a good training aid.

J. LaBar (San Diego, CA) - Amazon - July 13, 2014

Shaking ears sets it off

This collar worked great at first. Really reduced the barking. However, after I refilled it, it is very sensitive and goes off when the dog shakes her ears or other times when not barking. Is there a way to fix this?

franknroz (Peoria, AZ USA) - Amazon - July 13, 2014

This works!

Actually the first thing that worked for my dog. However, she is lame now due to spine issues so I can't leave her home alone any more which was why I bought this in the first place. Other things have not worked at all.

K. Barry "EnjoyingLife" - Amazon - July 12, 2014

Went off when pup shook

Unfortunately this product goes off if your dog shakes... So my pup did learn to not bark if the collar was on... And only if the collar was on, but because it went off when she shook she was scared to move with it on and just got super sad and would lay down and not move or play as soon as you got it on her, and therefore it didn't teach her not to bark when she is playing outside and she sees or hears people and dogs like I was hoping.

Sarah Crosby - Amazon - July 12, 2014

No Bark Spray – Good Deal!

Great collar, worked right away and easy to use. Dog got the message after a couple of barks. Very pleased, would recommend.

Tomlinson - Amazon - July 10, 2014

Two Stars

Sprayed my dog several times within minutes of putting it on- and she wasn't barking!

CSC "Dr. Mom" (Phoenix, AZ) - Amazon - July 10, 2014

This is ok and worth a try

Lots of false spurts and freaks out the dog when he's doing absolutely nothing... He did really well with it on at first. Really now we just use it so mentally he stops barking. He doesn't really bark as bad when it's on and is much more mellow.

Sam (Jacksonville, FL) - Amazon - July 9, 2014


My standard poodle, Sasha, loves our company and so when we leave her home, she lets everyone in the neighborhood know she's not happy. In my old house the neighbors were very dog friendly and didn't mind the occasional barking, but in my new house, my next door neighbor isn't as understanding. He left a terse note in my mailbox- "Let's discuss the barking." I knew the solution immediately. the DOGTEK Citronella spray for dogs. I had had one a few years back when the barking was even getting to me. In the move, I misplaced it, so I purchased a new one. It's a great product. Safe, not mean-spirited as the electric shock devices are, and simple to use. It works perfectly. I put the collar on when we leave the house and take it off when we return. Happy neighbor, well, truth be told, I don't think he's a particularly happy person to begin with. further complaints. Problem solved. Thank you DOGTEK!!!

Mike (Los Angeles, CA USA) - Amazon - July 9, 2014

Now he is a wonderful dog, I'm very happy with the product

It really makes my crazy dog to stop barking. Even if it was off he still didn't. I stop using it when he learned not to bark for everything. Now he is a wonderful dog, I'm very happy with the product, and the smell was nice and safe for the dog.

Natalia - Amazon - July 9, 2014

Good investment

I will admit when I first got the collar I wasn't to sure about it. I have a german shepard puppy that is about 7 months old and we had tried everything to keep him from barking. He wasn't so bad during the day but at night when everyone was asleep I swear he barked at every leaf that moved. We tried many different things including the shock collar. Nothing worked, not even the shock collar, he would just tuck his tail between his legs and bark. Then we tried this collar, you can see why I was skeptical. It was kind of funny the first time he got sprayed.. It did't cure him of barking immediately but it did slow him down a lot. I could tell as the week passed that the spray method was working It has been two weeks now since I put the collar on Joey and he is finally giving us a restful night. I'm really glad I found this collar. So if you're at your wits end like i was then give it a try, it is a much safer and human way to train a dog to stop barking then the shock collar.

Tiffany Prock - Amazon - July 9, 2014

Waste of money.

Item did not function from day one. Purchased one from petsafe previously and it worked great, until my dog took it into the lake. This one randomly sprayed my dog terrifying her. Now it does not spray at all. complete waste of money. If I was not so lazy I would return it.

Brian Cascone - Amazon - July 6, 2014

Finally got my dog to shut up

Rocky is my 55 pound boxer and he’s kind of simple minded and hard to train. It don’t matter if I yelled at him or tried to correct his constant yapping, he’d just keep on barking. I got the No Bark Spray Collar and it made a big difference. He still barks a bit but the collar has helped. It’s inexpensive and easy to use.

Mig-1 Ferreira - Amazon - July 4, 2014

Worked perfectly on my yappy puppy

My Jack Russell is always barking at cars, other dogs, everything. I researched some collars and thought the e-collars might be a bit much for my little dog. I am so impressed with how well this collar stopped her incessant barking. My dog barked twice before she realized that when she did that, she’d get sprayed. She learned right away that she shouldn’t bark and I couldn’t be happier. This is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made for my dog. Highly recommended!

sophia - Amazon - July 4, 2014

Two Stars

Heavy for small dog

Joanne - Amazon - July 3, 2014

this collar worked great for two days

this collar worked great for two days. then instead of spraying it would only click. I checked out the batteries with a battery tester but they were fine. There doesn't seem to be any trouble shoot guidelines for this particular issue in the manual.

Nicole M. Peters - Amazon - June 30, 2014



garfield lafountain - Amazon - June 30, 2014

Works great for our two small dogs

We have 2 mixed chihuahua, one rat terrier and one yorkie. They would bark at everything that was outside of our house. We put on the collars and magic. They are now more obedient and do not bark at a thing. We felt a little guilty at first but now its a great tool and they do not bark when they either wear the collar or if we tell them we will put them on.

cons- kinda big around the neck. sometimes randomly sprays if hit or triggered, but that is not really a big deal.

Rinaldi Parungao - Amazon - June 29, 2014

Works great

I already had one, but purchased this for my mother to use. Her dog is now familiar with the works and all we have to do is threaten to put the collar on if she doesn't stop barking and it works.

Nancy Rubner - Amazon - June 25, 2014

Does what it claims!

We needed to stop our dog from barking at people and dogs walking past our home. My son suggested using the bark collar spray system. Within days our dog stopped barking when wearing the collar. Shortly after that all we need to do is show her the collar or say collar and she is quiet. It worked just as advertised.

Catharine Bello (KAILUA, HI, US) - Amazon - June 24, 2014

Amazing results!

I was amazed at how quickly my dog responded to the DOGTEK collar. I love that it is not harmful and a very humane training method. I have recommended the collar to all my neighbors and friends, and I even ordered a collar for one of my neighbor's dogs and she was also amazed and very pleased with the results.

Connie - Amazon - June 22, 2014

Returns hassle

What a hassle! I bought this for our terrier mix and realized it would not be strong enough for his barking amount. I decided to return it at my own expense and holy cow what a huge deal it was. First, Amazon does not accept this return because it contains chemicals (the spray inside). Second, I had to go to the manufacturer. They told me to send it in, which I did, and they lost the package. They told me they couldn't give me my money back because they couldn't find my package. Mind you this package was never used and unopened. Third, I had to email their customer service multiple times to finally get a refund like two months later. They told me they were refunding me off of my word because they still didn't have the package.
Don't know anything about the product (besides it probably won't work for an extreme barker) but I do know about their returns and just beware of that.

anna08girl - Amazon - June 21, 2014

Puppy does not like

Willa does not like but I think is is great and really works. i would recommend it highly. Very much worth the purchase.

Brenda - Amazon - June 20, 2014

It worked for my dog

We have a very loud 6 pound chihuahua. This collar works for him. I have used citronella with other dogs who weren't bothered by the odor. I think you just need to try it.

Liz M (San Francisco, CA) - Amazon - June 18, 2014

Works well ...

I finally got a dog a while ago, but since I live in the city, my dog barks at almost every thing that goes by. It's annoying at times, especially at night. I finally decided to buy this and it actually works! Thank goodness! I can finally get some sleep.

Shanique Wyllie - Amazon - June 16, 2014

DOGTEK No Bark Citronella Spray for Dogs

My first reaction was I LOVE this collar. The spray was very focused and the price is WONDERFUL. My only complaint is that on occasion it seems to spray for no reason, but my little barker deserves that anyhow - haha! Just kidding. It is a very good product / training tool. Some dogs do not care at all about the spray, so it would not work for them, but other dogs, if sprayed a couple of times, will not bark when wearing the collar - even if it is turned off. So definitely worth a shot as a training tool for the price and the quality.

Beverly I. Jacobs - Amazon - June 12, 2014

Worth the Money

This collar finally ended all of my frustrations with my 3 yr old schnauzer. Before purchasing the collar, my dog would bark uncontrollably at any person or dog she saw whenever I had her outside. After the first day, the barking got greatly reduced, this collar has helped out so much.

Nora J. Recker - Amazon - June 12, 2014

Actually Works

Puppy stopped barking for no reason. This product has saved me from getting annoyed by him. I totally recommend it, Superb!

Shabbatorch - Amazon - June 9, 2014

It works great!!!!!

I am very impressed by this bark collar, I was a little hesitant due to the low price but it works great. My dog stop barking within a few minutes, I highly recommend it. There is no buttons, everything is automatic, it was easy.

Kat G. "Kat" (California) - Amazon - June 9, 2014

Amazing results!

Worked like a charm. I have a one year old shih tzu that barks at me for attention. I couldn't sit down at the table without him having a fit! He was a new dog with the collar on. It really works!! :)

JellyVee - Amazon - June 8, 2014

Worked Wonders!

My 2 dogs use to bark continuously in the morning time. Took about 3 days for it to work but they are super quiet now. Even my neighbors noticed the difference and asked what I used to shut them up.I like the fact that I don't have to do much but change the battery. Dogtek worked wonders!

A - Amazon - June 7, 2014

It's amazing

This no bark citronella spray does wonders! My dog no longer barks for unnecessary reasons. This is great for training your dog. If you have problems with your dog constantly barking, I highly recommend you give this a try. It will surprise you!

Krista - Amazon - June 6, 2014

Great Product - worked as expected

I received my new 2014 DOGTEK No Bark Spray in only a few days and it was well packaged. The instructions were clear and works well. I'm telling everybody who's dog is an annoying barker!!

Jamie W Boone - Amazon - June 4, 2014

No more barking

I am impressed by how fast my dog stopped barking, he literally stopped barking within 5 minutes of using this collar. I let a friend borrow the collar and she got great results with her dog as well.

Mary Jay - Amazon - June 4, 2014

Kind and effective

My beagle Chewy stopped barking in only 2 days. I tried a shock collar but it was cruel and ineffective. This is safe, works great, fast, and cruelty free. A must have if your dog has a barking problem.

John Davidson "John" - Amazon - June 4, 2014

Does not work.

I sent it back because I used it twice and it broke. It stopped spaying because it got clogged. They sent me a replacement but I wasn't happy with it at all.

Sharon M. - Amazon - June 3, 2014

THIS WORKS! ~but with consequences!

We purchased this for my 2 dogs. Our neighbors complain they bark too much.
Upon arrival, we followed directions and installed around their necks.
I have a 6yr old chihuahua and a 1 yr old boxer.

It went off the second I turned it on (no barking) and I noticed after you turn it off, it will spray one last time with a bark.
I have found other reviews, that leads me to believe this is normal.

After my dogs have wore this for only 30 minutes... it has worked. We have not put the collars back on them.....
Now, I can come home from work, and my dogs just lay there, no barking. They don't even come to the door and jump on me.
I can put them in the back yard, and no barking.

I actually think it has traumatized them, but it has been very quiet for the past 3 days.
So this product does exactly what it was intended for.

Would I buy it again, knowing what I know? YES, I would! To stop the barking.
I deducted a star, because my husband is now concerned they wont bark if an intruder comes in.
I like the product, I don't love it. So buyer be aware of side effects and pick and choose your battles.
What is more important to you?

Amy Schenk - Amazon - May 28, 2014


This is the 2nd collar that DOGTEK has had to send me because the first
one was defective and the 2nd one worked for 2-3 weeks and then did the same
thing! Would NEVER order again!

Janice (Iowa) - Amazon - May 28, 2014

The first one was broken.

Dogtek graciously replaced it. The new one works well enough I guess but the random sprays really confuse my little pug. She doesn't bark and it still sprays her.

Cherokee D. Dykstra (Seattle, WA United States) - Amazon - May 27, 2014

Such a cool idea!

OMG what a great idea! I've got the best story about this. A friend of mine has been doing battle with a neighbor for years over the neighbor's barking dog. He was getting kind of lunatic about it. Of course the neighbors didn't care because they weren't home when the dog was barking because that's why the dog was barking. So I told him about this Dogtek think I'd seen online and he ordered it, because really, what a brilliant idea. I mean the shock collar thing is a bit creepy so it's a great replacement for that barbaric concept. But he didn't know how to get the neighbors to use it. They didn't know me from Adam, so I walked by their house while they were sitting on the front porch and made friends with the dog. While I was petting him I pretended I'd found tics in his fur and that I was a vet's assistant and I just happened to have a tic collar in my car. So they let me put the collar on him and I told them to leave it on for a couple of months to be sure the tics were gone. They were SO grateful and the barking problem was totally solved. Hilarious. Anyway I digress. The point is IT WORKED!

D Christopher "WordMaster" (Spokane, WA USA) - Amazon - May 22, 2014

Safe and effective!

After numerous complaints from neighbors to our home owner's association about our dog barking loudly, we were told to get a shock collar or get his voice box removed...

I could never do either to my best bud, so I started searching amazon for a safer way to keep him from agitating my neighbors.
When I found this collar I purchased almost immediately after reading the reviews. Yes it does spray when you first put the batteries in, but I read that beforehand and knew what to expect. A small spray of the citronella isn't going to waste the whole thing. I am very happy with my purchase and would reccomend to anyone who wants a safe pain free way to solve excessive barking :)

PettyBetty (Texas) - Amazon - May 22, 2014


Used yesterday for the 1st time, dog barked twice and we are already having great results!!!! Would definitely recommend this product

becky - Amazon - May 21, 2014

It goes off all the time.

I turned on the collar today and it went off when he would scratch himself, when he would run and twice he was just laying there. It made him a nervous reck. I took it off after an hour and about 10 sprays. Oh yea he never barked so not sure if it would work or not.

This goes to the trash.

tracy - Amazon - May 18, 2014

Good idea, poor execution

My wife purchased two of these for our dogs. The sprayer goes off randomly and scares the dogs. I took them off the dogs because that is just cruel. Would not purchase again or recommend.

Travis Siegel - Amazon - May 17, 2014

collar works when it works properly

The collar sprays you and the dog when you turn it on and off . I notify dogtek and was told to fill out a support ticket in which I was notify 2 days later. told to call so they could trouble shoot the problem. Then I called and received a voice mail to go on line and fill out a support ticket on line ?????

punky31 (Denver CO) - Amazon - May 12, 2014

great work amazing invention !

We LOVE this collar! I bought it in hopes of stopping our 7month old sheltie from barking so much and from the first time we put it on her...IT WORKED amazingly! I was very surprised to be honest! But 3 days later it still continues to work great!So far so good otherwise.Awesome product and I highly recommend it !

Jessica H. Christensen (San Francisco,US) - Amazon - May 3, 2014

Great product- helped me with my dog.

My boyfriend and I have three dogs and they never use to bark, then our neighbors got a small dog and that dog would never stop barking. One of our dogs started to bark back and would bark all the time just like the neighbors dog, it got really annoying and we wanted to do something about it. A friend told us about this product and I was nervous to try it because I did not want to hurt my dog but after like one or two uses my dog stopped barking; she did not like the spray that came out at her and she learned quickly. Thank you for this amazing product it really helped me with the problem.

Rachel Faith - Amazon - May 3, 2014


The collar worked on my pug, he stopped barking as soon as the first spray. I have been using the collar for more than a month, I did not have to change the battery or buy more citronella. Very happy with the results, it changed my dog for the better.

Victor Grey - Amazon - May 2, 2014

Works great. Just what we needed

Works great and doesnt hurt our dog. We have and older dog who gets confused about night and day. She was barking in the early morning hours. This has stopped her and made our mornings much better.

CAMILLA MEYER - Amazon - April 28, 2014

Stopped dog from barking... and running and playing.

My poor dog! This device sprays at random! Upon the first day of wearing this collar outside, to my excitement I did not notice any barking from my dog. When I went to check on her, I found her sedate and scared just waiting to be let inside. After a few minutes I would find out why. The collar sprayed her for absolutely no reason and then again twice more in the span of several minutes! Now, the collar has been off my dog's neck for several hours but she is still acting scared and distrustful. What a waste of money!

KatieB - Amazon - April 27, 2014

Great Invention

I have a small(15 lbs) pomeranian who loves to bark at every sound
and when we go to walk she barks at everyone who passes us, The
first time I tried the collar was on a walk, she barked once got sprayed
tried again got sprayed, never barked again. She understood very
quickly that an unpleasant oder would follow each attempt to bark.
The sound the prayer makes startled her also. I am very happy about
my DOGTEK No Bark Citronella Spray collar, I recommend it to everyone
and the price is also wonderfull.
Thanks Dogtek for making my walks much more pleasant ♥

Jeannette Poirier - Amazon - April 25, 2014

Works great until it breaks

I have had another brand of these before and they work great with my barky dogs. I seen these and thought I would give them a try. My dogs only have these on occasionally when they begin barking badly. One of the collars spray nozzle just clicks so I thought it might be empty when I tried to fill it ,it sprays non stop even in the off position. So after about 9 times of use it is out of service! Maybe just coincidence because so far the other one is still working.

Kelly A. Crout "MMS Photography" (Walton Ky) - Amazon - April 20, 2014

worked until it didnt

Batteries died quickly, dog got used to it and didn't care about spray after a week. Disappointed it didn't work longer.

Melissa G "Melissa" (Michigan) - Amazon - April 12, 2014

if they work.. they stop the barking

these cannot be returned for any reason..even if they are defective!! this should be made clear before any order is placed. ordered 3 of which 2 are defective.

BRENDAORF - Amazon - April 1, 2014

Spray trigger is too sensitive

My dog gets nervous with the collar on and shakes, which causes the citronella to spray creating a vicious cycle. She has been traumatized (though not physically harmed) by the random spraying when she is doing nothing wrong. We have had to stop using it - although showing it to her stops any and all bad behavior.

MsZonie (Phoenix, AZ United States) - Amazon - March 28, 2014

Worked two times and did control barking then Quit working

Worked two times and the barking stopped. Bought March 4 by March 24 the device will empty and not shut off. Refill and the spray comes out as if on and does not work at all. Battery is new and device clicks when turned on or off.

Amazon will not allow returns of the product so we are stuck with a $30 device that is useless.

Sonny Reeves "Sailorman" (Jekyll Island, Ga. USA) - Amazon - March 25, 2014


Went off on dog when he was not even barking and house was completely quite would not recommend this product

Rebecca Eubanks - Amazon - March 19, 2014


The spray worked miracles! We had tried every option out there for our dog that had a severe case of separation anxiety. We didn't want to resort to using a shock collar. It was so bad that we were about to get kicked out of our apartment or we had to get rid of our dog. Our dog is a maltese/poodle mix and about 10-15 pounds. We tried the collar on and left a recording device to see if it worked after we left. Sure enough after the 3rd spray, our dog stopped barking and whining. We still put it on him everyday when we leave, but he knows not to bark and whine and he doesn't! Thank you so much! We are still a happy family!

My Doggie's best friend - Amazon - March 19, 2014

Works Great

We have 6 dogs...5 dachshunds whom like to bark..these colors are humane and work all we have to do is snap one on them and they are quiet..we recently adopted a blind doxie who barked a lot, put this color on and he is a joy to be around!

ShirleyMae - Amazon - March 19, 2014

Why didn't I do this sooner????

I have 5 dogs, two of which are terriers. They bark at the slightest noise. The problem with that is they get the other dogs stirred up and then they are all going nuts for no reason. I bought one of these for each of the little jerks. This worked the first time. One bark was all it took. Now if the start going nuts all I have to do is show them the collar and they quiet right down.

One word of caution, when you turn it on, make sure you have it pointed away from your face. It sprays a dose the second you turn it on!

Wendy Landry - Amazon - March 13, 2014

excellent products, excellent service!

The bark collars are exceptional. Simply fill and they are ready to go. Having tried them on various dog breeds, they work time and again.
I had a problem with one and the customer service and communication was second to none. They respond promptly and courteously to your concerns.
I have no hesitation in recommending the product or seller.
Excellent all round. Good experience. Quiet obedient dogs everywhere too!!

Sam's Warehouse - Amazon - March 11, 2014

Misfires constantly

I bought this product to curtail our dogs barking in the car. It misfires constantly, randomly spraying our dogs when they are not making a sound. It has yet to actually spray them when they are barking. They are afraid of the collars randomly spraying them so they actually are quiet in the car now, afraid to make any sudden movements. Not a good training tool. I have had this product for several months now and does not work as advertised.

Denise Little - Amazon - March 10, 2014

not pleased

had hoped this would help our dog to learn not to bark. unfortunately, it ended up scaring him to death because everytime he shakes his head he gets sprayed. would NOT repurchase

Natalie Paridy (CHICAGO, IL, US) - Amazon - March 6, 2014

Works great to stop barking, but sprays randomly

This definitely works well to stop a barking dog. We've stopped using it though, because it will randomly spray when our dog isn't making a peep.

tbirrer - Amazon - March 5, 2014

Could not return due to "hazardous materials or flammable liquids"

Just be careful that you are certain you want this item. I attempted to return it, but received this message:

"For safety reasons, items that are classified as hazardous materials or use flammable liquids or gases cannot be returned to Customers should dispose of hazardous materials according to Local, State and Federal regulations. Customers should contact their local government or local waste company for directions on how to dispose of Household Hazardous Waste."

So now I am stuck with it.

Casey Cowgill - Amazon - February 19, 2014

keeps dogs quiet! got to me fast.

keeps dogs quiet! got to me fast. i am sleeping again and the dog isn't being tortured with getting zapped.

d - Amazon - February 14, 2014

Excellent product! works great

We have a dashund that was driving my wife and I insane with his incessant barking. Worked instantly! This is an awesome product and has already saved me hundreds of hours of lost sleep and aggravation. No more waking up at 7 a.m. on a Saturday morning because of the wife's yappy little rat.

RyanG - Amazon - February 13, 2014


Product works as advertised. Our 50 lb border collie is much better behaved when outside with the collar. We did have to put a layer of tape over the sensor.

James Heinz - Amazon - February 13, 2014

Don't buy this piece of garbage

I had this collar one week and it already stopped working. Buy a different brand, I am a fan of spray collars but this one is garbage.

Shopper Rob - Amazon - February 7, 2014

I love it

I use it on a small pug, this little terror like to bark for every noise. I can see the difference with the collar, he got sprayed couple times after barking and he understood that he had to stop. It's a lot quieter now.

kate johnson - Amazon - February 5, 2014


stopped working , perhaps due to battery, and attempts to find one have failed. Also, filling the collar took some getting use to

Donna Benaquisto - Amazon - January 29, 2014

An OK Collar

The spray box on the collar is pretty large for my 7lb Yorkie. It's quite obnoxious on his neck.
My biggest complaint about the collar, since it is activated by a microphone only, it sprayed my dog while he shook himself and then another time while he was just walking. Yes, it did the job of putting fear in him and now I just have to show him he will relax. If I put it on him, he just wants to lay down and hide in fear. So we actually haven't gotten to the point where he can wear it, bark and then spray. I don't want my dog to hide and lay down all day, that's not the point.

Rosa Virga - Amazon - January 29, 2014

It worked!

I loved this collar, it worked right from the start. The spray was on point with my dog barking, at the first use my dog stopped barking, unbelievable!! On an other note I like the citronella smell and it was very easy to use, I didn't need to look at the user's guide.

Alysia Brown (Alexandria, Va) - Amazon - January 28, 2014

very effective

This is exactly what i m looking for my dog. I have used different one before but didn't get positive result. But after using DOGTEK No Bark Citronella Spray for Dogs, i got it very effective to stops the nuisance barking. Now me and my neighbors are feeling safe. Highly recommendation for this product.

Isaac Brown - Amazon - January 28, 2014

worth the money

This product seems to work well. Doesn't stop the barking, but cuts it down to just a few. There are a few issues with it. First is, it is hard to turn on and off. The switch is small and recessed making it hard to operate. Second is it will spray citronella when it is first turned on. Somewhat of a surprise the first time. It is also really sensitive. Dog tags will set it off. Still the benefits out way the down side by a lot. And just a note, we use this product (2 of them) on our dogs that are between 45 and 50 lbs. each.

Dean F. - Amazon - January 21, 2014

Works great but at critical point of training it breaks

We have a rescue rough collie and he delights in hearing himself bark. We got this because regular attempts at training him to stop did not work. We put it on and he stopped barking within two days except for the occasional slip. But on the third day just as he was really not interested in barking and went for his walk he saw another dog He barked once and immediately realized there was no price to pay for his slip and went bonkers because the collar did nothing. We just thought it was out of Citronella but discovered it could not be refilled. Apparently the little valve is stuck open as the Citronella goes out as fast as it goes in. Discovered It takes a long tome to get a replacement. Meantime he will go right back to barking. If training is important to you chose a different brand.

Birdbrain - Amazon - January 17, 2014

not a small dog collar

It is an ok collar. What I don't like about it is the way the battery is covered. My pup twisted her neck around and got ahold of the body of the collar and managed to bite and destroy the little black battery cover. I would suggest having a cover that is secured with a screw.My other dislike for this collar is that it sprays when turned on. I discovered this my when I turned it on and it sprayed me. This wasted spray costs as the collar is good for 12 barks and losing one when you turn it on.I would love for this collar to be a little smaller. It is no good for small dogs.

Jeri B. - Amazon - January 3, 2014

This has been a lifesaver!

I haven't been able to get my jack-chi to stop barking with anything else, but this has done the trick. It's safe for her & effective. The citronella is such a pleasant smell when she does slip up that it makes her a walking air freshener!I did have a difficult time adjusting the collar for such a small dog, but once I got the hang of it, it was just fine.

admasey - Amazon - December 31, 2013

Sprays when you turn it on, and when dog is sleeping

This thing sprays when you insert the batteries and whenever you turn it on, not just a little spray a giant one. It also went off while my dog was sleeping and once when he scratched himself. I am VERY unhappy with this collar, since this was not an Amazon Prime purchase when I tried to request a return I had to email the seller, 'Pet-Supplies'. They directed me to file a claim on the manufacturers website, which I did. The result of my complaint - 'it is supposed to fire when you turn it on, to clear the nozzle'. 'It goes off when your dog is sleeping because you didn't take his other collar off'. The option they offered me was to send it to them for testing. Well, rather than waste any more time with this piece of crap I am throwing it away.Even if you were 'smart enough' to realize this thing will fire every single time you turn it on and didn't cover yourself with Citronella like I did, how much of the quite expensive liquid will it waste by virtue of it firing so often? I would think that blowing through the holes in the back if the thing got clogged would work just fine, at least it always did with an old Spraysense collar I had..I'm not sure why all this thing has five 5 star reviews and not one mention of the problems which I mentioned, which the manufacturer said are not problems at all. Maybe I did get a bad one and this company is so cheap that they refuse to acknowledge that there is a problem with the one I received.Not sure what else I can say except be aware of the way returns are handled and expect to spend a great deal of money on $8.49 a can refills, most of which will be consumed when you turn this thing on**UPDATE** a few minutes ago I received another email from Dogtek offering to replace this collar, not sure why they changed their minds but what I said in the review still stands. If I have a better experience with the replacement I will update this.

2sleepy (Reno, NV United States) - Amazon - December 30, 2013

Unbelievable !

Moved into an apt with my two small dogs. They were constantly barking every time they heard a noise. When put outside they would bark at cats, people and anything that moved. I purchased the collars and gave it a try. It was a miracle! Only took a few hours for them to start barking. Even without the collars on now they are learning self control. If they do start to bark I just have to pick the collar up and they stop. What a wonderful product this is!

Colleen Ferris (New York) - Amazon - December 26, 2013

Under Control

I have two dogs and I love them to death but the early morning barking was so bad. They would keep me up barking and I would end up going to work tired. Since I have started using this for them and everything has been so much better.

Casey Whittington - Amazon - December 14, 2013

Great collar!

Great collar! Works well and the price you can't beat. I would highly recommend this bark collar. The service was amazing too, I received it he very next day after I ordered.

Connie Continelli - Amazon - December 9, 2013

Safe and Effective

This is a safer way to tame your dogs barking. My neighbors had a problem with my dog barking so I decided to give this a try. They haven’t been complaining so I am happy that I have them off of my back.

CSM - Amazon - December 5, 2013

Simple to use

I simply put the collar on my dog. I am happy that I found this safe way to control my dogs barking. Now he rarely barks as he knows the effect of that.

Leon J. - Amazon - November 29, 2013

Awesome collar

This collar is awesome. Eddy stopped barking in just two days. We tried everything and nothing worked. Our neighbors actually asked us what happened to our dog!

Tamara Winogradsky - Amazon - November 24, 2013

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