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Does your dog have a habit of barking at the slightest thing? Barking is normal but excessive barking can be a problem.

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Bark Control Collar - Description

The DOGTEK BC-60 Bark Control Collar combines sound beeps with optional strong and weak static impulses for a proven and safe formula. The DOGTEK BC-60 bark control device provides a humane but effective solution to help train your dog to not to excessively bark.

This bark collar has the ability to sense when your dog barks based on the vibrations caused by the barking, not the actual sound or noise of the barking dog. This is a great and unique feature since the collar can only be triggered by the dog wearing the collar, and never triggered by noises or barks from another dog barking around them.

The static corrections of the BC-60 are simple and not harmful; very similar to what a human would experience after rubbing their feet on a carpet and touching a metal doorknob.

This collar is recommended for all breeds 15 lbs and greater. Requires one CR123 battery (included).


  • 3 Adjustable Modes
  • Warning Beeps
  • Easy-to-adjust Collar
  • Replaceable Battery (6 months autonomy)
  • Lightweight (3 oz)
  • Weatherproof
  • One Year Warranty

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Dogtek BC-60 Anti-Bark collar
  • 1 Battery (3V Lithium CR123A)
  • 1 Neon test lamp
  • 1 Pair of long studs
  • 1 Pair of short studs
  • 1 Adjustment screwdriver
  • User guide

Bark Control Collar - Documents

Name Format Size Download
BC-60 User's guide PDF 1.83 MB Download

Bark Control Collar - Reviews

great bark collar

The collar works great on my 80pound lab, and 70pound golden retriever. With the sensitivity adjustments I have even used it on a 20-30pound pointer puppy.

linda r stuart - Amazon - March 17, 2015

Four Stars

Works great

Kathy Welborn - Amazon - March 17, 2015

Instant relief from the barking/howling!

We put this on our large Collie and had instant releif from all the nonsense barking that he did at night. He has had other bark and remote shock collars so he knew the drill. He still gets to bark when playing with our other dog, as the first bark each minute only gives him the beeps and no corrections. He understands. He still acts the same as always, just no more barking. He wears the collar 24/7. Our nights are restful again. We put this on him at the factory settings. Collar come overnight!

boyzmom - Amazon - March 16, 2015

I have a white Lab/Sheppard mix and live in a ...

I have a white Lab/Sheppard mix and live in a cookie cutter neighborhood. We have an in ground fence that keeps the dog contained. However, he is very protective and will let everyone know that. He barks are people walking by, jogging, and even the intruding leaf blowing across the street. It came to a point where barking is a problem. I purchased this bark collar and after he started to understand what it was his bark turned into a low growl and that’s it. We only use it when his barking gets out of control. It has worked wonders especially since we have an 8mo. old as well and the dog loses it when the mailman stops by the mailbox.

Mpc969 - Amazon - March 16, 2015

Four Stars

easy to use, fit my 85lb lab/husky and only had to use it once.

Pink_Dragon17 - Amazon - March 12, 2015

Works great.

Works great once I got it set to the maximum. Dog= 10 year old, 70 lb. choc. lab.

J. Miller - Amazon - March 11, 2015

great product for us

We used this collar on our Beagle (very vocal boy)we got him use to wearing the collar first, then after a week we turned the beep on. My husband and I both tried the stimulation setting on our hands before putting it on the dog. We both agreed it didn't hurt, it is a buzzing feeling, but it does surprise you. He barked only twice after the first's amazing....we only had the stimulation on for a day. He continues to wear the collar when we are away from the house, but we only have it set on beep and he is a quiet dog.

Amazon Customer - Amazon - March 11, 2015

Great product - shipped

Worked really well on my 70+ lb Lab Puppy! Great product - shipped fast

Jessica - Amazon - March 10, 2015

I bought this collar about a month ago and it ...

I bought this collar about a month ago and it worked for my cocker spaniel. He learned right away and no longer barks when I am gone. He has different collars and every time he sees that one, he hides. My dog doesn't use it anymore. My roommates have noticed this huge change and I have noticed that there is no barking when I drive up to the house and walk in.

Kassandra - Amazon - March 9, 2015

Two Stars

Too heavy and difficult to operate

Judith Bohannon - Amazon - March 7, 2015

Want a refund or replacement!!

One of the settings triggers broke off 4 days after I received it.

Markus Passer - Amazon - March 6, 2015

even with the long probes attached to the device, ...

even with the long probes attached to the device, the "barks" are not picked up, but when the dog is just walking around, the device zaps the dog. I've taken it off and when laying it down on the table the "sound tone" emits thinking the dog "barked".

Joanne Boria - Amazon - March 5, 2015

No More Barks!

Very effective on my dog! I have a chocolate lab that has anxiety. She doesn't like to be away from me and my wife very long. We both work so I have to leave her in her pen outside when we leave for work everyday. As soon as I close the gate and disappear back into the house, she starts barking and crying pretty loudly. She doesn't stop. I have to go back outside and come into view for her to quit. This would never work long-term... so I started looking for a collar. I saw the great reviews on this collar and thought I'd try it out...

I ordered it and it shipped fast! I used the prongs that came preinstalled. I adjusted the sensitivity accordingly, sinched up the collar on her pretty good, put her in the pen and and walked away like normal. It took about 30 seconds until I heard the first bark. I heard 2 quick barks shortly after that and then nothing. Nothing! I walked back outside and looked and she was just sitting out there looking back at me. It's a dream collar! Thanks!

Joseph D. Marcrum, III - Amazon - March 4, 2015

Great collar for the price

I have a 40 pound German/Australian shepherd and I have found this collar to be very helpful. She no longer barks in her crate. I am slowly not having to use it anymore.

NRSGstudent - Amazon - March 4, 2015

Five Stars

Worked very first time and got better everyday.

mebrok - Amazon - March 3, 2015

It works great, I have a 30lb Corgi pup that used ...

It works great, I have a 30lb Corgi pup that used to bark at anything and everything and this has helped a lot. I like this particular collar because it gives them a couple warning beeps before it actually shocks them. I also like that you can chance the sensitivity for the bark to less or more depending on the dog and size and also you can change the prongs out depending on how big the dog is and how long their hair is.

Heather - Amazon - March 3, 2015

In The Works

We train in competition Obedience. My female just turned one year old. She
is a German Shepherd Dog, approximately 60 lbs. She loves to work so much,
that when we are in our training building, she has a horrible habit of
barking while I am working my other dog. We tried everything. And the No
Bark Collar has really helped a lot. I like it because the correction is
immediate. And that seems to be what she needs. It doesn't hurt her at all.
It just is uncomfortable, and is a stimulation. We're still having issues,
but I can comfortably train my other dog, and hope to be able to work
through these issues with her.

GermanShepherdObedience - Amazon - March 2, 2015

... only lasts a couple of months not 6 months like they

the battery only lasts a couple of months not 6 months like they state

sunshine42pa - Amazon - March 2, 2015

Excellent product

Excellent product! Highly recommended

excellent - Amazon - February 28, 2015

Used with Pit-bull terrier

I have an American Pitbull Terrier and this collar worked well with him. I don't have to turn it on anymore, just put it around his neck to keep him quiet.

Candida W. - Amazon - February 27, 2015

We bought this about a month ago... ...

We bought this about a month ago... Last week it stopped working, we changed the battery's and still nothing.

Kristin - Amazon - February 26, 2015

It works SOOO much better. Don't buy this collar

Totally did not work. Couldn't even get the test light to light up saying it was working, but yet the battery beeped when I turned it on which according to directions means the battery is fully charged and working. Bought a Motorolla Scout Bark Control Collar instead. It works SOOO much better. Don't buy this collar! Save your money and purchase the Motorolla.

M. Marshall - Amazon - February 25, 2015

Five Stars

Good, working well so far

Joanne innes - Amazon - February 24, 2015

OMG Quiet Nights again, thank you God and this device

Okay, we had a long time ago a rechargeable collar thats very popular on here, I forget the name of it now but, it worked sometime and when it was dead, she could bark away. Now, new battery and we're back in business. She is a 70 lb lab/boxer mix and very bull-headed. We've tried other methods and this is the only thing that has worked. Plus, if it breaks, its cheap to replace. The other unit we use to have was $100 to replace. Great unit, hopefully made in America.

B. Brooks "Railey Marie" (Orlando, FL USA) - Amazon - February 24, 2015

However after having enduring a lot of unnecessary barking, my husband decided it was time

I was very unsure about using a bark collar on our 12lb Bichon. However after having enduring a lot of unnecessary barking, my husband decided it was time. After only a couple of days of wearing it (only while in his crate - this is where his barking problem was) he stopped! Well worth the $ spent!

cherig - Amazon - February 24, 2015

Two Stars

Batteries die way too fast. It isn't consistent.

Kari March - Amazon - February 24, 2015

One Star

Does not work and packaging says you cannot return

sarah may - Amazon - February 22, 2015

Works ok. Sometimes it would not beep when he ...

Works ok. Sometimes it would not beep when he barked.

Curt Loyd - Amazon - February 22, 2015

I highly recommend this to anyone who needs to have a dog ...

This stopped my dog's excessive barking RIGHT NOW! I highly recommend this to anyone who needs to have a dog stop barking all the time.

TB "TB" (Powhatan, VA) - Amazon - February 21, 2015

Shuts them up!

Good collar. Does what it says. Has trained our 2 year old shepherd to be quite! Gives warning beeps before it zaps. Not to strong of a shock, just enough to get their attention.

david j. payne - Amazon - February 21, 2015

good product

While I am not a big fan of having to use a bark collar, the dog trainer said my dogs would have to have them. These work. I have bigger dogs, about 60 pounds, and they don't bark when these things are on. I don't use them all the time, only when they get too obnoxious. I am glad to have them, and so are my neighbors.

Amazon Customer - Amazon - February 21, 2015

Five Stars

Taught my dog not to bark quickly.

Brett Hagen - Amazon - February 19, 2015

Four Stars

Instructions are easy to follow. I used it on a medium sized dog and it worked great

dalbrecht - Amazon - February 19, 2015

as I would not waste even $5 to try this

The sound this thing emits is too faint. I tried all settings, and they were all too faint for a dog to respond to. I can not understand the positive reviews for this, as I would not waste even $5 to try this.

Neal - Amazon - February 18, 2015

This works well to help train our dog to stop ...

This works well to help train our dog to stop barking. You really have to watch the setting it's on because it can be sensitive and can send your pup shocks when it doesn't need to.

Jimmy Johnson - Amazon - February 18, 2015

It works!!!

This bark collar works amazing with our dog!!! She is a 60 pound Redbone Coonhound and used to bark or "howl" all the time! We live in a suburban neighborhood so she was starting to accumulate some negative attention. After the collar we are no longer on the radar for having the obnoxious hound. Best feature is being able to switch from shock to beep!

Sarah Rahe - Amazon - February 17, 2015

Did not work!!

I bought two of these and they were not effective for my dogs, maybe for smaller dogs (but the control box is huge so not sure). Very disappointed, and will be returning them.

Always buying - Amazon - February 17, 2015

It does work

Have 2 small dogs that barked at anything. Got this and used it for only a few days and it works very well on both of them. Should have gotten one years ago.

Tony Sinko - Amazon - February 12, 2015

Three Stars

too big for my dog a rat terrier

Jen - Amazon - February 11, 2015

Too big for a small dog

I am sure this would be okay for a large dog, but it was much too big and heavy for our little dog. We had to return it.

Amazon Customer - Amazon - February 8, 2015

This bark control collar did the trick for our golden ...

This bark control collar did the trick for our golden puppy who loves to bark for no reason. If we put it on, she knows she can't bark. After we take it off, it takes her awhile before she figures she can bark.

Karen Meyd - Amazon - February 8, 2015

It works very well! We have a 100 pound ...

It works very well ! We have a 100 pound Black Lab and also an almost 100 pound Golden Shepard. The collar stops barking completely! It also controls behavior a bit in our Golden Shepard who is still in the crazy puppy stage. The only issue we had was that the collar made a sore spot on the puppy when left on too long because of her thick fur. We now take it off every night and have had no further issues.

Paula Miller - Amazon - February 3, 2015

Four Stars

This collar works as described-- providing a beep or a short (or long) shock to discourage barking.

Jacquelin Lawson - Amazon - February 2, 2015

Four Stars


Tricia - Amazon - January 29, 2015

Product doesn't work / Horrible Customer Service

Product was not working. Went off consistently when dog shook head, even thought collar was tight and we tried various sensitivity settings. Read many reviews stating the same problems, so I called customer service to see if there was something we are doing wrong. Customer service rep said she was COMPLETELY unaware of this problem. I asked to talk to someone (anyone) who was familiar with this issue, and she maintained that nobody was. When I tried to suggest that surely someone, perhaps quality control, would be reading the reviews, she indicated that they were NOT and became surly. When I asked to speak to ANYONE else, she indicated that there was no one else. When I asked if she was the only person at the company, she indicated she was not. I asked her then if I could talk to someone else and she said, again, that there was no one else. When I said I would be complaining about her refusal to escalate my call, she said she was not refusing, however, she still would not let me talk with anyone else. This went on for some time. Sadly, I have no choice but to return the product , since I cannot get any support.

Amazon Customer "LbGray" (Kansas City) - Amazon - January 28, 2015

Worth it, in my opinion.

This is a little bulky for my miniature schnauzer, but it is doable. I've only used the beep mode, and it does work. When she shakes her head the collar beeps. If she shakes her head soon after that, it beeps longer. I haven't set the shock setting as for now- and because she has had a shock collar in the past (one that gave off no more than a static type shock that you get if you walk in socks on carpet in the winter and then touch something), that was mostly set on the vibrate mode, she gets all wimpy just putting the collar on. Whatever- she's quieter. In an apartment, that's a big deal.

Jillinois (Midwest, United States) - Amazon - January 26, 2015

One Star

Sent back immediately as it terrorized my dog

K. Hall "Mama to 9 kids and counting and one ... (USA) - Amazon - January 26, 2015

Other than that it works great!

Sometimes it beeps when I am trying to put it on my lab pit mix and it scares him. Other than that it works great!

Amazon Customer (Jacksonville, Fl) - Amazon - January 25, 2015

Two Stars

I arrived with broken parts and missing parts. Looks very difficult to adjust a use on a daily basis.

hsmith - Amazon - January 24, 2015

barking beagle on his best behavior. Sometimes it seems a little too sensitive ...

Keeps my anxious, barking beagle on his best behavior. Sometimes it seems a little too sensitive though. The warning beeps help a lot. He is great with it on.

stacie Feldhusen - Amazon - January 23, 2015

DOGTEK bark collar

I haven't tried this as yet because there are very little instructions for activating it. My dog is happy about it though.

gracar - Amazon - January 22, 2015

Five Stars

Works perfectly!

tbigred7 - Amazon - January 21, 2015

Very pleased.

I have a Labrador retriever puppy, 50 lbs as of now. He wasn’t a huge barker, but we had a few instances of barking. We have only had to put the collar on only a handful of times and he no longer barks. If we even pull out the collar he stops immediately. Very pleased.

KHearn - Amazon - January 20, 2015

One Star

It would activate if my dog shook her head to vigorous.

JClay - Amazon - January 18, 2015


Only works sometimes.

I love it - Amazon - January 18, 2015

A shock collar was our last resort but I love that this one has tones that are emitted prior ...

A shock collar was our last resort but I love that this one has tones that are emitted prior to the shock. Our dog learned very quickly what those tones meant and the collar is working great!

R. Hackett - Amazon - January 16, 2015

Our dog didn't bark all night long like he usually does

Worked perfectly. Our dog didn't bark all night long like he usually does. We only put it on at night and take it off in the morning.

BreannL - Amazon - January 15, 2015

Don't just put it on your dog and leave. I wouldn't recommend for small dogs.

Make sure to start low and then move up. I set it to the sensitive setting and it would go off even when my dog would move. Luckily I had it on the sonic setting. I had to turn the sensitivity way down and I was using it on my great dane. Once I had the sensitivity set I turned it to the short shock. When it shocked him he yelped so loud and again this is a 125 lb great dane.

Jordin Abrahamson - Amazon - January 13, 2015

Not so accurate.

Collar goes off when the dog shakes his ears but not when he barks - hmmm. Definitely recommend a higher quality product.

Wendy Oltmanns (Syracuse, UT) - Amazon - January 13, 2015

One Star

Can't turn it on

Ted Miller - Amazon - January 12, 2015

Unreliable. Beeps when our dog is lying still and ...

Unreliable. Beeps when our dog is lying still and sleeping. Does not vibrate on the medium setting. Sensitivity is set to medium and the warning beeps randomly and regularly alert.

matt barr - Amazon - January 12, 2015

Four Stars

Worked GREAT !!

R. Rutkowski (Naperville) - Amazon - January 12, 2015

We love it. I especially love the set of two ...

We love it. I especially love the set of two different length prongs. We tried the shorter ones but our Corgi's thick fur required the longer ones. He doesn't seem too bothered by it and usually the beeping stops the barking right away. We are using it as a training tool, reinforcing our commands and his stubbornness to listen, regarding the barking, at times. He is very sweet and not an obnoxious barker, but this collar does the trick in a very human manner, only shocking him lightly if the beeping doesn't deter him. I love the additional settings as well.

Karen Parsons - Amazon - January 11, 2015

Five Stars

Works for my Australian shepherd

Alex Normand - Amazon - January 9, 2015

Five Stars

Works great for my pit bull and I'd definetly worth the money

ASHLEY - Amazon - January 8, 2015

Great item, works wonders!!

This collar worked wonderfully. My dog is a 45 lb. Whippet and German Shepherd mix. She has a lot of anxiety issues (rescue dog) that resulted in extended barking sessions, mostly outside after 8 PM. The collar has a training beep so that when she barks it beeps. I used the training beep for 2 days before turning on the progressive shock. She went outside, barked for about a minute, and then we heard her bark get cutoff right in the middle. For us, it was hilarious inside. Which seems mean, but I tested the collar against my own skin (arm and leg) and the shock was on par with touching a door knob and getting shocked. It DID NOT hurt her. It simply startled her enough to catch her attention. Now, I usually don't even turn on the shocking. She wears the collars while it is off and it is still effective. Also, for my dog, it has drastically reduced the amount of barking even when the collar is off.

Summer Voight - Amazon - January 7, 2015

Five Stars

good product, would buy again.

brian dunning - Amazon - January 7, 2015

Trained our dog in one week

After one week of use we no longer need to use this collar except when guests are coming over. He used to bark constantly at passing dogs, the UPS man, a piece of paper on the floor, etc. Now, even without the collar, he barks one or two times then stops.

The only time we had to put the collar back on was when we had guests over and he barked non-stop at one of them. As soon as the collar went on he stopped barking and behaved, even around the guest he was barking at.

What we like about this collar is that it allows for some barking. Dogs need to bark to warn but the non-stop barking nonsense needed to stop. This helped a lot.

Having a remote to trigger the tone or shock would be a nice feature. This would allow us to train for non-barking related behavior issues. Dogtek should consider this for a future release.

Kevin (Chicago, IL) - Amazon - January 5, 2015

We own Belgians that are a medium size dog, ...

We own Belgians that are a medium size dog, 60 lbs. or so. The Collars work well when we use them.

sld - Amazon - January 5, 2015

Don't waste your time and money!

Very disappointed in the dogtek collar and will be returning it for my money back. I currently have a Chesapeake lab mix and her bark is very deep and for it not to pick up the bark on cue and to only correct when she shakes her head is beyond me.

Sara Dean - Amazon - January 4, 2015

She is a long haired breed so it is hard to get good contact! She doesn't like it when it is ...

Not working real well with my dog. She is a long haired breed so it is hard to get good contact! She doesn't like it when it is turned up high! Then she won't play ball with it on!

Carole Morgan - Amazon - January 3, 2015

I ended up returning this. It doesn't work consistently ...

I ended up returning this. It doesn't work consistently so there is no way for the dog to know when they will be shocked, or why they are being shocked. If the dog can't learn, it's just cruelty.

Brian Washburn (IOWA CITY, IOWA, US) - Amazon - January 1, 2015

Three Stars

Really wanted a remote though...

Natasha DiPrizito (HARRISBURG, PA, US) - Amazon - December 31, 2014

Deal with it

Thought this would answer all my problems but they need to send a 'How to' handle stress instruction book for the owner. Spent two days watching the dog bark with the collar on the low setting and it didn't seem to phase her. So day three I turned it up and went to work. By the time I got home my dog was shaking with fear and ran out of the house the minute I opened the door. My dog never runs out the door and she never seems afraid of anything. No more bark collar here I will deal with the noise.

B Poist - Amazon - December 31, 2014

AMAZING battery life!

I bought this 1.5 years ago for my Dobie. She wears it when outside and when left inside alone during the summer months with the windows open. I have yet to replace the batteries! I know it still works, because she's a scatterbrain, and sets it off several times an hour when people walk by on the sidewalk.

I couldn't be happier with it!

Ben'jammin (CT) - Amazon - December 30, 2014

Five Stars

My dog was easily and quickly trained with this collar...

Sherwood girl - Amazon - December 29, 2014

Five Stars

Keeps my big dog quiet now

Michael Rohn - Amazon - December 29, 2014

Worked Great

Works Great Has kept my dog from waking up the whole household. Easy to put on and easy to use. I would recommend buying this product.

Yona Dietz - Amazon - December 29, 2014

Efficient, humane, and effective.

So my 2 year old dog has had a very bad barking problem. After begging my fiance, she finally allowed me to purchase this. I tried it on myself first, and it wasn't that bad actually. On day one my dog understood what was happening and after a few weeks of wearing it she barely needs it at all now. It doesn't just zap them when they bark, it actually does a great job of training them.

It only took a few weeks for my dog to stop barking for the most part. She still needs it sometimes, but she went from a loud, constantly barking dog to a quiet and fun one.

Robert Heinbokel - Amazon - December 29, 2014

Fast and effective solution to barking

This bark collar was very effective in making our young dog stop barking incessantly. He only needed to wear it a day or two before he learned his lesson. Now, he only wears it periodically, and sometimes not at all. My only negative is that it did leave a raw spot on his neck from the contacts rubbing. It didn't seem to bother him, but we are just careful not to put it on him too much unless necessary. But overall, I am very happy with this purchase.

Micheline Cruz - Amazon - December 29, 2014

It was a bad purchase on my part

Had very little effect on the dog. Worked less then 10 per cent of the time and when it did work it caused pain to the animal. It was a bad purchase on my part.

robert r. - Amazon - December 27, 2014

Collars work Great and Best price, quick shipping.

The collars work great. I had tried 3 other brands that did not work.
These work as advertised, they can bark a little bit but it stops the excessive
barking. Dogs are two German Shepard's 115 lbs. each. They are outside
dogs, never come in. Heavy winter coats and collars with long contacts
still work fine.

niku - Amazon - December 24, 2014

Smokie is a perfect dog now

This collar is amazing and does exactly what it is suppose to do. My dog barked constantly at visitors to my home and neighbors in their yards and pretty much everyone. It stopped for the most part just a few days after I started using the collar. I didn't use the collar all the time but only when he wouldn't quit barking. Smokie is a 80 lb. shep/husky mix who is 1 year old. I would recommend this collar.

Smokie "kathy cease" - Amazon - December 23, 2014

Great product.

Great product... Effective from the first time put it on my dog. Barking has become minimal and other behaviors have also started to improve. Would recommend

Joseph J. Shafer (WELLSVILLE, KS, US) - Amazon - December 22, 2014

Four Stars

Works great, had it for months and it's still going strong

rockingthe2 - Amazon - December 20, 2014

Five Stars

Works great on my 45 lbs pitbull.

Stephanie - Amazon - December 19, 2014

While it worked

Worked well while it worked. Isn't working after a few weeks.

roy j schenkenberger - Amazon - December 18, 2014

finally a dog bark collar that works

worked very well on our terrier when other collars did not

K. masters "scribe reader" (Carolinas) - Amazon - December 17, 2014

Good product, effective

We noticed a difference in the amount of barking in our dog after the first couple of days. Good product, effective.

Elizabeth Mairs - Amazon - December 17, 2014

We thank you and our neighbors thank you!

It works great. Our dog is a pit bull mix and is 80 pounds. I have it set to the lowest setting possible.

We live on a street where people frequently walk by the house to get to public transportation. There is a rock wall between us and the sidewalk, but our dog is constantly barking LOUDLY at people walking by. I wanted an option that would let him bark when he needs to (like someone coming up our walkway to the house), but would train him not to bark when people were simply walking by. The warning sounds are perfect. He will give a light "woof" and the tone sets off. He has stopped barking at people walking by (but only when I have the collar on him - he's smart), yet will still bark when someone is coming up the walkway, but no longer excessively! The collar will give the warning sounds, and he will still bark warning us that people are coming, and after the vibration happens, he calms down, and still stands guard. This has been a very useful and humane training tool. We thank you, and our neighbors thank you!

Jen (Hawaii) - Amazon - December 16, 2014

One Star

Quit working after less then two week

CK147 - Amazon - December 16, 2014

Four Stars

My poodle used to bark like crazy. Now, not so much.

richard (LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA, US) - Amazon - December 16, 2014

Would recommend.

Works well with my 110 lb Saint Bernard mix. Only advice to buyers is make sure the collar is tight enough to actually sense the first bark. Works just how it should. Would recommend.

Kevin - Amazon - December 15, 2014

Seperation Anxiety Cure

We adopted a dog who seemed to have severe separation anxiety, barking for 6-7 + hours (according to neighbor). So we decided to give this a shot. Long story short, our dog no longer needs the collar, it worked beyond expectations. Sometimes when we leave we will slip the collar on just to remind him, but he no longer barks. It is literally a miracle.

Colton B. Eagle (Los Angeles, CA) - Amazon - December 15, 2014

and I love it. She caught on immediately and now I ...

My Corgi puppy doesn't object to wearing this collar, and I love it. She caught on immediately and now I rarely need to use it.

Amazon Customer - Amazon - December 11, 2014

this thing is heavy. doggy refuses to wear it ...

this thing is heavy. doggy refuses to wear it and goes crazy when we put it on. barely got to use it and now its too late to return it.

TheMilkman - Amazon - December 11, 2014

The collars work great. My only complaint is

We bought two for our 72lb German Shepherd Dogs. The collars work great. My only complaint is, the settings are extremely tiny and they are hard to see to set. Other than that, I highly recommend the collar for uncontrollable barking while out side.

DEBORAH BENKERT - Amazon - December 9, 2014

a good basic collar, one day I'll upgrade to have more control of vibration

Almost two months of use, 5 year old Mastiff. She sometimes would have a barking spell when she couldn't play with other dogs walking by. This snaps her out of that trance. I read the bad reviews and have watch closely and happy to report no crazy issues. When she scratches her neck the collar will beep. We take the collar off when we're home.

Erick - Amazon - December 8, 2014

Love it

I have tried several bark collars, they would work but after one bark, it was like our dog wasnt phased by the shock, with this collar all I have to say is that if he doesnt quit barking he gets to wear it, and I show it to him. This is the only one that has worked on him and its amazing.

Ronie Mapes - Amazon - December 8, 2014


This collar has worked very well. Our dog has not ever been zapped. Somehow the beeping is enough to make him stop barking. Without this collar he barks incessantly when he is in the backyard. With it, total silence. He is a cane corso and weighs 110 lbs.

Also a great price compared to others on the market.

Nicole W. - Amazon - December 8, 2014

Five Stars

5 stars here have dogtek fence also happy happy happy

care - Amazon - December 8, 2014

One Star

Did not wrk

Amazon Customer - Amazon - December 7, 2014

Worked perfectly! I now have a quiet dog.

I have an Australian Shepherd/Catahoula Leopard dog mix that likes to bark for no apparent reason. She enjoys laying on the lanai barking for enjoyment. Unfortunately, my neighbors don't find as much enjoyment in her barking as she. First day on her, I put on the lowest level so it would beep when she barked. The second day I moved up to 3rd level. It only took one time for her to be "corrected" and she's been quiet ever since. I only keep on while she's outside for a short amount of time, so I have not had any issues with the collar burning her neck as other reviewers mentioned. I have noticed that the connectors are slightly warm to touch when I remove from her neck, but I believe it to be from her body temperature. I will continue to monitor it, just to be on the safe-side. I would highly recommend this product.

FloridaGirl - Amazon - December 7, 2014

the bark control works great. Quieted her right up

You get what you pay for with this. I've owned two of these bark collars for my German Shepherd. She's a bit of a loud mouth and loves to bark at anything and everything when the mood hits her. This remedies it quickly. I bought the first one a little over a year ago; the bark control works great. Quieted her right up, and she knew when the collar was on (even if it was only on beep) not to bark. But, inexplicably, after about 3 months, it died. I changed the battery on it, still doesn't work. So, I figure maybe just a production problem, at this price it's easy to replace. I get another one. Same deal, works great out of the box, but after 3 months, dies, and nothing I can do to fix it works. It only beeps now, no more stimulation. So, I wouldn't waste my money on this in it's current iteration. You'd be better off shelling out a few extra bucks to get a quality product that will last versus this one that will surely die.

S. Hutchins - Amazon - December 5, 2014

Great collars!

Excellent collars work just as good if not better than high dollar models. (I've had both) nice they supply you with extras and a full instruction book. The dogs have had them on for an hour now and all is quiet!

C. O'neal - Amazon - December 5, 2014

Happy Neighbors

Works well on our barking dog, we only use it when we aren't at home, but our neighbors are very happy now =)

Angel - Amazon - December 5, 2014

size is to large

I put 3 star because it is very large for my poodle , the leash was very large so i have to cut it and the control to big for her size, other than that works perfectly.

Lin - Amazon - December 4, 2014

It worked so quickly and without causing my dog pain.

I was nervous about buying this collar because I know the use of them is controversial. I had the same experience as others in that I only used it a few times and the excessive barking is gone. I don't mind barking but my dog would bark incessantly at a leaf blowing other words the slightest stimulation. She is a new rescue dog. She has a very strong drive to hunt and having been on her own the first year of her life, she has lots of fears as well. So the nonstop barking at a squirrel on the fence or a sound outdoors has ceased. She is much calmer, less on alert and much more able to play. The beeps were usually all that was required and there was no indication of any pain if she got a shock.

haley - Amazon - December 3, 2014

Does not work. I even put my fingers on ...

Does not work. I even put my fingers on the prongs while the dog was barking.

Bobby Sherwood - Amazon - December 2, 2014

It works great with the exception that you have to adjust the ...

Used on a 60lb yellow lab to control his barking. It works great with the exception that you have to adjust the sensitivity if your dog is a "talker" like mine is. We use it mostly at night and it works great.

Diana McLemore "dmac" (Newberry, FL United States) - Amazon - December 2, 2014

works great!

Works great. I bought two for two larger dogs. One golden retriever and one lab. The dogs caught on very quickly that once the collar beeps they need to stop barking. My wife works at home and they were driving her crazy but now they might bark once but that's it. Has worked very well and doesn't hurt the dogs when activated but it's enough to make them not want to bark. Would definitely recommend.

Lloyd Loveland - Amazon - December 1, 2014

Works well.

The collar works and is fantastic! I just moved into a condo from a single-family house and my mini schnauzer was barking too often and this collar is perfect because it provides an audible alarm before the correction.

My mini schnauzer is about 24 to 25 pounds and I keep his hair very short.

Yuriko M. - Amazon - December 1, 2014

Four Stars

It works as advertised, and has stopped the nuisance barking.

Leslie Albertson - Amazon - December 1, 2014

The DOGTEK BC-60 bark collar has brought peace and quiet back to the neighborhood. I would recommend to anyone with a dog that

It took less than a week to train our dog not to bark at everything! We have Boxer/Lab mix who thought it was her duty to tell the neighborhood everything that was going on in her life. Fortunately we have dog lover neighbors who never complained, but we couldn't stand being "those owners" anymore. It only took 1 day with the DOGTEK BC-60 bark collar for our dog to realize that she really doesn't need to share her day with the everyone else. Now even when someone knocks or rings the door bell she only barks once or twice in a quick acceptable greeting.

What I really like about this collar is the warning beeps before a shock is given. I'm not even sure if my dog was ever shocked or if the beeps was enough to train her. If she was shocked it was only once, because she learned very quickly to not bark. We very rarely put the collar on her now,

JulieAnn K Henry "Tell us about yourself!" (Scottsdale, AZ United States) - Amazon - December 1, 2014

One Star

Breaks after a couple months

brenda lazenby - Amazon - November 30, 2014

Did not use. Again too much to do & ...

Did not use. Again too much to do & now too late to return. We did bring it with us.

Michelle - Amazon - November 29, 2014

Works great

Works well. I have a pretty smart dog and it didn't take him long. It was a little confusing turning it on but not so much that I wouldn't recommend it. My dog narked while I was away and neighbors were complaining. He quit very quickly so this is a good deal!

julie braswell - Amazon - November 28, 2014

Two Stars

didn't work on my dog!

donna - Amazon - November 27, 2014

Great for a Pyrenees!

I own a 1 year old great pyrenees puppy who weighs about 100lbs and it's in their breed to be obsessive barkers. I picked this up a few weeks ago, and he responded to the "beep" setting right away. He's a very stubborn dog, so that surprised me. Some times he barks right through the beep, so I have to switch it to shock, and he stops immediately although it's a rare occurrence. He's had the collar on for about a month now, and he'll still bark without the collar, but it's definitely not as much as he used to. For the price, I'd really recommend this collar, I can finally sleep full nights now and watch movies again.

Anthony Haer - Amazon - November 26, 2014

Works well, great price

Fast shipping, and the collar works great. After a while, my puppy learned not to bark and her barking is completely controlled with the beep only setting. Great deal, and worth the buy.

Daniel Ershen - Amazon - November 25, 2014

Had a brood of 5 Mini Snauzer. They had ...

Had a brood of 5 Mini Snauzer. They had this pack instinct that barks at people pasing the front gate. I used the bark collar to stop this habit and it worked quite well.

NG HOW - Amazon - November 25, 2014

Great tool for teaching

Have had this and only used it once on each of my 3 barkers and only have to show it to them and with my Pitt I just verbally warn her. Please don't misuse this. We do allow them to bark after all what good is a barker if they learn not to warn you.

Sarah - Amazon - November 25, 2014


this dog collar does not work at all. I ordered four collars at one time and one colIar did not work at all.the other three I put on my dogs did not faze them at all. would not recommend these collar to anyone.

Kris Hasting - Amazon - November 25, 2014

good product. Still a few barks here and there

good product. Still a few barks here and there, but definitely an improvement. We have a 35lb'er and for the most part it does the trick. I would recommend this.

jfertick - Amazon - November 24, 2014

Five Stars

Very Good product, quick service!

Joseph Gordon - Amazon - November 24, 2014

Great relief to my ears, get this product!

My kids used to always talk to much, now I can actually get some peace and quiet around the house. It works on the dog and wife too!

stephen g. - Amazon - November 21, 2014



Brian Krull - Amazon - November 20, 2014


We have a 25 lb red heeler and a 25 lb mutt (long hair). For the Red Heeler I would give this product 5 stars, but for our mutt I can only give it 3 as it does not work as well. I'm not 100 percent sure if it is because of the unit or because of the dog's hair being an obstruction. I would recommend this product.

knhenson - Amazon - November 20, 2014

Collar worked as promised.

Even on minimal settings, this collar has trained my dog not to bark. Now she occasionally emits a low rumble. I rarely need to put it on her anymore. In fact, if she looks as if a bark could happen, all I have to do is pick up the collar and let her see it.

Maureen G. Vaughn - Amazon - November 19, 2014

Five Stars

So far so good...shepherd 45lbs; pitbull 70lbs

NATHAN SHIVERS - Amazon - November 17, 2014

We have tried 3-4 of these kinds of things and this is by far the best.

Worked immediately, first try, no set up. Battery that comes installed lasting >1 month so far (documents say 6 months). Really cuts down the barking immediately -- allows one bark then sends "reminder" beep and then, if there is another bark within 30 seconds, a small zap, which stops further barking.... We have tried 3-4 of these kinds of things and this is by far the best.

Michael G Kauffman MD - Amazon - November 17, 2014

Worked average at best originally, but was worthless within a month

Worked average at best originally, but was worthless within a month. It didnt function when my dog barked and it would randomly function if she scratched her ear or shook her body.

Zach Babich Brown - Amazon - November 15, 2014

This thing is AWESOME!! I LOVE not having to deal with ...

This thing is AWESOME!! I LOVE not having to deal with the brking anymore!! took him about once of barking with this on to relizing what will happen.

C. Bennett - Amazon - November 14, 2014

Has worked really well. Solved the problem so far ...

Has worked really well. Solved the problem so far. Couldn't get the test to work, but the collar works well

Michael - Amazon - November 11, 2014

Very effective and my neighbors are now happy.

Didn't want to, but neighbors complained about my dogs (2 Scotties) barking while I'm at work. I'm gone for at least 11-12 hrs a day (4 days/week) and was worried because the instructions say not to leave it on over 8 hrs. The collars worked so well that my neighbors asked if I still had the dogs (I would never part with them). The dogs are fine when I get home. I plan on turning the collars sensitivity way down or even off soon. I hoping that the dogs think that since the collars are on (but turned off) they won't bark. They aren't afraid of the collars either. One of my Scotties is very skittish and sensitive and I've been using these for weeks now and she is has not changed for the worse. I never feed them with the collars on, am afraid it might effect them. I am quite pleased and so are my neighbors. Just make sure the collars are snug, not tight. I make sure everyday that I can fit my finger between the metal prong and their necks. I take off the collars as soon as I get home.

Jan P "Jan" (Sacramento, CA USA) - Amazon - November 10, 2014

Two Stars

Sent Back to large

Barbara Kuczkowski - Amazon - November 10, 2014

Good product, just not for my dog

This collar did not work for my dog. I think it is a good product of good quality, just not effective for my dog. I have a large, stubborn 125 pound American Bulldog. Not much seems to phase him. He didn't seem to even notice the shock even at the highest level. I would still recommend this product to others, but maybe not to owners of large bully breeds!

Hollie - Amazon - November 10, 2014

Three Stars

Stopped shocking after a few months, works well while functioning

Jackie Pickett (Maryland) - Amazon - November 10, 2014

Five Stars

Works well and gets the job done.

Chad Challacombe - Amazon - November 9, 2014

I very impressed with this collar. My dog does ...

I very impressed with this collar. My dog does not bark at everything he sees now and when i leave home. Thank you for the peace and quite i now have

Barbra Smith-Howell - Amazon - November 9, 2014

I would recommend this for the most stubborn dog

I first put the collar on my most difficult, stubborn barker, and the barking stopped within the first 3 hours of use, only using the lowest setting. He starts to bark now, I show him the collar, and he stops. I am now starting training for my second and third dogs, which is also going well. I would recommend this for the most stubborn dog.

Frank Hawk - Amazon - November 7, 2014

Works well - minor issues

Works well for our dog. We basically just have to put it on him and he quits barking now. The only issue we really have is that even if he shakes or scratches, the collar beeps at him and so he is very timid about these things when he has the collar on.

Alyssa D. Olsen - Amazon - November 6, 2014

We didn't realize that at first and it was so sad- the poor thing would get shocked for trying to eat

This collar goes off when our dog eats out of her metal bowl. We didn't realize that at first and it was so sad- the poor thing would get shocked for trying to eat! Now she is traumatized and won't go near the bowl without us taking the collar off first. The collar does work when the dog barks. Sometimes it goes off though when she isn't barking, like if she is excited and making a happy noise.

Honest1 (Diablo, CA United States) - Amazon - November 5, 2014

Need more time to offer opinion.

Have not had chance to use it that much. Kind of awkward with all the miscellaneous parts and testing procedures.
It might take six months of use to determine its worth keeping.
Its rather annoying to keep getting emails to rate things the day after you take it out of the box. Relax their skippy, give us a chance to use the product for a while.

Eric D. - Amazon - November 5, 2014

Very happy with it

We have a 55 lb basset and this collar works well for him. We have only had to use it 3 or 4 times since we bought it. Very happy with it.

Lauren D. - Amazon - November 3, 2014

never worked

Never worked from the moment I received it. I was busy with school/work so I never got around to returning it. Maybe it was just one defective product, but I still waste $40+ on it.

Griffin H. - Amazon - November 1, 2014

It was not effective for my dog. He is ...

It was not effective for my dog. He is small and I had a hard time getting it to stay on tight enough. Had to return it but received prompt credit.

Joan - Amazon - October 31, 2014

We were having to use a screwdriver to turn it on and off because of the poor design. There is no way to switch it ...

This device is very cheaply made. I have had ours for less than two months and the plastic off/on switch has already broken off. We were having to use a screwdriver to turn it on and off because of the poor design. There is no way to switch it with your fingers. Also, there is no indicator of which direction off and on is (other than a beep when you switch it can't look at it and tell if it is on). On the plus side, it did help some with my dog's barking issues throughout the night. I wish I had paid a little more and bought a collar that was better quality.

shellc - Amazon - October 31, 2014

Then later it would shock her for making little noises like a grumble or a whine

I have a corgi, she is 20 lbs. She barks at the door when someone knocks. She also barks constantly during play with other dogs. She does not bark enough to make the collar work, apparently. I would put it on her and she would bark, it would beep. She would bark again and again well within the 30 second period and it would not shock her at all. Then later it would shock her for making little noises like a grumble or a whine. It does not have a smart enough reaction to work for dogs that bark intermittently, which is what I needed it for. Because the collar was not consistent in monitoring barking, it did not successfully teach her that a beep would eventually mean a shock. I took it off of her and continued the training that I had been using before.

None "Heather Lee Haag" (Forest, VA USA) - Amazon - October 31, 2014

Great results

I was worried because I have a small dog (11 lbs), but another reviewer had used it on their small dog with good results. I haven't been super vigilant about using the collar, but even so, I've seen amazing results. The barking has decreased dramatically and if she starts barking, I put the collar on as a reminder to stop.

ajgirlpwr - Amazon - October 30, 2014

Works great. I have 100 pound Bernese mountain dog

Works great. I have 100 pound Bernese mountain dog. Put it on the high setting. They won't bark anymore. Mine took about 5 zaps to get it, and now he doesn't bark at all when its on.

Steven Vaggalis - Amazon - October 29, 2014

wonderful device

Works great! I have a dachshund that goes into panic attack mode with barking and my wife works 3rd shift so we started placing it on him on the low setting when she needs to get sleep. Only took 1 day for his barking to decrease in volume and intensity. Now he is completely quiet on day 3 and only does little very very low barks when he is aggravated. But we only put it on him when we absolutely have do. I recommend this item 100%

jamie simpson - Amazon - October 29, 2014

Works well.

Works well. Does its job without being mean to the animal.

Jay Goodman - Amazon - October 28, 2014

Works Like a Charm

I was a bit hesitant to get this as I was concerned about hurting my dog. However, after two "stimulations" from the collar she learned not to bark upon hearing the warning beep. She did yelp a little when the collar zapped her, but I think it was just a result of being startled as opposed to long-lasting pain. Ultimately, it was worth it to have her completely stop barking. It is to the point where she just needs to have the collar on (but we have it powered off) and she won't bark. My dog is a 40lb standard schnauzer/catahoula mix (shelter dog).

B. Winfrey "shopaholic" (Austin, TX) - Amazon - October 27, 2014

Pretty large box but I have used it on a ...

Made a believer out of my loud mouthed dog. Pretty large box but I have used it on a Schnauzer and a Cairn terrier and it works well. Only takes a few times for it to "shock" them and they learn to stop the barking.

Larry D. Winthrop - Amazon - October 27, 2014

The Dogtek Electronic Bark Control Dog Collar has been a ...

The Dogtek Electronic Bark Control Dog Collar has been a success!! My dog Rocky is a 50lb mixed breed (half beagle half German Shepard). She had starting barking basically all night.

I used the long connectors as she's a long I'd put it on her with praise and a treat at about 8 at night and took it off in the morning at 6 . I set the collar the first night to just beep. The second night I set it on the low setting. When she started barking I could tell when the collar gave her a "correction". I don't feel it hurt her just gave her a startle

By the fourth evening with the collar she had learned not to bark. The 5th night I praised her and did not put the collar on and guess what? no barking. All in all well worth the price. I and my neighbors thank you!!

A Foster "A Foster" (Md. United States) - Amazon - October 27, 2014

Works well

Collar has really done the trick. My Australian sheperd/ Collie mix is about 30 lbs. We started putting it on her every night. The beep only setting didn't work for her so we kicked it up a notch. Now we rarely have to put it on her. She maybe wears is one night a week, if even. She has really learned. My neighbors thank you.

Amber Fite - Amazon - October 27, 2014

Works great!

I have a 90lb golden retriever and it works great on him. When the collar is on he doesn't bark at all!

Bill Chandler - Amazon - October 27, 2014

One Star


melissa bredeson - Amazon - October 26, 2014

Three Stars

Doesn't work consistently. Sometimes my dog can get out three or four barks before it registers.

Kelly Meyer - Amazon - October 24, 2014

It works.

It really does work. I have a Belgian malinois that would bark at every little thing that crossed the window at 4 AM. Put this on him only for a few weeks and he has completely stopped. Now we only use it as needed as maintenance. Don't even think twice get this thing!

J. Youkhanna "J.Y." (Chicago) - Amazon - October 24, 2014

Four Stars

Works great but I would recommend one with a remote

David B. - Amazon - October 23, 2014

The collar worked very well. Sometimes now we don't ...

The collar worked very well. Sometimes now we don't even hav to turn it on, he just has to wear it and it keeps him quiet. :). He's a German Shepard 60 - 70#.

Darla - Amazon - October 23, 2014

she still does not bark unnecessarily. I say unnecessarily because she will still bark ...

I was very impressed with this product. I have a mixed breed medium sized dog. She is very bright, but would bark at the slightest sound. Any passerby or hearing another dog barking would set her off. It was really bothering the neighbors, not to mention us.

On hindsight, I would have set the collar to beep the first time we used it, but I set it for mild. She barked and it beeped and then buzzed her. Two more times and I took the collar off for the night because she was really scared. the next morning, she was barking so I put it back on. It beeped a warning and she continued to bark and it buzzed her for the last time. She got to one more warning beep but never went past that.

Three weeks in, she still does not bark unnecessarily. I say unnecessarily because she will still bark to protect us. The other day, some strangers came over. She barked, and I went over to reassure her and she stopped.

The collar worked like a charm. It was easy to use and quite effective. Again, I felt bad when she yelped out when it shocked he, and I would have set it to beep at first. I always used the most mild buzz and it was effective. She no longer barks and our neighbors no longer wish her ill. I highly recommend it.

James M. - Amazon - October 22, 2014

Stopped the barking of a stubborn Great Pyrenees

After my initial struggle to get the collar setup correctly, the collar works as designed. My Great Pyrenees barks all day long, driving the neighbors crazy. He barks at any bird, squirrel, chipmunk, any dog barking even if it is so far away you can barely hear it. He barks like a crazy dog if anyone comes in the yard. The collar has stopped him, for the most part. He still barks at people coming in the yard, but not like a crazy dog. I am very pleased with results.

Ms Daisy - Amazon - October 22, 2014

Its stopped the barking

Our dog is a 90 lb Catahoula who loves to bark whenever we leave or whenever someone comes to the door. We put the collar on him and had someone knock and he learned quickly that barking is what caused the shock. When he wears it he will still do a low growl and it doesn't seem like he gets shocked but it has stopped his barking.

Kristie L Poll - Amazon - October 21, 2014

Four Stars

It works...enough said

Scout "scout" (Florida) - Amazon - October 20, 2014

Works, but not really the way it should

The collar has a pretty easy setup. The only bad part is that the switches are hard to reach. You have to pull open a rubber cover, then use a toothpick or something that small to move the on/off switch. It's frustrating, but at least unlike other collars I have, it can't be accidentally shutoff.

One of the nodes can be twisted in tighter or looser. The tighter it goes the more 'sensitive' the collar is. My dog learned that he can get out at least one bark without it shocking him. I'm also upset because my dog cries and whines or growls a lot rather than actually barking sometimes when people walk by or he thinks he hears a noise. That was also what I wanted to cut back on, but it won't give a correction then.

And finally, I've pretty much given up on using it. Yes it works and keeps him from barking excessively, which is great. But I feel bad because the only way to have it work is to have it on maximum sensitivity, but that sensitive it will deliver a shock if he shakes his head, or runs up the stairs quickly. But I can't put it on and off all day long. So when I have it on him, yes success he doesn't bark, but after a little while he ends up being a zombie because he doesn't want to move too fast because he knows that will shock him too.

Savanna - Amazon - October 20, 2014

Its very good if you just have one thing to teach dog ...

Very effective but limited in scope. Quickly corrected dog's barking and after 30 days it is not needed. Wish we had purchased one with remote control so we could have more on/off control such as teaching dog to not run after deer. Its very good if you just have one thing to teach dog like don't bark. But since it shocks dog if she even shakes her head, I wish I had control of when it works. Quality made. I'd buy this brand again. And the A123 battery lasts a long long time.

Timothy E. Bigler (Leesburg, Virginia United States) - Amazon - October 19, 2014

It's not perfect fix to our dogs barking but it has helped ...

It's not perfect fix to our dogs barking but it has helped so much. She used to start a communion with all off the other dogs in the neighbor at 2 in the morning. Not anymore. It was kind of hard to watch the first time it was on her and she still hates it today. But we only put it on her of we feel like she is barking obsessively. We don't even turn it on half of the time. The first couple of months we used the strong shock but now we use just the beeping. It hasn't left any marks on her and sometimes we had it on her for more than a couple of hours. Sometimes when she shakes it goes off but it seems really accurate.

Brooke Plumley - Amazon - October 19, 2014

Was a bit too sensitive sometime but did a great job with our alaskan malamute's excessive whining/barking anytime we ...

Was a bit too sensitive sometime but did a great job with our alaskan malamute's excessive whining/barking anytime we would leave the house.

Megan "Surrogate Mommy" (Panama City, FL) - Amazon - October 17, 2014

not the one for active dogs.

everytime the dog runs, he get shocked. does not work.

Pam - Amazon - October 14, 2014

Four Stars

This really works and we can tell if she does not have it on at night.

Joseph K. - Amazon - October 14, 2014

Love this product

Fits small and large dog. Our dogs learned very quickly with the warning beeps great price and works really well.

Joanna - Amazon - October 13, 2014

Worked good. My dog didn't like it too much

Worked good. My dog didn't like it too much. Probably wouldn't but it again since I never use it.

Nick P - Amazon - October 12, 2014

Well worth it

It works just as we hoped. We have quite a hyper Malamute mix and she loves to howl and bark when we are gone. As soon as we got the collar for her it has been a different story. The warning beeps now help her realize to stop before she gets shocked. We love the product and for the price it is a great buy. If your dog enjoys to make noise like ours - I recommend this product!

Alyssa - Amazon - October 11, 2014

Works great our golden retriever only had to wear 1time and ...

Works great our golden retriever only had to wear 1time and has it figured out , now just the site of it makes her stop. THANKS RALPH RUSSO

yogi - Amazon - October 9, 2014

Great for most dogs.

This dog collar does exactly what it claims to do: it tries to control barking by detecting vibrations. It has a good amount of options and controls, such as sensitivity, and choosing whether or not to use shock after the dog has been beeped.

I did not give it 5 stars, because it does not fully control my dog's barking. Likely based on the underlying activation mechanism: vibration only.
We used to have a collar that was based on sound only, and it also did not work. It could be activated by ambient noises, such as nearby dogs barking, or a slammed door. This new collar can be activated by different external factors, such as the dog shaking water off it's head.

We've tried adjusting the sensitivity, but unfortunately this particular dog will test out its limitations and knows exactly how much of a bark she can do without the collar activating. We believe we have found the best threshold for curbing her barks as much as we can, while minimizing false positives (like the head shaking).

All in all, I believe it's a good device for most dogs, but is lacking for mine. Still better than the old sound-only collar (and far better than nothing).

Side note: the battery has lasted a worthwhile amount of time, about 2 months, in comparison to our old collar: about 1 month. I expect that when she stops setting it off regularly, the batteries will last longer. Note that the batteries are not normally found in local stores. "type 123", which appears to be for certain cameras.

Kirel - Amazon - October 8, 2014

Two Stars

dog dring from water bowl and water got inside.stopped working.this should not happen

Teryl Oconnor - Amazon - October 7, 2014

Works well

The collars work well. I have two boxers. One male at 70 lbs and a female at 55 lbs. the first day we used the collars it scared both dogs. They did not know what was beeping or shocking them. After a few days they stopped barking. Now they know not to bark when they wear the collars.

Paul Schwanke - Amazon - October 7, 2014

Were not able to get it to fit properly on our SMALL dog.

We tried to get this to stay on our small dog as the instructions recommended. The issue that we had was that we felt that in order to place it on him we would to have it too tight around his neck. He's a pain in the neck and barks a lot, but we don't want to hurt the little guy. I think this would work fine on a larger dog with a larger neck however, the device was too big for him and kept sliding around. Had to return.

Johnathon Kyle Armstrong "JKA" (Tally Florida) - Amazon - October 6, 2014

This has worked great. The dog understood the beep warning already and ...

This has worked great. The dog understood the beep warning already and so I don't think he even had to be shocked by the collar to stop barking.

D.Smith - Amazon - October 6, 2014

This bark collar worked great on my 80lb Lab who's bark was driving us ...

This bark collar worked great on my 80lb Lab who's bark was driving us crazy. He got zapped once and it shut him right up. I feel bad but it did what I needed it to do. I take it off when he's good but if he starts back up I put it back on and he knows what might happen. It beeps and warns him before the shock. So far so good!

Lynn C. - Amazon - October 6, 2014

I have a great Pyrenees, with a very wooly neck

I have a great Pyrenees , with a very wooly neck. It has slowed her barking some. She is bred to bark and protect, so she has instinct to go against the shock collar and bark anyways.

cherylzellers (Grass Valley, CA United States) - Amazon - October 3, 2014

Five Stars

I recommend these. They really work!!!

Sam Jenson - Amazon - October 2, 2014

Two Stars

Didn't detect my dog's growls very well.

Drew - Amazon - October 2, 2014

One Star

Didnt work very well dog continuously barked through it : (

Kim Rivera - Amazon - October 2, 2014

buy a better one.

Doesn't work, buy a better one.

Kayla - Amazon - October 1, 2014

Product works ok. It starts with a warning beep ...

Product works ok. It starts with a warning beep, then a long beep, and finally a shock. The only problem is that it will go off when he shakes his head. Other than that, it works well.

Muscaro - Amazon - October 1, 2014

Effective in calming my dog's constant barking tendencies, however ...

Effective in calming my dog's constant barking tendencies, however it was quite obvious that this collar is too big for him and it seemed to be a bit strange due to the protrusions of screws sticking out and hitting his skin. Nonetheless, I didn't have to utilize this product for long as it conditions dogs fairly quickly.

Jamie Huynh - Amazon - October 1, 2014

Works well. Would buy again.

Works well. Would buy again.

Lesley - Amazon - September 30, 2014

Excellent collar for the price!!!

We got this collar for our 70lb German Shepherd who loves to bark at everything! The neighbors were complaining so we decided to try this collar, it was a great price and had good reviews. I first tried it out on hurt but was not unbearable. After the first time he barked while wearing it, he yelped and the barking stopped! Very happy with this purchase :-)

Tersren - Amazon - September 29, 2014

Works great w/ the big prongs on w/ my 75 lb ...

Works great w/ the big prongs on w/ my 75 lb German Shepard... it takes about 30 seconds to initially shock the first time, it'll beep a series of 2 beeps before it shocks to warn the dog.

Over all great product.

Megan - Amazon - September 29, 2014

My Labrador likes to bark at night when he goes ...

My Labrador likes to bark at night when he goes outside to do his business before coming back into the house to go to bed. I now put on this bark collar when it gets dark outside and he has learned to not bark while the collar is on. It hasn't trained him to bark any less, but it does what I needed it to do which is prevent him from barking outside at night.

Jeremy - Amazon - September 29, 2014

Can not recommend this collar - should be

shocked my dog when he had not made one sound and that when was on vibrate mode. Can not recommend this collar - should be recalled

Jacqueline C McCabe - Amazon - September 29, 2014

Quiet time

Well made product, adjustments can be made for tone only as well as level of correction and sensitivity.

Niki187nj "Nic" (New Jersey, USA) - Amazon - September 26, 2014

Three Stars

It works but the battery died in about 3 weeks...

Gabriel Beversluis - Amazon - September 24, 2014

but he's smart and it beeps when he tenses as a pre-shock ...

My dog WAS a tenacious barker and he's worn much more expensive, much more involved collars.He would tough it out and bark through the shocking, torturing himself when i wasn't around. but he's smart and it beeps when he tenses as a pre-shock warning, and he is actually happier now as he's calm/ not whipping himself into a frenzy. Go ahead and get the "123 battery" it takes, now as well. oh & he's a 65 lb pointer pit mix.

christopher kollmar - Amazon - September 24, 2014


I can't believe how quickly this worked!!! I'm extremely pleased and so are my neighbors!!! Sometimes I only have to pick up the collar and my dog lays down and becomes submissive and quiet!!

Iva D. Miller "Iva" (Columbus, OHIO) - Amazon - September 24, 2014

One Star

Didn't work at all never activated. Returned

Cathleen Roberts Venrick - Amazon - September 24, 2014

It has not fit our expectations

It has not fit our expectations. We are unable to find a good setting our dog. It is on the lowest setting, the collar is tight, and the long prongs are being used. Our dog is a lab mix ~60 pounds. The collar seems to shock him more when he runs around than when he barks. Consequently he sits in place in fear that he will be shocked again for running around. I am at a loss.

Hippocrates - Amazon - September 23, 2014

Worked for us!

Great collar so far! I have a 25lb min labradoodle who barks at EVERYTHING! The beeping mode you use at first didn't seem to do anything. I don't even think he heard the beeping over his barking. But once I turned the shock on it definitely made a difference. He'll bark once and get the warning beep, bark again and get shocked, cry once, then stop barking. This color can only be worn 8 hours a day, so be advised that it's kind of a pain to put it on and take it off all the time. I also feel bad keeping his regular collar AND this collar on, so I take the regular collar off. This one doesn't have a loop for a leash, so that's kind of a pain too. But it DOES help with barking!

Julie A. Arney (Haymarket, VA) - Amazon - September 22, 2014

Works instantly

I use this collar on my dog because he suffers from severe separation anxiety and barks constantly while we are away. When I bought this we kept it on the factory setting that it came on. He was only shocked twice (we have a monitoring system) and it has stopped his barking since then. Now sometimes we just put the collar on him I don't even have to turn it on because he knows what it is. This works great now we just put it on and he just lays down. He is a 70 pound lab and has a decent amount of hair around the collar so we used the long prongs.

Christina - Amazon - September 22, 2014

Great product!!!

The DOGTEK BC-60 bark collar has been very effective in training our Black Lab not to bark. We very much appreciate the warning sound it makes - usually this is all that is needed to remind him not to bark. We are very satisfied. Thank you!

Brent and Carrie Oswald - Amazon - September 22, 2014

Good product - dog settled down and was able to ...

Good product - dog settled down and was able to remove it after a few weeks-but she started up again -starting all over. She barks at squirrels,birds,etc..

jan - Amazon - September 22, 2014

Five Stars

Good product

Ron Carlgren - Amazon - September 21, 2014

Five Stars

Shut the bitch up after the first bark! Beagle???

JTWOLF - Amazon - September 21, 2014

Hit or Miss

So I've been using this collar for almost a year now and's been a hit or miss. At times it will shock him at the adequate moment and sometimes it'll just randomly shock him if it senses him move. I've tried adjusting the sensitivity but if I lower to wear it won't shock him when he moves an inch it won't shock him for when he barks. Its worked for the most part but it's very inconsistent. Also, it's only triggered by vibration and not by both sound and vibration like most other correctional collars. I wouldn't reccomend getting this unless you are in a really tight budget or if your dogs barking isn't extreme (because this does pack a really nasty punch). I do have to commend it for its toughness.

Matt - Amazon - September 21, 2014

Have a neighbor who leaves notes on my door that ...

Have a neighbor who leaves notes on my door that my dog barks too much! Got this collar and My neighbor Barkin Arkin hasn't complain since.

Desi - Amazon - September 21, 2014

One Star

Did not work at all for our 25 lb cockapoo.

Sue G. - Amazon - September 20, 2014

Irregular performance. Sometimes it will go off for no ...

Irregular performance. Sometimes it will go off for no reason other than your dog is sitting there, the majority of the time it won't go off regardless of how often your dog barks. Tried every setting multiple times, changed the contacts, fail to work in any logical way.

Tristan Abbott - Amazon - September 16, 2014

Design flaw

This worked great until we needed to change the battery. A plastic piece in the battery compartment broke and no it no longer works. Tried gluing. Had to buy another collar (different brand).

Amber Poppy (Delaware) - Amazon - September 16, 2014

Five Stars

looks good, haven't used it yet

R E "almanorian" (Reno, Nevada USA) - Amazon - September 15, 2014

Works Great!

Very pleased! I have two dogs both around 60 - 65 lbs. and basically now all I have to do is show them the collar and it stops the barking. One of the dogs wanted to bark all night, she is my outside dog, and since receiving the collar, I have not had a problem.
I looked at several brands and this was was the best price. It works without harming the dogs. It does scare them a bit but that is what keeps them from barking.
Would recommend.

graciemae - Amazon - September 15, 2014

One Star

Piece of crap! would shock him from just running but not when he was barking

Scott K. - Amazon - September 15, 2014

Well the bark control got to us the next day ...

Well the bark control got to us the next day it helped a lot and our neighbor stopped calling my husband that day when we put it on

Sergei&mariya chubakov - Amazon - September 15, 2014

Collar worked first time and brilliant value for money

Collar worked first time and brilliant value for money. However, is a little bulky and its a little difficult to attach to a chain - cant wear with another collar which can pose problems.

amy cameron - Amazon - September 15, 2014

I would recommend it for anyone with a dog with barking issues ...

Used it on my lab and german shepard/beagle mix and they will bark once but then after that they stop since after learning that they will get shocked after the first bark. If they don't have it on they will continually bark. It works for what we needed it to do. I would recommend it for anyone with a dog with barking issues while outside.

Kyla Dhabolt - Amazon - September 14, 2014

One Star

Was way too large for the dog. I had to return it.

Linda Krueger (Illinois) - Amazon - September 13, 2014

Great product, successful for my fur-babies!

This truly is a great product. I purchased two for my dogs, a beagle and a beagle/basset/daschund mix. The only issue I had was with one (why I'm not giving 5 stars). It would signal a warning beep when my dog simply shook her head, even on the least sensitive setting. It never caused her to get the actual "impulse" because she would calm down when she heard it, but I didn't want her to think she couldn't move with the collar on. For my beagle, Lilly, this worked fantastically. One day with just beeps, the next day with the short impulse and two impulses later she understood. Now she can simply hear the warning beep and realizes she needs to chill out. For my other mix breed, Annabel, she is a little more stubborn and it is almost guaranteed that she will get a few impulses every time she has the collar on. Luckily, after she does set off the short impulse she connects it with barking and knows she can't do that at the given time. Also, I just wanted to say that I was people who thought these were cruel and flat out terrible, but living in an apartment with two dogs that were bred to track and hunt left me with no oh her option. My entire family tested out the short impulse, several times and it isn't terrible by any means. It's like a jolt that more so startles you than anything. I'm sure it is unpleasant on a dogs neck but if used correctly and only left on when needed, these collars are not bad or inhumane. If you are anything like me, you will feel terrible the first few days with these collars. In my opinion, they are a little bulky (my dogs looked at me like "what is this huge thing on my neck," with super sad eyes), but also are smaller than other brands. Just remember dogs DO have to bark sometimes, they are made to bark and it's one of the way they express themselves so don't take that away from them completely!

A. W. "A.W." (WV) - Amazon - September 12, 2014

Four Stars

Works good, but a little more bulky than I expected.

starlite311 - Amazon - September 12, 2014

as a last defense choice they work great

although i admit i bought the collar as a last defense, they work splendidly. I have two dogs, whom both have these collars and within the first week of wearing the collar they hardly barked. My mother is also in need of a collar for her barking dog so i recommended this specific one and then got her one as on her request.

Rebeca Parker - Amazon - September 11, 2014

It Works!

We have a 70-ish pound Lab-Australian Shepherd Mix. She spends a lot of time in her kennel outside during the day in the summer and our neighbors have 2 dogs that bark at everything. That would cause Daisy to bark also and then it would be just constant barking most of the afternoon. The Dogtek collar works wonders! Ever since she started wearing it, I haven't heard her bark at all. Seriously, it's like night and day. I'm sure our neighbors appreciate it too.

We love the collar and yes, it really does work.

Jennifer Ayers-Gould "~*~ Passionate Spirit ~*~" (Bay City, MI USA) - Amazon - September 9, 2014

It seems like it's always dead

I have a German Shepard... And my dog can bark all day with it on. It seems like it's always dead.

Nathaniel Lush - Amazon - September 8, 2014


This collar was a big disappointment. First, it was really large and 'clunky.' But the bigger problem was its unpredictability. We ordered two for our two dogs and began with the beep-only setting. One never went off, even when the dog was barking. The other went off all the time: when the dog scratched, when he laid down, etc. Given that inconsistency, we never got to the shock setting, but returned the collars.

Fred Opalinski - Amazon - September 8, 2014

I don't like how this thing doesn't work off an actual sound ...

I don't like how this thing doesn't work off an actual sound sensor but instead of some weird movement mechanic. If I'm playing with my dog very actively she can trigger the collar from moving. I've even had to take it off while she was feeding because her munching triggered a shock. She HATES this thing. Not going to put this on my dog when it just makes her depressed. Sensitivity settings suck, other reviews have confirmed my fears about this device. This is one of the first times I've bought something off Amazon I wish I could get a refund for.

Justin H. - Amazon - September 8, 2014

This dogtek bark collar works great on him

I have a 4 yr old Australian Shepard-mountain cur mix that is 20-25 pounds. This dogtek bark collar works great on him. The first time he tried it on scared the poo out of him,literally, but he caught on by the second time. Now we don't have to worry about our neighbors complaining about him howling when we leave the house.

fruit_loop08 - Amazon - September 8, 2014

Worked good for about a month and a half on my ...

Worked good for about a month and a half on my 60lb yellow lab. After that it wouldn't register anymore and when I went to increase the sensitivity level, there was no screw on the inside as instructions said. Now it works very seldom. I loved this item at first but now am pretty disappointed with it.

Karen Broom - Amazon - September 8, 2014

Worked Great!

This worked perfectly on our dog. We had it on her for 4 or 5 days and she stopped barking. Now she doesn't wear it at all and her barking has decreased dramatically.

dsquezello - Amazon - September 8, 2014


I researched several bark control collars before opting to try the DOGTEK-60. We live on a corner lot in an active neighborhood, and have 3 golden retrievers. Two of them went into a barking frenzy every time a person, dog, bike, or even a squirrel went by! I ordered the first collar for our male. The collar is simple to use and the training tips were very helpful. Within 3 days, he was merely running to the fence, and NOT barking. I then ordered a second DOGTEK-60 for my other barker and now BOTH dogs just quietly greet passers-by with wagging tails. I never had to use the correction at full strength. I started out with just the beeps, and as soon as I introduced the correction at the least intensity, they made the connection. I continue to use the collars, but again have set them to merely beep, with no correction whatsoever. I am so glad that I made the purchase, as are my neighbors, undoubtedly....

anne kwasneski - Amazon - September 8, 2014

Don't buy

Worked well for two days, now it only works if a door is slammed or the sound of metal hitting metal is heard. Not when he barks! Waste of money!

Amazon Customer (Fayetteville, NC, United States) - Amazon - September 7, 2014

Burned skin and fur

I had this collar for a long time with no problems. Suddenly it broke, so we purchased another because we were moving to a new apartment. My dog is a corgi (so very thick fur) and tends to bark quite a bit when I'm not home (don't want to cause problems with our new neighbors, so this is our solution for when we need to leave him alone). One thing I noticed right off the bat was that this collar shocked him if he shook his head or scratched his neck (which was never a problem with the old collar). Well today during grooming, I noticed some discoloration on his neck under his jaw. It was brown (normally white) and his skin had burns! I didn't even put on the longer prongs for dogs with thick coats and like I said, I only put it on him as needed. I am appalled and it immediately went in the trash. I would be very cautious using this product and I myself will never use this brand again. Like I said, first time this has ever been a problem with a bark collar for us and we have used other brands in the past for him as well

jm98 - Amazon - September 7, 2014

Excellent product!!! Happy pups now!!

My two labs barked all day long. Just when we were at work. My neighbors are very nice people and didn't complain, but I could tell it was bothering them. I borrowed a more expensive collar but it was shock only no beep and had too much power. I bought 2 of these and they work better than advertised. My big lab is on beep only and my little lab is on short shock. They have been perfectly quiet while we are gone. The neighbors said they didn't know how bad they were until they stopped. A side benefit, they also are less agitated and they both run up for their collars when I leave for work. I am sorry I didn't try this sooner. Wonderful product, changed our dogs lives for the better. Thank you so much.

Steve Tuttle - Amazon - September 6, 2014

Works well....little too well :(

I bought this for my friend. I got tired of her dog barking every time I would go see her. For hours we would listen as he protested being outside. Finally I gave this to her. She trained the dog to use it and it was very effective in getting him to be quiet. In fact, it was so effective she left him outside in the heat and forgot about him and it ended poorly. Now I feel like a crappy friend but the collar did a good job.

Kathryn B. Mendez - Amazon - September 5, 2014

Results Probably Vary From Dog To Dog, But Definitely Worth A Try

Works well for our dogs (we have two). Wish it wasn't quite so bulky, but as long as my dogs stay quiet. We upgraded to these after using citronella spray collars for some time; our dogs figured out that if they barked enough they could just empty the spray chamber and then bark all they wanted.

One has the shock setting and the other one only needs to hear the beeps so I like that it gives the option.

Paul - Amazon - September 3, 2014

I have 5 Great Danes and only one needs a bark collar

I've been using this collar on and off for a few weeks . Seems to work just find. I have 5 Great Danes and only one needs a bark collar . I only have him wear it when he barks , it doesn't take long he catches on and I'll take it off .

KatMiller - Amazon - September 3, 2014

I like it

It's worts almost all the time

Juan A. P - Amazon - September 3, 2014

It is a good product for the price and it works pretty well

It is a good product for the price and it works pretty well, I have a large dog that barks all the time and I put it on him when he needs to be quiet and it seems to work.

C. McCarthy - Amazon - September 2, 2014

I love it

Love it. works great on my 40 pound long haired dog

julie - Amazon - September 2, 2014

Works as expected

It has worked well. I interchange the collar on a 7 year old, 68 lb dobermann and a 5 year old 70 lb American staffordshire. So far the battery has not needed replacement and the only "problem" is that when the dogs shake, like to stretch or wiggle around the collar beeps at them. I would consider buying another one if it turns out that I need one. The American staffordshire tends to bark incessantly if were outside and he is inside.

Kyle - Amazon - September 2, 2014

Glad I bought this.

We have a very smart/stubborn basset hound mix. She barks incessantly. You can't get her to stop. We put this collar on her. She didn't care about the beeping but as soon as she got a little shock for the first time, she was quiet. If the collar isn't on her she will continue to bark but now all we have to do is reach for it and she is quiet. We will just have her wear it and it isn't even in. Works for me!

Marie Dietz - Amazon - September 2, 2014

best bark control collar

Ive tried the really expensive collars and this one beats them all. I finally can sleep in the morning without my two german shepards barking at everything that moves. This collar works.

ANGEL - Amazon - September 2, 2014

Works great on our 80+ lb German shepherd mix

Works great on our 80+ lb German shepherd mix. We have used it every night for a few months now. Still works just like the day we got it.

sunshine5300 - Amazon - September 2, 2014

Item arrived quickly and works great! Though one issue I had was that the ...

Item arrived quickly and works great! Though one issue I had was that the battery it came packaged with only lasted a couple of days I had to go purchase another. I first thought the product was faulty as the battery it came with was showing 3v on my meter but quickly found the battery was just weak after running the test light voltage would drop considerably. Replaced it and product now functions properly.

I like being able to switch it to longer delay or shorter delay after giving warning beeps as I noticed my dog quickly knew how long he had till he could bark again. Changing settings on him threw him for a loop and now he is a lot more hesitant to bark at all. Unfortunately, he knows that he can bark freely without the collar on him at all.

When I had first put it on him my wife had just got home from grocery shopping, I slipped the collar on him and adjusted it to fit properly. Shortly after he barked at our cat just being playful, the collar beeped, he continued to bark but then was given a jolt. He happened to be standing next to a bag of sugar my wife purchased. I wished I could have gotten it on camera - his first jolt and the poor dog thought for sure the bag of sugar attacked him. He sniffed at the bag and crept towards it being hesitant to go to close.

I hate to even have to use this device to control his vocal nature but I can't help to laugh at how funny it was that first time around. Anyhow, great product for the price. I can now have him out in the back yard without him barking at his shadow and annoying my neighbors. Thanks!

Doug Parker (Abingdon, Va) - Amazon - August 29, 2014


First of all, the battery was dead. After replacing the battery, I confirmed the beep after turning the unit on. Besides that, there is nothing good about this product. It does absolutely nothing to curb my dog's barking. I have adjusted all the controls and still, nothing. This product is useless.

Matthew H. Williams - Amazon - August 29, 2014

Good price, good product

This collar has greatly reduced my dogs need to shout at the squirrels that taunt her from up on high, be it trees or power lines. Good price, good product.

J. Emans - Amazon - August 27, 2014

Too bulky and sensitive

Collar is okay. Too bulky for my 15-20 pound Miniature Schnauzers which causes them to shake their head often. The collar is a sensitive bugger that will beep at them for shaking their head even though I remove their regular collar and tags to help avoid interference and have it on the lowest sensitivity level. Whichever dog is wearing this collar usually ends up huddled in the corner not wanting to move or run around too much. It does keep them from barking but it also keeps them from playing.

Kelly Robison - Amazon - August 27, 2014

One Star

Only lasted 3 months then died.

David K. - Amazon - August 27, 2014

It works!! :-)

The bark collar is amazing. It works immediately. Great in the house and on walks. It seems comfortable for our cocker spaniels to wear. It is life changing for dogs and people!

Bob Koenig - Amazon - August 26, 2014

Excellent Product!

This collar has been very helpful in managing and reducing the loud barking of my Border Collie. I am using at the times his barking is most disruptive, during dinner. I have needed to use it less as his barking has diminished.

The product fit my 40# dog, the directions were clear, and I am very pleased!

Anne Findlay-Chamberlain - Amazon - August 26, 2014

I would recommend this as a training aid

Seemed to work very well. I would recommend this as a training aid.

Glenn C. - Amazon - August 25, 2014

Very effective tool

This bark collar works very well and trained my problem-barker dog within a few weeks. It's important though to not leave it on all the time, just when you're teaching them a lesson

Ryan L. Mccarthy (Syraucse, NY) - Amazon - August 25, 2014

Five Stars

Shut that dog up in a hurry. Now she sees that collar coming and she quits barking.

Jared Fowler - Amazon - August 22, 2014

Don't waste your money on this.

Worked great for two weeks with a great range. Refused to charge on its third charge and I ended up throwing this away. When it did charge it only held its charge for a couple of hours with minimal use. My father purchased it recently and is having the same problem. The cheaper version looked cheap but at least it lasted for a year before breaking.

dLyonBW - Amazon - August 21, 2014

Better Design for Waterproofing then other units

Great product, our previous training collar (Not Dogtek) said it was waterproof, but the charger port corroded and stopped working. This one is completely sealed with no open ports so it is much better designed for getting wet, which is good since our GSD goes swimming in the ocean every day. The best feature is the sound alert. After a few corrections using the sound first followed directly by a nip, she quickly learned to come to attention just by the sound and not having to issue a nip.

Badwolf617 - Amazon - August 21, 2014

does not shock the dog right away, he has ...

does not shock the dog right away, he has learned to pause between barks in order to get away without being shocked.

tina scott - Amazon - August 21, 2014

One night with this collar solved my poodles barking problem

Easy to operate and worked like a charm. My standard poodle had gotten in the habit of waking me up around 2am every night barking at nothing so something had to be done. One night with this collar on and the problem has stopped. Great product at a great price.

Suzanne - Amazon - August 20, 2014

plastic adjustment screw

The plastic adjustment screw is of poor design, this collar only lasted about 2 weeks before we tried to lower the setting, I would not recommend this product to a friend

Tyler Sprout - Amazon - August 20, 2014

this works pretty well for such a hard case

My dog is hard to train; this works pretty well for such a hard case. It takes the edge off his barking.

K. M. Cummings (Plano, TX USA) - Amazon - August 20, 2014

Not Recommended

I have a miniature schnauzer who has a maximum-output bark. This collar, no matter how I adjusted the collar's settings and probes, it will not detect his bark. The collar comes with a neon bulb that is used to test the collar - when I ran this test, the bulb lit-up, so while this test works to verify a charged battery and part of the circuitry, it doesn't work to verify that the device can sense the dog's barking. And aside from the fact that it doesn't work, the shortest probes that come with it are very long (almost an inch long) for a small dog and the device itself is quite large for a small dog. If it DID work I doubt my dog would get comfortable enough in his crate with this thing around his neck to get any sleep.

maako - Amazon - August 19, 2014

It works. My dog does not bark when he ...

It works. My dog does not bark when he wears it.

sas - Amazon - August 19, 2014

I love these collars!!! Changed our lives

I bought 2 of these collars for my out of control barking dogs. They barked at everyone including family that live with them. They also would chase and nip at people leaving our house. They would bark and chase cars. The dogs were getting very dangerous. From the moment we put the collars on our dogs, they changed into the best dogs ever. The barking always went along with their bad behavior. Now without the barking, they are not chasing cars or people. I enjoy having my dogs again!!!! I am so surprised how well the collars work, and how much we all enjoy them as part of our family again! I wish I had bought the collars sooner. I would recommend to anyone that can't take their dogs barking or bad behavior anymore.

carol hall - Amazon - August 18, 2014

Works great with a barking Shi Poo

Works great with a barking Shi Poo. Only been working with him a week, but he understands the collar from the first day.

Gary B - Amazon - August 18, 2014

Bark collar

I bought this product for my 65lb boxador for his nuisance barking when no one was home. It worked wonders on him. I was in danger of having to get rid of him, because I live in an apartment and the neighbors would complain. This collar was my last resort and now he never even gets shocked, because he doesn't bark anymore. So when I got another dog who also loved to bark when no one was home, (and honestly all the time) i got another for him. He is a 15lb terrier mix, which is the smallest dog I would suggest using it for. His neck measures 10in and any smaller, the collar would be too big. Anyway, it works for him as well, though he is more timid with it. Hope this helps. I really do recommend the product. Saved my dog from going to a new home.

CLo - Amazon - August 18, 2014

Occasionally he'll test his limits but it's pretty rare. All-in-all it's a pretty decent collar

Our dachshund (19 lbs) had a similar collar years back...after about a 3 year hiatus of not using it, we put this one on and he immediately knew not to bark. We don't even put the shock on...just the sound of the beeps works. Occasionally he'll test his limits but it's pretty rare. All-in-all it's a pretty decent collar.

Chaos2099 - Amazon - August 17, 2014

Not the experience I was hoping for

I have been really disappointed with this collar. It seems to work when it wants, leaving my dog completely confused and scared about getting shocked since it is not consistent to shock with each bark. I will be purchasing a more expensive brand, but had purchased this one based on really positive customer reviews. Unfortunately, my experience was not the same as those consumers.

Holly - Amazon - August 17, 2014

One Star

Does not work

Linda Lenk - Amazon - August 16, 2014

It works.

Within 2-3 times our dog learned the consequences of nuisance barking. Very effective and affordable.

Fred D. Wright - Amazon - August 13, 2014

I would definitely recommend this bark collar

I would definitely recommend this bark collar. Our dog Tessa was used to wearing an electronic fence collar. After reading the instructions, my husband set the bark collar to beep only. Tessa only tried to bark once and stopped immediately. We
Only need to use the bark collar if she is off leash camping or is being a little puppy crazy around the house. On the recommendation of our vet we didn't use the electronic fence collar until she was 6 months old and only used the bark collar once she was a year old.

Diane Andersen - Amazon - August 13, 2014

Great device

Very effective. Safe bc doesn't set off without vibrations. Like the multiple adjustment settings.

Erin stackhouse - Amazon - August 12, 2014

Effective product

The collar is effective. We have an 18 pound Jack Russel Terrier.

P B & J - Amazon - August 12, 2014

This thing flat out works.... I ...

This thing flat out works....I could not go out with out worrying about her barking. I can now.
End of story

Don Meredith - Amazon - August 11, 2014

It came in the mail very promptly. I have ...

It came in the mail very promptly. I have used this on my dog, it doesn't seem to phase her. it's just a big heavy collar.

teresa nagle - Amazon - August 11, 2014

Good collar

It works well on my 210lb fox terrier. We had the last model with the hard
plastic strap for a while but the strap cracked. The fabric strap is a
great improvement. Wish battery life was better but for the size what can
you expect

PaulM - Amazon - August 11, 2014

Watch the battery situation.

If you get this, also get 6 RCR123A 3.0V 750mAh LiFePO4 Rechargeable Batteries with a Smart Charger. Our oldest dog (only 1 yr) tests his collar every few minutes. This wears down the batteries in two nights (we remove the collar during the day) and the second his test barks aren't answered with a beep, he lets loose. Aside from that issue, the collar works wonderfully, even with the dogs playing in their kiddie pool.

Twisted Cherub - Amazon - August 11, 2014

Barely works.

Bought this to try and curb my bulldogs barking. This thing doesn't work for squat. I've tried adjusting it every which way and it will beep every 5th or 6th bark and it will hardly every go off for the 2nd time which is when it actually shocks. It's only worked properly two or three times. This thing is not worth the money I spent and I would never recemend it to anybody to buy.

Joel England - Amazon - August 10, 2014

... within a few days Lance grew accustomed to the annoying shocks and just kept barking as always

Collar worked OK at 1st but within a few days Lance grew accustomed to the annoying shocks and just kept barking as always. And I was afraid it would be too strong for a small dog like a rat terrier... Ha no way!!!

Steve Roberts - Amazon - August 9, 2014

I kept them like that for about 5 days and then I rotated ...

Ok so I have 3 dogs that barked incessantly before I bought these.

I have a 40 pound Blue Heeler who barked the most, and then two 75 pound 1/2 Labrador Retriever 1/2 Blue Heelers.

I only bought two of these to see how they worked as I was a little leery by all of the reviews, I want to make it clear, my dogs barked loudly and INCESSANTLY before getting these.

I started on the two 75 pound dogs while keeping the 40 pound inside, they both stopped barking instantly, I kept them like that for about 5 days and then I rotated out one with another..

Long story short, the 75 pound female stopped barking for good, shes a smart one.

The 75 pound male doesnt bark when the collar is on but he will forget and bark eventually if its off.

The 40 pound female Blue Heeler has always been our worst culprit and she barks even with the collar on sometimes, but you have to be careful, I got annoyed with her and turned it up full blast on her and it ended up making her lose some hair on her neck ( electrolysis effect ) and burned her a little bit.

Since then I have turned it down to about half sensitivity strength and short bursts and she doesnt bark with it like that.

My dogs barking is very well controlled now, I don't lose my mind with them outside, I don't have to worry about them barking nonstop at night time when people are sleeping, I can now finally leave them outside and not worry about complaints and so on.

So yes these collars work, just be careful with the sensitivity and you probably only need to use the middle setting, make sure you read the directions so you know how they work. There is a little screwdriver and two flaps with the settings controls under them on each collar.

Also despite what some people claim, I don't go through batteries very fast with these, I ended up getting the large pack of batteries displayed with the item here, and I think I have only used about 4 of them in the last month.

Hope this helps!

USMC0311 - Amazon - August 8, 2014

Two Stars

The neon test probes were both broken.

Sandra Kirby - Amazon - August 7, 2014

Five Stars

Works great!

Amazon Customer - Amazon - August 7, 2014

My dog hated it, I hated it

My dog hated it, I hated it. It left a burn mark on her and it was on the lowest setting. Was trying to work on her barking before baby comes but it was a failure. Will never buy a bark collar again.

Nico - Amazon - August 6, 2014


I read some of the previous reviews, and boy were they wrong. I think the instructions could be a bit clearer but as long as you follow them word for WORKS PERFECT. For one of my dogs (A Rottweiler) it worked on all settings when the sensitivity was LOW, and my other dog (a German Shepard) it didnt work on low sensitivity but only HIGH sensitivity mainly because the pitch of his barks were higher and doesnt have a lot of base. So when some previous users say it broke right away or doesn't work, it is mostly likely not set correctly. My german shepard barks like a mad man, so he really needs this type of collar. I can honestly say 100% that this collar works, you just have adjust it correctly to YOUR dog.

Also, just to mention how the settings work, there are 3 settings. (Beep, Low Stimulation, High Stimulation). The beep setting is ONLY beeps when the dog barks, no shock at all. The low stimulation gives the dog 2 quick barks with a warning beep, after a few seconds the dog doesnt gives a low shock/vibration. The high stimulation does the exact same thing as the low but with a higher shock/vibration. Now for the grand finale, I actually tried this out on myself, the beep setting and low setting. The beep setting worked great and some dogs actually respond to the beep setting, and then comes the low setting....for me it wasnt that it was painful, its just it was literally a strong sharp static charge and what also felt like a vibration and a muscle spasm. It definitely got my attention haha, now why did I try it? Well because I wouldnt want to torture my pet, so if I feel my dogs need something to correct them, I should be willing to test it for on myself in order to not hurt my pet.

So as being tested on a human, me :) I can definitely vouch for this product.

Qj - Amazon - August 6, 2014

Water easily gets into the main section of the collar

This bark collar is not water resistant. Water easily gets into the main section of the collar. You can take it completely apart and wipe it out and it will work again however. I would not recommend this collar if your dog ever gets wet.

Mavis - Amazon - August 6, 2014

The saga of Simon.and the collar that makes him freeze

Just haven't been able to get this collar to work properly. The company said I could return it, but I lost the packaging and you know how that goes.

Anyway, the collar seems to be very effective, but in the wrong way. Put it on my dog and as soon as he shook his head to try to figure out what this relatively large box was hanging from his neck, it beeped. As he tried to run away, it zapped him. Well, so goes the collar. When I it on him again, he froze-wouldn't move a hair. Tried to put it on on another occasion: he froze. Not a good look for my 10-month Yellow Lab.

So, as the device is sitting on the table, I picked it up to put it away, and it zapped me. Jeez. So, now I have this $50 collar and a dog that barks very loudly.

MAH (MO) - Amazon - August 6, 2014


Received it. Read directions. Hasn't worked once! It does no series of beeps when my dog begins to bark and nothing thereafter. I tossed shipping packaging as I'm a frequent shopper of amazon and have never sent anything back! I'm surely going to try.

colliene todd - Amazon - August 5, 2014

Would definitely recommend this!

The bark collar has been extremely effective. My dog would bark for hours when we left the house, but after using the collar she doesn’t bark and remains calm. I set up a camera to monitor her so I could see if it worked and it did.
She’s a Belgian malinois mix. approximately 40 pounds in weight.

A. Bhati - Amazon - August 5, 2014

Collar works great. We didn't even need to use the shock ...

Collar works great. We didn't even need to use the shock feature, the beeping takes care of the barking issues. Great, effective product.

Liz - Amazon - August 4, 2014

Works great! My lab mix used to bark at every ...

Works great! My lab mix used to bark at every person who walked by. So much better to have a quiet dog. We don't even have to use it all the time.

J. Delaney (PITTSFIELD, MA, US) - Amazon - August 4, 2014

Five Stars

worked well and as it was stated

Judith Bean (Mentor, Oh United States) - Amazon - August 3, 2014

Five Stars

Works great on our small Aussie Shepard. She's smart so it didn't take her long at all.

TonyTheDad (Austin, TX USA) - Amazon - August 2, 2014

Did not work for my dog.... ...

Did not work for my all. Maybe his bark is too whinny as he is still a puppy, but he is a 35 lb dog.

G. Avriett (Yorktown, VA) - Amazon - August 2, 2014

Terrible product

Didn't work, constantly shocked my dog when he moved. Terrible product

Staci D - Amazon - August 1, 2014

Five Stars

Miss Sassy Ass is now Miss Mother May I.

Amazon Customer "researchqueen" (WV) - Amazon - July 31, 2014

I put it on her once and it hurt her so bad I never used it

Too harsh on my small dog. I put it on her once and it hurt her so bad I never used it again

Lela Zaranec - Amazon - July 30, 2014

Two Stars

Difficult control mechanisms.

Amazon Customer "sparrowhawk65" (Ny) - Amazon - July 30, 2014

Great product, controls barking, and easy to use.

My neighbors told me my dog barks when we leave the house. This product has stopped the dog barking when we are away. I like the features this back control collar comes with, as it gives the dog ample warning. My dog has learned the warnings. I like the fact this collar has warnings instead of bark-and-shock. This product is also very durable, easy to use, easy to setup, and easy to add and remove from the dog. I recommend this product.

Dax Lindley (Norcal) - Amazon - July 29, 2014

The setting was quite high and made my dog yelp ...

The setting was quite high and made my dog yelp in pain. It really needs settings so it can be adjusted for slightly more sensitive dogs. Had to discontinue after only a day or so and start again with another product.

Erin Carr - Amazon - July 29, 2014

Sz vs sz of dog

Housing was too large for my 17lb dog. I had to return it

karen - Amazon - July 28, 2014

Five Stars

Has saved my relationship with my neighbors.

TTG&A - Amazon - July 28, 2014

Came with parts which should have warned me off. ...

Came with parts which should have warned me off. You need to use tools to reach deep into blue shock piece to turn item on or off. The switch is MINISCULE. Also, the collar buckle is VERY hard to open. In fact, I couldn't do it at all! (My hands are strong).
So, we never even had a chance to use this item. It is worthless!!!!

janc111 - Amazon - July 28, 2014

One Star

Didnt work at all and had to send back

Keri C. - Amazon - July 28, 2014

... it was on the dog it came apart very easy.

My other dog chewed the color off of it while it was on the dog it came apart very easy.

Nicholas Payne - Amazon - July 27, 2014

I’ve never opened the package so really I don’t know how good it works

I bought this Electronic Bark Control Dog Collar for my neighbor’s barking dog next door; it is so powerful that a day or two after it arrived the dog stopped barking while it was still in the package it arrived in, I never even opened the blister pack and magically the dog disappeared and have never heard him bark again. LOL... I’ve never opened the package so really I don’t know how good it works.

Mr. Mike - Amazon - July 26, 2014

Five Stars

Tks good

Diana Jeans (KIRKLAND, AZ, US) - Amazon - July 26, 2014

Waste of money

Waste of money!! It beeps even when my dog is walking around not barking. Horrible product should've spent more money on a better quality bark collar!

Renee Brady - Amazon - July 25, 2014

waste of money

quite working after a few weeks. waste of money.

Taylor - Amazon - July 24, 2014

Helpful tool

I bought this bark collar for my 8 year old yellow lab that weighs about 90lbs. I use the collar after he has barked intensely several times and I have said, "don't bark". I believe it helps to remind him to stop after an initial bark or two. I also say "don't bark" . I think the collar is a useful tool and I will continue to train with it.

"Nana" Hunter - Amazon - July 24, 2014

Vey effective. I have two dogs. A male ...

Vey effective. I have two dogs. A male Dogo Argentino that is 110 lbs and a female Dogo/ Pit Bull mix that is 90 lbs. The male barks a lot and the female a moderate amount. The Dog Tek has been extremely effective in stopping them from barking.

Douglas - Amazon - July 24, 2014

Four Stars

This is a really good item, reasonably priced, purchased from a great vendor.

Thomas Strausbaugh - Amazon - July 24, 2014

Not consistent.

I really wanted this to work for me. Unfortunately it does not. At first it seemed to be operating as advertised, however I very quickly began to notice my dog getting corrections for no reason. It appears that this is a vibration activated rather than sound activated. I have a high energy sporting dog that runs and plays hard for most of the day. So she got shocked a couple times when she was just running around. Also, it is very difficult to get this collar to stay in place on her vocal cord area. It has a tendency to rotate and end up on the side of her neck rather than the front. The only fix I can think of is to tighten it even more. I already felt that it was quite tight. I mean I would like to keep my dog alive. All in all, I was pretty let down by this device. Certainly would NOT recommend. Maybe others have had better luck.

Ray from Wray - Amazon - July 23, 2014

Only took my dog one time barking past the warning ...

Only took my dog one time barking past the warning beeps to stop his barking. Now as soon as the warning sounds, he stops. His charging and barking along our fence line has dramatically declined.

Amazon Customer - Amazon - July 23, 2014


Please dont buy this collar. And if you insist, try it on yourself first. It comes with a tester light because they dont want you to try it out on yourself. Scrape it on the table to test it as the instructions tell you to, but keep your finger on the side of the prongs as you do so you can feel the shock your dog would feel... There is no way you will put it on your dog once you feel the excruciating pain that follows, on the lower of the two settings. My arm and neck still hurts a day later.

tara dennis - Amazon - July 22, 2014

no problem so far

it works!!!

D. Barto (PA) - Amazon - July 22, 2014

Five Stars


W M - Amazon - July 21, 2014

Very good for the price.

This collar took a few days to get adjusted just right, but once we got it adjusted and set up correctly our dog went from barking at everything that moved to a quiet relax dog. Still in process to get him to understand it is the barking, and not the collar, but so far so good. The adjustment screw for the strength is nice, and we also like that we can turn the shock off as the dog relates the beep to the shock so we only had to shock him once. Our dog is small to medium at 18lbs, and the collar fit at the smallest setting, I would not suggest it for even smaller dogs. Also we did have to change out the probe to the longer version to make contact, but they included it with the package.

Tim Macintosh - Amazon - July 18, 2014

Dogtek works great on my dog

Dogtek works great on my dog .for small breeds do not give maximum shock more than one can try your self with your two thumbs and bark you will feel how strong

kum - Amazon - July 18, 2014

Five Stars


Mauricio - Amazon - July 17, 2014

my dog is a puggle. He barks a lot ...

my dog is a puggle. He barks a lot. when we bark control on him, it works. my dog stop barking for most of the time.

Yi Cao - Amazon - July 16, 2014

It's made him a little jumpy but its better than the barking

This collar seems to be effective for my dog. It's made him a little jumpy but its better than the barking. it only seems to beep now but now buzz him. I'm not sure what it is. Maybe it is not sitting in the right place with his collar?

Janine B. - Amazon - July 15, 2014


Our Aussie had become a real nuisance barker. This collar was an instant solution to the problem. Recommended.

Grampz - Amazon - July 15, 2014

did not work.... did not activate ...

did not work....did not activate when dog barked...high pitched may be why...but activated when I made noise and touched with my finger.

W. Bradford - Amazon - July 15, 2014

I bought this collar (and a couple others to test out) based on good reviews. My dogs bark a lot when we ...

Product features:
The collar works by sensing vibrations from your dog’s yelps, barks, or growls. It then gives your dog a warning beep before administering a system of static impulses.
I bought this collar (and a couple others to test out) based on good reviews. My dogs bark a lot when we leave and as we are in a duplex, the barking annoys our neighbors. We’ve tried sneaking out, giving them treats, you name it—nothing was working. Overall, I think this may be my favorite bark collar out of the three that I purchased! It works amazingly fast. I’d highly recommend the Dogtek Electronic Bark Control Collar.
As I’ve mentioned in my review of a similar product (the same holds true for any bark collar or form of sanction for a human or animal): For those who are claiming that this collar does not work-- it is important that you ensure that your dog doesn’t begin associating the collar with the shock. If this happens, your dog will only quit barking when they are wearing the collar and therefore, no learning is taking place. In order to avoid this, you should begin by putting the collar on the dog without turning it on. After several days, you can begin turning it on. It is recommended that you not turn it on every day or even every time you leave. If done in this manner, it shouldn’t take long for your dog to associate the shock with barking, rather than the collar.
Because this collar administers a shock to sanction the dog, you must put the collar on tight (without choking or cutting of circulation) so that the shocks can be felt. If you have a long-haired dog, you must brush back the fur so that the collar is close to the skin. It took a little bit of trial and error to get it right for each of my dogs. It is also important to remember that the instructions state that you should not keep the collar on the dog for longer than 12 consecutive hours—this means that you need to start working the collar into your family’s routine. For example: The first week, put the collar on your dog each time you leave, without turning it on. When you return (or after the high volume barking period), take the collar off. The second week, turn the collar on one or two times that week during the time your dog barks most, and take it off afterwards.

The collar works relatively fast and was only needed for a few weeks before we noticed improvement in the frequency of our dog’s barking. I appreciate that this collar gives warning beeps. After the first bark, the collar begins to beep. If after a few moments, the dog barks again, the collar vibrates. If the barking continues at that point, it administers a shock. In this way, I feel as though it’s harder for the dog to associate the shocking with the collar and more so with the barking, which is great!
As previously mentioned, you must put the collar on rather tight on bigger dogs and/or dogs with long fur. The collar needs to be very close to the skin to work. The collar is also quite expensive, as are the batteries that it takes to work. Another collar we purchased will automatically shut off if your dog barks a certain number of times within a short period of time. I like that because one of my dogs is very timid and scared of everything. I knew not to use that collar on her anymore after the first use but was glad that it shut off when she started to get visibly upset. As far as I can tell, this collar does not have that option.

S. Groves - Amazon - July 14, 2014

NOT great for large breed dogs

Its ok, works for being a bark control collar, but not perfect. I have a weim, which is LARGE breed dog, I have to use the larger prongs, but he is still able to get more barks out than he should.

K. Mejia "jackers" (Canton, TX) - Amazon - July 14, 2014

Like the Beep

I like the warning beep feature. It warns the dog that the shock is coming unless he settles down. My dog learned the connection between the beep and the shock very quickly, and he rarely activates the shock.

Loren Minert - Amazon - July 14, 2014

Very helpful tool (when used properly) to help eliminate excessive barking!

If you take 5 mins and read the instructions, it is super easy to use. I followed the instructions and when it did zap her it only took that one time and she will not bark when it's on anymore. This was a very helpful tool (when used properly) to help stop excessive barking.

Libby - Amazon - July 12, 2014

Very effective training tool

This collar was easy to fit to my puggle's neck. And, after a couple weeks of use, my dog doesn't bark needlessly anymore, so we never have to use it! I tested it out on my wrist before putting it on her, and the shock was not painful, just startling. Also, it beeps a warning beep the first time and only shocks if she keeps barking. So, she quickly learned what the warning beep meant and didn't have to get shocked.

Robin Young - Amazon - July 12, 2014

Good therapy collar for uncontrollable.

My leaning small breed bratt barely meets the standard for this & we call it his therapy collar. I use to be apologetic & embarassed with how he'd go off. I use to say, "He's in love with his own bark." Now, I believe he was afflicted with little manidis. If he goes off I PUT THE COLLAR ON; the CHOICE IS HIS. Not only has he learned to control his barking frenzies, but an added unexpected benefit is that he's become more socialable; the 4th was actually fun with him & friends. I wonder how many little guys end up at the pound because of their bad behavior, which brings me to my only suggestion, make another size for the smaller breeds. Anyway, it's been a wonderful, humane solution to a dog who was getting scary mean with others. Now, when he's see's other dogs/people, the hair on his back may go up a little, but he's usually good now & everyone's impressed with his improved behavior; no more pound suggestions.

ten - Amazon - July 11, 2014

A must if you have a barker...

Worked as described. Only needed to use the buzz setting twice then switched to just beeps. I work from home and it helped to stop all the barking.

Would have given it five stars, but the instructions were so small to read. It would be great if they were available online.

Chicky Chicky Yaw Yaw Yaw - Amazon - July 9, 2014

Only used on our most stubborn dog

We do not let our dog out without one. However, the on/off switch is poorly designed so we leave it on. And that requires changing the battery every month.

Peter Pace - Amazon - July 8, 2014

Great product, but can be too sensitive

Great product! Has made a huge difference with our 1 year old adopted German Shepherd. She always barks when we leave and goes crazy barking when we return, which leads to her jumping and sprinting around and disturbing the neighbors. Since we've used this, she's stopped barking inappropriately. She also doesn't run around and jump when we return anymore because she doesn't work herself into a frenzy from barking. I recommend being with your dog the first few times it goes off because it can startle them at first. The only down side is it has shocked her a few times when it shouldn't have. She has a very loud yawn and apparently that is enough to activate it, even with the sensitivity set very low. Overall a great purchase!

annap - Amazon - July 7, 2014

great product

Worked great on my German Shepherd once I put the long prongs on. the first hour he wasn't barking at people walking by anymore the second day I put it on the first setting where it only beeps and he doesn't bark at people walking by I also tested on my self before I put it on him to be sure it work properly great product

Eggee - Amazon - July 7, 2014

Well-constructed, problems with correction mechanism

This collar is very well-built -- the last bark collar I had (different manufacturer) began to malfunction pretty quickly, and I'm confident this one will hold up. My issue with this collar is that it is evidently activated based on vibration detected in one of the probes, and thus can't discriminate between a bark and other kinds of vibration-inducing activity. After making sure the collar was fitted well to my Chessie's neck and selecting the low-stimulation setting, I found that the unit would trigger for light whimpering, head-shaking, or even playing with my other dog. So my dog had no idea what he was being corrected for. In a matter of a couple hours he went from a happy (albeit barking) dog, to being afraid to barely move. I can't put it on him again. Giving two stars for the good construction.

Robert Barrett - Amazon - July 6, 2014

One Star

Didn't work at all on my dog - think it was defective

Drewski (USA) - Amazon - July 6, 2014

A very good product. Does the job of keeping our dog ...

A very good product. Does the job of keeping our dog from barking.

Old Duffer - Amazon - July 5, 2014

the best device

The best set and wait. It works very well.

Edith Muhammad - Amazon - July 4, 2014

Four Stars

has worked well since it arrived. No noise complaints!

Rhiannon Webb - Amazon - July 3, 2014

The dog collar works like a charm

The dog collar works like a charm. My collie has it taped - when it is on she is quiet and well behaved, when it is off it is open season.

lynne Shone - Amazon - July 2, 2014

The bark collar works good for my dog

The bark collar works good for my dog. We've only used it a couple of times and it definitely stops the nuisance barking.
Dog is a Jack Russel/Welsh Corgi mix approx 20 lb.

chuck - Amazon - July 2, 2014

The last result for me...but it did the trick!

I have a 4 year old Beagle-Basset-Austrailian Shepherd mix named Blue, and
he weighs about 40 pounds. The Dogtek BC-60 bark collar I purchased on
Amazon was my last resort, but it has made a world of difference. He only
barks when my husband and I are out of the apartment, so that's when we use
it. When it's on, Blue might bark once, but he normally stops when he hears
the beeps. He doesn't seem to mind wearing it, but I have noticed a red
spot on his neck where the prongs are normally located, although I'm not
sure if this is directly related to the bark collar or not. He has a shrill
whine he does instead of barking, but is always quiet by the time we get back, so at least it doesn't bother the
neighbors. Overall, I'd rate the effectiveness of the Dogtek BC-60 at 3 1/2
out of 5 stars.

Hannah Elizabeth Esterline - Amazon - July 1, 2014

One Star

Don't bother. Doesn't work

Amazon Customer (PORT SAINT LUCIE, FL, US) - Amazon - July 1, 2014

Didn't like how it moved around my dogs neck if she ...

Didn't like how it moved around my dogs neck if she wiggled around. I used it on her for up to 8 hours a day. She would only need it once every few days before she remembered she could bark when it wasn't on!

Mariah Peck (SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, US) - Amazon - July 1, 2014

Works, just wish it had rubber so it's not metal against his neck

We have a Lab and boy is he a barker. We should have named him Sir Barksalot!

We purchased this bark collar just after our son was born. Our dog responded well to it and has only been shocked once by it before he learned. It gives the dog one to two (I forget) warnings before it'll shock him. I like this because it warns him and gives him time to stop barking.

Con: The only negative I could say about this is that it doesn't have rubber to go over the prong metal things that shock the dog. I would thing that would hurt. :( Our old shock collar had them and our dog did just find with it. This one leaves his neck a bit irritated.

Please remember to only leave this on your dog fr a maximum of 8 hours (or as recommended) at a time. Dogs NEED time to talk too!

Jessie Stevens - Amazon - June 24, 2014

Waste of money

Worked for a couple days, began making a high pitched squealing noise and never worked again, save your money. Or if you're intent on wasting it I'll send you my paypal

befuddled - Amazon - June 24, 2014

Easy trainer for noisy dog

We adopted a dog after our old Basset passed on. Right off we found he loved to bark and the neighbors didn't appreciate that.
Searched Amazon and found recommendations for this. Ordered it and got it quickly. Put it on and let the dog run the yard. He barked a couple of time and realized that was not a good thing. Stopped his barking immediately. After that if we let him out and he started barking all we had to do was show him the collar and he would stopl Didn't even have to put it on!

Michael Avery - Amazon - June 22, 2014

It works.

It works. However, I do not use it constantly. I only use it when she is in a barking mood.

Avelino Perez - Amazon - June 22, 2014

Terrible, Traumatizing!

I used it once, and then cried when I saw my poor dog's reaction. I have a Terrier (Bichon) and he was barking and this stupid device biped and gave him a single shock. The way he jumped into air and screamed I was traumatized with him as well. Never use this device of torture!!!

Sepidish - Amazon - June 16, 2014

It's a no-go.

Alright, so the product tells you to test it out by dragging it along the carpet, and we have to make sure it works. It definitely works, considering we have shocked ourselves a few times. But! it doesn't seem to work on our dog! We put it on him and when he starts barking, he just won't stop. Oddly enough, we can hear the beeps that lets us know it's working, but it does nothing to reprimand his barking. We have tightened it, loosened it, put it on all three settings, but it just does not work.

Therefore, either it only works on us humans and does not work on our dog; or it does work on our dog, but it's not enough to make him stop barking. Now we have a $40 dust-accumulator sitting on our desk.

GentlemanBrent - Amazon - June 15, 2014

Works well

Our dog and arked whenever we left the house, annoying the neighbors. Put this on him, no more barking. We don't even use it anymore.

KEVIN V. - Amazon - June 9, 2014

Limited success

This collar beeps after a dog's first bark (as a warning) and gives a shock after a second bark. The only thing my dog learned from this collar is to bark loudly, but only once. If that's good enough for you, then buy this product. But if you want your dog to stop barking completely, this collar won't do the trick. In fact, I swear it does the opposite--it encourages him to get one good bark in.

Russell Proctor - Amazon - June 9, 2014

Quiet Beagle!!!!!

Worked great on my beagle. He now only barks once since he knows the collar will let him do that without issue.
We took the collar off after two weeks and he still only barks once instead of howling incessantly.
Quality appears to be good although the unit looks bulky on this small to medium sized beagle.

Highly recommended!

A. Jenkins (McKinney, Texas USA) - Amazon - June 9, 2014


I am very pleased! I like the warning beep feature. It trains my dogs to listen to the warning without immediate shock correction. It only took them a week to understand they couldn't bark. Also, it's important to rotate the contact prongs' location on your dog's neck. It WILL burn them after continued use. Most important is you can adjust the sensitivity of the sensor AND shock. It's never easy to make the choice to bark collar your dogs but the added features give us both comfort. Kudos!

V Harriet "Little Mama's Mama" (Newark, NJ) - Amazon - June 8, 2014

It works ok

I can not get the sensitivity just right on this thing. My dog still barks until it beeps then he will stop and bark again in 2 minutes. He is smarter than this device.

Escarlet - Amazon - June 8, 2014

It works

Although it is on a pretty tough dog, that really isn't interested in learning not to bark, it works. One bark, a series of beeps, another bark and zap! Nice and quiet all night long. No longer have to listen to all night barking and the neighbors are happier as well.

Joe Thompson "Single dad here..." (Riverside, CA, USA) - Amazon - June 6, 2014


Shocked my dog when she shaked, didn't do anything when she barked. Waste of money, don't bother. Better products out there

Justin T Scott - Amazon - June 4, 2014

Great purchase

We've had less expensive bark collars that have kind of worked, but this one has been great, and has improved the noise in our house by about 80-90%. The warning beeps are very subtle, and there are times the dog seems to be able to out-bark the collar, but otherwise we have been very happy with this purchase!

case1216 - Amazon - June 4, 2014

Work great

These have been a life saver for us from an annoying neighbor who antagonizes the dogs in the neighborhood then calls animal control and complains about all the barking.

Rested - Amazon - June 2, 2014

It Works

I am against such things, but living in an HOA the dogs barking at things was starting to cause issues. It keeps them pretty quiet (I don't have it on the highest setting).

M Robertson (Arizona, USA) - Amazon - May 28, 2014

Works great

It only took a couple shocks for my dog to associate barking to the beep/shock, now just the beep is enough to stop any barking. I even recorded the beep on my phone for times where I do not have the collar and it works!

Cndnmax - Amazon - May 27, 2014

Great product from Dogtek

I have 3 black labs. All are different weights. The largest is 90lbs. The collar worked great right out of the box. I only had to use the collars on 2 of my labs and both stopped barking immediately. Now, even without the collars they don't bark much at all. It worked for anxiety when I am not home or inside the house. It also helped with neighbors walking or jogging past the house. The only thing I can see as an improvement is being able to buy extra pins if needed. I don't attribute that to the design at all though. I've tried quite a few collars in the past and pins have come loose eventually and get lost somehow. Dogtek makes an excellent product and would choose this one over the Petsafe bark collar any day. A++++

John Cook - Amazon - May 25, 2014


IT IS AWESOME. She is a boxer mix. After about 2 weeks, we removed it.
After about 4 days, we put it back on for about a week. She has not worn
it for 2 weeks now. No more constant barking. Worth the money.

R.C. (MD) - Amazon - May 23, 2014

Loved it

This product work great for my dog. What I like about it is there is different settings. It fit my 45 pound dog just well

Lysandra - Amazon - May 22, 2014

Great Collar

OH it works better than could be expected....this has really solved his nuisance barking at every person who would walk by. We are very happy.
He is a border collie/blue heeler mix about 45 lbs.

nmgirl1960 - Amazon - May 22, 2014


This collar is working WONDERFULLY! We have a 70lb Black and Tan Coon Hound rescue. We are hoping that eventually the collar will not be needed, but while it is he is definitely aware and slowly learning that every squirrel doesn't warrant a full on barking fit. Thank you so much! We also love that this uses batteries that are available as rechargeables!

Neptunalia (Upstate, SC USA) - Amazon - May 22, 2014

Effective on thick fur dogs!

Great purchase! Works great on my 30 lb terrier mix. I use the longer probes since he has thick wiry terrier fur. No barking= no complaints from neighbors. Had another bark collar that didn't work but this one does the trick. He stopped barking really quickly. The beep is now enough.

Ali (USA) - Amazon - May 21, 2014

Very good overall

The collar works very well. It is well designed and the collar seems to have plenty of adjustment. My dog (55 lb Pit mix) responded very well to it, she learned quickly to control her barking, but never acted as if the collar was causing her pain. The ONLY negative thing I can find at all to say about the collar is that the controls can be a little difficult. They are very small and contained deep in the housing. While this is a good thing, the only way to turn the collar off/on or adjust the intensity is with the (included) mini screwdriver or another small object. I would gladly purchase this again.

J. McLean-Black "Jake" (Colton, CA) - Amazon - May 21, 2014

Blue Magic

This collar works like magic. Seriously, within 10 minutes, our dog had stopped barking. Now the beep is enough to remind her to be quiet if she starts to get worked up, so she is not even getting the shock anymore. And I have the sensitivity set so she can still make noises, but she can't progress to the constant annoyance bark. The only reason it's not 5 stars is because the on/off switch, which is tiny and underneath a rubber plug, is not easily accessible. You have to use the little screwdriver to turn it on and off. Other than that, it's an awesome product and reasonably priced.

Rebekah - Amazon - May 20, 2014

Great collar for the money

It works great. Our cocker spaniel was barking too much, so we got this collar. After using sparingly for a couple weeks, all we have to do now is just say "collar" to our dog and he stops barking.

DanWDC "DanWDC" (Lakeville, MN) - Amazon - May 19, 2014


Great concept, only problem is it didn't work, it was defective, so I returned it. Basically, it was a failure to shock, and our Beagle continued to howl. We then bought a Dogtra collar triggered by sound, and it worked great.

Walter Branson - Amazon - May 15, 2014

Lesson learned: don't buy used stuff.

No instructions, the little bulb came in pieces and I had no idea what the little parts were for. There wasn't even an on button. I returned it.

jilliansiggy (Tampa, FL) - Amazon - May 14, 2014

Collar works fine.

Have lab mixes. Weight from 70 to 100 lbs. collar works fine. Stops barking after 3rd shock. Happy with the results.

Sarah Brock (Houston,TX) - Amazon - May 14, 2014

The device is too sensitive

I had this for a few weeks now, I noticed that the sensor is not functioning properly.
It should turn on only when the dog barks.
But instead it turns on when he is laying down on the floor or playing.
It seems like it turns on whenever the device gets hit by some object.

I had a couple of other bark color and they all worked very properly.
This one... not so much. i do not recommend this production to anyone.

Ami04 - Amazon - May 14, 2014


Any time the dogs shook their heads, scratched, jumped or otherwise moved, the thing would go off. Sometimes when they barked, it wouldn't even activate. They assumed that moving caused them to go off and not the barking.

Eric R. Caron "TCM" (Texas, USA) - Amazon - May 14, 2014

Great quality, has a hard time registering bark

I gave this a one star review because it hardly does its intended job. I was trying to keep my German Shepherd quite during the day time when I am not home to issue a correction. This collar registered a few times in the first week, but now no corrections are issued.
I will say the product quality is perfect, not issues in that regard.

Joseph Myles Gardner - Amazon - May 13, 2014

Worked well for 15 months, then it died

I really liked this bark collar. It worked very well for the first 15 months on my Golden Doodle (~60 pound female). It has been broken now for a couple of weeks, just beeps and shocks her randomly. I contacted the manufacturer and they told me that since it had been 15 months I would have to send it to them for an estimate or buy a new one. They also told me that repairs are normally more expensive than a replacement, so they suggested I just go ahead and buy another one.

I told them thanks but no thanks, it was too expensive to only get 15 months of use out of it.

Darin Brown (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA) - Amazon - May 13, 2014

Excellent collar! Be sure to adjust the sensitivity!

Our dog is extremely active and has a strong protective instinct. The collar has done very well training our dog not to bark at everything that moves. He figured out the connection almost immediately, and continues to be watchful but not obnoxious. He will let out a subdued 'woof' to alert us of the mailman or FedEx guy instead of his usual bad behavior.

The sensitivity settings take a few attempts to get dialed in to recognize his barks, but not beep/shock him for galloping around the property or shaking his head vigorously (he has sensitive ears). He's been zapped a few times without barking and has the saddest look of betrayal when it happens :)

Brody is a Texas Blue Lacy and is around 60 lbs -- roughly the size of a Lab, but slimmer.

Sirion - Amazon - May 12, 2014

Works Great

The Dogtek bark control collar works great on my Doberman. She can be a nuisance barker at times and within minutes of putting the collar on her the barking stops. Very satisfied with this purchase.

T. B. Green (Butler, PA United States) - Amazon - May 12, 2014

toucky topic for us, but ultimately the better option

We have a Vizsla, who weighs about 45 lbs. He's very stubborn and has a strong protective tendency. As long as we put the collar on him, it is effective. We'd hoped to train him off his excessive barking, but that does not seem to be very plausible now. Overall, I would definitely recommend the collar - he is always excited to put it on because he knows he gets to go to his run. Which also means, to me, that there's no malfunction occurring - he's not getting corrected randomly, without cause. That was a huge concern and something I found common among certain other manufacturers. Vizslas are extremely active dogs - without this collar, we wouldn't be able to let him out to run, which would be much more damaging than the collar since he never barks when it's on anyway. This was not a product I ever saw myself purchasing because it really seemed like a mean thing to do but, like I said, it's a better alternative under our circumstances.

The Flaming Sapphire (Alliance, NE) - Amazon - May 12, 2014

Easy to Use and Works Great!

We adopted a dog 5 months ago who is just an angel- except her being very overprotective and barking at everything. When she was in the yard she just barked and barked to no end. I ordered the "necklace" as we call it to just control the outside barking. We set it on the lowest shock and it probably took her a couple times to learn first there's beeping and then there's a jolt. I put it on her a few days just to make sure she knew. After a few days I set it on the beep sound only. Low and behold NO barking whatsoever. If she's in the house and barking all we have to do is either pick the collar up and ask if she needs her "necklace" on or make the necklace beep and she goes and lies down. This is an excellent training device. This may not be the way with all dogs, but then again ours is the smartest in the world ;)

Amy Martin - Amazon - May 12, 2014

poor quality

These collars worked fine when we first got them, but the first time the dogs jumped in the water it showed that it is a very poor quality product. The collar is not waterproof or water resistant. Once the water got in the collar, it went off continuously which caused my dogs to freek out completely. Now they just ignore when the collar beeps because they aren't scared of the sound or static anymore. I would not recommend buying these at all.

AM - Amazon - May 12, 2014

Wonderful product!

I am very pleased with how well the Dogtek BC-60 bark collar worked! We purchased this for our two year old jack Russell/spaniel mix, she weighs 35 pounds. It took three zaps and she has completely stopped barking. We don't even have it turned on anymore and she still won't bark.

Benjamin White - Amazon - May 12, 2014


It works okay for my dog. I doesn't catch him barking right away so usually he doesn't get the shock till couple barks later or not one at all.

ashley - Amazon - May 10, 2014


This thing really works. Put it on my lab-pit mix at the factory settings without correction, out of the box. Left it on him for 4 hours and the barking has stopped. He tested it two times and that was it. If he gets out of control now, all we do is show it to him. Amazing product.

G. E. Martin (Orange Park Fl) - Amazon - May 9, 2014


At first, it seemed to work a bit. It shocked my dog, but not every time she barked. However, it was also shocking her when she was NOT barking and just playing. My other foster dog was not barking either, but the collar was beeping and shocking my dog and I took it off of her right away! I am returning these!

lu "Lu" (Around The World) - Amazon - May 5, 2014

Works very well

I bought this as a last resort to get my husky puppy to stop barking in his crate. He would bark non-stop, and nothing I did would make it stop. The first time I put this collar on him, he kept barking, but he quickly learned that if he kept it up, he would receive a shock. From the second time on, he has remained quiet whenever I put this on him. After two months, he has even gotten to the point where I don't have to put it on him most of the time while in his crate. If I ever do need to use it though, it always works wonders.

lstgrl0308 - Amazon - May 4, 2014

works well

This collar seemed to work well for my Shih-a-poo, but definitely delivers a powerful shock. He was shocked a couple of times and yelped and jumped. I can now just leave it on the "beep" mode. I only use it when he goes outside at night, as that's when the barking was getting out of control. I would not recommend leaving this on for lengths of time because it is a weight around their neck and my dog looks like he feels awkward with it on. It's a little cumbersome with having to adjust it with the mini screwdriver. But it serves its purpose. While I resisted using a shock collar for a long time, I'm glad I tried this one. Also, glad that it worked within just a couple shocks.

Attn: Lady Merriment (Chicago, IL) - Amazon - May 4, 2014

Works ,with supervision at first.

Put it on the dogs when the neighbors are out. I tell them "no bark" , if they continue to bark, I put it on. Tried just the beeps, but they figured that out quick. So I set it on med. for shock. Three barks later, "zappo". When that happens ,I remind them "no bark". They immediately quit. Three times of this and they caught on. Now I say "no bark" then show them the collar. They understand.
Good product.

Sam "Sam" (Ks) - Amazon - May 3, 2014


We purchased this collar for our 93lb bullmastiff. It corrected the problem the first day we had it on her. It did take a couple days to get the sensitivity level just right so it wouldn't zap her inappropriately. It's a good, cheaper alternative to other bark collars.

J. Shrum - Amazon - May 1, 2014

It worked!

My dog would bark all night long. I bought this collar, and her barking is now controlled at night. Everyone can rest now.

brandi kelly - Amazon - May 1, 2014

Works Great.

If you are looking for a collar that will not harm your dog but be effective in training them not to bark excessively I would recommend using this collar. It worked great on my dogs. I still put it on them once or twice a week as a reminder. I have been using it for a couple months and it still has the same battery in it that it came with.

Rex (BELLEFONTE, PA, US) - Amazon - May 1, 2014

Excellent, works great, but difficult to get the sensitivity right.

Works well but difficult to get the sensitivity right. My 65 lb dog shakes his head and the collar beeps at him, believing that he just barked.

Taphandles LLC - Amazon - April 30, 2014


The dog collars (purchased two for our 2friendly "lovies" have been AWESOME. We cannot talk enough about how helpful they have been in keeping our two "lovies" in check and peaceful. Of course, we only place them on for few hours or as needed, but each time, they work wonderfully. Our little ones have become accustomed to them so much that merely keeping the dog-collar within their sight is enough to keep them from barking....we were amazed to realize this. Says a lot about the training effectiveness of the collar.

Straighttalker - Amazon - April 30, 2014

Worked great on 30lb Beagle

This collar worked great on our 30lb Beagle. Much less barking even when not wearing the collar. I would definitely recommend this collar.

DB (Diamond Bar, CA) - Amazon - April 30, 2014

Works great

This bark collar has been working very well for us. We use it on our Black Lab who is about 85-90 lbs. We've had it for about 1 1/2 months and have not had any problems with it. It was also easy to set up.

Michelle Cassady (Corona, CA United States) - Amazon - April 30, 2014

Great quality. Best bang for the buck.

Works great. Very rugged. Highly recommended. I bought 3 and they all work perfectly. I had a serious bark and howl problem every time I left for work but not anymore.

David Daugherty - Amazon - April 28, 2014

Couldn't be more pleased

I had purchased a less expensive collar, but it was not reliable in responding to my dog's bark, nor did it have the extra adjustment sensor or levels of shock distributed. I was hesitant to even try a bark collar, fearing it might traumatize my dog, but I have been very pleased with it's responsiveness. My dog took no time to associate barking with a shock response and very rarely goes beyond whining when wearing the collar. You won't regret this purchase!

Lisa R. Caffery - Amazon - April 24, 2014


Even though I have adjusted the sensitivity on the collar several times, I cannot find one that works well for my Blue Healer. Sometimes it will go off when he scratches himself or shakes his body and the collar moves against his neck. I have tightened the collar. Same problem. I think I should have stuck with the one with the remote that I can control.

Chris Pokora - Amazon - April 21, 2014

Random beeps

The collar beeps at random times if my dog brushes up against something, so I'm afraid it maybe slightly confusing.

Mo - Amazon - April 20, 2014

Works on Greyhound

We have a good sized male 2 yr old greyhound and this has worked to curb his outdoor barking at neighbors. It can false alarm occasionally if he is too rambunctious, but this is not often. We try to use only portions of the time.

J. Strayer "Engijms" (San Diego, CA) - Amazon - April 19, 2014


I have Beagles who love inform you they've found something, especially when someone is walking their dog by the house. The collar really keeps them from causing a ruckus out in front of the house. Quiet time!!

Christine Dow - Amazon - April 16, 2014

Awesome collar!

This collar has been very effective for our 70 pounds Doberman Pinscher. We saw great results right away. The barking has gone down 99% when she has it on and 90% when she doesn't have it on. We are very happy! She used to bark at anything and everything when we were home and out of sadness when we were not home (I know this because as soon as I closed to the door she would go outside and start barking/howling) we were very concerned that it was disturbing the neighbors, since one time I heard the next door neighbor shushing her out of her bathroom window. We are so glad we found something that worked, she doesn't even run away anymore when I need to put it on her, she seems relax and I guess relieved that she doesn't have to take off and make a fuzz because all the other dogs in the neighborhood are going at it :). All she needs is to have the collar on her and she is a saint, doesn't even attempt to bark, just some growling but that doesn't bother me or the neighbors :))! Ty for the product!

Damaris Hernandez (North Hills, Ca) - Amazon - April 16, 2014

Works great!!

Works great!!! I'd recommend this to everybody who are at their wits end with their dog that barks for no reason!
My dog is 2 and I've tried everything I can think of to get him to relax and be quiet in his cage. I've taken him to trainers and so far none of the trainers have been helpful.

kryssi - Amazon - April 15, 2014

Works really well...but...

This bark collar works very well, within a day or so, our dog quit her incessant (needless) barking. However, when it was high time for her to alert us, she was still comfortable enough to bark through it, which is exactly what I wanted. It was so effective, we really don't even have to use it anymore but on the very slight occasion. The batteries seem to last a long time, and with the longer prongs we were able to use it on our husky as well, which was an added bonus. My only complaint is that it beeps sometimes when no one is barking, like when there is a loud noise, or the kids yell, and sometimes even if they shake too hard with it on. So I believe it's not quite as sensitive to the wearer's vocal vibrations as it claims. But overall, if you have a bored barker, it will do the trick...even if they have a ton of hair!

Sica Reese - Amazon - April 15, 2014

Struggling to get it to work right

No matter how much I adjust the settings it doesn't seem to work right. I have a small cockapoo and sometime it works when she barks, but most of the time it doesn't. I keep thinking I'm doing something wrong, but I've read and re-read the instructions and adjusted it numerous times to no avail. Maybe I got a lemon since everyone else seems to like it. Go figure.

tdjenterprise - Amazon - April 15, 2014

Dogtek Electronic Bark Control Dog Collar

This product didn't work at all for me. Whatever it was supposed to do, whether just vibrate or give a light shock, it didn't stop my dog's barking. I've resorted to using a squirt gun instead and that works. The collar does not!

Elaine Goodspeed - Amazon - April 12, 2014

Would not rebuy

Poor prodct does not perform as advertized shocks dog inconsistently. Unreliable would not recommend to anyone at all ever no

brian r gorski - Amazon - April 11, 2014

Works just like it said

Bought this for my dog when I moved into an apartment since he barked like a maniac. It works in getting him to not bark when it is turned on. The battery works pretty well- I haven't had to replace it after ~60 hrs worth of use. Only annoying this is the switch to turn it on- you always have to use the little yellow stick/something thin to turn it off/on. Other than that- completely worth the money. I had one that was 2x the price and only worked half as well.

Kara Rose - Amazon - April 10, 2014

Peace At Last

My Newfoundland puppies would bark all night and now as soon as they hear the beeping they lay down and there is peace in our home:)

Kristan Terry - Amazon - April 8, 2014

Works great. Dog stopped barking instantly.

I bought this because the reviews were good and the price was right. Adjusted it to a mild setting and my big mouth German Sheppard shut up right away. Has a good assortment of setting from a warning tone to severe shock. I only needed a mild shock setting only use it occasionally now to keep her barking in check. highly recommend this collar.

Joseph Marquardt "Q-Based Solutions, Inc" - Amazon - April 8, 2014

works great

works great as soon as it's but on the dog calms right down and stops barking and the dogs are 60-100 LB.

jennifer stanley (SURRY, ME, US) - Amazon - April 7, 2014

Possibility of shocking when unprovoked

This collar does its job for the most part, but I've noticed that every time the tags on my dog's regular collar make a noise the bark collar beeps. It worries me that if it beeps so easily (it's only supposed to do anything when it feels the vibration from a growl or a bark), will it eventually shock him easily.

Kellie Woolsey - Amazon - April 7, 2014

Works just like it says it will

We have a very "mouthy" 14 pound chihuha/silky mix. She barks at everything, all day and all night. We've had two prior bark collars that she killed. We decided to try the Dogtek brand as the other two were from the same company. We only use the collar at night so we can get a full night's sleep without her going crazy with barking. She will still growl, but the warning beeps stop her from barking, thus a peaceful night of sleep for us. Since she's so small, the adjustments were easy enough to adjust the first day and we haven't had to adjust it since. I believe the warning beeps are what stops her from barking.

Jamie E. Lang "Jamie" (Anchorage, AK USA) - Amazon - April 7, 2014

bark collar

- I have a little terrier mix dog which is about 15 lbs now. We only have the collar set on the warning level which beeps and it has worked perfectly. He will bark once, hear the noise and stops immediately. I think maybe it startles him. If we take the collar off we find that he will bark repeatedly so we tend to keep it on him for most of the time. I hope this was helpful.

debbie - Amazon - April 7, 2014

Only if helped a little

Unfortunately, this collar had ZERO effect on my miniature Schnauzer. I made sure everything worked okay before trying on my dog and made sure the contact points were sufficient, but it didn't faze him a bit. I opted to go with this collar because of many good reviews and the fact it was more gentle than a "shock" collar. Looks like back to square one to do more research to find a better alternative.

5pmworker - Amazon - April 6, 2014

Works Most of the Time

We reluctantly bought this collar after we couldn't find another successful way to temper Teddy's (17 pound Maltese/terrier) barking in certain situations. We hated to do it but his bark can be piercing and there was no stopping him when strange males came near the property or when it was time to get out of the car.
Since we bought this about 7 weeks ago, the barking issue is now much better. When the collar is on him, he pretty much shuts up completely. He might elicit the odd little yelp but knows he needs to stop barking. We are at a point where we only have to show him the collar and he quiets right down. We recently had a situation where there were strange people coming and going in the house during a move. We put the collar on him and he was a very quiet spectator. Without the collar, there would have been a lot of noise.
In the time we've had the collar, I estimate he has been zapped 4 times. The collar does emit a beep or two if he does start to bark and he mostly stays quiet right away, without going to the next level, which of course is a shock. The shock level can be set to either short or longer bursts. We have only ever had it on the shorter setting. You can also set the intensity and we probably have it set on a scale of 1-10, at a 3 or 4.
The only issue we've had is that there have been a couple of times when he has had the collar on, starting barking and kept on barking, and wasn't zapped from what we observed. Maybe it was the way the collar was placed or something else I did incorrectly but without making any changes, it would work the next time.
All in all, I would definitely recommend this collar. It has helped us keep our sanity.

Huey9 - Amazon - April 6, 2014

Stopped Dobermans constant barking the first few mintues of wearing it!

We have two large Doberman dogs. They are constant barkers. Pet Care bark collars help but don't stop the barking, plus I would have to change the special battery frequently (at the cost of $7.50 for two). The first day with Dogtek EBCDC the Dobermans became great city dwelling dogs. The collar sounds a beep for the first series of barks. If the dog barks again within 30 seconds of the first barks, the collar gives a short burst impulse. Now, the Dobermans have learned they are allowed to bark a few times then they must stop. There Dobermans; they are by nature alert and on guard dogs. I don't want to remove that instinct but without the collar they will bark at every blowing leaf, running squirrel, or the perceived threat of someone walking by. Also, the barking will go on for minutes or just become constant for 5-10 minutes. Now just the initial beep is all it takes to keep them under control. I love the battery will last for 6 months at a time. I wrapped the collar in blue duct tape. The dogs play so hard play fighting as they run free on our acre lot, they have destroyed the Pet Care shock collar from pulling on the collar material. So far, they have not been able to tear this collar. I highly recommend this bark collar.

JMax - Amazon - April 1, 2014

Works great for our 70lb Labrador dog

Works great on our 70lb lab who literally barks at the wind! :D We received the order quickly and easily set up in minutes.

Catalina - Amazon - April 1, 2014

Works well

Honestly, this thing put a hurting on my dog. My dog is a "barker" so I purchase these collars after the neighbors called the cops one evening (they didn't call me, mind you, just the police...don't get me started) So the first time I let my dog out with the collar on another dog was walking by and of course she ran up to the fence and barked. It beeped a warning and my dog kept on barking and then she let out a loud yelp and bolted back in the house...and she doesn't bark anymore. Its been a few months now, still nice and quiet. I don't know if the batteries are even still good. Seems like someone learns fast :-)

B. Huff (Northeast, USA) - Amazon - April 1, 2014

Is not consistent...

I'm sending this collar back as it's response is inconsistent and not helping the dog learn. My dog seems scared when it goes off and since I've witnessed it going off without any noises I can't trust it. Sometimes it beeps when they are not barking and other times when they're barking or making constant noise I hear nothing.

I've tried different settings but nothing seems to be consistent. Can't trust it with my dog.

K. Stone (Fort Worth, TX United States) - Amazon - April 1, 2014

Worked well for my dog.

Works very well. It is hard to get over the initial fear of letting something shock your dog, but it has worked well.

Erec Janowski - Amazon - April 1, 2014

Great collar

great item, worked wonderful for my 65lb German Shepard. We live in the woods and she needs to bark at every leaf dropping all night! Sleeping great now. The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is the collar gives her a warning beep before it zaps her. This lets her know when the battery is dead :(!! Highly recommend!

tina - Amazon - March 31, 2014

The Bark Control Collar product works excellent!!!

The Bark Control Collar product works excellent!!! We have 105 lb black Lab. He would bark for very long periods of time and disturb us and all our neighbors. It worked immediately. We used to have a similar type of color for our invisible fence. Now he is as quiet as can be and does not stray off of the yard. Most of the time, we do not put either collar on him any more. We are just a little more careful to check on him when he is outside in bad weather. He tends not bark to come in.

David L. Gray - Amazon - March 31, 2014

This collar really works

Works beautifully! My daughters dog is a "barker" and with the help of this collar he has learned to control both his behavior and all of the noise that he makes.

Linda Klass - Amazon - March 31, 2014

It worked for my golden-doodle.

Worked great for my golden-doodle. She would bark at anything that moved or made a noise, as soon as she hit the door to the backyard. Most times, she was barking at nothing for no reason. It took her only two or three zaps to figure it out. She is smart enough to know that after one bark, it will only beep at her, and after two it will zap her. Now she goes outside without it quite a lot.

Michael Wehrle (Knoxville, TN) - Amazon - March 31, 2014

This worked!!

This worked immediately and my dog learned not to bark. I don't have to use it any longer because of this.

Edward kutik - Amazon - March 31, 2014


I hate the idea of having to use such methods to silence a barking dog. But my wife's parents dog just barked to hear himself. So far so good.

Luther B. Grigsby Jr. - Amazon - March 29, 2014

It fails to work properly.

I'm a total tech geek, yet both I and my wife couldn't get this to work properly. Beyond that, with the return policy giving us only 5 weeks to work it out or return it, we were only penalized for our persistent attempts to get it working properly.
Failures: it'd try to shock the dogs if they just shook their head or scratched their necks, as well as failing to recognize actual barking.

ders - Amazon - March 29, 2014

need to be consistent

I was nervous about using a collar to shock my dog at first, but I do believe it works (as long as you're consistent with it, which I am not always). My dog has to bark at everything that moves outside, and especially hates the mailman. It was very necessary for us to do something about the barking since I work from home. I actually wish we had tried this sooner!

The first time it shocked my 90 pound, almost 4 year old lab, it scared the crap out of him... literally. He just wasn't prepared for it but he has done better with the shock since then. Luckily the warning beeps usually deter him before it gets to the shocks and he has only been shocked a couple of times.

I do wish it were easier to turn on/off. Part of the reason I'm not as consistent with it is because I hate having to hunt down the little screwdriver to turn it on or off so I end up just not putting it on him. But my biggest concern/dislike would have to be that it beeps and shocks if my dog shakes his head/body or scratches at it vigorously. He scratched at it a lot when we first started using it, I'm sure just because he didn't like how it felt, but since we've been using it for a while now he doesn't do it so much and it's not as much of an issue now.

That being said, he actually loves putting the collar on. When I pick it up, he eagerly comes and sits in front of me, tail wagging, waiting for me to put it on... which is a relief that he doesn't run and hide from it... so in my mind, it can't be THAT bad if he patiently waits for me to put it on him.

After a week or two I did start putting it on him without turning it on, and for the most part, it does the trick. Every once in a while we have to go back to turning it on when he starts barking at "nothing" again.

Overall, I do think it works, and it would probably be amazing if I used it more consistently. There have even been a couple days where I've been able to have the front door open and he didn't bark at anyone that walked by (OR the imaginary leaf that flew by the door) so that is definitely an improvement and I'm happy we are using the collar.

Meg - Amazon - March 28, 2014

Love it!

This has helped our 50lb lab not bark at everything that walks by. Love it! We tried the other one that sprayed citronella but she was able to get it off and chew it up. This is much better.

zkersh1 (Washington) - Amazon - March 27, 2014

Worked 3 times.

Stopped working after the third time we used it. Spend a bit more and get a collar that will last.

Anthony J. Ducklow "Ducky" - Amazon - March 27, 2014

works well

Works really well all I have to do it show my dog the collar now and he stops barking I do with that the there was an medium setting though... the high is a pretty big shock and the low is very weak.... now that he knows what happens I when he barks I'd like to be able to turn it down and still have it be effective, but I can;t because then it doesn't work on my dog anymore.

my opinion "by me" (Here) - Amazon - March 26, 2014

I want my money back

The bark tech collar had a mind of its own. I WOULD NOT recommend it. When I had it on my dog. He's laying next to me an it would go off for no reason. Try it on him many times same results.

Scott Burke - Amazon - March 26, 2014

Who says you can't teach old dogs new tricks?

We have a 9 year old. He's a great dog but he loves to bark when he's outside. He has such a loud bark that it really disturbs our neighbors. The collar worked in just a few days. I don't even use all the time anymore because he's learned not to bark most of the time. This is a great product.

Nicholas M Wehner - Amazon - March 26, 2014

Desperate for help....

The four star rating is nothing against the product, it is strictly because of user hesitancy to use the shock setting or to try leaving our dog alone in the condo. We recently spent a couple of months away from home which triggered severe separation anxiety in our 6 yr. old Shi tzu mix. She was so traumatized at being left alone in a strange environment she barked constantly, resulting in a complaint from a neighbor. We started taking her everywhere but having to leave her in the car, barking constantly. We used this collar on the sound only setting and she stopped her incessant barking in the car. We didn't try it in the condo for fear that she might still disturb the neighbor. I didn't have the heart to try the shock setting. Will try again next trip.

Sewmimi - Amazon - March 24, 2014

if you would like an honest review here it goes..

The collar its self is okay. The box on the collar is hugeee. Which is a down fall. Also in order to turn it on and off and adjust the settings you have to use these tiny little tools they give you and there a pain and annoying! If you have a very furry or fluffy haried dog the collar struggles to make contact to the skin which in reality defeats the purpose of the collar because it does not work! I had to shave a little bit of hair from my dogs neck to get the collar to make contact to the dogs skin. But believe me if you can get it to work it works well! I found the sweet spot on my dog and he knows when he has the collar on to not bark. If they bark loud then it will beep three times constant. Then the next bark it will shock them. If its a tiny bark the collar will beep once and keep beeping until the forth beep the dog will recieve a shock. I had to turn the bark sensitivity up so it would pick up my dogs bark the first time. The collar has two prongs the connect to the dogs neck, one detects the bark and one gives the shock. There is a on/off switch, bark sensitivity screw on the collar which if you turn it more clockwise it becomes more sensitive, counterclockwise it becomes less, then also a shock length. Turn the switch to the right and it gives a long shock out, to the left it gives a quick shock. Honestly for the price its not a bad deal and it WILL work, its just a pain in the butt to dial it in right, actually make contact on your dogs skin, and get used to it.

Kevin T. Kellam "kevinkellam" (Pittsburgh Pa.) - Amazon - March 23, 2014

guy hutchins

i really works great. we put it on now and he thinks he is going get sapped, but we don't turn it on.

guy hutchins - Amazon - March 19, 2014

Not Happy

This had pretty much two setting, torture for the dog and nothing at all. I felt so bad that when we first got it we had it on the higher setting and my puppy was terrified, then we lowered the setting and it did nothing. Not happy with this product at all!

Mia Calderwood - Amazon - March 19, 2014

Oh wow - this works VERY well!

We have a beagle mix puppy, she's about 11 months old. She is as cute as can be, but, as dogs will do (especially hounds), she loves to bark. This was causing a problem with a couple of our neighbors, who complained about the puppy to us. We ordered this after doing a LOT of research, and are SO glad we did! It is very easy to set up and use, and fits our dog well. We had to cut some excess nylon away from the collar because it was too big, but once we got it situated, no problems at all.

Did it work though?

ABSOLUTELY!! The beeps before the sensation to the dog are the key. Yes, she got zapped a couple of times, but this is what it takes to modify the behavior. It starts correcting the behavior pretty much immediately. After a couple of days, we only have to use the sound, not the sound + the shock, because our dog has learned to stop barking when she hears that.

She still barks once or twice, then hears the beeps, and stops. She's learned that she can sort of whine/growl/groan and be okay for the sensor, but that's fine because it's not loud at all.

Our neighbors called to thank us, and asked us if we can demonstrate the collar to a neighbor on the other side of them!

Michael in Helena, Alabama "Michael" (Helena, Alabama) - Amazon - March 19, 2014

Great product

I highly recommend this collar. We have purchased two of these and they work very well. We have no complaints and recommend this seller.

Kindle Customer - Amazon - March 17, 2014

Very Glitchy!

We recently moved into an apartment that does not allow loud dogs, so I reluctantly purchased this for my 1 year-old Labrador/German Shepherd who's very talkative. I was hoping that this collar would provide a solution, since he is very vocal when we are not at home to correct the behavior.

Sadly, this collar was a huge disappointment. We've tried messing with the settings and have thoroughly followed the instructions, but it's all whacked out. It will zap him randomly when he's laying there completely still and quiet, and yet when he's going crazy barking, it doesn't even beep at him.

This is my first experience with a bark collar, and has turned me off completely to the idea of them.

Jennifer Varsos - Amazon - March 17, 2014

it works

I was surprised at how well and how quickly this worked. Results were immediate and the warning signal really helps and I'm not hearing any barking now.

E. Emery "Back to basics" (Houston, Texas United States) - Amazon - March 17, 2014

It worked very well with my Pitbul and Dingo mix

I have a very sweet Pitbul and Dingo mix but the boy loves to bark. My wife is a nurse and recently we moved into a one bedroom apartment. Needless to say that Peanut - that is his name - wasn't making mommy very happy with all the barking in a small apartment. If mommy is not happy, daddy cannot be happy either. :)

It took him only few times to understand that if the collar bips twice, he would feel the mild shock - I tested it on me first. Now, every time I put the collar on him, he doesn't even move. He just lays down and sleeps most of the time. I use the collar only when his mother is asleep during the day. I also noticed that he barks less if he is tired, so I've being taking him jogging with me few times a week, for 30 minutes.

Eduardo - Amazon - March 17, 2014

Works Great

I have an 75 - 80 lbs Chocolate Lab (who still thinks he's a lapdog), and
the collar works extremely well. I haven't had any issues with it at all.

Christopher M. Griffiths - Amazon - March 17, 2014

Money well spent!!!!!!

We have a boxer who is 14 months old and no matter what we did she barked off and on all day!! After putting the collar on her she stopped barking!! It never seemed to bother her, but stopped the barking as soon as we put it on! We didn't have to set the sensitivity very high. I know my neighbors are very happy!!!

Eric - Amazon - March 17, 2014

It works

Works great! The directions say not to keep it on all day long, but when I take it off the dogs bark. They're smart, but the collars work.

Julia M Figueroa (Phoenix, Arizona United States) - Amazon - March 16, 2014

No more barking

Good product seems a little bulky. But the barking has stopped. We set it to give to warning beeps, than comes the zap
He now stops barking with warning beeps. Good product for dogs that bark

mark brownell - Amazon - March 16, 2014

its great

this worked great I have a 110 lb german shepard one and a half years old I put it on him and it started to work after 2 weeks I took it off and he is great but I keep it ready just in case

william j good - Amazon - March 15, 2014


The collar stopped one dog from barking when collar attache and reduced the other dog to occasional manageable barks. recomended

b52john (Edmonds, WA United States) - Amazon - March 15, 2014

Worked Great

I have a 65lb chocolate lab who suddenly started barking in the morning for no apparent reason. After checking to make sure there was no good reason for her barking and trying several different remedies without success, I purchased this collar. It took only two mornings for her to stop barking. It really worked well. I left the collar on her for three more nights just to make sure, but have not used it since. If you are having a barking problem this will remedy it.

Cliff Lemmerhirt - Amazon - March 13, 2014

Bark collar review!

It has worked thus far on our senile old pit pull who weighs about 85 lbs. he seems to shrill in his dreams and would wake the neighborhood; we got tired of having to get up to wake him so he'd stop howling. This was the perfect fix. we only use it at night and he stops quickly and doesn't seem to hurt him. We had tried another one and it did not hold up but this one still is effective and like new.

Mandy S - Amazon - March 11, 2014

GREAT THUS FAR- Long-haired dog

It's awesome!
All it took was a 5 or less low level electric stings and my dog ( Golden Doodle, long hair coat of ~ 30 pounds) learnt right away. The product works very well thus far. The best part is the warning sound, which is all it takes for him to stop barking at night.
Sometimes he still squeaks and the collar doesn't do anything but that is my choice as I can adjust the sensibility for it.

Marina M. - Amazon - March 11, 2014

They Work!

I have two Boxers, each over 50 lbs. and these collars work wonders! The annoying barking has ceased and both dogs can wear a normal break-away collar and barking is a non-issue. I appreciate the use of a battery rather than a wall-charger. Very convenient. I highly recommend these collars.

Bette Jo Nunn - Amazon - March 11, 2014

Behavior Curbed

Skeptical of e-collars, I purchased the Dogtek collar with the intent of stopping the nuisance barking from my 14 month old, 92 pound German Shepherd Dog. My dog adjusted quickly to corrections within a weeks time. Within 3 weeks, all I have to do is send him outside with the collar on in an off position and the barking is at a minimal. I recommend intermittently turning it on to reinforce the behavior.

For curbing nuisance barking, this is a inexpensive, no thrills way to go.

I rated this product with three stars because the on and off switch is not user friendly.

Aside the flaw, I would recommend this basic bark control collar.

Angela Conte - Amazon - March 11, 2014

Miniature Boston Terrier - works great!

I have a mini Boston terrier, approx 15-18 lbs.

The collar has helped dramatically with his barking! He is very stubborn and has anxiety issues, so sometimes he'll try to bark despite the shocks. But only on rare occasions. It has definitely improved since we started using the collar on him.

We don't keep it on him all the time, but he knows when it's on he shouldn't bark. He doesn't act like it's a punishment (never runs away for fights us to put it on him) or show signs that it hurts him. It starts with just a warning beep the first time he barks, and then the next time it will shock him. But mostly now the beep is enough to get him to stop right away (after experiencing the shock a few times he knows what will follow the beeps if he's not careful). It's not painful, just surprising and obviously not comfortable - very similar to when we get shocked from static.

Our biggest problem was when people would try to leave the house. He loves anybody and everybody, so he cries, barks and attacks anyone getting ready to leave out the door. With the collar, not only does he restrain mostly from barking but he also doesn't attack people 's feet as they leave. Sort of like association - he associates barking and attacking feet with the shock. So prefers not to do either just in case it might trigger it.

We have to be sure to take off the collar when he is resting especially though. Because of his short nose he obviously has a snoring problem - so vibrations from the snore can cause the collar to give the warning beeps. But that's not a problem, we don't need him to have it when we're home with him...just when we try to leave.

purple9princess - Amazon - March 11, 2014


My two girls are 4 years old.They are sisters from the same litter and seem to feed off of each other.They are very smart schnauzers.and catch on very fast,The only problem was their constant barking when someone came to our home.Trainers were no use,corrections never worked and I was reluctantly considering separateing them.I put the collars on them 1 time,One of them heard the beep,and stopped barking.The other dog also stopped barking.Then there was one other short bark and they have not had the collars on since.Its been at least 3 weeks.All I have to do is bring the collars into the room. Now anyone can come into our home and I have 2 very well behaved dogs..Best $80.00 I ever spent.

Sheila Tollefsen - Amazon - March 10, 2014

Did not work for me.

I got the collar, and my dog barked without any feedback from the collar. Tried a new battery with the same results. I'll be trying another product.

Keo "Whitey" (Ames, Iowa USA) - Amazon - March 10, 2014


Some people would think such a device is mean. Dogs are dogs, not people. We have done all we can to understand our dog; we have read Cesar M's books and we walk the dog at least twice a day. (A real walk, not just a potty break.) The simulus for his barking was inconsistant with no determinate factor, so we invested in the DOGTEK collar.

I was concerned that the collar might have ill effects, but I read the manual fully and followed the instructions. It recommends a few days observation of your dog wearing the collar. After two days, I was confident the dog was in no danger and his barking was markably reduced.

Additional info: The dog is medium-sized with medium-length coarse hair. He's also smart and easy-going. The collar has 3 settings. The low settings were enough for my dog to understand the barking was unwanted.

S.B. (Israel) - Amazon - March 9, 2014

Did the Job I needed it too but did take trial and error

I bought this for my adopted 2-year old Australian Shepherd because he was an alarm barker. At home this is fine but I take him to work with me and I couldn't have him growling and barking every time a customer came into the office. I tried many methods but unfortunately nothing stopped the barking. I uneasily bought this because I did not want to resort to a bark collar but I had no options. The collar did it's job- Nimbley now sits peacefully under the desk while the collar is on at work- but it did take at least one day of playing with the settings. I had to turn the collar to high sensitivity because otherwise it would not pick up his growls/low rumbles. It did activate when he shook his head though but that's why the original warning beeps are such a great feature. I tried it on beep only and that was not enough. I turned the collar to short stimulation mode (lowest shock setting) and Nims was shocked maybe all of 3 times (1 day of use) before he got the message. I will admit though that the yelps he let out when he was were heartbreaking. Now all he has to do is have the collar on to know he is at work and barking is not allowed. At home he does not wear it and the alarm dog kicks right back in but seeing as though I am a single female that lives alone, that's what he is for!

Overall, I would definitely recommend this product as a last resort. Just read the instructions carefully, mess with the settings and pay attention to what is and isn't working for your dog!

John Nelson - Amazon - March 7, 2014

Great product

Reviewing this because my dog has barked so much lately when left outside. This has minimized her barking dramatically. I like that it has different settings like only beep and I've left the collar on that setting. Seems to work well.

Matthew Gebresilassie - Amazon - March 6, 2014


This has been a God send. We adopted a Plott Hound mix from a shelter who had been left by herself while she was in foster care, and we also have one other dog. We have them both inside and outside. When we would let them out, the Plott Hound would bark and yowl CONSTANTLY. She didn't go longer than a few minutes in between noises. We got this collar and left it on the factory settings. She learned very quickly what the beeps meant and it has stopped her barking in just a matter of days. She only wears the collar outside; we never leave it on in the house. Would highly recommend this collar!

Kelly - Amazon - March 6, 2014

Dogtek Electronic bark Control Collars

I have a breed of dogs that suffers from separation anxiety.
The minute we leave the house they start barking and howling and will do so off and on for hours.

Not knowing what else to do, and trying everything to quiet them, I finally bought the Dogtek Bark collar.

I do not use them often but they do work very well.

I would definetly recommend them.


Linda A. Morasse (Pembroke, NH) - Amazon - March 4, 2014

Worked for us.

Have a 25 pound puggle who loved to bark at UPS, FEDEX and trucks etc.

Put it on the "beeps" only for about a week before putting it on mild shock.

Took a day or two before he "got it." Even without the collar, the barking is nearly zero

Worked for us! Just remember that this is a TRAINING TOOL! Use it to train your dog and modify behavior. Just don't strap it on your dog and hope it works.

NBPC77 (Mason, OH USA) - Amazon - March 4, 2014


The collar works for my dog. He is an Australian cattle dog mix, about 35 pounds. He has short hair and a high pitched bark so I have it set to a fairly high sensitivity.

It definitely has curbed his barking with the collar off, and with it on, the warning beeps are enough to make him stop. I don't have to use it every time he goes out anymore.

Casey Shiray - Amazon - March 4, 2014


I have a 4 yr Jack Russell who barks at almost any and everything and usually at the worst times. I brought this as a solution to all of that and for the most part it does work. However my dog as hyper as she is takes a few zaps before she gets the hint. I think for smaller dogs like mine the collar is bulky but does the trick. I would say this hasn't stopped my dog from barking as she now growls just low enough to avoid the collar from triggering. It has made for less disturbances.

Larry - Amazon - March 4, 2014

It worked!

This was easy to use and very effective at reducing the barking of my 8 yr old shetland sheepdog. He used to bark at every little noise and this collar has really made a big difference.

Mark Bowyer - Amazon - March 3, 2014

Works Great

Works great. I have a 15lb maltipoo who loves barking at our neighbors dog and at night, keeps my 6 month old daughter from sleeping. Got this and no more barking problem. Very humane, and he doesn't even try to bark at the neighbor dog anymore, or at night without the collar. Highly recommended.

S. Hendrix - Amazon - March 3, 2014

Great Value for Money

Bought this product as the cost looked great and it was about time to keep the yapper quiet. I have a 35lb dog that on the low setting it works perfectly. He barks less often and now does not bark continuously to the movements he see's throughout fence panels. Would recommend

loneyb - Amazon - March 3, 2014

Bark Collar

Pleased with collar, which has stopped my dog barking :-) Only concern
is that the on/off switch is hidden and so small which makes it hard to
turn on/off when needed. But have now worked out must turn it on before
leaving home, and when I get home turn it off. Hope it doesn't use up too
much battery space.

Helen Fabling - Amazon - March 2, 2014

Burned our dog's neck

Please please please do not put this product on your dog! We have 2 dogs that are barkers. I bought a different brand years ago and it worked so well that we decided to get a second bark collar for our Great Pyrenees. We bought this in 2012 and use it for a few months before we discovered what it did to our dog. It literally burned holes in his skin. Fortunately, we caught it because we groom our dog on a monthly basis due to his long hair. I can not imagine what could have happened had we not taken off his collar. Please choose a different product!!! I threw out the collar otherwise I should have returned it to the company to get our money back. I was so upset.

familyof8 - Amazon - March 2, 2014

Bark Collar

I found the instructions a little vague and the test light didn't work as the instructions said it would. The light never came on but it did make a beeping noise every time I passed it over a rough surface. But, maybe that was because I left it on factory settings. I did get it to work finally and my dog responds most on the time, but he is very excitable and stong willed so it may take a bit for him to get the message.

Candace L Kay - Amazon - March 1, 2014

as dog collars go, it is best I have found, but would like one with just vibrate option

I haven't found the perfect bark collar. Of course, it is never fun to have to use any of them. But this one I like, because it will beep several times without shocking, then the next time it gives a long beep with a smaller shock. Then it will shock with no beep on the third time it senses the bark. it will reset itself every 30 seconds. You can also change the sensitivity for sensing the sound but this has seemed inconsistent to me. Other reviewers are correct when they say the collar can go off when the dog shakes his head. But if you take off their regular collar that has tags on it that shake and is usually what sets off the collar, then I haven't had too much problem with that. I have two of these collars, for 2 of my dogs. Even though they can be oversensitive sometimes, it doesn't shock them the first time. Just beeps and the dogs will stop whatever they are doing. They learn quickly that shaking their head is what made it beep. In fact, it was one reason I like this collar because the last collar, my dog would just scratch at to get off her vocal chords and she knew she could bark then. I would love to find a bark collar that would only vibrate when they barked. It is enough to make my dog stop and seems less harsh then having her yelp and run when she gets the full shock. I have only found vibrating collars with a remote control collar that you have to push the button when they bark. Too hard to always have on you and sometimes have to use the bark collar when I have to put them in another room if we have company.

laurs books (Renton, WA USA) - Amazon - March 1, 2014

Once or twice did the trick.

We were at our wits end with our indoor barking dog. He used to come to work with me at my business but he started barking so much I had to leave him at home. He barks at everything. We got the collar as a Christmas present for him, but it was the best thing Santa could have given me. It took quite a bit of adjusting the straps to get it to fit properly. We had to put the long stems on and it still wouldn't activate it. We kept tightening the collar til we got it just right, not too tight, but tight enough that the first time he really got going on the barking, it zapped him. Then one more event and he figured it out. I love that you can set it to just do the tone with no zap. I put it on him at times when I know he is going to start barking incessantly and he remembers and pipes down. He may grumble a bit, and it will send off the signal telling him if he does it again, he'll get zapped. He is smart, but hasn't figured out that it isn't going to shock him anymore. Actually, all we really have to do is pick up the collar and show it to him and he gets quiet very quickly. Well worth the money. Just make sure you don't leave it on them all the time. I only give it four stars because the switches inside the box are so poorly marked that it is almost a guessing game to know if you have it on properly. It has a sensitivity switch and a short zap or a more persuasive zap that we never had to use, thank goodness. I really felt badly about having to take this route, but we are all so much happier that it was worth a tiny discomfort on his part. As a matter of fact, I've taken him back to work again and he is quiet all day.

Stacey - Amazon - February 27, 2014


We purchased two of these bark collars and are very disappointed with the quality and performance. The collar adjustments did not work to keep the box near enough to vibrate to stop the barking and, instead, would revolve around the dog's neck. We were constantly re-tightening the collar and the prongs. Every day! These were a complete waste of money.

GoatRoper325 - Amazon - February 27, 2014

stops the barking quickly

works well, like that it has warning beeps and wont shock if dog stops barking while warning beeps are sounding

Kristie Smith - Amazon - February 27, 2014

Directions unclear

I've used bark collars before but this one doesn't do so well. Correction goes up too fast. Just causes the dog to bark more.

Esther Cassatt "Dog Person" (NY) - Amazon - February 26, 2014

Not worth it

My dog didn't like the shock so he broke the snap off the collar with his paw the first time he wore it.

Jason C Bourassa - Amazon - February 25, 2014

Very Pleased

Though I was hesitant to resort to a bark collar, it taught my Terrier not to bark (and stopped the neighbors from complaining) in a few days and on a relatively low setting. Glad we went for this model.

Jessica S. - Amazon - February 24, 2014

good but..

I really like and use this on my 9 lb pomeranian. The only thing i do not like is that it some times gives him the warning beep without him actually barking but because he's scratching him self or running. works really well though, he just does not barc at all and knows when he as it on he does not bark.

aalanso03 - Amazon - February 24, 2014

Great Collar for Medium Sized Dog

We got this collar for our medium sized short haired 45lb Cattle Dog hort haired). She only had to be shocked once and now the “beep” is all it takes.

Rhiannon Ryan - Amazon - February 24, 2014

Very Effective

First off before I begin my review. I was very much against these collars and in fact cried when I had to put it on my dog, but because we have 4 beagles and one rude neighbor who has zero tolerance for barking I had to do something. The citronella bark spray collars were effective in the begining but dogs are smart and they learned how to bark through them, so I was forced to take a step up.

The Dogtek collar works very well, when properly fitted and when you have set the proper sensitivity setting and the intensity. I like the collor because you do not have to set it very high for it to work, one bark is all it takes and they learn very quickly. In fact I accidently zapped myself, lol. I was not sure that one of the collars was working because when the dog barks they get a warning beep if they bark again within 30 seconds they will get zapped. The only way to test the collar besides dragging it across a rough surface for the beep is hold it up to your neck, and, well, bark. I barked, didn't give me a warning beep so I barked again, to my shock and to much laughter of my family members I discovered the collar works!!! I still do not like having to use them but they work great! I have considered just putting the collars on but turning them off. (That is until they figure out it's off ;) )

Debbie Loeber - Amazon - February 24, 2014

Bark Collar DOGTEK BC-60

If you want an effective and simple to use bark collar this is the one to get. Not only does it use readily available battery, it comes with great and simple instructions, along with tools!!!! The DOGTEK BC-60 has been extremely effective.

We have two dogs, only one problematic a English Springer Spaniel, she weighs about 40 pounds. She has learned very quickly that the 'big' collar is for staying at home and quite. She has also learned not to shake her head too often when wearing the 'big' collar.

Pat, Nancy, Shiraz and Shadow (last two are four legged kids)

Dr Pat AK "Pat" (AK United States) - Amazon - February 24, 2014


This thing works AWESOME! My yapping dog no longer yaps. IF he starts to now, the warning beep stops him. :) He learned really fast. :)

Jana L. Davila - Amazon - February 24, 2014

Works well and does the job

Our dog loves to bark at nothing, it seems. It used to not be much of an issue until we recently moved into the city and I don't want our neighbors having to suffer through the endless racket. This collar seems to be very effective and has different adjustments to conform to your dog's level of sensitivity. I recommend this to anyone who has a dog that just won't shut up!

Scott (Visalia, CA United States) - Amazon - February 24, 2014

never worked well, and then died after 4 months

It kept my dog from barking, but I didn't like to use it on him because even on the least sensitive setting it also went off a lot for other reasons. My dog couldn't shake his head or even move suddenly without it giving him a warning.
We don't get much rain here at all. On the one day that it sprinkled and my dog was out in it, the thing got a little wet and died. I opened it up and water had gotten in. I tried to let it dry, but it was no use. It is not like the dog went for a swim in it.
The build quality is nowhere near my SportDog shock collar. It looks and feels cheap comparatively. And the function and durability reflect that.
I liked the idea that I could replace the battery, so I bought a pack of batteries that fit. The original batter lasted much longer than I thought it would. Unfortunately, I never needed the replacement batteries because the electronics inside the collar died.

Amazon Customer "crowmobe" - Amazon - February 22, 2014

Did not like the end result....please read on........

The area of the Dogtek electronic Bark control Dog Collar. is not made or marked well enough in the AREA where you set the strength of the Shock. My husband thought that he adjusted it at it's lowest, and then strapped it on my 6 Month old Lab. He flew around in his crate turning and twisting. He surely stopped barking, however he was indeed frightened to lay down or touch the crate. Before I could get to him, he sustained another of those forceful shocks. I thought it was going to kill him before I could get the collar off. Needless to say....I spent money for naught...I will not allow that collar to be used again on him or any other dog.. Seeing what it did actually brought me to tears. Maybe they could use this in a torture chamber. Sorry I just cannot give it a good rating.

Cecilia P. Anderson - Amazon - February 21, 2014


This collar worked the first day I used it; now all I have to do is show the collar to her, and she stops barking. I should've bought two! (I have 3 dogs)

Paul - Amazon - February 19, 2014

Bark no more!

Best collar that I have owned so far. Easy to understand and was all ready for me after purchase. Dogs "Get it" now.

shanny2 - Amazon - February 18, 2014

Works very quickly

No one wants to use a bark collar on their dog, but our poor mutt is 14 years old and is almost deaf. His barking before meals was so loud it hurt our ears to be near him. With a baby on the way we needed a solution and tried different behavioral techniques with no success before purchasing this. At first, with the collar on the medium sensitivity and the shock on the low setting, it didn't affect him at all. I had to turn the sensitivity to high and the shock to high. He got the picture. It was awful to hear him yelp when getting shocked, but thankfully it only took a few times. We used it for a total of 3 days for just a few hours per day (in the evenings before dinner and when my husband came home from work were the loudest). After the few days I turned the sensitivity back to medium and the shock to low. It will still beep to warn him, but we have only needed to use it a handful of times in the month since we first tried it. Overall, he is so much quieter and our lives are better. I plan to turn the shock off completely and only use the beep simulator if we ever need to put it on him again.

gradstudent11 "gradstudent11" (NC) - Amazon - February 18, 2014

best $50 i spent all month

best $50 i spent all month. Milo is a terrier mix and about 15 minutes with the collar and zwammo no more barking. READ the directions. If you read them and follow them you will probably only zap the dog once, after that you can turn the zapper part off but it will still tone if the bark is detected. Milo was pretty headstrong about barking until this came along....... Great product at a very fair price.

martin barlow - Amazon - February 18, 2014

This collar works

I had tried another bark collar for my dog and it was terrible but the Dogtek Electronic Bark Control Dog Collar works like a charm. I have been able to take the collar off sometimes and still no barking. You can adjust the strength of the "poke" that my dog gets and it's worked very well for us.

Denise Hodges "jane austen fan" (New Orleans) - Amazon - February 18, 2014

Really easy to Use

We purchased this collar for our younger dog who is a hound and would consistently bark if he did not get his way. This was especially true when we were cooking or eating and he could not have what we were having! We tried crating him but he continue to bark and we wanted him to be able to be in the kitchen with us. We have it set on the lowest setting and he now knows that when it beeps to turn on that he should stop. As he is getting older we have had to use it less and less. It has been a great training tool.

readiculous - Amazon - February 18, 2014

Works wonders for barking dogs

If your dogs barks, this is the collar for your dog, my dog has an anxiety attack every time we leave the house and thanks to the collar the barking is gone but not the anxiety.

Jules W - Amazon - February 18, 2014

A good buy

I have a small dachshund mix that would bark at anything and everything. Once I put this on it helped control her barking. The only complaint would be that the sensitivity isn't all that great, and sometimes it won't pick up her noise or it will pick up her shaking or scratching. Aside from that it has her under control and she didn't make as much noise as she used to.

Hungry hungry hippo - Amazon - February 18, 2014

Works great!

After two days of alerts, my 10 year old chocolate lab stopped the barking. I never had to put it on shock. Now I threaten him with the collar and he stops. Last night, he barked,the collar was on a shelf near him. We all heard the tone and he stopped barking. I'm happy with the collar.

Walt (Grand Meadow, MN, US) - Amazon - February 17, 2014

Highly Recommend! 6 Stars!

This electronic bark color is amazing. I give it at least 5 stars because it does exactly what we expected. We have a 90 pound male Doberman Pinscher, 1 1/2 yrs old. He has a deep bark and loves to bark at all the wildlife in our backyard: possums, raccoons, squirrels, birds, and skunks. After we had this on him for only a few minutes, the barking problem ceased. The collar gives a warning beep and then the shock happens if the barking does not stop. He caught one very quickly, the same day we first used the collar. The warning beep noise is now all he needs as a gentle reminder. What I really like about this collar is that now he doesn't even have to get to the point where he is shocked. He knows to stop barking after the warning beep. We also ordered extra batteries but have not had to replace the original one yet. Our family as well as our neighbors appreciate how the Dogtek Electronic Bark Control Dog Collar has gently trained our Dobie to stop barking. I highly recommend this collar and this seller. Their customer service is excellent. They even followed up with a friendly email asking how the collar was working out for us. Customer service like that is not common these days and I really appreciate it. I would definitely buy from this seller again.

Heidi OKeefe - Amazon - February 17, 2014

works as it should!

pup has separation anxiety... we crate him but he barks like crazy when we leave him. i didn't want to do the shock collar but nothing else worked. i tried the citronella spray collar but he powered through that. tried the thunder shirt, a pheromone collar, tv on, everything. nothing worked.... till this. first day we put it on he barked, it let out a warning beep. then he barked again, another warning beep, then he barked again and a little yelp came out. he tried again, and it shocked him again. then silence. now the warning beep is enough. he knows to stop if he hears that. i love that it has a couple warning beeps before it shocks so it allows him to make a noise but not go crazy and it lets him know before to stop before it goes straight to shocking.
it has been a few weeks now and so far so good, no complaints :)

Christian Inguillo - Amazon - February 15, 2014

New collar, great results.

This collar has done well. The previous collar we used stopped working so I replace it with this model. I like the fact that this model is adjustable. She still barks once or twice but doesn't push it. The warning reminds her. Without the collar she can bark for many minutes which probably bothers me more than the neighbors.She's back to her quiet self and still full of energy to play.

Bill - Amazon - February 14, 2014


We have a lab mix that weighs about 50 pounds. We are currently living in an apartment so keeping the barking down is important, our neighbors would agree. The collar seemed to work from the first day we put it on him. Before he would bark at any door closing anywhere in the building and the collar has cut that down tremendously. He will occasionally bark through the collar but I don't have it turned up very high.

tjroen - Amazon - February 14, 2014

Worked like a charm

We have a 2 year old hyperactive German Shepherd. He is about 100lbs and a big crazy dog. That said we were have issues with him barking at night into the darkness. For no reason! We ordered this collar in the hopes it would cure his barking

Within one day of putting it on the dog, he learned very quickly not to bark excessively. Being able to dial the sensitivity up and down created a custom response that we were looking for.

Great seller, great product. Would buy this from them again and again.

Lamberto Smigliani - Amazon - February 14, 2014

I love it!

The collar is great. It works like magic. My dog (16 pounds) is a very
annoying barker. He barks at every car, even those that are around the
corner. The neighbors have dogs in fences (as is our dog) he barks all day
at the dogs across the street and next door and behind us. At night I have
no idea what he is barking at, but its steady. I know it bothers the
neighbors, because he's my dog and I can't sleep.

Now, with the collar he is quiet all day. he gets plenty of exercise
running around all day. He goes out at will through the doggie door at
night. We are sleeping well and I am sure the neighbors are as well.

Shadow's mother is Jack Russell/Cocker Spaniel mix and his father snuck
over the fence at night. We have just sent out a DNA test to see what else
is in there.

LEWIS H HOPKINS (Hopewell, VA United States) - Amazon - February 13, 2014

Wasn't what I expected

Unfortunately it arrived damaged and had to be returned. But I did get a good a look at it and wanted to say that I wouldn't have been able to use it on my dog. Getting a close up look at the metal prongs made me think twice. Plus it has a heavy feel to it. I think it's a good product if your dog is driving you nuts with barking. I thought I was at the end of my rope until I actually held this collar in my hand. Just couldn't do it. Instead I'm working harder with my kooky barking dog and making progress. Who knows, I might change my mind again and reorder. The seller didn't offer an exchange, return only. That's something you don't find out until you start the process of returning a damaged item. So for now I'm not ordering another one.

lovemydogs (Atlanta) - Amazon - February 11, 2014

works well on miniature schnauzer

Our miniature schnauzer is a yapper. She is very smart and knows when the collar is not on. BUT, she does bark a lot less and not as loud when the collar is not on. With it on she does not bark at all. Worth the money.

edward peckham - Amazon - February 11, 2014

Works Great

Have had other brands and they worked for a little while and were a little sporadic. This one is consistent and gives a fair warning. Dogs no longer bark!! Have had it just about a month and still on the same battery.

Vickie Dones (Albany, OR USA) - Amazon - February 11, 2014

Works for Large Breeds

It cuts back on the loud barking but it doesn't stop him from whining. Our dog is a Golden Retriever, he is 5 months old and is about 60 pounds right now. He will end up being about 90 lbs when he is full grown. One feature I really like is the warning beep, when he hears that he gets quiet right away.

Michelle Robertson - Amazon - February 11, 2014

Great Product

We have never had to get a collar before so we were unsure of which collar to get for out Beagle. We ordered the Dogtek Electronic Bark Control collar and it seems to work great! Our neighbors would complain about our dog during the day and since we bought this they said they have not heard him at all. We live in a condo so we are very close to other people in the condominium. I would recommend this collar to everyone.

Jamie Rengers - Amazon - February 10, 2014

works on puppies

Have 4 GErman Shepherd puppies 4-5 months old. One is a barker. Loves to yap. Getting bigger and barking is getting louder.

Bought this collar. Wow!!! Easy to use. There are 3 adjustment. One is on/off. The other is stimulation - tone only, low shock, extended shock. The third is a screw for sensitivity. A small screwdriver comes with the kit.

Anyway the adjustments are very small and difficult to see but once you figure them out - pretty simple.

The barker stopped barking almost immediately. Put in on low shock, high sensitivity. Never did hear a tone but the collar must be working. No barking.

Peter Nelson Brawn (KEY WEST, FLORIDA, US) - Amazon - February 10, 2014

Less barking

This bark collar actually works. My dogs knows now that he shouldn't bark when he wears. He does bark some when he is not wearing it, but not as much.

Debra Brodhead - Amazon - February 10, 2014

Clearly it didnt work

Although I checked the batteries twice, it only buzzed while the dog continued barking. I don't want to make it too tight. I then contacted Amazon who only has a 30 day window to return anything. I called 8 days outside this window and are now stuck with it???I will be calling the mfr and amazon as I'm also a amazon prime member, but apparently that doesn't mean anything.

Bruce R. Staubitz - Amazon - February 8, 2014

Just what I needed/expected

I ordered this Dogtek after reading numerous reviews online. I was looking for an inexpensive (but not ultra-cheapo) no-bark training device. Most of the reviews were pretty favorable, even more so than some of those ridiculously priced "cadillac" bark collars with fancy remotes, too many buttons and an all expensive paid trip to cabo san lucas.

I couldn't wait to open the package once it was received. It came in a small plastic package, with an easy to read manual, and two sets of contacts (the silver knobs in the photo) in case you had a smaller breed dog. The fact it comes with the screwdriver is a major bonus (plus it works on my Hush Puppy bi-focals, no pun intended).

It has two settings, for long and short "pulses." I have a medium dog so I had to switch to the long pulse. You can modify the pulse strength with the screwdriver that is included.

I have used the bark collar exactly 3 times (never at night, just during the early evening) and have not had a problem with him ever since the first couple times. He's still a younger puppy so he does wake up at night to let me know he needs to do his "business" but all I have to do not is show him the bark collar and ask him "do you want this on" and it's enough to make him stop. If showing him doesn't work, I just put the contact points on his throat area and that really get's the point across. I have not had to actually put it on him in two weeks.

so this brings us to the 4 star rating. I have only two minor issues with the collar. The on/of switch is on the underside of unit, near the contact points, as is the pulse and intensity switch. This makes sense too, so that it is not accessible to the dog, or other beings (namely my 3 little kiddos). The on/off area and the pulse switches are so deep you cannot use any easily locatable item such as a pen tip to turn it on/off or adjust the pulse. So you are stuck keeping the screwdriver in an easily accessible area. Two draws backs to this, it's such a small screwdriver, that it is easy to misplace and once again, appeals to other beings as a fun object to play with. (Perhaps they could have added another hatch to store the screwdriver)

The other drawback is that it defaults at 6 warning beeps before it pulses for the first time, and it appears to be one quick pulse. You cannot change this function, but if you have a barker it gets to 6 beeps quick. A very nice aspect, however, is that it stays "armed" so that if the little guy barks again within 30 seconds it zaps again.

easy to set up
comes with everything you need to use it right away (including a charge tester in case you think battery is dead)
two sets of contact points, depending on your breed size/dog's age
has a beep only function to use once he knows what coming
collar fits a multitude of neck sizes
weatherproof (not waterproof)
works amazingly (my personal experience)
very good price and spot on user reviews
works within days

defaults to 6 beep warning before zap and this is not changeable
on/off switch, pulse switch are set too deep in unit, so only little screwdriver (or unfolded paper clip can turn on/off)
screwdriver too small (unless stored in a hatch inside the unit itself)

Pro/Con: works so well after first couple days (personal review) that you spend $40+ and only use it a few times

brobluice - Amazon - February 8, 2014

Doesn't phase my dog

I have a 15 month old golden and this doesn't phase her whatsoever. I know that it works because it came with testing directions but she just doesn't seem to care about it. I even adjusted the prongs and made sure that her hair wasn't in the way. Oh well.

MissK - Amazon - February 5, 2014

difficult to use/set

Very hard to adjust the setting on this collar. My dog had no reaction at first and I kept turning it up- you just turn this little tiny screw inside the controller- and eventually it just shocked her so she squealed. I have tried it several times since and there does not seem to be a point to set it that actually works without making her cry out. Now she just shakes if I come near her with it, so obviously I no longer use.

lwb62 (CT) - Amazon - January 30, 2014

Great product!

This is the third bark collar we've tried and it works. We have a Cavalier King Charles spaniel who is the sweetest dog in the world but he barks, he barks at everything even his shadow.
We don't even have to have this collar turned on, just on him and he remembers the little poke!
I recommend this collar !

Robert Peterson - Amazon - January 27, 2014

Not thrilled

This product has not met my expectations. It seems as though it doesn't phase my dogs now when it delivers a shock.

Dhan - Amazon - January 26, 2014

My Neighbors Are at Peace

I didn't want to give my 3 YR OLD GERMAN this thing, but after five months outside my neighbors all came at me with his loud, and excessive barking. I can't have my baby cooped up inside my rental all day like I used to. So I brought it. Right away I was pleased with the collar. I like that the material was confortable for him and while the device itself is bulky it stays in please without him being irriated. The instructions were easy to read and I am glad all the tools were also included. DOES IT WORK? YES IT DOES! I allowed my dog to wear it without stimulation only the alarming beep mode for three full hrs. I would hide behind the house, because he doesn't do all that barking with me around. The beeping when he got loud got his attention, but he kept it up. So I put it at the lowest level stimulation. Upon the first buzz he wimpered and stopped. I came around the corner with a piece of bacon and told him GOOD Quiet! He is learning fast. It has been the less then a week and his barking has stopped dramaticly. He knows what the device is, because when it comes off he'll start back up. I'll shoot be quiet and he'll hush, but because I work duringthe day I can't do that all time. The only thing I don't like is its not weather proof, however i don't keep my dog outside when it rains or snows anyway.

LaShanwdra J Conley - Amazon - January 24, 2014

It works...

I have a very stubborn 85lb lab who would constantly bark at any person going by our house or parking by our house...normally that's an ok thing because dogs are supposed to protect what's theirs. The problem is we live across the street from a school and on a corner...lots of people...and grumpy complaining neighbors.

I tried the citronella spray collars which worked at first (when they worked - see my other reviews) but eventually the dog decided he didn't mind the spray and would bark through the spray as he headed out the door :(

This collar has done the job. I can't give it 5 stars just because I can't say I love the idea of shocking my dog for just being a dog and doing what dogs do. He never barked in the house , so he doesn't wear it in the house. I put it on him each time he goes out the door and he doesn't bark at people or parked cars. He has gone out occasionally without the collar (because we forgot) and he hasn't barked.

The collar does give a warning beep before shocking and the dog has learned to pay attention to it. It also does seem to be sensitive to the vocal cord vibrations (not sound level) so he can make a soft sound and not get beeped BUT excessive head shaking or rubbing the collar on his neck can also trigger the beeps. He has learned to adapt to that as well. He has not gotten shocked for that though.

So... yes the collar works very well, I'm just sorry our circumstances made it necessary in the first place.

mommaB - Amazon - January 23, 2014

Great product!

My 90 lb. male lab would bark every time he was put outside without me standing with him. The Dogtek Electronic Bark collar has eliminated all annoying barking. He now knows by just putting the collar on him that he should not bark for no reason. For a very reasonable price this has made a big difference. I would recommend this to anyone whose dog barks without cause. He does not bark to alert me of someone coming to the house just wags his tail, lol so this was not a concern.

Sheila Barnes - Amazon - January 22, 2014

I have two really yappy dogs, that barked at everything and everyone!

I felt so bad for my friends that would come over and my poor neighbors. My neighbors, on both sides, have dogs and their dogs are so quite, that half the time I don't even realize they are in the yard....until my dogs start barking non stop! I finally had it. I was really concerned about my dogs safety with getting a "correction shocks". I liked that this collar came with warning beeps, so the dogs would associate the beep with a correction.

My dogs caught on really quick! I very rarely put the bark collar on my dogs. If they start baking at the dogs next door, all I have to ask the dogs is "You want the collar?" and they immediately stop and sometimes even just come back inside. Why hadn't I thought of getting a correction collar before! Best investment I've ever made!

Kathy - Amazon - January 22, 2014

Effective. Worth it. Would recommend and buy again.

We bought this collar for our Cocker Spaniel who barks at everything that moves. When he barks in our entryway, the sound reverberates throughout the house. Since we work in our home and are often on the phone, we needed a way to quiet him. This collar worked immediately. Ty, the dog, understands that when he hears the beeps, a shock will follow if he doesn't stop barking. He might get one or two barks out, but then he stops. Peace is restored.

Michael Grant "M Grant" (Texas) - Amazon - January 21, 2014

Works great for a howling dog

Easy to use, and is effective at detecting howling and barking. I have a 60 pound dog, and this is great at keeping his noise down while I'm away. It gives a warning beep as a precursor to the zap, and he learned quickly. No more noise complaints since purchasing this.

Ssanjan - Amazon - January 21, 2014

Dogtek Bark Control Dog Collar

A lady named Jennife ask me how I liked this item. I have been sick and have not tried it yet. Hope to do so this weekend.

Susu22 "22SueSue" (Los Angeles, Ca, US) - Amazon - January 21, 2014

Does what it should

I use this collar on my German Shepherd/Lab mix. It gives a warning beep before it zaps, which is nice because it can tend to be a bit too sensitive. It will sometimes beep when she shakes her head, but only seems to go off when she barks. Whenever she has it on, she doesn't bark, then we can leave it off for awhile. If she ever gets barky again we just put it back on and she knows it's be quite time.

Jeffery S Hammond - Amazon - January 21, 2014

Great product

This bark collar has been very effective for our dog and given us much more peace & quiet. He is a chihuahua mix, about 25 pounds. I am very happy with the purchase!

Amazon Customer "stephmsc" - Amazon - January 20, 2014

Works but not well

Well my dog doesn't continuously bark anymore. He's also gotten a little more neurotic, sadly. I have tried adjusting the sensitivity on this and it appears to have 2 settings. The first doesn't go off no matter how long he barks. The other goes off if he breathes. We hear the warning beeps randomly and the dog looks scared. So he's no longer barking constantly but is living in a state of fear. It just beeped again as I am writing this and the poor dog is laying quietly at my feet. Oh and a word of warning...NEVER put your hand on this unless you are prepared for a shock. I held the prongs for a moment while I was brushing him. No barking no whining no noise from him at all and I got zapped. It's not painful per se but it was pretty surprising (I was going to say shocking but...). So like I said, it does work but not well.

Lisa R. Larson "joealliemom" (Jefferson, MA USA) - Amazon - January 20, 2014

Works well

The collar works really well. I turned the sensitivity down a bit
because it would go off when he shook himself. It still does a bit, but
he has learned not to shake too much. It has, for the most part, kept
his barking under control. He is a 15 pound pomeranian with long hair
so I have to keep the collar really tight. That would be the only
disadvantage; but that has more to do with his hair than your product.
I have recommended it to others.

Thomas (Ohio) - Amazon - January 20, 2014

didn't work for my dog

It didn't really work. I think the "box" is so big that the fit isn't firm enough to make contact surely.

M Scott Evans - Amazon - January 17, 2014


I bought two of these for our dobermans and they both have fallen apart. Where the collar buckles is cheap plastic.

Mike mclaughlin - Amazon - January 16, 2014

It's ok

It can be a little touchy at times. If your dog shakes it may go off. It helps with barking control though, so I like it. Much better than the remote collars.

Christopher (Oregon, USA) - Amazon - January 15, 2014


The first time I used this collar on my dog it shocked her at the correct moment as she barked. Her barking problem then seemed to be instantly corrected. Using the collar again at a later date, the collar shocked her even if she was not barking. So……it turned out to be an unusable piece of junk.

Customer - Amazon - January 14, 2014


We adopted a dog from the shelter 2yrs ago, and I have not slept thru the night once since she came home. Our dog loves to wait until the middle of the night to go outside and bark her head off. I bought this out of desperation, and it barely arrived yesterday, and it worked immediately for our dog. She went outside to bark several times during the evening, but once she did a single bark, she came right back inside (thru doggie door). I don't consider our dog to be the sharpest tool in the shed, so I anticipated this collar taking about a week to condition her not to bark, but knock on wood, it seems to have worked since she did NOT bark once at all during the night. YAY! Our dog is about 60lbs and has alot of hair for those who are curious about specs on the dog.

judlz (SW, USA) - Amazon - January 12, 2014

Good idea ...needs fine tuning

We got this for our very rambunctious golden retriever.
He barks at everything.
He learned very quickly that if he barks he might get zapped.
I say might because it is not consistent.
Sometimes it works as designed ie barking causes a warning beep and more barking causes a shock.
Other times he can bark and warning beep and no shock.
We have tried adjusting the sensitivity but doesn't seem to matter.
The other thing which I am disappointed is that our dog only stops barking when he is wearing the collar.
He knows when he is not wearing it he can bark and nothing will happen.
I thought he would learn from the collar not to bark so much but sadly not the case.

Maureen - Amazon - January 10, 2014

AWWWWSOME!!! 3 Barking Dogs HUSHED!!!

Got 2 of these for $43 shipped(12/2013) for my Mother for Xmas. She has 3 dogs, 2 of which bark at anything and everything and ar super loud and very annoying barks at that. On top of that she has a 3rd dog that isn't too much of a problem but likes to join in the barking party when the other 2 get going. We put these on the 2 barkers and WOW! Not only did the dogs learn pretty quick but how odd is it to see a quite dog when you walk in the door. Also The dogs couldn't be left outside very long without barking up a storm to be let in. Not anymore!! Highly Recommended!

Eric - Amazon - January 7, 2014

Works but not super easy

The on and off buttons are a little cumbersome to access but the collar worked well for my 18 lb havanese. He got shocked maybe twice and now doesn't bark nearly as much. You cannot leave the collar on over 8 hours so it's a little tricky to figure out when you want it on and off.

Katie Watt - Amazon - January 7, 2014

Does not work

This product did not work. It did not do anything when she barked. I even adjusted the sensitivity like the instructions said. It did shock her when she shook her head. I am very disappointed with this.

Tim Lewis - Amazon - January 6, 2014

Doesn't work and has been causing medical issues in my dog.

My 35 pound beagle/lab mix likes to bark. I had a collar from another company that I had to manually stimulate with a remote. I thought that this one may be better since it automatically reacts to the dog's barking. It has been truly awful for the following reasons:1. The settings are difficult to adjust. To simply turn the unit on/off, I have to find a tool small enough to fit inside the narrow space to reach the switch. It's a frustrating pain.2. It doesn't work. I started on the lowest setting, as the directions recommended, and I worked my way up. Even on the highest setting with the highest sensitivity, the collar does not work. My dog continues to bark. In fact, he has developed this whine that the collar does not detect. He does this constantly while slobbering so much he leaves a puddle in a short amount of time. When he gets too loud, he gets shocked and yelps then barks loudly repeatedly. He does not stop. In fact, it may have gotten worse.3. The collar shocks when dog is not barking. Every time my dog shakes, the collar shocks him. When he plays with my other dog, he gets shocked. When his collar rubs against something, he gets shocked. I'm not sure how he's supposed to learn not to bark when he gets shocked constantly. If I turn the sensitivity down, it has not effect.4. My dog has developed medical problems due to the collar. He has had to have his anal glands emptied twice in the last week alone. He will develop a smell and start to rub his rear on the floor. That's when we know they're full. The dog only developed this problem after we started using the collar. Even since we've stopped using it, his is still having the problems and seems to be scared of everybody.5. My dog has a bald spot on the underside of his neck from where the collar shocks him. We are careful not to leave it on for longer than the directions recommend, so I know that is not the cause.I am extremely disappointed with this product. Frankly, this collar seems unsafe for dogs and I highly recommend you try something else!

Jennifer - Amazon - January 3, 2014

Didnt work at all

This thing was a peice of junk... we followed the directions exactly and it barely works... Don't waste your money

Lindsey McTimmonds - Amazon - January 3, 2014

Unreliable, fails to go off or goes off unexpectedly

I bought this because my dog gets so happy and excited to go to the park that she barks/screeches in my ear all the way there (on the way back she's all tired out from frisbee and just lies down). Though I hate the idea of shocking her, the ten minute drive had become unbearable and unsafe and the end result was that I didn't take her to the park as often because the drive was so miserable.Adjusted to the middle, this collar still gives a pretty good shock--I tried it on myself before putting it on her. The problem with this collar is that it is inconsistent. Sometimes it won't go off if her bark isn't low enough, and she tends to give high pitched barks when she's excited. Worse that that, it's sometimes set off when she's not barking if she knocks it against something, like the edge of the window as she's sticking her head out. She bounces around a lot with excitement in the back seat, so it's hard to keep this from getting knocked from time to time. There's a sensitivity adjustment but it seems to only exacerbate one of these problems or the other, depending if you turn it up or down.On the upside, it only took her getting shocked a couple of times when she was barking for her to quiet down. Now I just put the collar on her in the car but don't turn it on. She still bounces around a bit and sticks her head up alongside mine from the back seat, but she doesn't bark anymore. Mission accomplished, I guess, but the collar is still pretty poorly made, in my opinion.

Dan H - Amazon - January 2, 2014

Works great!

We have a Jack Russell/Maltese mix. He's about 20lbs. He has a lot of hair. We only put the collar on when we have family/friends are over. My husband has it set at the lowest setting. He barks but when the collar beeps our dog knows if he continues to be bark he'll get zapped. We cannot put the collar on when he's playing it has zapped him before.

R. Cortez (Houston, TX United States) - Amazon - December 27, 2013

very bulky for minpin -

The product is way too bulky for a small dog. it beeps when you place it on counter (slight drop). Did not work as well as the Sunbeam product. After 3 mos. I went out to buy the Sunbeam Pets Advanced Bark Control Collar. I previously purchased one that worked for one and half year. I thought I was buying a better product with Dogtek. But after trying it for three months I would take my chance again with Sunbeam.

David Fuks (Teaneck, NJ, US) - Amazon - December 26, 2013

Does the job and is perfectly humane

This really works. I bought it to "save the neighborhood" from my slightly anxious labrador, and let it sit on the shelf for a few months before finally trying it on her and doing the associated training.It really works. It emits a very clear set of beeps before emitting a shock, and this alone does all the work now. The shocks are just a reinforcement and now just having the collar on is enough of a signal to my dog.Similar technology to a "virtual fence" and just as humane.Now I have happier neighbors and less stress in my house.The only reason this is four and not five *'s is because the unit is much bigger than it needs to be. I replaced the battery and took a look inside - the volume of the plastic housing could be made considerably smaller considering the electronics it contains. Yes, comparable to invisible fence collars but it lacks the RF electronics so it should be made smaller, just big enough for the battery, electrodes, and a teensy PCB.

Robert S. Williamson III - Amazon - December 26, 2013

Couldn't make it work for my dog

I have a German Shepard mix, her hair is moderately thick. I checked some forums and made lots of adjustment but ultimately could not make it work consistently for my dog.

J. Kahl (Colorado Springs, CO) - Amazon - December 24, 2013

Excellent product

Truly amazing results in one day. Our dog was already trained on an invisible fence and the beeping stopped his barking immediately.

Douglas D. Harkins - Amazon - December 23, 2013

Great Bark Collar For The Price.

I would recommend this bark collar for anyone looking for cheaper solution. My only gripe with this product is the difficulty in being able to turn the device on and off. In order to turn the device off/on you must use the screw driver(or something with the size equivalent to it) to do so. This is really the only con I have encountered so far. The different beep mode and sensitivity settings work as advertised.

Eric Sherman - Amazon - December 23, 2013

Three steps

I love that you have different settings on this collar. First you have a beep to warn the dog. Next you can choose different vibration levels from soft to stronger and the last ditch effort you have the shock. Over a month with an outside dog and have had no issues. We barely use the shock setting anymore because he has learned to quiet when he hears the beep.

Rebecca Ferda - Amazon - December 22, 2013


I cannot adequately express how well this has worked for my dog! She is a 15 pound poodle/ terrier mix, and she visibly calms down when I put this on her. She only got shocked a couple of times, and quickly learned that barking was not good in it. She can still make a low growling noise without being shocked or warned. Now, I put it on her each night, but I turned it off. She still doesn't bark. We need to get another one for our other dog!

Tiffany - Amazon - December 19, 2013

It works

Worked instantly. One try and that's all it took. Now I may have to use it once a week or so, but it works.

Bonnie - Amazon - December 19, 2013

Does not work for small dogs

I didn't actually get to verify whether this product works as the collar was too big for my dog, a daschund mix about 13 lbs. I looked everywhere for a description of the appropriate weight/ size dog for this collar and couldn't find anything on Amazon. A couple of the reviews indicated that they used this product on small dogs (e.g. yorkie), so I thought this would be okay for mine. It wasn't. When the collar is too big, the contacts don't touch the skin and the collar hangs down and is too heavy for a small dog.

Donna Ford - Amazon - December 17, 2013

Great collar

I have a 25 lb beagle and this works great on her I really love it !!! I would buy again I only gave it 4 stars because if you drag it across the counter it will give you the warning beep but has never shocked me so that's good like I said great collar :)

lovethecakes - Amazon - December 17, 2013

It's been very effective on all 7 my dogs.

I have a mix of dogs all between 60 and 80 pounds. A rotty who only barks when someone knocks on the door, 4 Shar Pei's that back at anything that moves and 2 labs of which one is my problem barker and barks from the time I leave until I return.I originally started with all the dogs wearing the collar with the shock setting at high. After 3 weeks all but one of them are shutoff, although they still wear them when I am gone, the mere fact that they are wearing them has the desired effect.The one that is still turned on is on my 78 pound black lab, who is a slow learner (and is my problem barker). It is on the 'low' shock setting and I will probably be setting it to tone only in another week or so.These saved me a $150 fine for the noise/nuisance my dogs were causing.

Mike Wodei (Phoenix, AZ) - Amazon - December 16, 2013

Worked well... for about 5 weeks

This was purchased to discourage the nuisance barking of a well intended indoor dog. He barks at the sounds of cars passing by, voices he can hear out on the street, and the wind blowing through the trees.This product worked extremely well at first. Just as the item was described, in fact. But suddenly, out of nowhere, it wouldn't react to barking. Any barking, regardless of how long it lasted. At first we thought we needed to turn up the settings a bit, but after trying that, it still didn't work. We replaced the battery, wondering if that was the issue. Nope. Not that either.Now, the only time this collar works is when my dog moves quickly, such as shaking out his little dog mane. Obviously we don't want to teach the dog he can't move.While it worked extremely well when it worked, I feel that I ultimately wasted my money on this product. I wouldn't recommend it.

A. Haus (Seattle) - Amazon - December 15, 2013

Very effective for my medium sized labrador

I ordered this item for my 45 lb labrador. Over the past few weeks she developed a habit of barking like mad at a particular spot on my fence in the backyard. It was possibly a bird's nest on the other side or the neighbor's construction workers that she did not like.I tried this collar out on the "tone only" setting, meaning that upon barking she would receive a beep but no shock. That was enough. She only gave out two full volume barks before figuring out the collar, and she has barely barked since. Rather than an immediate and continuous stream of barks every time she's let outside, she will now simply go out, do her business, and then ask to be let back inside. She will sometimes let out one or two lower volume barks but nothing excessive. Previously, she would sometimes just sit on my back porch and bark constantly. She still likes to sit on the back porch looking out over the yard, but now she does so quietly.I originally positioned the collar right in the middle of her throat, but she seems to be much more comfortable with the collar on the side of her neck. It still works effectively in that position on a medium sensitivity setting, and she's happier with it there.I could not be happier with this item!

Loial5046 - Amazon - December 13, 2013

... this collar for a few months and it works great. Our dog is a serious barker and the ...

We've had this collar for a few months and it works great. Our dog is a serious barker and the collar has stopped 90% of his barking. He even seems to bark less when he's not wearing the collar. Maybe he's gotten the idea that barking is not a good thing. I definitely recommend it.

Richard Harris - Amazon - December 12, 2013

Works great!

Works great! My dog might bark once, then she hears the beeps and remains quiet. She probably got shocked once or twice on the 1st day, then quickly learned that barking was bad for her.

Nowell - Amazon - December 12, 2013

Effective product!

I bought this collar for my daughter to use on their 100# lab, who they have to let out at 5 AM. The neighbors were not pleased with the early morning barking. After one shock from the collar the dog has changed her ways and the neighbors get to sleep in. They did have to crank up the level before it got her attention.

SilentWarrior - Amazon - December 11, 2013

Finally, peace and quiet again.

This collar works!It was a straightforward deal to get this to work on a 40 pound Border Collie. Before it was put on her, she would bark anytime any of our neighbors' dogs were let out. This consistent barking would go on for hours, even when inside the house. Aside from adjusting the collar [which has PLENTY of length], no other adjustments were made, and no problems in getting my dog to understand her need not to bark. To be honest, she had been trained with a bark collar before we got her, so she understood what the collar does. I had put this collar on a 6 month old BC pup, and it did the trick with her too. I did take other collars off of her so that they didn't bang on the bark collar because when the bark collars gets tapped by something [like another collar], it will think of that sound as a bark, and the collar will activate.I am very happy with the purchase.

Yosemite Stan (NJ For Now) - Amazon - December 11, 2013

Great Collar

This collar is great. I have a 15lb mixed breed rescue who is a BIG barker. My neighbors started to complain. I purchased this collar as a last step. It works! It works great. After only 2 days I was able to switch it over to the beep only option and it still works great.

E. Neupert "thriller lover" (New Orleans) - Amazon - December 10, 2013

waste of money does not work

This item does not work, my small dog keeps barking and does not feel a thing, much needed money wasted.

Brian Santiago - Amazon - December 10, 2013


This works well. I like that it has warning beeps before it goes off. It only had to go off twice before our dog realized that the beeps were warning her, now we rarely need to use the collar. Don't leave it on the dog for a long time. I believe the directions state 8 hours because it can cause skin irritation. This was a last resort for us, but we had a newborn baby and a very big, loud dog that would bark at everything and would not respond to water sprays, scolding, etc and this worked.

Jennifer S. - Amazon - December 9, 2013

Stop barking dogs

These things work great, I recommend them if your dogs have a barking problem. I tried everything short of using a shock collar but now I wish I had tried these sooner.

Mark Alan Wilson - Amazon - December 9, 2013

Using on a Pomeranian and Boxer!! Works GREAT!

Great collar!! I have a 10-15 lb Pomeranian and other than it being a tad clunky around his neck, it works great and controls his barking - it was effective the first time and he seems to know exactly what it is for whenever I put it on him - yay!!! I did have to increase the sensitivity (and I put the longer prong things on it since my dog has thicker fur)My boyfriend has the same exact collar for his boxer and it works GREAT for him too!!!!Definitely recommend it!

Ninja-Mary B - Amazon - December 9, 2013

Very happy with this collar!

We are able to adjust the level of shock on this collar and our very fury 60lb dog doesn't need to have his his neck shaved for the collar to be effective. The device has a warning beep, so our dog is still able to communicate when needed without being shocked. The additional prongs are nice bonus, since that's what came off and got lost on our last bark collar from a different company.

Michelle O'Connor - Amazon - December 9, 2013

Maybe our dog is broken?

It just didn't work on our dog. Even with the sensitivity all the way up, our dog would bark and bark and nothing would happen. Maybe our dogs bark is special and just electronics just don't sense it. Who knows? It did work because we tested it by following the instructions and it went off. When we had the sensitivity up all the way, my husband just talking near it made it go off, and yet still nothing on our dog.

Linda D. Goins - Amazon - December 6, 2013

worked great till he pulled a fast one and now it's gone...

lasted two weeks, not sure if the dog is smarter than I thought and had help getting it off, but it's gone... . He split into the woods, came back barking and havent seen it since. Though while he was wearing it, it worked great and corrected without being overly punative..... I am certain it was clipped on correctly, I am guessing the buckle failed but it's clearly gone somewhere within a 10 acre boundary.... Possibly buried as far down as he could dig would be my guess.......

Pound Sand "nr" (USA) - Amazon - December 5, 2013

Great product

I use this on my 55 pound lab to help with barking and whining problems. I put it on the beep setting and she quickly stopped. She understands when it is on what is expected. I really like this product.

ridge - Amazon - December 4, 2013

Great device!

We have a four year old lab mix who loves to bark. He barks to come in, at strangers, at babies in strollers, at leaves. We tried the citronella collar which worked great until he figured out if he barked in rapid succession he could drain the cintronella and bark in peace the rest of the day. I was very hesitant to buy a shock collar - he is part of our family - but we had to do something. The first time he wore it he was shocked (literally and figuratively). He has not been shocked since. The beep warning it gives is enough to make him stop. We now don't even have to have the shock part on - I love the fact that this has the option to turn that piece off.

Shannon Miller - Amazon - December 3, 2013

Great price for the collar

Excellent price and it worked on my huge Black Lab/Great Pyrenees mix (110 lbs). The directions said start with beeps then progress to short stimulation followed by long stimulation, but I did not read the directions. I implemented the beeping first but he didn't even care and it didn't seem to beep much. Foolishly I switched it to long stimulation and cranked the barking sensitivity to max for the next round of massive barking. During his barking it beeped once, he then continued to bark and it did a long stimulation shock. He yelped loudly and stopped barking. I took it off immediately and placed it back onto beeping and dialed back down the sensitivity. I've left the collar on him for the past two days, beep only, and his barking has been completely acceptable (once here or there but nothing like it was before). I plan on taking the collar off in the next day or so to see if he can continue to be good without the collar.

Allen Brown - Amazon - December 3, 2013



cortnie7 - Amazon - December 2, 2013

Didn't work for us

This collar shocked my dog whenever he shook his ears so we immediately had to return it. I will say, the company was great about the return. I know it comes with settings so you can adjust the sensitivity and adjust the shock, but we weren't able to adjust it to a point that worked for our dog. We also ended up buying a collar with a remote control instead of a barking collar and we have found that much more effective.

Maria Finger - Amazon - November 25, 2013

Dog does not bark anymore.

Collar works well for our approx 80 pound mutt. not sure of breed. Does not bark at all anymore. Only issue is would like the on/off switch more accessible. Now that she seems to be "trained" would be good to turn off and see if she barks with it on.

Steve Zilis (Bozeman, MT, US) - Amazon - November 23, 2013

Great product

Well since I got it. The dog has been a lot quieter haha. this product seems to work if you have a dog that loves to bark late at night this will work!

Jared Ray Koon - Amazon - November 23, 2013

Poorly designed band/collar

This was a lot bigger than I expected. I purchased the small for the dog I have and it would have worked but the band tightness adjusts and slides open where the shock part is just hanging. A waste of money and I never used it.

T. C. "Mom of 2 kids 10 and 7" (Colorado) - Amazon - November 22, 2013

Good product with one suggestion

The Dogtek Electronic Bark Control Dog Collar has been very effective on both our 85 lb pit-bull and our 60 lb black-lab mix. No problems thus far. We keep it on them for a couple days and them remove it. The barking decreases with that short amount of time. If they start barking excessively again we put it back on them. It works great but we did have to calibrate it to the least sensitive setting so it would not shock them if they played or scratched their neck. Sure there are occasional shocks that they do not deserve but negligible compared to its effectiveness. It would be nice if we could control the strength of the shock but overall we are very pleased with the product. That would be the most pressing issue so I would not recommend it for smaller dogs.

Richard Bambenek - Amazon - November 21, 2013

love it

works great only took a day no more unwanted barking. dog still barks when needed just not in excs. I love it

lisa - Amazon - November 20, 2013

This Anti-Bank Collar Works

Most effective anti-bark collar I have used. If it can stop my miniature schnauzer from barking it is a truly effective product.

A. L. Daniel "Lynn Daniel" (Charlotte, NC) - Amazon - November 19, 2013

Great Bark Collar

We bought this bark collar for our large Labrador Retreiver (#80). He has a bark to match! This collar has decreased his barking at least 90%. He will give small barks if he wants in the house, and occasionally he will Start of bark, but then ceases ! Good product. Doesn't hurt the dog.

Econana (Florida/Indiana) - Amazon - November 19, 2013

Good product, doesn't fool smart dog though.

The collar it self works great. However, my 4 month old Alaskan Malamute is more on the "chatty" side than barking side. He has learned by now that when the beep goes off he needs to quit howling, barking, but when he gets worked up he'll keep going at it. Hes a smart puppy and has realized that there are certain sounds he can make that won't set the collar off. So now instead of barking when hes mad every ones going to bed and wont play with him he makes this high pitched, ear splitting howl/yapping sound. I would rather listen to his barking than this sound. This isn't a problem with the collar though. The only actual problem I have with the collar is that when my puppy lays down and accidentally scrapes the device on the bottom of the kennel it'll beep which will startle him and he'll scrape it on the bottom of the kennel again and it'll shock him. So at that point he becomes confused and starts his ear splitting yapping again.

Dana Batliner - Amazon - November 19, 2013

Problem solved

This collar is amazing. It is relatively inexpensive and solved a major problem.Our shepherd mix, Max, was barking hysterically, night and day, at any squirrel, deer, or other animal, as well as at distant trains. Training techniques were not working and we were having to keep him closed in the house to stop him from bothering our neighbors.The Dogtek collar worked immediately. Max still patrols our home and property, but no longer barks ceaselessly and hysterically. He does occasionally bark, but only once or twice, and then he stops. I am sure we could eliminate all barking if we turned the collar to a higher setting, but we like to know he can still warn us if there should be a true danger.The surprise benefit is that Max seems much happier. He still enjoys being a watchdog but now he is not being constantly reprimanded for barking. He can be inside or outside as he wishes. And, he is no longer working himself up to a state of hysteria.

Amelia K. Sherman "Amelia S." (Atascadero, Ca. United States) - Amazon - November 19, 2013

Happy to educate my dog

It is incredible how my dog behaves since I am using this collar. Now she thinks twice before barking. I strongy recommend it

Sarisol De Alfaro "Sadero" (El Salvador) - Amazon - November 19, 2013

If not for this I would have had to give up my dog.

Picked this up as a last ditch effort to keep our dog. Nothing kept him quiet while alone. Living in an apartment he could be heard several, unattached, buildings over.Works extremely well for the money. Its a really good value compared to other collars I've looked at. The warning beeps are a great touch. Our dog got lit up once the first time he barked. While I was sad to see him yelp he QUICKLY learned. The second barking episode was quieted down quickly with the warning beeps alone. He has worn this collar for quite a while now and has only been shocked maybe twice.Bottom line, this collar made it possible to keep our dog. I'd move before I'd give him up but now I don't have to. It was works well while walking to keep him quiet and not barking at everything that moves, though you need to be mindful of other dogs and things that could set it off.

DH878 - Amazon - November 17, 2013

Excellent product! I would buy again!

The Dogtek BC-60 collar has worked very well! I have 3 large dogs that Ihave been passing around the collar on. Two of the dogs are longhairedBelgian Tervuren mixes and the other is a blue heeler/ hound mix. Theyprobably weigh around 50 to 60 lbs each.I only used the short contact points even on the longhaired ones. Afteronly a couple of days of initial collar use, I now put the collaroccasionally on the Tervuren mixes for 'reminding'. The blue heeler mix is a youngdog and just needs a little more time training but it works very well on himtoo.The Tervuren mixes have almost stopped the annoying game they played byhaving a barking contest with the neighbors dog and his car EVERY time theneighbor would drive in and out of his driveway ( which was at least 3 timesa day, every day). My dogs had never barked when someone drove up mydriveway, even before the collar, (go figure :/ ) so I wasn't worried about that.At least I won't be woken up at 5:00 am by unnecessary barking anymore!Thank you for a wonderful product!

Ezrielle Potter (Kansas) - Amazon - November 16, 2013

I'm happy and glad I bought this!

Effective. I like that there is a warning beep and my dog, a German Shepherd breed once hearing the beep he knows that he has to behave. And does not even attempt to make a move. Too funny to watch but definitely very good! It even helps with jumping. Warning beep goes off with too much excitements!

Ringo - Amazon - November 16, 2013

My dog is finally quiet with an easy use collar.

Situation - I have a stubborn Heeler, we live near a hiking trail and she loves to bark at everyone every time.Likes - The collar gives the dog warnings before it buzzes, she has learned she can bark and make noises so long as they aren't excessive. The batteries last longer than other products I've used. Easy to use, turn it on and let her roam in the yard. Good customer service, my first collar broke within a week and the reps refunded me.Dislikes - The tiny control switches need the supplied screw driver to control on/off and strength settings. Also monitor the product durability when it arrives, test it to make sure it works and wasn't damaged during shipping.General - I'm concerned that my dog yips when the collar buzzes but she makes one yip and that's all, I think she is more surprised than hurt. The product still seems safe and durable for her rough play as a yard dog, (she stays outside rain or shine while I work). There are three settings to curb her barking habit; 1 beeps only, 2 with two beep warnings before a short buzz, 3 with two beep warnings before a long buzz. I have only had to use stage 2 with my dog and it works great. I've tried using other collars without success; citronella, sonic birdhouse, remote control buzz collar and none were as effective as this collar.

Michael - Amazon - November 16, 2013

High quality effective bark control

I've had other bark collars in the past, that my dog (9lb Yorkie) laughed off. This one is large for a dog her size, but effective. She very quickly learned that if it beeps, shes on her last warning before being socked, which is usually enough to deter her. If she does need a shock, its never more than one. The collar feels high quality and has been on the same battery since I got it, about a month ago. I've tried multiple brands of collars over the years, and this is without a doubt my favorite.

Cliff Harris - Amazon - November 15, 2013

It really works!

It actually worked, and it's made well. After wearing it a few times, all you have to do is show it to them, turn it on and as soon as they hear the beep, they will stop barking immediately.

George Chavez - Amazon - November 13, 2013

Makes a good dog, great!

We have a 3 1/2 year old beagle that is true to his nature and barks all the time. We love our dog but our neighbors sure didn't until now. We purchased the bark collar and was a little skeptical when we ordered it. We are now true believers. Our dog does not bark at everyone that walks by or every car that goes by on the street. It truly is amazing at how well it works. One of our neighbors even thought something had happened to our dog because he didn't hear him anymore. He said I needed to tell a certain neighbor about it (they have a dog that barks a lot too). Thank you for making this wonderful product. All quiet on our street.

Stephen Smythers "Pastor Steve" (Washington, PA) - Amazon - November 12, 2013

Stopped working within 3 days.

Worked for 3 days and then it simply stopped on its own despite changing the battery. It also kind of "hurt" my dog. Return process was easy though and I was refunded in less than a week after my claim.

Mom.of.2 "Mackye" (NY, NY, USA) - Amazon - November 12, 2013

good unit

stopped the barking almost immediately. You must put it back on from time to time just to reinforce the behavior. Does everything it was supposed to do.

mark landa - Amazon - November 11, 2013

Worked well for large lab!

I rescued a lab last month and unfortunately he had a bit of a problem with barking especially while in the car. I tried all the easy and usual fixes (water bottle, verbal cues, etc.) and I was not making any progress in helping him. I ordered the Dogtek collar but was concerned that I would be torturing my dog. Thankfully that wasn't the case.One thing that I like about the collar is that it uses a 3 stage system of audio warnings to train the dog. It didn't immediately start shocking him with every bark. After the 1st week the barking was 90% better. My dog very rarely wears the collar (pretty much only in the car and even then not very often)anymore. It did not affect his whining but that doesn't bother me and I like that he can communicate to me without doing it to my neighbors as well. I suppose you could adjust the sensitivity to control excessive whining but again I don't feel the need to take that from him. Speaking of sensitivity, it was a little difficult to dial in initially (which is why I took one star off) but even then it wan't hard to do - I just didn't really know what was appropriate. I would rate this collar as a 95/100 overall especially because I can now enjoy my dog and not worry about obnoxious barking bothering the neighborhood.

FenderSunburst - Amazon - November 11, 2013

Effective against the talkative d

Bought 2 to keep my dogs from barking constantly. Work well but you need to keep the neck area hair somewhat short for the contacts to reach the skin. Otherwise great for controlling barking. Provides a powerful shock (tested on my leg) and can be set to just vibrate once the dogs are used to the warning beep.

wcr - Amazon - November 11, 2013

Superb results

I have a dog who liked to go on extended barking jags at night trying to out do the local coyotes. I put the Dogtek bark collar on him, and he stopped the first night. It worked like magic. I would definitely recommend this collar. My dog weighs around 50 lbs.

Oregonian7 - Amazon - November 6, 2013

Great product

The collar does exactly what it is advertised to do once you have adjusted to fit your dog. Its waterproof so no need to worry about them wearing it in the rain. Overall this is a great product.

Benjamin Jorgensen "Ben Jorgensen" (United States) - Amazon - November 5, 2013

Good price point, even for smaller dogs

We have been satisfied with the item relative to its price point. We have a 12 lb Maltese living with us in our apartment. He is easily intimidated by the sound the collar makes initially which was the main reason we decided to purchase this specific collar. There have only been a limited number of instances where he ignored the beeping and in those cases, one shock was enough to send him cowering in the corner. After two weeks of using the collar while he was home alone, we no longer have to use it as he has learned that barking is not an option.We have encountered a few instances where the collar did not activate upon our dog barking; however, we are unwilling to make the collar tighter as we feel like it chokes him. This is more of an inherent flaw in this type of collar than in the product itself but it's still something to reflect upon.

Jason - Amazon - November 5, 2013

It does work, if done properly

I purchased the collar due to a neighbor complaining about his barking when I was at work. Since I was left with few options I tried the collar to help break the bad habit. I would recommend using with some additional training to help correct habits and not only as a stand alone solution. It has helped control the constant barking.

Oscar - Amazon - November 5, 2013

Very helpful for controlling barking

The collar has been effective for my 40 pound Australian Cattle Dog. Ifollowed the directions and set the collar to the beep-only function atfirst so she would associate her barking with the beeping that follows.After turning on the shock function, she figured out quickly that barkingproduces an unpleasant consequence. When she has the collar on, she rarelybarks (just once in a while), and she is calmer when people come to ourhouse. Considering that our neighbors called the police to file a noisecomplaint against us due to her barking, the collar has helped immensely!

sarahbster - Amazon - November 5, 2013

Very happy customer

The collar has done wonders for our obnoxious barking hound. He is so much better about it now. I did have to turn it to a higher setting about two weeks after starting to use it and I wondered if the battery is running low. I haven't changed the battery as of yet since we don't need to use the collar nearly as much now. I am very happy with this purchase and it has made a huge difference his barking settles down by just putting it on him now. I really like the beep it emits first which tells him what's to come if he keeps it up. The company also sent it to us in record time which was a lifesaver (his).

leechompkin - Amazon - November 4, 2013

Stopped excessive barking

Our dog who is two barked excessively all night and day. We put the collar on him on a Monday and by Wed we took it off and he only barks at reasonable things now rather than all the time. We only used the lowest setting and I really think it only took one shock. Our neighbor borrowed it with his dog who is five and it worked for him as well took a few more shocks but did the trick

Tiffany Sirmans - Amazon - November 1, 2013

Works great!

Had another training collar which worked well initially, but its rechargeable battery failed within a year. So I went searching for an anti-bark collar that had a warning mode (audible, loud beeps), a shock mode (we needed a shock mode as our dog is a barker and can be VERY stubborn), and, obviously, a replaceable (non-rechargeable) battery. This one met all those requirements and although it's only been about a month, our dog already shows better behavior (less barking). I did replace the battery after 30 days, but on testing realized I hadn't needed to (about 65% depleted). Assuming our dog learns to bark less (and thus less battery usage), it appears as though batteries should last two months, but that depends on the dog and brand of battery. Would definitely recommend this to other owners needing an anti-bark training collar.

Jordan Schlick "MD User" (Columbia, MD) - Amazon - October 29, 2013

DogTek Bark Collar

It's been amazing for our two-year old beagle (about 22 lbs.). I think it'szapped him a total of twice in the month or so we've had it; now, all wehave to do is put it on and he settles down. If he does bark, the warningsounds get his attention quickly, and he stops barking. It's not effectivefor the whining that's replaced the barking, but that's A-OK with me.He's a very stubborn dog and we were a bit dubious about spending the moneyon the collar (thinking that it wouldn't work well on him or that it wouldhurt him), but it's been worth every penny.We're very, very happy with the purchase.

keb0403 - Amazon - October 29, 2013

Skeptical At First But Very Happy!

The BC-60 has been absolutely perfect. I was very hesitant to go with ashock collar. I had major reservations that my high anxiety dog wouldfreak out when shocked. I don't think he loved the first one, but weseem to have absolutely solved his barking issues 100% the very firsttime. It's been two weeks and I've not heard the loud barking andhowling since. He's still his old self, but without the bark that couldhave gotten us evicted. Outstanding product!Brandon

Brandon Scott Drury - Amazon - October 29, 2013

Worked for my cavapoo

I have a 12 lb cavapoo and it worked. My dog stopped full blown barking from day one. He's smart enough to know not to bark when the collar is on and it reduced his barking in general even when he's not wearing it. He circumvent this device by barking just once, yelping, making high pitch noises, and etc. I wish I can control that too, but I am quite satisfied that he is not barking like crazy anymore. Happy camper here.CON: he likes to shake his whole body (like when dogs shake water off when they're wet) and this would zap him as though he is barking. Wish there was a way to control it remotely when I see him about to shake his bonbon.

T. Tran "ladyroake" (Sierra Vista, AZ USA) - Amazon - October 28, 2013

Happy neighbors, happy home

My 2 year old boxer/retriever Whiskey is a lover but can't always control his excitement. After receiving a typed letter from my neighbors complaining about whiskey's 'shrill' bark I immediately ordered this collar and 9 hours later when it landed on my doorstep our lives changed forever. Though hearing whiskey get shocked the first few times was hard as a mom, he is now the best behaved dog on the block. The warning beep keeps him from getting shocked & from getting worked up in the first place. Whiskey not only doesn't bark, he doesn't rough house as much & doesn't jump or whine at the back door. I couldn't be happier with my purchase or with amazon and it's amazing delivery time! I ordered it at 11pm and the package was at my door at 8:30am the following morning!! I know this is not typical so may I just say BRAVO! I'm an Amazon shopper for life!

Whiskey'sMom - Amazon - October 22, 2013

Very very good

It works greats we put it on the dog for two days and she is quite. It is very very good product and if had to get I would get it .

Gina Jones - Amazon - October 20, 2013


I'm probably dumb but I can't get this to work. I asked my friend to try and fix it for me... can't. Not much instructions but its just sitting around somewhere.. I just bought an app for my ipad "Pavlov Dog Monitor" $4.99 it helped so much with my dogs barking.

oh hey its jen (Las Vegas) - Amazon - October 19, 2013


I got this on Tuesday and have tried numerous times to get this collar to do what it is suppose to. It only worked correctly 3 times. After that it wouldn't do anything until my husband tried it on himself then it hasn't done the thing it was suppose to. I don't recommend this item at all. Its a waste of money and your time trying to use it.

Amanda - Amazon - October 19, 2013

works for all our dogs

We have 3 dogs: a catahoula mix who is 60lbs, a fiest mix who is20lbs, and a Yorkie mix who is 5 lbs. The collar is a little big onthe Yorkie but she is the worst barker. The collars work great andonly took a day or two of training. We followed the training guide andstarted the collars at beeping and once we moved it to shock they onlybarked 1 or 2 times. We only use them at night and from the minutethey go on till them come off there is no barking or maybe just onesingle bark. They do still bark without the collars on but not a bitwhen they are wearing them. I would definitely recommend this product.

LRW - Amazon - October 15, 2013

Amazing amazing amazing

the collar worked wonders on my dog. She would bark constantly and has completely stopped (after wearing for about 1 month). Now she doesn't even need to wear it. She is a medium sized boxer/chihuahua mix. Definitely a great buy and a life saver!

Julian - Amazon - October 15, 2013


This works so inconsistantly. On the lowest setting, it shocks my dog for yawning but not for barking. We would never put this on our dog again.

katherine - Amazon - October 10, 2013

Worked for me

My 10 year old Beagle was howling when we moved. I put the collar on and it stopped very quickly. I stopped using it and she was conditioned to not howl it seems. Of course there could be something else that was causing her to howl that stopped coincidentally.

Chris Short (Peoria, Az United States) - Amazon - October 8, 2013

Works great!

We have a rescue dog, so no idea on the actual breed - kind of looks like a coon hound / black lab mix? She's about 40 - 45lbs.The collar has worked well. There was an adjustment period as expected after reading the other reviews and information but after that it has worked very well. We leave it on, and turned on, when we are away and she does not try to bark at all. Haven't gotten to the point of trying to leave it on her but turned off, or just in sight, etc.

bostoncoffee - Amazon - October 8, 2013

Not Effective

We have a 55 pound golden/lab mix. She has short course hair. The collar was not effective for her. She was able to bark loudly and not activate the sensor on the most sensitive (highest) setting and also using the longer metal prongs and a brand new battery. We were not satisfied with its performance.

Island Buyer - Amazon - October 7, 2013

Works ok so far

My dog stopped barking soon after we began using it. She was used to the invisible fence collar already, so evidently that greased the skids of her learning process. Impressive since she is none too bright about most things, and had turned into an incessant outside barker. I'm not noticing many false alarms at all.

Michael Subocz - Amazon - October 6, 2013

great for the price

Works good, my amstaff learned quickly. She did figure out that it was that collar though and knows when she isn't wearing the corrective one. Only complaint is I wish it had a leash ring.

Nate - Amazon - October 4, 2013

Happy Neighbor

The collar has worked well for us. We have an 8yr.old, female German Shepard-Chow mix that weighs about 65Lbs. She's an outdoor dog. The past several months she had been barking every night and bothering our neighbor's sleep. We only use the collar at night from 10pm-6am. The collar has stopped her night barking, and we now have a rested, happy neighbor.

K.A. - Amazon - October 3, 2013

It an okay collar

I have been looking for a collar for my Great Dane, with his constant barking when outside, It works, just he seems to ignore the shock he gets. You can tell he is getting one because of his bark, but he seems to ignore it.

Lisa E Anderson (ELMIRA, MI, US) - Amazon - October 2, 2013

great way to shut up a yappy dog

i have a yappy pommeranian at home. we got this for him when he was a puppy to shut him up....since once he goes into the backyard, he will start yapping if he hears the neighbors' dogs. it works. but sometimes he will try to test it out by growling a little at first. its funny since the shock does make him flinch like a flopping fish and does shut him up.

Alexander Lee - Amazon - October 2, 2013

Not for all dogs

The product was as described by the seller. But I am neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with the product. I am sure this collar is meant to work properly but I am not sure if I bought the right collar for the right dog. I have a 75 pound black lab who incessantly barks at every little thing that moves outside the house and goes ballistic when anyone knocks at the door. I bought the bark collar to try to get him to learn to stop barking as we have failed to train him properly not to do so. However, while the collar effectively shocked him when he barked, it also sounded off before a shock whenever he shook his head or when he bumped into something, often prematurely delivering a shock. I tried to adjust the setting but to no avail. After three weeks of use I decided to remove the collar.

Lawrence (New England) - Amazon - October 2, 2013


OMG! It's totally awesome. As one reviewer said 'where have you been allmy life?'. I don't even have to put it on him now, I just have to show itto him and he either calms down or goes into the other room to sulk.Either way, the behavior doesn't continue and I'm a very happy dog mom! Iuse it on Hercules, who is 3 years old. He's 52lbs of romping stomping pitbull. Sweet as can be, a very loving dog, but was just a jumper and abarker! Now he knows when it's ok to bark, and when it's not. Thanks somuch for this great product!

Karen Ramsett (Lake Geneva, WI) - Amazon - October 1, 2013

Not worth the money

I bought this dog collar as a last resort to get my dog to stop barking. I played around with the settings for a VERY long time, keeping it on sound only while I was testing. It never seemed to work correctly. It will go off if my dog bangs it on the wall, or rolls around on the floor and sometimes doesn't go off when he is barking. Also, my boyfriend tested the lowest level of shock, and it put him on the floor. Not really what I wanted, and if I had to, I would spend a little more next time to get a nicer one with a vibrate setting and recommendations saying it works when it's supposed to.

Lauren Wagner - Amazon - October 1, 2013

hated to do it but the best thing I could have done.

it was very affective the first night we put it on him he barked till he got shocked and stop immediately. I did not have to put it on him the second night. The third night he did start barking so we put it back on him. He heard the warning signals an stopped right away. I have not had to put it on him from that moment on. And it has been over two weeks. He is a Doberman and weight about 90 some pounds. I hope this helps, as much as I did not want to do this to him it has worked better than I can imagined, It also helps that he so incredibly smart

Polinia - Amazon - October 1, 2013

Great bark collar

This bark collar is the reason we will keep our dog! What a difference it has made!! And my dog doesn't seem uncomfortable at all.

jcarrReader - Amazon - October 1, 2013

Best of those I have tried

It is working well, better than my other 3 brands of collars. They are sofocused on not hurting the dog they seldom work well enough to stop thebarking. I have a Jack Russell. He is 22 pounds and lean, big for a JackRussell. The unit is big, but he does not have any trouble wearing. Thebeep warning is very helpful and usually stops him from barking more thanonce. He will suffer through the shocks if the neighbor dog is near thefence barking, but otherwise he is quiet. I could not let him outside forvery long because he barked all the time before, but now with the collar Ican let him stay outside as long as he wants in the fenced back yard.Sometimes our other dog barks next to the Jack and he get shocked. Systemnot perfect, but what r u going to do. Get rid of the dogs?

Steven L. Inman - Amazon - September 29, 2013

did what it said

good product, works fine, kinda bulky, not the easiest to adjust in size. battery lasted long, but i still have no idea how to replace or charge battery. not very clear on that. my wife ended up feeling bad for our dog and hid this from me, so i cant attest to its effectiveness on training the dog, we did not use consistantly. the warning feature worked as advertised tho.

BBB - Amazon - September 28, 2013

Wish we would've bought them sooner!

I'm shocked that these work so well! We've had them less than a month, but our dogs quickly caught on that incessant barking won't be tolerated. We have Daisy,a 95 pound Bloodhound & Reese,a VERY stubborn 35 pound Min Pin/Beagle mix. The main issue is Reese, the smaller dog. I honestly think sometimes he barks just to hear himself. He barks damn near constantly & we just couldn't handle it anymore. I have both collars set on the mild shock setting for when they're outside. I have the bark sensitivty set higher on Reese because he decided he would whine since he couldn't bark. When they're inside, I have it just set to beep. I think just the collar itself seems to deter them both from barking because once we put them on, they both stop. LOVE this collar!

Bethann Druin (Louisville, KY) - Amazon - September 26, 2013

BC-60 Bark Collar worth it

Works great! however, he will still bark even with it on when he isfrightened. for example, a bear came into the yard. but i don't fault himfor that. he doesn't bark with it on when he is just hoping for attention.he is a 90 lb. 8 month old mixed breed. mostly great pyrenese.

JudyA - Amazon - September 25, 2013

New Neighborhood

We bought two this summer when we moved to our new house. We moved from living on 5 wooded acres in the middle of miles of cornfields to a 1 acre lot in a subdivsion. Our first week here, our stressed out barking dogs had a visit from the sherriff from an cowardly neighbor who called dispatch to complain but wouldn't leave his name. It is very effective and we are at harmony with our neighbors!! We have one for our 67 lb. chocolate lab and one for our stubborn 18 lb mini schnauzer. The collar is probably hefty for a smaller dog but not the schnauzer. (he's a rescue dog, a little on the quirky side). I use the longer rods for the lab because she has the thick neck and long lab hair. I just need the tone setting for the lab now but the schnauzer still needs the low buzz setting. I am really glad we bought them, wished I had done it years ago when we lived in the country, would have saved me years of yelling at them!!!!!

dogownerof3 - Amazon - September 25, 2013

This is insane!! This is animal abusing...

I purchased this item with a hope that it will help me to teach my dog not to bark in certain cases. Oh my goodness! After I start using it on my dog, my dog stoped living its life! He scared soo much and even he did nothing wrong sometimes, he got shocked. Even when he touch a chair or table leg with the collar, he got shocked! He cried each time he shocked. It was minimum shocking adjustment setting on the collar. I can't imagine higher settings. This is animal abusing. This is insane. I am so sorry for my dog and shameful to myself that I thought this is something innocent. I immediately returned the item. Thanks Amazon for making return easily.

BG - Amazon - September 25, 2013

Great dog collar

I've tried other bark dog collar's in the past -- the sensor part eventually would wear down off the actual collar & the contact would diminish on my dog; therefore not emiting any sensation to my dog. This collar was more 'beefy' and stays on nicely. I like the 3 beeps to let my dog know that she will be corrected soon. The first day of using it, she got a hang of it. She still will let an occasional bark out, but nothing to concerning. My is about 40#, husky/sheltie mix:)

tmichelle - Amazon - September 25, 2013

Effective bark control

Item used on my 70 lb. german shepard. He gets mad when i leave for work and barks all day. put this collar on him and barking stopped completely. Item is easy to set-up with included screwdriver (for adjusting sensativity).

Jackie L. Willis Jr. "waterboyjlw" (Anchorage, Alaska) - Amazon - September 24, 2013

Effective for medium-size or large breed

This product works very well. I have a Vizsla who's 43 lbs, and she's sensitive to any 'negative conditioning' treatment. We put it on the lowest sensitivity, and she kind of freaked out the first time she felt the shock. I really like the way it beeps first, then shocks if the barking continues. We took the collar off immediately after she started freaking out because we didn't want the shocking to continue due to her response.We only had to put the collar on her two times, and now we don't even put it on. If she barks, we show her the collar and she stops.I'd definitely recommend this bark collar. However, I would absolutely not ever leave it on without someone being present and actively watching your dog. Because my dog is medium-sized and extra sensitive, I'd guess that on a higher setting it would be effective on a larger, tougher dog as well.

Cheryl L Sobering - Amazon - September 24, 2013

Works great!

The bark collars are being used on our 45lb Boxer and our 60lb Mastiff mix.The collars are effective on the dogs and have cut down on their barking considerably. They seem to have figured out the warning beeps, they will bark and wait 30 seconds and let out another bark. I would recommend this product to a friend.

Lindsey Anderson - Amazon - September 24, 2013

Works like a charm!!

After two years of trying virtually every method in the book to stop my young border collie from her incessant loud barking (at EVERYTHING: from skateboards, to passing dogs, street sweepers, even birds flying overhead) all it took was two little zaps to stop the noise. Not only does she not bark anymore but she actually seems calmer. Her hackles no longer rise at every little sound and she just seems to take things in stride. When we are in the house I remove the collar, and if she begins to bark at something (which is now very rare) all I have to do is issue a quiet warning and she immediately stops. I--and my neighbors--are extremely thankful!

islandgirl - Amazon - September 24, 2013

It works great!

The collar has been wonderful!We have a different type, previous collar for our 63 lbs lab/Great Dane/bulldog/mutt mix :)And it was working great.... But it did nothing for our other dog who would also bark and whine...So after buying the collar our problems r solved...We have a 80lbs German Shepard/husky mix and with his hair so long we used the longer shock probes and it works wonderful!We only use the collars at night and the dogs r so much better behaved!It took only 2 times getting shocked for our German Shepard/husky to learn, but we have to keep the collar on shock setting bcz he still likes to test the lines....Overall an amazing product!

Sherene Sonboli - Amazon - September 24, 2013

Too sensitive

Zaps my dog even when she doesn't bark. A sneeze, for instance will set it off. Not to pleased about that.

Nicci - Amazon - September 21, 2013

worked well at first

My dog started barking nonstop at night recently. This collar worked for about a week until she realized that whining didn't register the shock. However, if she shakes her head it does register and gives her the warning beeps. Also, it seems that the collar doesn't fit as well as it did when I first received it, like the material has stretched or something.

kd - Amazon - September 20, 2013

Bark Collar

I purchased this bark collar the end of August and put it on my Australian Shephard right away. Within 5 minutes he was a different dog (as far as barking). It has been extremely effective. I wish I would have ordered it a long time ago!!! I love that it gives a little warning first and after the first time that was all it took. Now if he barks once & gets that warning he quiets right down. I LOVE this's been a great trainer and doesn't hurt him at all. Thank you!

Cathy - Amazon - September 17, 2013

Very Effective

Our 50lb Australian Cattle Dog had been terrorizing our neighbors by incessantly barking whenever he could hear them on the other side of the fence. We had initially been reluctant to use a shock collar, but after doing research, finally broke down and bought one. We were very happy with the results. It only took three sessions with us monitoring for the dog to learn to stop barking incessantly. He does not wear the collar anymore, but is still quiet. He still occasionally will let out a single bark when he hears a strange noise, but will be quiet after that. Us and our neighbors are relieved.

E. Sanders (Phoenix, AZ) - Amazon - September 17, 2013

Bark collar

The bark collar has been highly effective on my Beagle. I am pleased with the results. My dog is comfortable with the collar.

JeanB - Amazon - September 16, 2013

Great collars that work well

This product really worked on both of our dogs, beagle and cocker spaniel. They did not yelp that loud like some others we've had and they respected the collar. We had lots of luck and the way we can adjust it makes things better for both worlds.

Chad K. Smith "Chad" (San Diego, CA) - Amazon - September 14, 2013

Not worth the money.

Unfortunately I only got to use it on my dog for half a day. I put it on the lowest setting and it was not stopping my dog from barking so i went to adjust the setting to a higher setting and the little piece you turn just broke off. The controls to change the setting to are very tiny and hard to change.

naomiT - Amazon - September 13, 2013

Too large for our 10 pound dog

I thought I had read in the description or reviews that this would fit dogs 8 pounds and up, but it was way too large for our 10 pound dog. I'll keep searching.

JDW "Father of 2" (Atlanta, GA) - Amazon - September 12, 2013

pretty good but could be better

I have 3 Australian Cattle dog/mixes (Queensland Heelers) from about 35-50lbs. Yes they are effective, the only con is the location of the on/off switch. It would be better if you didn't have to take the collar off to turn off. Sometimes just wearing the collar with it off is effective and saves the battery.

Jamaca - Amazon - September 12, 2013


This bark collar isn't worth any price because it simply does not work. We have had it on two of our dogs for 2 months and they have only worked ONCE! We've tightened the collars to the point of nearly choking our dogs and still it does not work! We even spent$17.00 on new batteries. No improvement at all!I don't usually write reviews, but this collar is just pure junk. Don't waste your time and money.

pl - Amazon - September 12, 2013


Didn't work for her. Don't know if something was wrong or if I didn't do it correctly. will have to try something else.

Connie - Amazon - September 12, 2013

A howler no longer

The collar works great for my 70-pound GSP! It took only a day for him to get the hang of the collar and nip the howling at sirens and barking at passerbys in the bud.

LaneyLovesNick - Amazon - September 12, 2013

Worked with my stubborn bulldog

I have a bulldog mix and she has taken to barking at squirrels from the inside of our home - we have very big windows. I don't want her to lose her voice, but I need her to be quieter if I work from home. She loved wearing the collar and at first, would bark softer and then eventually stopped when I had it on her. I was surprised at how great she was with wearing it also (as mentioned). Now I can leave it off of her and tell her not to bark or show her the collar and she will make a grumbling noise : ) but won't bark.

MJoiner - Amazon - September 10, 2013

Works Great

We live in a senior mobilehome community and dogs must be kept quiet. The dogtek control collar is a little overkill for our 7lb Shorkey but after working with it, I found it worked great when I left it just a little loose. It is really meant for a medium size dog.

Texas John (Austin, TX) - Amazon - September 10, 2013

Works like a charm on my two large breed dogs

I was a bit concerned about whether or not these would work as expected on my two large breed dogs (one is a large black lab and the other is a mix of American Bulldog, Boxer and ??mix) but in just one day the barking had all but ceased and we are finally able to put our dogs outside and enjoy peace and quiet! Our nerves and our neighbors are both much happier :-)

Jennifer D Ream - Amazon - September 8, 2013

Does the trick

My girlfriend and I adopted a 3 year old German Shepard. We started regretting it once we learned that he liked to bark his head off any time he was left alone (possibly the new environment, not sure). But we live in a neighborhood with a lot of yard space and chose to put him on a long lead during the day while we're at work. Sine he's a puppy, we didnt want to leave him in the house to chew on everything.He does like being outside, but for some reason just loves to bark and bark. Which is good if we have an unwanted visitor, but not just because. I tried the citronella collar that sprays him, but that didnt work, and I didnt want to try a dozen other ways, so I went straight to the shock collar even though my girlfriend was against the idea (i try to be a good neighbor, the barking had to stop right away).When the collar arrived in the mail, the girlfriend wanted to analyze it right away and really wasnt too happy with the idea (she considered it the worst option), and to make sure it wasn't too painful she wanted to test it on herself (and the entertainment began). she put it up to her throat and tried barking like a dog, it didnt work at first, she made a few attempts, but then BAMMM! it got her, and she did not like it. She immediately wanted me to give it a try, but i was like "forget that", after seeing the expression on her face from the shock.We put it on the dog, and sure enough, he barked only a few times before he realized it wasn't a good idea anymore. we only put it on him for about a month or so while we were at work, and from what our neighbors tell us, he's as quiet as a church mouse. But he still wants to bark if someone comes on the property, so were happy he's still willing to take a shock to let us know we have unwanted visitors. but overall he keeps pretty quiet and its gotten way better. Since it worked like a charm the girlfriend has changed her opinion and is now ok with it. Id recommend it.The only bad thing i can think of, is i wish the battery lasted a little longer. It seems like it ran out fast at first during the transition period, maybe cause he barked more then. But still a great investment.

Jimathius - Amazon - September 7, 2013

Didn't work

Very disappointed with this product. I have 2 Shiba inus that get excited when they see strangers approaching our home. I bought 2 of these devices after reading about this and other devices. It didn't phase my Shibas. Save your money and make a shaker out of a tin can and 50 pennies. This is more effective and less expensive.

Tlcapell - Amazon - September 7, 2013

It really works

We tried so many different things to get our doberman to stop barking, and this did the trick. We love it. (so do our neighbors)

JBSnuckems - Amazon - September 6, 2013

Great training aid

We have two Australian shepherds who are very well-behaved at home in a familiar environment. They don't need bark collars at home. However, we were going on vacation, and planned to leave our dogs with friends for three weeks. We didn't want the dogs to drive our friends crazy by barking too much in this unfamiliar environment. Therefore, we bought two of these collars for our dogs and told our friends that they could try them out if the dogs barked too much. Our friends tried the collars out when our dogs barked at neighboring dogs, and our friends told us that the collars worked great to stop the barking. We'll be sure to try them ourselves if we are traveling with the dogs and they encounter situations that tempt them to bark.

Colorado Retiree - Amazon - September 6, 2013

Very Effective Anti-bark Device

Our family has a large Golden Retriever and a Jack Russell Terrier. The golden is 18 months old and the russell is six years old.This our my first purchase of a bark control collar. Our dogs were barking constantly at the neighbors whenever they were in their backyard. As we are gone all day it had become a real problem.The collars arrive in two days and I placed them on our the dogs immediately. Within two days the dogs had stopped barking. The golden is still young and occasionally forgets he is wearing the collar but corrects immediately. I couldn't be happier with the collars and would highly recommend them. The only negative comment would be that the battery in one of the collars died within five days of receiving it. I bought a new battery and the collar works great.This was a very inexpensive way to correct our dogs barking and save our friendship with the neighbors.

Chris E - Amazon - September 6, 2013

Works like ii is supposed too!

The unit takes some time to set up properly, but the instructions were easy to understand.My only complaint during the set up, is that you have to be with your dog in a natural environment and listen for the beeping to adjust the sensativity. I had a hard time hearing the beeping. Once properly set up, it took my Golden a very short time to learn not to bark more than once. I believe she only got shocked twice. She is now a very pleasant dog to be around when outside, she barks only once (if at all) for each biker/walker/jogger that passes our house. It has even worked to some degree when she is not wearing the collar.

S. Howe (Vermont) - Amazon - September 4, 2013

This thing is a miracle!

We've got a 60lb Pit Bull who would be out in the yard for hours barking at the squirrels on the other side of our fence, and just using the beep setting stopped the barking within 10 min. We don't put it on her all the time because sometimes it beeps when she runs really hard, but when she's barking it goes on and stops her right away. I can't recommend this enough.

W. Bedsole "billie67" (Chicago, Il) - Amazon - September 3, 2013


The DOGTEK BC-60 is AMAZING it has worked magic on our stubborn beagle sheis about 32 pounds. She used to bark all the time and would not stop. Shewould bark at nothing and go on and on. Now she is quiet and even seems tolisten to me better.We have started not even turning it on and she still doesn't bark for a week. This week I'm going to not even put it on her to see what she does. So far this morning she hasn't barked.BEST PRODUCT EVER

SFB - Amazon - September 3, 2013

Painful shock even at lowest setting!

Sent it back without even putting it on the dog. My son tested it on himself and said it was really painful, even at the lowest setting and would not put it on his dog. We have an invisible fence and the dogs have shock collars for that; they work great, but the shock they receive from those collars is nowhere near the intensity of this collar. I sent it back. Too bad - if the low setting had really been low, I probably would have kept it.

Susan Kaput - Amazon - September 1, 2013

Effective bark control

I used it on my dogs at the medium stimulation within few minutes the dog realized that he shouldnt bark ! Love the product.

Pen Name - Amazon - August 31, 2013


Ridiculous, tight enough to shock them and they're always getting shocked for no reason...loose enough to be comfortable and either doesn't work or it zaps'em randomly!

brook townsend - Amazon - August 30, 2013

Works well and has stopped my dog from barking

This device works exactly as it should, the first week my dog was getting shocked a lot but now she never gets zapped and only barks when she needs something. I was able to set it to tone only after a weeks time, great product.

Edward Streiff (Pittsburgh, PA) - Amazon - August 29, 2013

I tried to return but was swayed not to, and now I can't return them.

These do not work well and can shock your dog when he is not barking!I was planning to return them earlier, but the seller said it is there best seller and I should try another one- I had bought 3. My first one would tone my dog- and would have shocked my dog if I had it on shock- when he was NOT barking. The lady wanted me to mess around with the settings- so I did- but it would still do it when he wasn't barking. Then when I tried the other one- it worked better- but now that we have used it just a little while (because I will not put it on my dog when I am not around- as I know it has an inconsistent history) it is toning him again when he is NOT barking. I have messed with the fit, the settings, and tried each one I have- but I CANNOT put this on my dog as he is actually being toned/ could be shocked when he is good!! SOOOOO disappointed!

Becky - Amazon - August 28, 2013

great product

I have a 100 lb barking doberman and this collar works great!It is well worth the price compared to store bought collars.

jenn9999 - Amazon - August 27, 2013

Great Product!

We have a small dog with a very loud and annoying bark. After trying to train him to control himself, we gave up and purchased one of these Dogtek Electonic Bark Control Dog Collars. We were a little nervous that the 'electric shock therapy' would be cruel and unusual punishment. However, this collar provides a vibrating warning after the first bark, waiting until subsequent barks to apply a corrective shock (of which you can control the intensity). This gave my dog some warning and helped him more quickly understand when and why a shock was delivered. After the first day, he never even triggered a shock again. Now to our amazement, we don't even have to put the collar on him. Finally peace and quiet! I highly recommend this item. (Side note: Great seller...we received our product quickly and even received a personal follow up email from them to make sure we were satisfied.)

Henry T. Lesher (San Marcos, CA USA) - Amazon - August 26, 2013


I bought this for our one year old male Doberman pinscher and am sorry I waited so long to do so. This was money well spent.We had received numerous complaints from our surrounding neighbors about our Doberman's barking when he was outside. My husband was against buying this item as he thought it was inhumane. But I went ahead and bought it anyway as my dog was annoying everyone, including my two year old daughter. Before my purchase I would often have to bring my Doberman inside when other neighbors were outside in their yards to avoid any issues. Which was horrible since my dog was mainly indoors through out the day since both my husband and I work full time.I was so excited to receive the barking collar and looking forward to the possibility of eating dinner in quite environment. I was even a bit giddy when my package finally arrived. I flipped the switch to the barking collar and immediately put it on my dog. I let him out and he barked at me twice and on the third time the collar beeped and then shocked him on the fourth bark. Ladies and gentlemen that was it; it only took the one shock for my dog to keep his mouth shut! I could not believe it.... Peace and quite.Now when my dog is barking I simply put on his collar and he pipes down immediately. Sometimes I've realized that I had forgotten to flip the switch on when I initially placed the collar on my dog. It's like a mind trick now, collar on equals no barking. I absolutely love this product and would recommend it to anyone looking for a solution to a yappy dog.

J. Mendez - Amazon - August 20, 2013

Inhumane and inaccurate bark collar

The DOGTEK BC-60 bark collar is not a good or humane product. The collar is really inaccurate. It is not able to detect the real bark until about 4-5 barks later. In addition, it is sensitive to shaking (as in when the dog shakes his body) and will go off on that. When the collar is laid on a flat surface, you can also accidentally stimulate it by just moving it side-way. Lastly, the lowest shock setting is EXTREMELY high. I recommend you try it on yourself and you'll know what I mean. I am 116 lbs and I yelped in pain when that thing shocked me. And I wouldn't mind too much if I knew this thing was going to shock my dog at the exact correct time when he barks. But the fact is it shocks him at the wrong time, causing unnecessary pain physically and emotionally.My dog is a 15-lbs cockapoo.

puifais "puifais" (Portland, OR United States) - Amazon - August 20, 2013

Great bark collar!

This bark collar worked amazing! I love the warning beep feature. After the first time she was zapped for barking every time she heard the warning she quit immediately. My only disappointment with the collar is that I thought it was water proof (should have read more carefully) and ended up having to buy a new collar. But it works great!

kbrennan - Amazon - August 20, 2013

Love it!

My dog would bark at EVERYTHING and fight through the fence with the dog next door. When we first put the collar on, he didn't like it because we didn't know what to set it to but it was on long stimulation and high sensitivity. Once we got the settings right and have it on short stimulation and low sensitivity it works great! He barks once and he hears the beeping and stops barking right away. There are those times when he continues to bark (at the dog next door) and it shocks him and he runs to the back door! No more headache trying to pull him from the fence!The only thing that I wasn't to crazy about was when he would lay down, the collar would sometimes turn to the side of his neck and if the sensitivity was too high, when he would walk too close to the wall and it bumped against the wall it shocked him.

Melissa LeBlanc (Goldsboro, NC, US) - Amazon - August 20, 2013

these collars are awesome

I bought 3 of them for my 1yr old German Shepherd after a neighbor complaint about the barking at night. after I put them on gradually the dogs stopped barking at the passengers in the alley. tonight will be the first night without the collars, I have my fingers crossed.

Ahmed M. - Amazon - August 20, 2013

This collar saved us!!!

My crazy 15yr old Jack Russell has had separation anxiety since she was a puppy. I tried behaviorists, citronella collars and none of them worked, so i went to the bark collar. The previous one I had hardly worked, but it did help keep things a tad more under control. Well the other one bark collar died, so I ordered the Dogtek collar. While waiting for the Dogtek to arrive, my dog was going crazzyyyyyyyy. My landlord threatened to kick us out because neighbors were complaining. Finally, the Dogtek arrived, and it has saved us. Its a miracle. It works so great, it gives a warning beep, which i like.... she still throws one bark out randomly, but she knows what comes after that beep. THIS THING IS THE BEST!!!

A Customer - Amazon - August 19, 2013


It is very effective. This is our second one. So my two small Schnauzer's know what it does. Now when we go for a walk, all we have to do is show it to them and they behave. If we have guests, we put them on to prevent mayhem when our guests arrive. One of our dogs barks when hearing outside noises at night. So she wears hers all night and no barking at all. Yes we are happy with our dog collars.

Paul R. Langford - Amazon - August 16, 2013

It works!

We have a 12lb. Miniature Shnauser, put collar on the dog. Three days and his barking was greatly reduced, after two weeks it rarely barks.We don't leave the collar on the dog at night. I decreased the sensitivity only slightly, it still gives him an unpleasant ,but not severe jolt. He very quickly figured out that when he heard the six beeps bad vibes were on the way.When he hears the warning he simply utters a soft growl, learned how much growl woud trigger the jolt.We highly recommend this collar.Cut appx. 5 inches from collar and use the "long sensors".

lindahunt - Amazon - August 14, 2013

Helping to control two barking dogs

My dogs are 8-1/2 years old and have a nasty habit of barking at anything that comes near our home or their yard. We purchased two collars, one for a 16 pound Shitzu, another for a 47 pound Collie. They work very well. The Shitzu has figured out that he can get one or two barks in before he gets hit with any current, but he no longer barks endlessly at a neighbor walking their dog. Thank you - good product at a reasonable price!

Diane (Tucson, AZ United States) - Amazon - August 13, 2013

Dog stopped barking

My dog was barking and acting somewhat aggressive at my wife when exiting the kitchen with food. Used the collar once at medium setting and now just wave the collar at him if he barks and he stops immediatelyDog is a 4 year old Labrador mix about 75 pounds

royb - Amazon - August 13, 2013

I was sure it wouldn't work on my dog, but it does!

We have a Goldendoodle, Penny, who barks at every sight and sound. Car rides are the worst because you're stuck in there with her. I bought this expecting to have to set it to "stun" to get her to respond. Not so. We followed the instructions and it worked well at the lower setting. Now we get the collar out whenever we take a car ride, and Penny is pleasant to ride with. She gets excited when we put it on her, and she know exactly how much soft growling she can get away with. I didn't think she'd like the collar, but since we mainly use it for card rides she seems to associate it with going out and having fun.

Polyester Jones - Amazon - August 13, 2013

After many failed collars, finally this collar works!

We have two large dogs who bark at people and especially other dogs. We moved to a house in a quiet neighborhood and have gone through many kinds of collars and gadgets but to no avail. An angry neighbor came over and complained that the barking has to stop or else (she likes to sit in her backyard and the dogs like to bark at her). We try to be good neighbors and have tried everything but we can't have the dogs inside all the time, and I can't bear to part with them, but it was getting to the point I just didn't know what to do.I researched these and liked the warning beep idea which seemed the most humane. Guess what, these collars worked for both of them. We now have a quiet yard, even if they are out all day. At first the dogs each had a little yipe when they barked but after a day they responded to the warning beep. I never hear them yipe at all from the collars, so they are not getting shocked and not barking which tells me the warning beep is all they need. It has been at least a couple of months now. I have changed the batteries once. I am happy, the neighbor is happy. I am so grateful to have found this collar!!

chrisk - Amazon - August 13, 2013

thank goodness!

highly recommend you test it on yourself - turn it only as high as you can tolerate on yourself. comes with great directions and fully adjustable, just don't loose the directions or tools!

Joshua Vader (Fargo) - Amazon - August 12, 2013

Very Helpful

I own a 14lb dog who had a problem barking at other dogs. (I wouldn't use it on a dog much smaller than that though.) After a few uses of the collar on walks out, he has learned to not bark at other dogs... The great thing is that I don't even have to turn the collar 'on' any more and he polices his own behavior now. (Which is preferable to me of course! I don't like the collar shocking him more than necessary.) I do wish the 'box' on the collar weren't so big so that it wasn't so awkward for smaller dogs, but I can look past that.

B.P. - Amazon - August 11, 2013

Good solution

My 10-year old lab has never been a problem barker, but we recently moved to a house that backs to a lake with lots of wildlife. She would run down to the lake, stand at the edge of the fence and bark at the animals... especially the turtles. I don't know if its because she's never really seen turtles before, or some sort of genetic memory of one of her ancestors being attacked by Gamera or what, but man... the turtles would send her into paroxysms of rage. She would literally bark herself hoarse. Turtles, being turtles, just sat there and carried on doing their turtle things, seemingly oblivious to the 45# howling rage ball 6' away behind a fence.I bought this product to save my own and my neighbors sanity, and so I could again turn the dog loose in the backyard without having to shepherd her away from the fence or jump the fence myself and go move the turtles out of sight. Yes, I relocated turtles several times. She barked that bad.On putting this collar on her, she immediately stopped barking. At about 2 days, I took it off, and she still has not resumed the insanity. I do put it on her again sometimes if we leave the house and leave her outside, just to remind her in case she forgets. Now, she just runs up to the fence and stares at the turtles... tail out... hate in her eyes.(PS - my dog is the sweetest thing in the world, and wouldn't hurt a fly. Review intended to be entertaining, but she seriously did bark like crazy at the animals and this product brought it to an instant stop.)

JRT - Amazon - August 11, 2013

Love it!

I finally have a calm obedient dog. I keep it on low and within a couple of days he forgot if he didn't have it on.

Barney - Amazon - August 9, 2013

Dogtek Electronic Bark Collar

We have a 2 year old lab that really thinks he is part of the family. When we have company he thinks he should be included so he will come to the window where you and the company are and bark non stop. I followed the directions that came with the unit. I put it on our 2 year old lab with just the beep on and kind of got him used to the collar. Then the next time we had the problem I put it on him with the short stimulus and it took him about two barks to realize what was going on. He stopped barking after just the two barks. The next time we had a need for it we put it on him and no barks at all. I would not have any hesitation recommending this product.

Jim Dexter (WALSENBURG, CO, US) - Amazon - August 7, 2013

Works well on fast learners

I bought this collar to help train my Cattle/Kelpie mix dog. She is just over 40lbs. It did not take her long to figure how the collar works. She wore the collar for a day and we had instant results. I want to say she got about 3 zaps and the barking stopped. We still use the collar when she becomes too vocal and has been able to determine how loud she can bark without triggering the zap feature. Overall I am quite pleased and would recommend the collar for medium to large sized dogs.

AzFlower - Amazon - August 6, 2013

Excellent Product

I have 2 very yappy dogs. They have been wearing the collar for about 2 weeks. Seems to be working great!

June Baxter - Amazon - August 6, 2013

Works perfectly

The collar works great, only had to shock once and now just having the collar on keeps her quiet. Fast shipping, good customer service highly reccomend

Jeff Casey - Amazon - August 5, 2013

Bark collar with audible warning

I like the fact that this bark collar gives the dog an audible warning before they get shocked and that you can adjust the harshness of the shock.

Jennifer S Bournique - Amazon - August 3, 2013

Dog Saver

Large German Shepherd 5 years old very stubbornHas been howling at all sirens since a pup. Tried three other collars that didnot stop him. This collar works! Had I not gotten this collar I would have hadto get rid of him (neighbors unhappy). Awesome collar

Gayle Kellam - Amazon - July 31, 2013

Peace and Quiet

The product worked perfectly for us! We have a 25lb lab/terrier mix who would bark for unknown reasons and no matter what we did he seemed to bark to defy us. So we bought this bark collar and it works like a charm. It only took him two shocks to understand the warning beeps. Now he hardly wears it and only needs the beeps before he stops. Most of the time he just growls now, but what can ya do. We are very satisfied with this product and the results it produced.

Melissa Dickinson (LEAVENWORTH, WA, US) - Amazon - July 31, 2013

works as decribed

Very happy. Have a german shepherd and a chocolate lab. The shepherd barks like no other and I mean lunge barks. This shuts her right up. Why didn't I buy this a year ago?

Charles "chansenjr" (Hyde Park, UT, United States) - Amazon - July 30, 2013

Works great!

I have a 65lb lab and this worked immediately for him. It can be a touch sensative at times but the warning beep keeps him mellow whence starts getting crazy. I would recommend for anyone with a medium to large size dog.

RAULAD - Amazon - July 29, 2013

Did not work (faulty product)

Returned the product because it did not work. When my dog barked it wouldn't go off but while he was laying on his bed playing with a toy it shocked him pretty darn good twice.

RunPDX - Amazon - July 29, 2013

Good Product. Good Price. Effective!!

The collars have been effective. we have one large 80lb saintbernard who it is VERY effective with. Our other 20 lb. dachshund mix whohas responded well, but not as well as the larger dog.Overall, we are very happy with this purchase and would definitely recommend it.

Katep - Amazon - July 29, 2013

Dogtek Electronic Bark Control Dog Collar Dogtek Electronic Bark Control Dog Collar

IT WORKS!!! I was very skeptical when i ordered it. The first thing I did was put the thing on my own neck and started to bark. It shocked the hell outa me as advertised. I figure if my dog has to feel it, I am going to know what it's like.

G. L. Beckwith "Shrek" (Grayling, MI United States) - Amazon - July 27, 2013

Great collar

We have a small dog that barks very loud. Using the collar on the beep setting reminds him to quiet down. It does not solve the barking issue entirely but it does help.

Tenedora - Amazon - July 25, 2013

Dogtek electronic bark control dog collar

This device has been very effective. Our dog was one of those crazy barkers that barks at anything- people, squirrels, airplanes, the wind blowing....insanity! We needed something to stop the excessive barking. Glad we found this product. She knows exactly when she needs to stop barking as the device forewarns her. Now we only have to slip it on as a slight deterrent and then take it off after a few minutes when the pool guy or lawn mowers come. She no longer barks at them. Just this really low level growl, not enough to set the device off. It's great learned behavior. I even waved it in front of her face once time when she started to bark and she immediately calmed down.May be slightly confusing to the dog at first because it doesn't understand why it is getting zapped or where the impulse is coming from. There are 3 adjustable modes so you can set it on a weak level. Glad to say we don't have to use it much anymore.It trained her very quickly- in a matter of 2 weeks. Probably because we set the impulse to weak. But once we set it to strong, she learned very quickly.

T. Cobb "T. Cobb" (Flower Mound, Tx) - Amazon - July 25, 2013

I wish my dog didn't bark when she wasn't wearing it!

It works really well, and I haven't had any "misfires" of the product. It does eat through batteries, so buy a few in advance. We've only used it for 2 weeks, but it has completely eliminated the 5am "bark because I'm Bored" sessions. Hopefully, we can wean her off.

PeterCip - Amazon - July 23, 2013

Good bark collar

The collar has been very effective. I like the fact that it gives a warningtone and if the dog barks again it shocks. That way the dog has a chance tostop barking without getting shocked. I have it set on a fairly lowintensity and it still does the job. The dog is a cattle dog X McNab(border collie). He is admittedly a soft dog. He weighs about 45 pounds. Myonly gripe is that the switches for setting and changing the collar are notreal easy to see and set. They are in two holes with rubber seals and arefar enough below the casing that it is kind of hard to see what you aredoing. If the switches were nearer the surface they would be easier to adjust. As I said just a minor annoyance.

Michael L. Howeth (Bridgeville,CA, United States) - Amazon - July 23, 2013

Worked for me

I have a black lab mix that loves (not anymore) to bark whenever someone visits, or anytime that he's outside and sees other animals or people. He also liked to whine at the back door.The collar has worked very well in curbing his barking. He might let out one bark when visitors come, but that's it, and he is usually quiet. He doesn't bark anymore outside either, and the collar has also curbed the whining.He is also much better with the collar off. We have been using the product for a few weeks, and now we only put it on him every once in a while.The collar feels like a quality product, not a thin plastic Chinese throw away. We haven't had to replace the battery yet either.I recommend this product, and would buy it again if I had to.

Jay Ruhm - Amazon - July 23, 2013


I received my item's on time, and they did exactly what they said it would do. Thank you very much. I definitely plan on ordering in the future.

Claudia Cardiel - Amazon - July 22, 2013

Electronic Bark Control Collar

Easy to use! We did not need to turn the shock on as our dog responded to the vibrate only setting. Our dog is a 25 pound terrier.

MEBB - Amazon - July 22, 2013

Dog collars

These work great. I have four dogs that moved from the city to the country. They tend to bark at the leaves blowing in the breeze! But these collars are great, they have curbed their barking and even the UPS and Fed Ex drivers are observing their improved behavior. And the mornings I don't get them on right away they don't want to find out they are not on by barking. Well worth the price and I have saved on the amount of headache meds I am taking for the barking!!

Mercedes Michalowski - Amazon - July 22, 2013

NOT for small dogs

Information said for small dogs. I have a 18 lb. Bichon frise dog. The thing was way too big for him. Sent it back for refund.

big chip "big chip" (WESTMONT, IL, US) - Amazon - July 22, 2013

Goes off when shakes head...

Now Chris is afraid to move! Set on low settings, it does nothing and dog is only 20pounds. Set on medium and still nothing. Set all way up and when he moves head, ZAP! What?Had to call customer service and was told to pay to send it back. What? Me pay cuz IT doesn't work properly?Chris finally barked with it on, and barked and barked. Oh well, don't waste your money.

Karen L Alley - Amazon - July 20, 2013

Bark collar

I've tried several of the less expensive bark collars and this is the best. It's far better than the Pet Safe Collar

Cheryl Gardarian - Amazon - July 18, 2013

Stopped my dog from excessive barking

I have a small Pomeranian that never barks in the house but when she goes into the backyard she barked nonstop...we have new neighbors and I'm sure the never ending barking was getting on their nerves...I mean this dog would bark just to hear herself and would go on and on and on...I would bring her in just to get some peace for myself, so I'm sure the neighbors really didn't like it when we were gone all day.I decided to try this collar, it shipped quickly and since the Pom has a lot of fur the first thing I did was switch to the long nodes...the first day I followed the instructions and set it to just beep no impulse...and she barked and barked...the next day I set it for the short impulse and the barking went down a bit but eventually she started barking again...after another day of that I set it to the long impulse and after a few more days she was pretty much not barking at all, maybe just the occasional outburst which was perfectly fine.I take it off when she came in and put it on when she went out and she never seemed to mind having it put on...actually she would get excited when she'd see me get it as she knew she was going out and she'd come right over to have it put a couple of weeks I don't even put it on her any more and her barking has been cut down by at least 90%...this worked MUCH better than expected and I highly recommend it to anyone who was in a similar situation.

JRH (Texas, USA) - Amazon - July 16, 2013

Good collar at a great price

This collar has worked very well on my adolescent beagle. He is the vociferous type so this collar has really helped. After a few days wearing it during his outside time (~6 hours total in 2 intervals) he has learned the audible alert and I think that it rarely escalates to the 'shock' stage. During walks he will start to growl at other dogs but the audible alert seems to stifle the full-on beagle howl now. The shock appears to have plenty of power as during the learning process he got a couple of yelp-inducing shocks. I felt bad for him but he learned quickly what the warning beeps indicate is coming next. The battery size can be hard to find in the less expensive alkaline variety, since it is a size usually used in more expensive equipment like photography with lends itself to lithium. Do yourself a favor and buy a pack of either kind (lithium obviously being the more expensive but lighter and longer lasting) with your order, since locally you will likely pay out the nose.

doug_atx - Amazon - July 16, 2013

Great Correction Collar

Very effective product. It must be noted that this collar was our last resort, we really did not want to get one. However our little girl barks excessively, at the smallest noise outside. We tried so many other options, but none of them worked. Finally we decided to give this collar a try and we are happy with the results thus far. The best part is that it gives off a series of beeps before the physical correction. My dog is able to realize what is coming next and immediately quiets down. Very seldom does the actual shock occur. This gives the dog a chance to stop the barking, before getting that unpleasant zap.

Monique Wray - Amazon - July 16, 2013

Works really well to control barking

I bought this collar for my mini-Australian Shepherd. He only had to be shocked a few times before he learned the concept of the warning beeps. Now he knows when he has the collar on that he can't bark. I'm very pleased with this product.

Nancy Nottingham - Amazon - July 16, 2013

Cheaply made

This collar does work, but it's not made to stand up to an active dog. Don't try to save some money buying this cheaper brand. One spontaneous play session and it was broken! The circuitry and wiring on the inside of the collar where the battery is located is VERY fragile making it very easy to dislodge the thin wires during a battery change. I have since purchased the Pet Safe brand which is very well made and I am sure it will stand up to the daily demands of an active dog.

pittuk - Amazon - July 15, 2013


Ordered this dog collar for a large dog that would bark all day long. He now barks once usually. He is still getting used to it, so gets shocked once in awhile. So far, good buy!

Bob (Colorado, United States) - Amazon - July 15, 2013

Collar review

All I can say is, it works. We have an Ausie Shephard and he is very smart. After a couple of 'zaps,' (he came right off the floor the first time), he knew what the program was. When placed around his neck, he knows what is coming and his barking at other dogs is little to none.He does not get injured with the collar on and when it is used, it is only for a short period of time. We had the collar that emitted the scent but he got to enjoying the smell and barked even more at other dogs. This one works and is recommended. Purchased at Amazon. Quick delivery.

Peter - Amazon - July 15, 2013

Good product

Very effective. Without it our herder breed mix has a majorbarking problem. The shock collar has been the only way to keep her quietand keep her barking from causing escalation in tensions with other dogs,or intimidating people. She still barks when it's off, but when wearingit, she quiets down at the sound of the first warning beep, so she doesn'thave to be zapped every time. Good product that has held up well (we'vehad our other one for over a year, still works). Does not seem to causeher discomfort when wearing.

dogpal - Amazon - July 15, 2013

Bark Collar

It didn't take long to know when the collar went on she didn't bark. The only thing is that when my other dog barks, Zoe gets zapped even if she is not barking. When she goes outside, if the other dog starts barking she races inside so she won't get zapped. But it did the trick.

Lori6408 - Amazon - July 14, 2013

Shocked without warning...

I bought two of these for a Doberman and a lab. One worked well but the other would shock for no reason and I refuse to put it on my dog! Poor construction! And poor quality!

Brittany Lilly - Amazon - July 14, 2013

Too big

It was too big for my 10 lb dog. Sent it back unopened. Might work fine for a bigger dog.

DG - Amazon - July 14, 2013

Dog collar

The collar works as advertised. It is a little heavy for a very small dog. He learned very quickly what the collar was for.

G Henry - Amazon - July 9, 2013

Fantastic product

I have had a great response from my dogs using this product. I have two shepherds that love to bark at all the people and dogs in the park behind my house. After purchasing these collars they no longer bark at all. Even when outside without the collars on they are hesitant to bark. The battery life is fantastic. Using them 8+ hours a day for several weeks and the batteries are still going strong.

Decker - Amazon - July 8, 2013

Great Bark Control with Excellent Battery Life

I burned through two sets of PetSafe collars before giving up and ordering these as cheap temporary replacements. They are now my permanent replacements. These collars are effective, low cost, and just plain work. They were 1/3 the cost of the supposed high end collars.They are a little bulky for my Cairn Terrier but she still does fine. My German Shepherd hardly notices the weight. I absolutely reccomend this product.

Bryan67 - Amazon - July 8, 2013

it really works

my 3 yr old german shepard started this barking in the car when stopped at traffic lights, guess she wanted to go. after trying everything from quiet to blocking her sight, i decided to purchase this collar. i'm telling you this has been a miracle worker, it took only 3 times of getting zapped for her to realize it was because of her barking. we now can go for rides without barking at every light. my ears thank you

sandy - Amazon - July 6, 2013

Great bark collar

I have a 60+ pound golden/lab barker and this collar works much better than anything previous. Haven't set to 'stun', just sound mode at this point and she is quiet as a lamb.

Lynn Jewell (California) - Amazon - July 5, 2013

Great product

I'm really happy that I decided to but this dog collard over other that are more expensive, my dog behave better and I just use it on low occasionally, there is no need to use the collard everyday because he doesn't bark as he just to, overall I'm very pleased with this purchase .

Pen Name - Amazon - July 3, 2013

works great

Works perfect dogs rarely bark anymore and when they do its only once instead of a thousand times and its at stuff like fireworks instead of the wind blowing a blade of grass

Robert P. - Amazon - July 1, 2013

For the money it's a decent buy

I didn't give it four or five stars because it is hard to adjust the settings and the directions are confusing. Does seem to limit the barking, but not entirely.

toni wolfe - Amazon - June 30, 2013

Dogtek Electronic Bark Collar

I purchased the Dogtek Electronic Bark Collar for my 8 yr old pit bull. She has a habit of barkingat everything. It only took an hour or so for her to know that she would get a shock if she barked.Collar worked effectively to deter unwanted barking.

Patty553 - Amazon - June 30, 2013

Great product!

This bark collar is affordable and works great! I like that I can adjust the sensitivity. My dog learned within a couple weeks and I rarely have to use it.

ghostrider - Amazon - June 30, 2013

Really works

I have a 20 lb Border Collie/Corgi mix who used to bark excessively in the backyard and at strangers, but this collar worked wonders for her. Now she only barks once or twice and stops. I had a couple issues with it, like other things setting it off other than her bark (like my other dogs barking). Also the collar material started to unravel after a while, but that might have been because I cut off the end to make it smaller. But all things considered, it did exactly what I needed it to do and it's a great product for the price.

ekitty - Amazon - June 28, 2013

Works great for my Australian Shepherd

We have a 5 year old Aussie who is a great dog, but very excitable. She isn't the type that barks incessantly for no reason, but when people come over or if there is a dog outside in one of our neighbor's houses she loves to bark - a lot. We've had code enforcement called on us a few times for her barking in the morning, so we decided we needed to do something about it. We had tried the citronella spray collar years ago, but that did nothing. We were hesitant about the shock collar because it seemed cruel, but we decided the shrill sound of her barking was crueler to us, so we went for it.Our biggest regret was that we didn't do this years ago. It only took a few shocks to make her realize she can't bark with this collar on. Now all it takes is putting the collar on and she's quiet, so now shocking necessary. Her barking has even lessened when the collar isn't on. Honestly, I feel like it's made her more well behaved in general, even with the collar off.I should point out that my dog is easily startled and sensitive, so her personality may work better for this collar than for other types of dogs. She's about 40 pounds, so I'm not sure how well this would work on a 100 pound dog.The one thing that made me almost give this 4 out of 5 stars was the design of the collar and how you need to turn it on and off, and adjust the strength of the shock. You need to use a tool to move the switches around and the switches aren't really labeled. The collar could be improved by having an easier way to turn the thing on and off.Overall, we are very happy with this purchase. It works as advertised for our dog.

Sean Quinlan - Amazon - June 26, 2013

Bark A LOT less

We have a 22 pound Cavachon that likes to bark at birds and our neighbors. We ordered the bark collar and really wasn't sure if it would work or not. It has worked great. Barking has decreased by 90%. He has learned at what level he can growl or bark. As he has a very curly coat, we need to keep the hair under the collar cut short. We have also found that he cannot wear his normal collar with name tags, as the 'jingle' will make the collar alarm. Overall, we and the neighbors are much happier not to hear Teddy bark.

R. A. Williams - Amazon - June 26, 2013

Excellent product

I tried it on my 85 lb dog and she has stopped barking! I only use the 1st and 2nd setting and it works like a charm.

Sonia - Amazon - June 26, 2013

Worked well

Worked well for our golden retriever. She stopped barking almost immediately after we trained her. The only thing we don't like about it that it starts beeping (no shock) when our dog shakes her head or when she bumps against something. It irritates her.

Susanne - Amazon - June 25, 2013

It Works

That thing shut our dog up in a split second. The only thing I don't like are the prongs, as they have to be snug to his throat to work. Fortunately he hasn't had to wear it very long.

Chad - Amazon - June 25, 2013

This bark collar was the BEST purchase!!

have a smallish (approx. 30 lbs) neutered male Puggle (if - like many, many people, you're unfamiliar, this breed is created by breeding a Beagle mom, and a Pug father) Nelson, who has all the noisy tendencies of his mama the Beagle. At 5 yrs old, I was afraid its too late to gain control over my habitual barker, but a neighbor's complaint that their agent said they'd be unable to sell their home due to my dog's incessant barking made me desperate (and horrified and humiliated!).I put the new collar on him the day it was delivered, and he promptly went to the fence and barked - the collar beeped at him in warning, but as it was his first experience, he didn't know the implication. It took ONE quick zap on the lowest setting - he let out a quick yelp and jumped really high, and then came running to me up on the deck. No more yelps or anything - no lasting pain or anything. I think it just startled him because he had NO lasting effects at all, except of course the behavior modification. Since that one incident, he has NOT been shocked even one more time. He recognizes the beep as his reminder not to bark and his entire personality outdoors is now exactly as it is indoors. He's now totally docile, responsive to verbal commands, he comes immediately to my side when he's called, he doesn't even (quietly! J ) run along the fence anymore. He will watch people outside the yard, but he doesn't make a sound. I am truly amazed. EVERY one of my neighbors has complimented me on my newly VERY well-mannered dog, Nelson is MUCH happier now as he's not so anxious about having to attend to every single passer-by, he's relaxed, and SO much calmer.I'm not sure it would be this easy with every dog that gets the collar - but any breed that is pretty smart and predictable in most ways would very likely have similar results, I'd think. I would absolutely recommend this collar to anyone who wants to improve their quality of life with their pet. Please note, though.... I do have a personal qualifier I want to be sure to address..... This collar is AWESOME -- especially if you've tried EVERYTHING prior, and especially if the owner is extremely cognizant of their pet's comfort and safety. I would NOT want this in the hands of someone who isn't incredibly sensitive to the cruelty of setting the shock higher than necessary, having their pet wear it constantly or while unsupervised before knowing how their dog will respond, or opts NOT to work with their pet if the initial result isn't exactly as hoped. In a situation where the owner isn't a major pet lover who isn't really interested in caring for their dog in the manner fit for a 'living & feeling, emotional being', then the use of it COULD be unkind if used in an uncontrolled situation. But, in my opinion, provided owners are responsible, cautious, attentive, and loving, this collar has the potential of absolutely changing your pet for the good and QUICKLY!

Holls - Amazon - June 25, 2013

Dog tech electronic bark collar

We live out in the country and my son's dog used to stay up most of the night barking at every animal that entered the yard. This made it very difficult to sleep.This collar was very easy to set up, and once the right prongs were installed it worked great. Now she barely barks at night and if she does its only once or twice and then she stops. No more sleepless nights. Thanks!

Tom - Amazon - June 24, 2013

Amazing product!!!

Used on my seven year old beagle and it worked AMAZING!!! She would bark at all hours and I had enough! I purchased this and literally by day two she stopped barking once the beep went off. After a week of using during the day she no longer barks AT ALL. I haven't had to use it since. I recommend this to all pet owners.

Ashwatk - Amazon - June 24, 2013

Made my screaming dog simmer down to a chirp

I have a 40 pound pit bull mix that I rescued from an awful situation in bad condition back in October 2012. He had SEVERE separation anxiety when we first got him and screaming (yes, I mean screaming) was what he would do when we weren't home but also that was his reaction when we returned. After 6 months of patience, training, and necessary medication, he was perfectly calm about us leaving the house and stayed quiet while we were gone but he would still scream with excitement upon our return. We just couldn't deal with it anymore and didn't want to put our neighbors through it anymore either. Everything we tried did not work to make him stop doing that. We even tried one of those collars that just vibrates with zero results. I broke down and got this and it has been just what we needed! He does not scream when we get home anymore and his mood when we return is much calmer as well and doesn't send our other 2 dogs into hysteria as a result. He does let out 1 or 2 barks or chirpy noises but that's it. He usually stops before or just after the beep warning. I did have to turn it down to the low sensitivity setting because it was going off when he would shake his head. For him, the low sensitivity setting is perfect. He only wears this when we're not home and it comes off about 5 minutes after we walk in the door.

elime (Alabaster, AL) - Amazon - June 23, 2013

didn't work

This product did not work for my dog. It would shock him, but then he would just start barking again. The battery wore out in no time.

Delos Sheff - Amazon - June 23, 2013

works as promised

fantastic product has made our life so peaceful and our neighbors. our 1 1/2 year old Airedale adjusted very well he doesn't mind wearing it at all

Catherine W. - Amazon - June 23, 2013

The Right Collar but the Wrong Dog

Okay, cannot fault the collar other than its shock is too mild for a very stubborn hunting hound/beagle we got from the shelter.

Brent C. Chambers - Amazon - June 22, 2013

Dogtek Barkless Collar

Anyone who has issues w/a barker should definitely invest in this collar. The thing I like the best is you can either set it to sound or electricity. I have resisted this path as I never had the need for a barkless collar. After acquiring 2 little barkers, it was my last chance. They wear it very seldom now but it is HIGHLY effective. Best money I ever spent!

Roxanne - Amazon - June 20, 2013

Great for a loud dachshund

I have a very vocal dachshund who has worn out several bark collars, but this one seems to be working pretty well. He has figured out how to do a quiet bark that doesn't set it off, but that doesn't bother me. It can be adjusted down enough for a small dog (he is a thin 19 pound standard dachshund), but will fit a larger dog.

Leigh Stephens (Gainesville, GA USA) - Amazon - June 20, 2013

Works for my hound dog

This bark collar was a last resort to save mine and my neighbor's sanity. I have a coonhound and she doesn't bark from boredom (if she did, training and a big change would be in order and not just a collar) but she likes to chase our Boston terrier around the yard and yelp and bark at him and also likes to bay at the neighbor's chickens. She's also the neighborhood coyote alarm, which I find useful and appreciated but everyone else hates. So, I had to do something. The static collars barely worked, as she is like a tank! The citronella spray collar was awesome for about the first 3 months and then all of a sudden she didn't care at all, so we bought this one. She still barks but only when there's something big going on, and then it's only a warning bark until the collar is just about to zap her. Then she stops, so it's been good!I was hesitant to use a "shock collar" but I've been shocked by this thing and it really isn't bad even on full strength. I remember accidentally being shocked from a faulty light switch in an old house and it's about the same feel. Not sure what that says for either thing, but that's what it reminded me of.The only thing I don't like is that adjusting the shock and duration, etc is a pain in the rump and I have to pull the manual out each time or I forget which screw does what, but I understand why the collar is that way.

A. M. Tollestrup (Port Orchard, Wa) - Amazon - June 19, 2013

Worked Great

This product worked great for our chihuahua mix who is 13 lbs. He would bark constantly every time we left. We started on the low setting and then just the beeps. We love the fact that it is easily tested. The last one we had was re-chargeable and would lose charge quickly. Plus, our dog would bark despite the settings. This product worked perfect. He is such a good dog now.

KC - Amazon - June 19, 2013

Works precisely as advertised.

I bought this for my 15 lb. Havanese - works GREAT! It only had to shock him once ortwice before he put the pieces together and figured out 'Hey, maybe I shouldn't bark...' Zero problems. Only wears it when needed. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS WHEN USING, and this will work perfectly!

Donald-06 - Amazon - June 17, 2013

Worked like a charm!

This collar has been extremely effective. We have 6 hunting dogs that mixed breeds including heeler, catahoula hound, ridgeback, and other breeds. They range in age from 10 months old (about 30 lbs.) to 3 years old (about 45 lbs.). Initially the collar was purchased for one of the sibling puppies which we received about 3 months ago. He was a persistent barker with no apparent reason. We were at the point of frustration that if the collar did not work we would be getting rid of the dog because he was teaching the other dogs to bark also (including the previously well behaved sister pup). It worked on the first day and he learned quick! It worked like a charm on the other 'wanna be' unnecessary barkers.I would definitely buy it again and recommend it to other people!

ajw - Amazon - June 17, 2013

For our Labradoodle

Well, still barking, but still adjusting so maybe that is our problem! We hope once we get the right setting it will work.

USA Retired (OBX, NC) - Amazon - June 16, 2013

Works better then I thought

My dog loves to bark so I went looking for something to get her to stop. The first time she got shocked she ran right back inside. Now when she has it on she knows not to bark. Sometimes she gets excited and gets shocked and she stops right away. I like how we can adjust the settings on it to fit her. I like how it gives a warning beep before it shocks. I also like how it will shock her again if she doesn't stop but she has never needed it past the first one.

mystery86 - Amazon - June 15, 2013

it did the job

After yet another very frustrating day of way too much nonstop barking we reluctantly ordered this for our Westie who would sit at the door or on the deck looking for something to bark at & would bark at the kids next door playing. We previously tried recommendations from our dog trainer which would work for that time but not the next.STRONG WARNING..DO NOT BELIEVE THE NOTE IN DIRECTIONS THAT IT IS SET AT THE LOWEST LEVEL. Ours was set at the highest. We used it only when needed for about a week & after the first couple times using the lowest level only needed the beeps. He still barks some but we didn't want him to stop completely just not the continuous bark bark bark.We stayed close by at all times when it was on him & reinforced the collar by saying 'quiet'. Now just saying quiet pretty much does the job. It does work but as with all dog training there needs to be 100% owner involvement, love & positive reinforcement

Carol Abbey (Kitty Hawk NC) - Amazon - June 15, 2013

Beeping & Batteries

This collar does a lot of beeping before it uses static correction, which I think confused my dog and made the process less effective. There is only one setting with no beeping, decreasing the overall customization.The only way to turn it on/off is using the tiny included screwdriver and taking the collar completely off, which is very inconvenient especially if you are on the go. As such, I left the collar in the on mode all the time and the battery died quickly.My dog is barking less, but I want a collar with more correction choices and more user-friendly. I returned this item and purchased the Petsafe brand instead and like it much better.

B. Rosnfeld - Amazon - June 13, 2013

Works great!

The bark collar has been very effective. We have 2 min iature poodles (15 & 17 lbs). I especially like that the collar gives 3 noises before there is any correction. Many times it is the noise alone that is effective. The other collar we have (another company) just gives the correction, which was fine for Bandit, but Champ really responds to the noises first. Only negative is that the control box on the collar looks ridiculously large on a 17 lb dog. The other bark collar is much smaller but has no noise warning. But whatever works when all the dogs are let out in the neighborhood and having a bark-fest at 6:30 a.m.!

Eileen E. B. Johns (Bremerton WA) - Amazon - June 13, 2013

Excellent product!!

Love this collar! I have a 13 lb papillion/pomeranian mix that barks at everything and anything. All the time. My husband was at the end of his rope with dealing with it. So I got this collar and it has totally changed my dog. He figured it out within a couple of hours. He might bark once but then hears the beeps and stops. He rarely gets to the point where it has to shock him. He was such a neurotic dog, he would bark at guests coming over that he knows very well and it would take a couple of minutes to stop. When ever we went places where other dogs were at, all he would do was bark at them. Since we have gotten the collar he is way more calm and will actually play with out friends dogs now. And all of our friends don't mind us bringing him over now. We are still working on him not barking when the collar is off, but even when it is off he barks so much less and will usually stop when told to do so, he never did that before. Definitely recommend this collar to anyone who has a dog with a barking problem!

Sara - Amazon - June 12, 2013

Wonderful product

We have a small Aussie Doodle who barked incessantly. We bought this collar and she hasn't barked in a month. We've been able to let her out in the backyard for hours without any noise. It's a great product -- very simple to use and incredibly effective.

Quinn O'Brien (New York, NY United States) - Amazon - June 12, 2013

Aggressive little yapper turns sweet and calm

This is a must have training device. My son and daughter-in-law needed us to "dog sit" their two dogs due to the arrival of their newborn twin boys. One of the dogs was a small yapper, who instantly drove me and the neighbors insane with her endless barking. Within two days the collar was completely effective and worked to calm both the new grandparents, and the sweet little doggie...Get it!

Frank P Geraty - Amazon - June 11, 2013

Save your money

Totally disappointed. Tried it on two of my dogs and it does not work.this is the second No Bark device I have tried that does not work.

Mary Lou Williams "Penny" (Ancram, NY USA) - Amazon - June 11, 2013

A quieter place

We have two dogs. One dog, a female, responded well to the collar. We use it at night as she will start barking at about 4 a.m. and bark off and on until we get up. The first time she wore it, she barked once followed by a feeble croak. We used it a few nights, then stopped. However, she began the wee-hour barking again. So, we're back to the collar. She seems to sense that when we put on the collar she needs to be quiet.The other dog, a male and not a particular smart dog, annoyingly barks at whoever comes to the house, even family. I knew my sister-in-law was coming, so I put the collar on him. It had no effect whatsoever. I tried it again today when we had a plumber coming here. I just made the collar a tad tighter. It worked.So, it was a great investment as it quickly quieted our early-morning alarm and our barking greeter.

Jane Otto - Amazon - June 11, 2013

Amazing value, great product

I have a 75lb golden retriever who likes to bark at random things, sometimes more than others, and it gets annoying. He is very stubborn, but overall well behaved. I needed a deterrent that was something other than running outside to yell at him every time the barking was more than a casual chirp.Following instructions, and many of the other reviews, I started with the sound only - this didn't have much affect so I jumped up to the medium stun setting and immediately started seeing results. He starts to bark and ceases much faster, instantly diverting his focus to do something else. I'm starting to see a slight tendency that he knows when its on/off and barks accordingly - but we haven't been that regular with wearing the collar.Only complaints are:It seems to go off more often than it needs to - if his collar tags jingle or hit the plastic box I hear it go off sometimes, as well as when he shakes out his head vigorously for whatever reasonI'm also not always sure he's feeling the shock - but I have yet to try the longer probes for more furry critters.Overall I'm very happy, best training money ever spent that actually has an impact.

garrettp - Amazon - June 11, 2013

Works while on dog

The collars has been effective but has only trained my dogs not to bark WHILE wearing the collars. My barking problem still exists unless I put the collars on each and every time. The dogs know when they have it on and when they don't. So they still bark non-stop when let outside unless I put the collar on them each time I let them out. I bought the collars to stop their incessant barking when I let them into the backyard for 1 hour each day. They will bark for the entire hour or until let back inside the house unless their collars are on. Apparently, My dogs don't like being outdoors. But while the collar is on it is very effective. All they need to hear is the warning beep and there is no longer a need for the shock. They now get their fresh air without driving me crazy with their barking. I want barking to be reserved for intruders and warnings not just being spoiled pain in the butt dogs who wanna be in air conditioning. I bought two of these collars. My Boston/boxer mixed dog is 3yrs old and weighs around 60lbs and I have a Pharohound/lab mix whose 1.5 yrs old and weighs about 45 or 50lbs. Both medium size dogs. I hope this review helps.

Ivette Montero - Amazon - June 10, 2013


I have a 56 lb. Husky/Shepherd mix and we live in a side by side duplex. Barking was a problem because the tennants were home when we weren't and the dog would keep them up or annoy them. We ended up ordering this, were nervous about it because we didn't want to resort to it. We used it one weekend with him while we were around him and after one shock we haven't heard him bark with it on since. He is pretty smart and learned very quickly so we were happy about that. Now we just keep it on the warning beep setting and he knows not to bark.

Gina Smith - Amazon - June 10, 2013

best investment ever

I have a very stupid cocker spaniel poodle mix. He barks at everything thatmoves, he probably weighs 10 pounds or less. This is the best shock collarI have ever owned in my entire life. Not only is it well made and does notbreak easily, but it has worked wonders. I have never seen a product turn adog from hell into a dog that literally never barks. The warning beeps workwell and he gets the message quick. It only took a couple times to shockhim and he was done:-) Now I need to get one for my bigger Labrador, shehas been acting up.

Jacob.Ramos - Amazon - June 10, 2013

Doesn't work well for my dog...

I got this because of all the good reviews. I'm sorry I did. The corretion prongs are WAY too long for my dog and he was extremely uncomfortable just wearing it at the tightness I had to use to try to get it to stay under his neck and not end up on top of his neck. I do not like the difficulty in adjusting it and then all that extra collar material hangs down. I have a larger dog, too.I turned it on, set it up the way it arrived, and it didn't work well or right for him. He barked once and it beeped, then barked again and it did nothing. He shook his head and it beeped. Then he barked once, got the warning and when he barked again it did more than beep. He yelped. No biggie, but it continued to beep if he shook his head and then did nothing when he barked. He continued to pant and be very unhappy, so I took it off.I ended up, on a fluke, getting an Innnotek BC-50B today, which has a buckle and much SHORTER prongs and my dog is not minding wearing this collar at all. It was a cinch to size for him. There are no settings, it adjusts automatically to his behavior. The fact he's not panting and upset by this one tells me the DogTek just isn't the right one for him. Hope this helps someone make a decision.

H. Minnich (Wyoming) - Amazon - June 10, 2013


I was at a loss for what to do about my dogs barking. This was a last resort and it worked!! Very rarely ill hear a couple extra barks before it triggers the warning tone. But once it does my dog stops barking:)

Stephanie - Amazon - June 10, 2013

Great Buy

I bought 3 of these to calm barking dogs of different sizes. The collars performed exactly as promised, and all 3 dogs stopped barking in 2 days. Now if I need the collar at all, I don't even have to switch it on to get the dogs to be quiet. Great product, well worth the money.

Patricia Meehan - Amazon - June 10, 2013

Does its job

The collar has been effective 7-8 out of 10 times, so that's more than Ican ask for. I only use it our dog, a pointer mix, about 40 lbs, from nightfall to morning, so as to not affectthe neighbor's and my family's sleep and this is the best method so far!

CT - Amazon - June 10, 2013

bark collar

too strong even turned down it does shock the dog my dog would scream out with a lot of pain.Roy D Isom

ROY D ISOM - Amazon - June 10, 2013

Did not work

Not sure if it was just a lemon, or that it just plain does not work. Our old one stopped working, and I was tired of changing those expensive batteries that you had to buy for it, not to mention they did not last long at all. Received this collar and put it on my barking did nothing. Very disappointed.

P. Sidlo - Amazon - June 10, 2013

Worked really fast

Only ever needed the beep to keep dog from unwanted barking! Now I just say " i will get your collar"

Diana Malaker (Rochelle, IL United States) - Amazon - June 7, 2013

A wife that gets a good nights's sleep is a happy wife....

Out of town on business, constantly getting calls from my wife complaining about our dog's incessant barking every morning. I ordered this collar after reading the many positive reviews. My wife was able to easily able to set the collar to the low setting and put it on the dog. The next morning, no barking. The following morning, no barking! Has worked flawlessly for the last 2 weeks. She forgot to put it on one night this week and the dog barked all morning... In summary, buy it!

ac - Amazon - June 7, 2013

I was scared at first

I'm one of those dog owners who treats their dogs like children. My dog is an 'excessive barker'. He was adopted at the humane society and they did warn me that he exhibited 'emotional issues'. However, I fell in love and I just knew Peanut was the dog for me. My baby is a mini poodle who weighs about anywhere from 11lbs and a few ounces up to 12 lbs. Other than his excessive barking, he is a wonderful dog and has brought so much joy to my life.I was very concerned and weary about using this item on my dog. However, I had received a letter from my HOA stating that people were complaining about his excessive barking (I don't complain about people's children excessive screaming, but whatever). I had been working with Peanut for a few years already on the barking issue and nothing seemed to work, I mean especially if I'm not home to enforce it.I got the collar delivered on a Friday. I decided to let him wear it all weekend long in my presence so I would know how it affected him. Let me tell you, the first 10 or so times he got zapped were not pretty. In fact the first 5 times sent him jumping/flying into the wall or any nearby object, yelping and whining. I felt really terrible about using the collar on my baby.On Monday when I went to work, I just couldn't bring myself to leave it on him when I wasn't there. When I got home from work, I put the collar on him. He went into his usual barking fit when he saw people walking by the front door, and got zapped. He didn't jump in the air, he just whined and looked at me. I told him no barking and that won't happen. I forced myself to leave it on him the next day when I went to work. I was anxious and nervous all day at work. I rushed home and when I opened the back door. Peanut ran in the house excitedly like usual. I thought okay, he's fine.I continued to observe him for the rest of the week and came to the conclusion, it's okay to leave the collar on him! I was hoping for the same results some of the other reviewers left. My dog was not cured completely. He will go into a barking fit if not wearing the collar. However, while wearing the collar he will do one of three things: 1. let out as many barks as the collar allows before the final warning before getting zapped and will then stop 2. he will growl, grunt and pant as much as he likes because that doesn't set off the collar 3. he will let out a few low barks that don't register on the collar, but will not let out loud, continuous barks.FYI: I don't know if this collar will fit any smaller breeds. As I stated above, my dog is about 11lbs. The collar is pulled to it's smallest point and is still slightly loose on him. I am using the shorter prongs, but he has winter poofy hair right now. When he gets his summer shave down cut, I might need to switch to the longer prongs. Also, the collar does not sit right in the middle of his chest, but rather to the side, due to it being a little loose. I was worried it might not register, but it still does.Second FYI: The instructions state not leave the collar on your dog for longer than 8 hours. This was a concern to me because I am out the door for work by 6am and not back home from work until about 5:30pm, which is obviously longer than 8 hours. Nothing has happened to my dog he is fine. I think the point of this is, that a dog needs to be a dog and they need to bark sometimes. It is essential to their well being. I do not make the dog wear the collar when I am home and I can correct him. If he acts up when I am home, I show him the collar and he shapes up!Overall, I am pleased with the collar. I think me and Peanut will continue having a place to live.

ErickaLina - Amazon - June 6, 2013

My dog hates it! I love it!

Works perfectly. It's not even turned on anymore, the mere fact that she's wearing the collar is enough to deter her. I have a 9 month old female German Shepherd, about 65lbs.

Duke - Amazon - June 6, 2013

Stubborn dog

My Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is single minded when it comes to screaming at the chickens, turkeys and ducks at our place. The shock she gets is enough to stop her.

Paul Mosier - Amazon - June 6, 2013

Pretty good bark collar

This collar works pretty well on our Bassett hound. It hasn't cut out all barking, but it does seem to deter her from yapping at the door, or barking at the neighbor's dogs more than a few times at once. It's a little bulky but it does the trick and the price is good.

William A. Atkinson "Will" (Fort Worth, Texas United States) - Amazon - June 6, 2013

Works Great

Does the job if I keep it tight enough on her neck. Wish it was not as big as it is.

Terry Millard - Amazon - June 5, 2013

It works!

I was afraid that our dogs would be shocked too much or wouldn't respond to the new collar. Nope, not the case. There are multiple settings so the dogs have a chance to adapt and learn, easy to use and adjust. The constant "baying" of our two beagles is gone. Never thought it was possible! So glad we finally gave this a try, wish we would have done it long ago!!

Thomas J Hanneman - Amazon - June 5, 2013

Great collar

That collar has been very effective on both of my dogs. I have a boxer mix that weighs 70 pounds and a lab mix that weighs 40 pounds. I would recommend the collar.

Brian J. - Amazon - June 4, 2013

Finally, I can sleep!

We adopted two Red Heelers from the animal shelter last year. One is lazy and quiet, the other is a barking fool. Barks at everything, barks at the wind! We ordered this collar for use at night and it has made a difference! I highly recommend it!

B. Arivett (Texas) - Amazon - June 4, 2013

great bark collar!

This is the 2nd bark collar I have had to buy over the past 10 years. This collar is easy to use & seems to work so far with no problems. I just tell him, 'do you want your bark collar on?' .. he has learn not to bark & he has only been shocked twice!

Janice A. Jeffery (Illinois) - Amazon - June 4, 2013

Effective bark collar

I have an american Eskimo with a lot of fur. I had to shave down the fur around his neck, but once I did, the collar worked great.

jerseygirl - Amazon - June 4, 2013

Great product

This has been EXTREMELY effective on our dog! We are very pleased with the product! Our dog can still be very active without annoying the neighbors.She is a pointer mix, about 45-50lbs and VERY active. We live on a corner and she would bark at cars and people a lot. Now she does a great job staying active but no continued barking.

ddg - Amazon - June 3, 2013

Collar works, dog defective LOL

The collar tones when the dog barks but even on the highest setting it does not seem to help a whole lot... She must feel something because the duration of her barking decreases with the collar on (goes from non-stop to only 10 minutes or so). I can't fault the collar because I don't want something strong enough to be cruel or abuse, I know it is the stubborn dog. She's a 35ish lb 10 month miniature Lab looking mutt so she's not big or a "mean" breed but boy is she strong willed...

Jenni - Amazon - June 3, 2013

Works great!

This worked wonders for my Australian Shepherd...he learned quickly and now I can just leave the collar on the beeping. Only downside is even the long prongs have trouble getting through all of his fur

Aussieowner - Amazon - June 3, 2013

Helps with excessive barking

I have two small dogs that I am using the collars on. It's great that you can change the settings to fit your dog. It does not stop barking all together, but it doesn't promise to do that anyway. What it does stop is excessive barking - constantly. After they bark the first time, the collar waits and if they bark again within so many seconds, it issues a beeping tone. If they continue to bark, they get zapped. After 1 zap, they stopped barking with the tone. I'm very pleased with my purchase.

Rebecca A Savary - Amazon - June 3, 2013

A little tricky, but seems to do the job.

I'd always thought these devices were cruel and never thought I'd be the kind of dog owner who used one... but I'd never had a dog that barked its head off at nothing before, either. I always thought dogs that barked a lot had anxiety issues or neglectful owners. We've had our dog since she was 7 weeks old, took her to obedience training, play with her daily, take her to the dog park, take her for daily runs... she's got a pretty good life. Nevertheless, every time we let her in the backyard, after about 2 minutes, she's barking relentlessly. Yelling at her did no good. Being outside with her did no good. Besides driving us crazy, I'm sure the neighbors were fed up as well.After trying to test this collar for a while (it comes with a little light that's supposed to light up if it's working) with nothing happening and thinking we'd need to return it, I decided to try it on the dog. At first, she started barking as usual and I thought, "it's definitely broken." But then after about 5 or 6 good loud barks, she yelped and jumped. She seemed a little confused, but didn't bark anymore. I went in the house and waited... for a good 20 minutes, no barking. That has NEVER happened before. Then, I heard a few barks, which promptly stopped. She was out for about 30 minutes and was pretty quiet.We'll continue to try it on her when she goes outside and *hope* that it has curbed her annoying habit. I'll update in about a week. I would recommend this collar, but the directions are a little confusing and the tester might or might not work.

sophie23 - Amazon - May 31, 2013

Bark Collar works

Product is great and works on my puppy for crate training him. This is the only time we use it is when our puppy is in his crate at night. Helps deter him from barking while we are all trying to sleep.

Jeannine M. Wolgamot "Jeannine" (Columbus, OH) - Amazon - May 29, 2013

Perfect fix!

We love this collar! Our 12 pound chihuahua-boston terrier mix wears it. She got zapped by the collar just twice and learned not to bark again. Now we turn it off but have her wear it when she's out in the yard, and she doesn't bark anymore! Thank you, Tracie Napoli

T Naps "Tracie" (Portland, OR, USA) - Amazon - May 29, 2013

Does what it says...

This is our first experience with a product like this, and we aren't disappointed.Faced with finding a new home (due to a move) for the dog we have had for 8 years or fixing the barking, we bought this. The settings and strap are easy to adjust, and it works as promised. After popping off a few barks, our problem has been fixed. I like that the collar offers a warning when the dog begins to bark. She hears the beeping (warning) and quits immediately.

ReaderChick (MI) - Amazon - May 29, 2013

controlling barking with citronella vs. shock collars

We have two Australian shepherds, about 50 lb., that seem to bark more when they are together in 'pack mode'. We initially purchased 2 Citronella collars--they were effective at first but that seemed to diminish over time as they got used to them. We were reluctant to try the shock collar but it seems be more effective and we continue to use it intermittently with the spray collar.

Steve - Amazon - May 29, 2013

Great Bark Arrestor

Our dog is a Cocker Spaniel, about 15 pounds, on trashcan pickup and gardener day (same day) the dog went wild, barking incessantly, this collar stifled his barking almost immediately. The shock response was quite something and stalled him out, after a few time using it, he now just growls low because of the warning beep. Amazing thing. In fact, I think we're heading to not having to use it. We only use it on trash day

IAH - Amazon - May 28, 2013

Exactly what you should expect in an affordable collar.

While there is likely higher quality products out there, this collar is solidly built and effective. After a few days of wearing the collar in the early morning when barking would piss off the neighbors, I only need to trigger the warning beeps from inside the house, my dog recognizes the sound and hurries to her spot next to gate and lays down quiet as a mouse.All in all, the product as good, if not slightly better than I expected.

John Van Hoogen - Amazon - May 28, 2013

Works great

We got our little 10 lb Maltese when she was 18 mo old and she was a barker at other dogs outside or the tv when animals came on. We got this as a last resort. We had tried everything and nothing worked. We put it on her on the lowest setting. She barked and it beeped three times and then zapped her. She stopped and sat down and got real quiet. The next time she barked it beeped three times and then it zapped her again. Since then we get it out when she starts to get excited and show it to her and she quiets down. When she barks and it beeps she stops immediately. Now we can just show it to her and she calms down right. On walks we can pass other dogs and she doesn't go crazy. We were very reluctant to try this but are glad we did.

Ms - Amazon - May 27, 2013

Sent it back for refund

A neighbor complained about our dog barking. I chose this solution based on reviews. After following the directions to test the unit by attaching the clunky LED several times with no response "dragging the contacts over an 8" rough surface," the unit finally gave off a pittiful beep or two. I checked the included battery which negated the battery as the culpert. Since I did get a few beeps, I decided to give it a try. First on the get acquainted setting which was supposed to sound a few beeps when the dog barked. She never gave any indication of hearing anything (I didn't hear anything either but her ears are better than mine.) Then tried both the correction settings. Nothing.The collar is on its way back to Amazon. You gotta love Amazon. Saved me $45.

OlDah (St. Louis, MO) - Amazon - May 27, 2013

Broke by just changing the battery- Stay away it's garbage!

First issue, it arrived with a dead battery. After replacing the mounting stud broke when tightening with very little pressure. It's junk stay away!

Fred Jordan - Amazon - May 25, 2013

No more barking

I felt bad getting this for my pooch, but she really needed to learn to stop barking for no reason. Only put it on her outside. works as described.

S. Cutruzzula - Amazon - May 25, 2013

This works well

The dog collar works very well I was very pleased that it came with all the parts. If anyone has a anxious barking dog this would definitely stop the barking.

psmhorses - Amazon - May 24, 2013

Quiet Dog

The bark collar works pretty good. My husband did have to turn it up --our dog is a yelper too but it stops him if he starts to bark. We have abeagle and he weighs about 44 pounds and is 8 years old. I hope thishelps other people interested in purchasing a bark collar.Bev.

Beverly Robidoux - Amazon - May 24, 2013

You have a barking dog you NEED this!

I have a miniature schnauzer and all he did was bark. I really didn't want the shock collar but all the other ones I purchased like high pitch noise collars honestly didn't work. I had to tweek this collar a few times and felt bad when my dog got zapped but now when I put this collar on he DOES NOT BARK. He knows now and I have recommended this to my other friends and they love it also. I give this a 5 stars!

Sonja - Amazon - May 23, 2013

Peace and Quiet

I have tried multiple products to quiet my dog's barking. None had worked until I purchased the BD-60 collar. (I may use it on some of my friends.)The first time I put it on him was in the truck. He tends to howl with separation anxiety when I leave him to go in the store, this results in looks from passer-bys who probably think I beat him. He is a 21 pound Havanese with a very thick coat. He let out one bark and was then quiet.It didn't take long before he quieted down as soon as he saw me carrying it. He has greatly improved since I purchased it. He only wears it occasionally so he still barks but not as much or as long. I ask him if he wants to wear his 'bad boy collar' and he stops barking.The only problem I saw was that it is rather heavy but he is a relatively small dog.

Margo - Amazon - May 22, 2013

Beep and shock collar

I liked this product the most for the 3 different settings. Even though my boyfriend could take the 2 shock settings, I didn't like the idea of shocking my little girl. The beep has been sufficient in getting her to stop barking.

Kdog - Amazon - May 21, 2013

Controls barks very well

We bought this collar because we didn't want to always be outside to "catch" my dog barking to give it corrections. We have an Australian Shepherd that pretty much wanted to bark at anybody that walked near the property. With this collar, it taught him to control his barking.We left the sensitivity and correction length at the default settings. When he barks, it first beeps as a warning. It then gives a shock if he continues to bark. Now, he's figured it out that he should stop as soon as he hears the warning beeps. And, he doesn't bark at all most of the time now.We did have to adjust the collar a few times until we found the right adjustment setting where the contact pins were always in contact with his skin. Now, it "knows" when the dog barks.The only reason I gave this four stars is because of the battery not being rechargeable. Other than that, it works great! I should have bought this in the first place.

roncor (Dublin, OH USA) - Amazon - May 21, 2013

He Hears Bells

I only began using the collar in earnest a couple of weeks ago. The results have been good so far. I've only had to use the lowest setting, the little bell like beeps. If this loses effectiveness, then I'll try the next level of intensity. I also like the fact that this collar does not require a remote control, it is self-contained. And I don't have to recharge the battery once a week. The dog is a 55 lb. pit bull/ boxer (and who knows what else) mix. I definitely recommend this product.

Phil K (Northern Virginia) - Amazon - May 21, 2013

bark collar

The Dogtek Electronic Bark Control Dog Collar works just exactly as it is supposed to. My dog got shocked only a couple times and then figured out not to bark. Now when we put the collar on her, she already knows not to bark.

S & A Martin - Amazon - May 21, 2013

Not weatherproof

This seemed to work pretty well--until it got a little bit wet. The collar has rubber plugs that fit into the holes to keep water from entering the unit, but clearly they don't work as designed. Now it shocks almost non-stop and we have to order a different bark collar. We had this collar for about 1 month before it stopped working.

saramable - Amazon - May 21, 2013

It works. That simple.

My Weimaraner is 80 lbs and has been silent since we purchased this collar. It gives a beep first, and if another bark occurs, then a small shock. She was shocked once and that is all it took. Now when it beeps, she does not even think about barking again.Product was delivered on time and there were no issues.

Carlin Haley Stein - Amazon - May 20, 2013

Terrible product, may be dangerous

Let me start by saying that this bark collar is terrible. There are three settings for it, and one is sound only (no shock, and the dog ignores it of course), short term duration shock, then long term duration shock. On the short term duration shock, I shouted obscenities when it accidentally shocked me, it is extremely painful. I doubt any dog would want to feel that and I can't even imagine what the long term duration shock is like. What makes it all worse is that there is a dial you turn to change how sensitive it is to a dog's bark. The problem with that is that anything more than starting sensitivity, this torture device will shock your dog or even you if you're touching it if there is too much noise near it. It will shock him when he barks, but it will also shock him when he moves around too much. Basically it instills fear into the dog if the dog does anything other than lie there. And if you put it on a lower sensitivity, it never shocks them, even if they bark loudly.I would like to suggest instead, I have it on my other dog and it works great. It is smaller too, so you can put it on a smaller dog. The collar isn't that good, but you can always replace it with a sturdy one if you want. And that collar only shocks the dog if it feels the vibration AND if it hears the bark. It shocks every time he barks and no other time.

Rusty Shackleford (Iceland) - Amazon - May 20, 2013

This is the one! BUY IT and save your sanity.

My sweet 35 pound terrier mix rescue pup was perfect in every way except one thing...constant barking at any and everything all day long and worse into the evenings. He would bark at a 2 liter bottle on the counter, a jacket draped over a chair, a sound we couldn't hear, anything you can think of. My other dog, not to mention my young children, were extremely distraught by the constant loud noise. We were worried he would have to go back to the shelter.This collar has changed all that. Now he gives a slight growl or low toned woof once in a while, if he gets a real bark in, the collar will beep at him. That's all he needs. A few days after wearing it, he hasn't barked at all. He got shocked a total of 4 times in the first week. That was all it took. I tried a vibration collar, a beeping collar and a muzzle prior to this one. Should have saved my money. This one is all it took. Highly recommend. Your house will be quiet again! :)

dog_rescue - Amazon - May 17, 2013

clearly defective

The instructions tell you to connect a light bulb to it and test it. It lit up the bulb as it was supposed to. It also says to start using it on the "beep" setting. This is a great idea, if it actually beeped! No matter what I did it would never beep! I thought, well I'll set it to "charge" and see if the beeping starts when the dog barks, but it never beeped, just shocked the dog. And it was a HUGE shock! my dog howled and jumped 3 feet in the air with pain. I want to train my dog, but I'm not into torturing him without warning! This unit must be defective. I removed and tested the battery and it was in excellent condition, so it has to be a defective unit. Be warned. These aren't working as advertised.

D. Thibodeau (Appleton, WI United States) - Amazon - May 15, 2013

Works Great!

This is the second bark collar we have owned and this one is far better than the last. It give our dog a beep warning then a vibrate then a shock. She has learned to stop at the vibrate so it hardly ever goes as far as getting to the shock. This has been a life saver for car trips because she would always want to bark for a long time when she was excited or saw a motorcycle. I would not put this on a dog left unattended such as outside or in a crate. I feel it is important to be there to tell them no bark when they get that first beep so they are also verbally warned.

Angela M. - Amazon - May 15, 2013

Wow, I didn't expect this to be so effective!

This collar worked far better, and more quickly than I expected. We've tried the scented collar with my dog, and all she did for that was sniff the air after she barked. Not to mention the fact that the scented kind is bothersome for those with allergies.I like that this collar has a protected on/off feature that makes it difficult to accidentally switch on. I like that this collar gives a warning beep after the first bark. My dog (Miniature Schnauzer) will only bark once (when excited or concerned). On occasion, she will bark more than once if it is something very important - such as a stranger at the door, but she will stop once I'm alerted to her concern.We have this collar on probably 4hrs total a week, for almost 10 weeks now and the battery still functions.

K - Amazon - May 14, 2013

Use with caution!

Use with caution! This collar delivers a very aggressive shock. I tried to turn down the sound sensitivity, but it still shocked my dog even when she wasn't barking. She ended up cowering and not knowing why she was being punished. Cumbersome to adjust settings.

John Marx - Amazon - May 14, 2013

Cut down barking instantly!!

The dogtek collar works as advertised!!My American Bulldog has been barking at the wind/sun/sky for years now.He is 16 y/o and really doesnt like change.I put the collar on and he immediately knew something was differentfrom the beeping collar. The collar worked instantly in cutting downhis unnecessary barking.

Rafael - Amazon - May 13, 2013

It works like a charm

My smart dog barks once, the collar beeps, and then he quitely growls or whines to keep the volume below gettng a correction. No angry apartment dewllers around me...

Gregg D Martin (Corte Medera, CA United States) - Amazon - May 13, 2013

changed my georgie.

wasnt sure if I wanted to use one of these, but my yorkie who is 2 would get out of controll and you couldn't calm him down. so this was his last chance and has really worked. He no longer gets worked up when the birds land in the feeder to eat or when he sees a cat cross the back yard. He also ignores the neighbors pulling in and out of their drives. It was his home saver.

dawn - Amazon - May 10, 2013

BC-60 collar great

I think they are great. At first I thought the shock was too great andwould hurt them. They are brother and sister, 17 lbs and 13 lbs. Yorkshireor Silky Terriers. I put them on as you said it was safe and darn if Ididn't have to turn up the shock to get them to stop barking. Now I usethem when I am walking the dogs and when I know strangers are coming to thehouse. When I take them off I threaten them if they bark that they will getthe collar if they do it again and they stop barking. Maybe we will be ableto get to the point that we don't have to use them.

Jean - Amazon - May 10, 2013

Great product

My 10 pound shit tzu was going crazy at nights bought this collar and it worked great since the first day... Great price great product happy customer

Zero - Amazon - May 9, 2013

Works great!

I bought this collar to keep our Beagle from barking at everything when he is outside. He already had an invisible fence so was familiar with the concept of a collar that emits a warning to stop undesirable behavior so once we put it on him and he got that first warning tone after barking, he was done barking! One month in and the battery is still going strong.

A6carlos (Virginia) - Amazon - May 8, 2013

Dogtek Bark Collar

Have two 75 pound pit bulls. Collar worked great for them, now at the point where even putting the collar on but turned off still works.Only problem I had was while out walking with them it sometimes went off even when they weren't barking.

warriors16 - Amazon - May 8, 2013

Great bark collar for the price

I use this on my 6 month old lab/retriever mix as well as my 5 year old bloodhound mix. I like how easy the collar is to adjust, its sensitivity, and its staying power. In the past I have bought several electric collars from big chain stores but the batteries have failed very quickly. I have not experienced that with this collar.

Kristen - Amazon - May 6, 2013

Barking virtually dog-gone!

The collar is easy to use, the instructions are clear enough, and the suggested method of training is what I followed for our dog. He is a mutt, but enjoyed barking at all moving things in our neighborhood, down the street, etc., not to mention if he heard another dog barking a block away would feel the need to join in - we called it the Twilite bark.He didn't like it but it didn't take him long to figure out why he was getting buzzed. We starting with just the tone, went to the zapper, and within a day he had toned it down. He does need reminders, or he goes back to his regular behavior. But as soon as I put it on, he adjusts his behavior and demeanor.I have actually set it back to Tone only and use it that way for reminding and it works.

paperg320 - Amazon - May 6, 2013

Best bark collar we've used (& we have a TOUGH dog:)

We've tried the other brand with the red collar & it would always eventually stop working, even with replacing batteries. So far so good with this one! Our dog is almost 20 pounds & this one scares him more, because it has a noise/alarm that sounds to warn him. He is the toughest barker & almost nothing phases or stops him. This collar has done the trick. Does he love having the box around his neck? No! But does it work? Yes! The other thing I love about this collar is it is easy to remove when he comes inside and at night. Some of the others we tried were the rubber collars & they are nearly impossible to remove. He ended up in the doggie ER from that type. Avoid at all cost. This should take care of your barking problems!

KWN - Amazon - May 4, 2013

Not for Small Dogs

I bought one of these for my dogs who are both around 20 lbs. I didn't even pull it out of the package because the part of the collar that provides the shock is huge. It would have been very ungainly for my dogs to walk around with this thing hanging off their neck. I wouldn't recommend it for dogs under 40 lbs. I'm returning the item for something smaller.

Brian Ward - Amazon - May 3, 2013

Great bark collar!

The first bark collar stopped working after two weeks. I sent it back and was hesitant but did buy a replacement. That was one year ago. The replacement collar is still going strong. It's awesome! My dog can bark once or twice and then she is warned. We live on a large property so our dog can roam and find things to bark at. This collar solved the problem! You never have to charge the battery or do anything to it. Just make sure to check the prongs tightness from time to time. Every night we take the collar off for a rest. I strongly recommend this collar!

iluvskunks - Amazon - May 3, 2013

Dogtek Bark Control Dog Collar

I have two Basset hounds who love to bark. I hate to have to resort to bark collars, but it has proven to be the only resolution so that our neighbors can live in peace and quiet. I like the adjustment features. Especially, the "warning" tones. They have finally adapted their behavior and understand that those tones are their signal to quiet down. I hope my next adjustment is to turn the shock off and just use the tones.

Patricia Bleecker - Amazon - May 3, 2013

Dogtek Bark Collar works

I have two dogs that bark at the slightest of noises. When one gets started barking, the other one does too. I tried the citronella collar on both. The smaller dog, 7 lbs, learned not to bark with it, but my bigger dog, about 12 lbs, would just keep barking until the citronella was gone or battery run out. Everyone I know who has a dog said to try a shock collar but I hesitated, thinking it was too harsh. The thing that finally convinced me was when my new grandson arrived. When I would babysit him in my home, he would be almost asleep and then my one dog would start to bark because he heard the wind, and wake the baby up. It literally took two different occasions of putting the collar on the dog, a total of 4 shocks, and now all I have to do is put the collar on and he will not bark. He knows. Sometimes I just pick the collar up and show it to him and that settles him down. I highly recommend it if you are also having difficulty getting your dog to stop barking.

Susanhg - Amazon - May 2, 2013

So disappointed...didn't work

I had high hopes when I placed the order but ended up returning a faulty product. It didn't work, and the dial to adjust intensity was either damaged and returned by a previous user or damaged from the start. Either way, it didn't matter much since it administered no shocks.

Lindsey Van Ess (Oostburg, WI United States) - Amazon - May 2, 2013

It Works!

Highly effective on a poodle mix weighing about 20 lbs and a miniature pinscher weighing about 10 lbs. Gets the job done. We only put the collar on when the dogs get 'out of hand', and it quickly brings them back down to earth. We don't leave them wearing it all day. In fact, now my dogs will be quiet whenever wearing the collar so they haven't actually gotten shocked in weeks. They just know from experience. Because of the instant calming effect that it has, we refer to it as 'the collar of shame'.

Rod - Amazon - May 1, 2013

Great Product

Works like a charm for my German Shorthair Pointer. He use to bark all the time. Put this collar on him he barked once and it gave him a good zap on the low setting and he hasn't barked since.

M. Thompson (Napa, CA) - Amazon - April 30, 2013

A Bark Control Collar that finally works

After buying several types of bark collars, this is one that finally worked on my chocolate lab. She became wise to the other collars, but this one has just the right sensitivity and she learned to not bark in less than a day. Received this collar from the merchant in no time as well.Oh, we have had this collar for more than a month and it appears with little to no wear.

Mark E. Waugh "Subhalen" (Kalispell, MT) - Amazon - April 30, 2013

Dogtek Electric Bark Control Dog Collar

This bark collar works great. Our dog totally stopped barking at night after two days of wearing the Dogtek collar.

John Regehr - Amazon - April 28, 2013

BC-60 Bark Collar

We have a rescue dog that we could not get to stop barking. Tried the sonic collar, but that did nothing to stop him. This collar stopped his barking after only a couple shocks. Note: they learn quickly that when they are not wearing the collar, they won't get shocked if they bark.

mike - Amazon - April 25, 2013

bark no more!

I bought 2 of these bark collars from Amazon for my 110lb Saint Bernard and 100lb Newfoundland mix. My dogs are very well behaved and usually quiet, however when they are in the fenced backyard they have grown accustomed to barking incessantly in response to our neighbors dogs. I decided I had enough listening to the barking and constatnly having to yell outside to 'leave it!' I played around with the collars settings to figure out what worked best for my dogs. You have to make sure that the collars are positioned correctly and snug on the dog, but not too tight. After some adjustments, the dogs pretty much picked up what was expected of them in 1 day. They are allowed in the backyard now without the collars on. They occasionally have lapses and all I have to do is mention/show them the collars and they quit barking. I did test the collar on myself; I would compare it to getting flicked with a rubber band. It wasn't painful but I wasn't asking for more by any means.Pros:*Adjustable for bigger necks*Longer prongs included for hairy dogs*Light weight, not that this is any problem for my big lugs*Adjustable setting for beeping, short shock, or longer shock*Adjustable sensitivity - this was great for my dogs. The collars work by sensing vibration. I would grab both collars at once and just the motion of the collars clicking together would make them beep which would make my dogs hesitant. Since my dogs have low tone barks I set the sensitivity to low and there are no more accidental set offs.*They have a very helpful call center - we were questioning the effectiveness of one of the collars, we adjusted the sensitivity and it works just fine*Great product at a good priceCons:*My only real complaint about the collars is my dogs figured them out too well. If we do put the collars on and put the dogs outside, they just sit on the deck and look defeated. As I mentioned above, we only use them now for a reminder if there are lapses.

Sadie L - Amazon - April 24, 2013

Pretty strong for small Dog's, but "alert" mode is great

I have a yorkie. The first time this thing went off (on it's lowest setting) he jumped 4 feet in the air yelping. I knew it would hurt, but I think it was just a little too much for him. Luckily when we put it on him after that he simply didn't bark. He knew it would cause him pain. I think over the course of the next few weeks he was shocked only maybe 2 more times when he got really excited by a passing dog or cat. However, since then we've only had to have it in "warning" or "alert" mode (where it beeps, but does not shock). Typically he hears the beeps and doesn't bark again. In fact, now when he barks we just show him the colar and he stops barking, we don't even have to put it on him (which is fine by me). Great tool, but greater to have it be a "scary monster" that we don't actually have to put on him.

Eckenroed (Salt Lake City, UT) - Amazon - April 23, 2013

Dogtek BC-60

The Dogtek BC-60 bark collar has been very effective. I have a Beagle that's about 25 pounds, she suffers from separation anxiety and every time I stepped out she would bark continuously. The bark collar has made a big difference, she no longer barks while its on. I definitely recommend it!

Lori - Amazon - April 23, 2013


I have 3 dogs, a Pekingese ,dachshund and a 65 pound loveable hound, and a husband that sleeps days. I didn't want anything that would hurt my dogs but my husband needed his sleep, so I purchased one for the loudest and the instigator of the group Trooper the dachshund.. and it worked the very first time I use it. When he gets the warning beep he gets quiet immediately. It worked so well and I was so happy that I bought 2 more. People can now come to my front door and not be mobbed by barking dogs. It has improved there manners 100%. I had tried obedience schools,for all 3 witch was expensive, and it did train them to sit , stay etc. but this barking was driving us crazy.. Now it so peaceful..I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this collar it works great, and the dogs haven't yelped in pain or shown any sighs of stress at all, they even fight to be the fist to get there collar on in the morning . And I would think if it was causing any trauma they would be running from it.

Chili (IL.USA) - Amazon - April 22, 2013


I have a German Shepherd mix that loved to hear itself bark. I cannot have him barking at 4 and 5 a.m. or my neighbors would stage a protest! He learned very quickly from the first short pulse not to bark. I do not keep it on him all day -- only times that I don't want him barking. The use of the beep only function works well. He has no clue if it will shock him or not and all is well. Now if they can come up with a product to stop chewing - he is over a year and will still chew things up - BBQ pit wheels - MP3 player - Blackberry - New webbed chair - his dog house - the wooden adirondack chairs....

CyndiG - Amazon - April 22, 2013


We Have a Winner!Bought this collar because we have a lab mix who loves to bark at anything that's out of his territory, we tried everything, I raise my dogs according to Cesar Millan's pack mentality, didn't work on this hard headed dog. We did not want to shock the dog so we set it on the beep cycle first, that worked for about 2 minutes and he saw people in the next yard and started going crazy. We had to use the shock cycle, tried it on myself first, and it has quite a shock. That's the only drawback, you can't set the shock settings, I think it's set too high, anyway after the first 2 times he figured it out and got hit one last time and we now have a very quiet dog, we have placed it on the beep cycle and hope we can leave it there, he seems to understand when he hears the beep it's time to be quiet. Good quality device easy to set up and use. Happy family, happy neighbors.

D B - Amazon - April 22, 2013

Seems to work well...

The collar works pretty well. It is hard because our dog has longer fur so it isn't as sensitive to his barks as I would like. But if I turn up the sensitivity it beeps when he scratches his neck or shakes...However, our dog probably barks 95% less often than he did before. I didn't want to have to go this route...but he has only been shocked maybe twice since we have gotten the collar. We needed to do something since our neighbor said that he barks non-stop when we aren't home. He works he is trying to sleep during the day and if we go somewhere he keeps our neighbor up. I am a stay at home mom, so he isn't alone often and gets plenty of time in the house and does not sleep it is really only necessary during certain times of the day for us. I'm glad I got this collar.

K. Buller - Amazon - April 22, 2013

Effective and easy to use

Our landlords threatened to kick us out if we couldn't get our dog to stop barking when we were gone for work during the day. Since we've been using the bark collar, our landlords haven't complained. Our 60lb retriever mix seems to handle it well and isn't able to move it around too much on her neck.

Lindsay Allen - Amazon - April 19, 2013


I am very happy with my order I received from Amazon and the collar does work. My dog no longer barks at everything like she did before I got the collar. It I'd a very good product.

John - Amazon - April 19, 2013

Long Haired Dogs

The delivery of the product was fine. However, my dog is a Border Collie mix with lots of long hair. The collar did not work on her. I verified that the collar was working, changed the prongs as instructed by the Seller, and nothing worked on my dog. Wasted money. I suspect that her long hair was preventing the collar from doing its' job. So, I have to say that if your dog is a long haired dog, the collar may not work. At best, you take your chances with this product.

Sylvan Wells (Halifax, MA USA) - Amazon - April 19, 2013

amazing product

This collar worked perfectly with my 60lb border collie. We used it to deter night time barking. He learned after a one time use!

Dawn - Amazon - April 18, 2013

Works Great. He rarely wears it now.

Nice product. He wears it rarely nowadays. We only take it with us when we really don't want him to bark. Didn't really experience any false positives and now all we have to do is show it to him and he doesn't bark. We kept the strength down and gradually adjusted it up a little by little but didn't go nearly as strong as it could go. Effective for our purposes for sure.

TrishMorris - Amazon - April 18, 2013

Bark collars than brought a quiet joy to our neighbor

I bought 2 of the Dogteck electronic bark control collars as we occasionally leave our 2 dogs in the backyard if we're on an overnight trip somewhere. Unfortunately one of the dogs, a 65lb Boxer, does not do well with non-family members and will not come back into the house at night for someone he doesn't know so he stays out and the other dog, a 45lb Boxer/Aussie Shepherd mix, generally decides to keep him company outside. With a lot of wildlife and people noise in the neighborhood both dogs have a lot to bark at and this has become a real nuisance for our neighbors (thankfully we only have one) so I had to find a solution. After a few hours of introducing the dogs to the collars when I was home with them I noticed an almost immediate positive difference with just the occasional bark followed by silence. A few days later we left them both in the yard overnight and when we returned the neighbors told us that they had not heard a peep out of them and didn't even realize the dogs were out. Great product and a very reasonable price - happy neighbors, even if the dogs are not so thrilled.

Paul T - Amazon - April 18, 2013


Works very well with my lab, but as soon as we take it off she goes about barking as usual. It doesn't seem to bother her if we leave it on for long periods though so not a problem.

A.T. - Amazon - April 17, 2013

dog control

If you have a pet that barks with this you have control of your dog he will stop and just sit down.

Enzo - Amazon - April 17, 2013

too big for my small dog

This bark collar is effective -- perhaps too effective! We have a standard dachshund, 25 pounds. This eletronic dongle is very big compared to the petsafe guardian we used previously. Also, the dog yelps when the shock is delivered (but not with the petsafe guardian.) The petsafe guardian was effective too, but I'm now using it for our miniature dachshund, hence the purchase of this second bark collar.). We only reluctantly use the Dogtek collar when we have no other choice.It might be more suitable for a larger dog.

Camel John - Amazon - April 17, 2013

very effective and safe

I have a 16 lb chihuahua/mini pin rescue. We moved into a condo with several units, with residents above, below, and on each side of my unit. This is a quiet complex and my dog started to bark at every noise, i.e., anyone leaving or entering their apartment, anyone that even walked by the door (with no noise). I tried to train him with treats for several weeks. When I received a phone call from the complex that he was barking and disturbing neighbors, as well as whining when I was not home ( for hours) - I knew I had a huge problem. I was scared to try any type of shock/bark collar as I truly believed dogs are supposed to bark - and still do! ..but - I came to terms with he was excessive, and this collar - I learned wasn't cruel, allows limited barking (which is normal) and doesn't hurt! I read all the reviews on many different collars and this one seemed to get the highest score and much mention that the collar didn't hurt the animal. As other reviews stated, this is a great collar for many reasons, one - great for small dogs because you can adjust to size easily with a lot of room to start and you can cut the extra off if it's too long; the way the collar operates with a beeping method/warning, then he barked after, that 'jolt' did scare him first time, only had him confused really.. and now after he hears that first beep he will stop. I know this doesn't hurt him because he doesn't cry and he doesn't run away when I go to place this on him.. This was a great training tool, and unless I leave for hours I just keep the collar on a table when I'm home and if he starts the barking to extreme I usually just need to say, 'i'm gonna need to put the collar on you..' then he stops.. GREAT product and a life saver - again, also humane.. Oh - also my neighbor has told me when I'm away he is quiet! Highly recommend if you have a problem such as mine.

Jenny (La Jolla, CA, US) - Amazon - April 17, 2013


The bark collar has been effective on our Welsh Corgi (approximately 23pounds). It did take some adjusting to though as he was terrified of itthe first week (shaking and refusing to eat). He eventually got used to it,though, and now we only have to put it one him occasionally, usually whenwe have company over and he has more distractions. He recognizes thedevice, and holding it usually silences him. The only reason I gave it four stars instead of five was how scared he was that first week. Besides the it was perfect!

C. Phillips (Ashland, Or) - Amazon - April 17, 2013

It is effective

I bought 2 collars, one for each dog. They are MinPin/Chihuahua mixes.About 9-10 lbs each.It was effective. First they had the collars on every time they wentoutside, and learned fairly quickly what happens when they barked. Soonafter, I let them outside without the collars and when they start yapping Iput the collar on. It has taken a couple weeks for them to stop barkingwithout the collar on, but for the most part they don't need them anymore.However, they are yappers and they do forget, so I keep the collars by theback door just in case.

Ashley D - Amazon - April 17, 2013

Worked great!

Stopped our 6 month old shepherd mix from barking at things only she could see. It took about two days for her to catch on and stop repeated barking. We left the factory settings and are very pleased with the collar.

Stephanie Coats - Amazon - April 15, 2013

Bark Collar

The collar was very effective. I used it for both my dogs and it only took once for them to figure out not to bark while it is on. Some times they still bark if they aren't wearing it, but as soon as I put it on they stop at the warning tone, I've been anle to turn the shock feature off. The only problem is when they wrestle with each other. The movement of both dogs together can set the warning tones off, so I only put it on when I'm home to supervise.

HCoulon - Amazon - April 15, 2013

Great problem solver!

I have two dogs, weighing 50 and 30 pounds. They were barking at other dogs in their yard constantly and I needed them to stop! These collars are great because I was able to set the level of shock lower for the smaller dog...and they are silent now!

Noelle Ratliff - Amazon - April 15, 2013

Thanks Dogtek!

Having a very big lab puppy (50+ pounds) with a barking problem is not what you want in a restricted subdivision...We were slowly wearing down the patience of our neighbors while trying: citronella collars, spray bottles, expensive Petco/Petsmart bark deterrents, the dog whispers method, etc. After numerous training hours and feelings of extreme desperation, we finally decided to invest in the Dogtek electronic bark collar. Set up was easy as the collar comes with many different setting to suit your dogs temperament. At first we started out with just the beep setting (no shock). It was immediately clear that this wasn't going to cut it for our Bruno. After putting it on the lowest shock setting for two days...his barking became non existent. Also, the collar gives warning beeps well before any shock takes place--an obvious well loved feature for barking dogs and animal lovers alike. So now no more barking at random noises, clouds, falling leaves, the wind, etc. I also feel it is necessary to add that this is not a neglected dog we are talking about here. This is a dog that gets plenty of attention, exercise, stimulating toys, and love. He just has a big yard with many things he absolutely loves to bark at. Fortunately for us (and aforementioned patient neighbors) the barking has finally stopped for good.It has been months since our initial purchase and his collar is now just on the beep setting. The shock was no longer necessary after a few days. We have tried taking the collar off completely, but he is smart enough to know that no Sometimes while running or scratching the beeps will go off. This was easily fixed by just adjusting the sensitivity of the collar. Might I add that the instruction manual was extremely simple. I was able to learn the workings of the collar/setup in under five minutes.Also, there is a simple solution if you don't like the collar that comes with the system: Leather hole puncher. It took about five minutes to have the box fitted into his previous collar. So for all those complaining about a cheap strap's seriously a DIY fix in minutes. A little ingenuity goes a long way :)

Mindy (Lake Charles, LA) - Amazon - April 15, 2013


The collar fits one of my dogs good and it works as it was advertised. I am very happy and would do more business with you

terry joe tarbet - Amazon - April 14, 2013

worked like a charm!

For the last 6 years my dog has barked at my husband every night when he returned home from work and the barking would continue for about 20 minutes. We purchased this collar and after only two nights, the dog got the message. Every now and then he will try to bark but once he hears the warning tone he backs right down. I am just sorry that we waited 6 years to do this!

realnjhousewife - Amazon - April 12, 2013

bad product

This dog collar does not work well. You can't tell what the settings are and you cant tell when it is working or not unlessyou practically kill your dog

Marc Mullins - Amazon - April 12, 2013


Quite simply it worked. Our dog is a black Lab Border Collie mix weighing approximately 50lbs. I put the collar on her and she barked a few times, got zapped a few times and figured it out very quickly. After just a few days she stopped barking entirely. Now she only barks when I forget to put the collar on her when I let her outside, and even then it's a much more timid bark and never rapid fire barking like before, kinda like she's worried about getting zapped but knows she can get away with it. Ultimately it worked great for our dog and we love it. I was really getting sick of her barking, and I'm sure my neighbors were too nice to say anything.Great product!

Antony K. Lillie "MojoMan" (Wanamingo, MN USA) - Amazon - April 12, 2013

Great Price and Great Product!

This bark collar made life really easy. My German Shepherd would just bark and bark all morning. Now she will only bark once and then stop because of this collar. The collar is a little bulky, but works just fine.

Cameron Knox - Amazon - April 12, 2013

The best invention ever!!!

I am happy to let you know that the bark collar was a blessing!!! My dog is very smart so it only took him getting shocked 2 or 3 times before he realized that when it beeps he has to calm down. I was getting many complaints from one grouchy neighbor about the barking and now I haven't heard a peep out of mr.grumpy pants lol. I have a Jack Russell dog almost 4yrs old I adopted from the animal control center a year ago. I'm not sure how much he weighs but he is very muscular with tiny little legs lol

Liz from Brooklyn - Amazon - April 12, 2013

Does what it's supposed to do

We have a 65lb airedale terrier that barks a bit too much, too early in the morning--mostly due to the miniature bull terrier he lives with. We bought the Dogtek Electronic Bark Control Dog Collar for him to wear at night and it works really well. He always gets a warning and if he doesn't shut up, he gets a shock. It's enough to startle him and make him stop barking, but not enough to hurt him. The only reason that it doesn't get 5 stars is that it is sensitive to his collar tags jingling whenever he shakes or gets up suddenly, so the warning beep goes off.

Eric Bangeman - Amazon - April 12, 2013

The no bark dog collar

The bark collar has been very effective on my dogs. I have a boarder collie (55 lbs) and a german shepherd mix (70 lbs) and I have use the collar on both. It has a quick response and works very well. I like the fact that you can change the settings to either beep, vibrate, or shock. Once the dogs had been shocked, I would turn the collar to the beep setting and it was still effective.A great buy

Katie and Scooter - Amazon - April 12, 2013

Dog collar

I bought this in hopes of controlling my beagle's barking bc my neighbor complained. She barks at everything and it works. But she is smart and knows when she has it on and when she doesn't.

Naomistark - Amazon - April 11, 2013

not so GREAT

The item worked well for a few months. I could tell the outside was sturdy but there was a rattle inside. Just after the allotted return period the on off switch became dislocated. I tried to simple place it back but after opening it to do so, there were other pieces that were loose & moving around.

M - Amazon - April 11, 2013

Great Product

When I put this on my rat terrier, I say "collar" a couple of times. She hates it being on, but it works when there is a lot of stimuli in the yard. Often, when she is not waering it, all I have to do is threaten " collar" and it usually does the trick.

Thomas42 "Thomas42" (Fuquay Varina, North Carolina USA) - Amazon - April 11, 2013

Works as designed

We tried this collar because our 25lb puggle would run outside and bark at the fence, half the time there was nothing even there. We started putting this collar on her when she went outside and after the first couple shocks she figured it out. The only problem is that now she is smart enough to know that when she is not wearing the collar it's OK to bark, but as soon as we put that on she quiets right down and becomes very submissive.

Marshall - Amazon - April 11, 2013

Worked perfectly!

The collar has been very helpful. Our dog didn't bark so much as whine very loudly whenever we'd step outside the apartment so it had to be fixed asap. We had some difficulty gettingit to adjust to her whining/screeching, but after one zap, she no longer did it. She actually only had to wear the collar for two weeks to fix the issue. We set it on the beeping setting for one week and the beep/shock for another week. It's really been a life saver--no more complaints from neighbors. She is a lab/whippet mix, approximately 50 pounds.

Stefanie - Amazon - April 11, 2013

This collar works great.

My daughter moved in with her Fox Terrier who loved to bark and caused a ripple affect with our male Miniature Pincher. So I bought the collar for him. It worked so well, I bought a second one for my Pincher. The second one has a little delay when it has not been activated in awhile but other then that it works great. I can take them off on occasion and they know not to bark.

Loritha Johnson-Hill "Honey Dip" - Amazon - April 11, 2013

Effective Product

My dog is a ninety pound boxer mutt. The collar worked great. I only had to shock him twice, now I just put it on without turning it on and he knows. I commend this to you if you're at your wit's end with a barking dog.

Grizzy (Knoxville, TN) - Amazon - April 11, 2013

Worked perfectly for me!

I use this collar on both of my dogs to train them. It has definitely been effective. It only had to shock them once before they realized they were not supposed to bark while it was on. Now, if they're acting up, I put it on and they know not to bark (and the other one shuts up too, just in case she has to wear it next!) My dogs are both shepherd corgi mixes, about 30 lbs each. It was a little hard to see them shocked, they were clearly hurt or made afraid by it. But it literally only shocked them once! I think this is a great product for people who have angry neighbors and need their dogs to be quiet

Melissa - Amazon - April 10, 2013

Works good

This is the 3rd collar we have had. The first of this brand. It has been a good collar. We have a 15 pound bichon that barks his head off without it. I like that it beeps as a first warning because he always tests it out. I did have to tighten the collar as small as it will go. Over all great collar.

R. Morgan "Ronnie" (CA) - Amazon - April 10, 2013

BC-60 collar

It works great after trying everything the collar was my only hope and it does work. I bought it for a poodle mix he is about 20lbs. Thank you, now I can finally have some peace.

Blanca Currie - Amazon - April 10, 2013

Bark collar truly works!

After careful searching for a collar for our collie who loves to bark at everyone walking down the street we decided to try the Dogtech Bark Collar. After only two days, she no longer barks at eveyone she sees. One bark to let us know someone is there and that is it!!

BRENDA BROWN - Amazon - April 10, 2013

Worked like a charm.

I bought this for my great Dane puppy. He is eight months old and about 80 pounds. I normally wouldn't use a collar like this, but it worked out perfectly. His bark could be heard two blocks away while he was in the house. We used it the first night because he would not stop barking. Now, all I have to do is show it to him and he stops.

Jose - Amazon - April 10, 2013

Very Effective Bark Collar

I have a very energetic, loud Beagle that's about 35 pounds. He has had the spray collars before, but he seemed to not care about the spray after a few weeks. We decided to buy this collar because it seemed like the next thing to try after neighbors complained about his persistent barking (darn squirrels). This collar certainly did the trick. He doesn't bark nearly as much. He got the zap the first time and didn't cry or anything, but it must have been enough to make him stop barking. We don't put it on him often, just use it as a threat (which sounds awful, but it works). He wore it for a month, and now he goes out and doesn't get yelled at for the barking from us or the neighbors. If he starts to go a little too crazy (we want him to be able to bark a little after all!), then we put the collar on him. He'll just roam the yard, and all is well for us and our pup. I'd highly recommend this product for anyone who feels like their at their wits end with persistent barking.

AmazonLoyal - Amazon - April 10, 2013

The best sleep I've gotten since this dog came into our lives

We have a little mixed breed terrier/herding dog with SO MANY ISSUES, including incessant night time barking. I am here to tell you that the collar has kept her from being disowned! She is very, very quiet when she is wearing it, to the point that she'll tiptoe into her crate rather than launching herself into it. You can't keep it on them all the time so we put it on her at bedtime so we can sleep.To tell you what a resistant little critter she is, before the collar, we even tried an anti bark device that was just sitting on the counter and she would bark anyway, setting the thing off and terrorizing the other dog. Our older dog was suffering more than the barker was.So, long story short, quite effective for an aggressive barker. Saved our household!!

Charity C - Amazon - April 10, 2013

Worked like a charm

It has been effective on my dog. She is a 35-lb Australian Cattle dog who likes to stand at the fence and bark all day at nothing. We used this collar every day for about a month, and slowly weened her off of it. Now, she only barks at appropriate times (i.e. If someone's at the gate) instead of just constantly barking. We were very pleased.

Josh N - Amazon - April 10, 2013

Good looking and works great

This is the third bark collar I've trialed and definitely the best of the lot. It looks as bulky as the others, but on my dog's neck it blends in nicely and has a really low profile. The blue collar and blue casing make it look less like a bark collar and more like a collar. The audible beep tones get my dog's attention, and it's not triggered if the other dogs bark or by random noises. Not only does it work when it's on, but my dog stays quiet for hours afterwards. Definitely worth the price if you're looking for an audible beep bark collar that is stylish. My dog is a 40-50 pound lab mix.

R. Maynes "reneemcsquared" (United States) - Amazon - April 9, 2013

Worthless Never worked well and died in under 2 months

Dont waste your time Didnt work with our Basset Hound. when it did go off it was when he was sitting down and when he barked his head off it did nothing till it finally stopped working at all

OverCharged (AK) - Amazon - April 2, 2013

Bad screwdriver, decent collar

My screwdriver wasn't actually a screwdriver. They forgot to put the indents on the end, so basically it is just a stick which makes it impossible for me to change the sensitivity and difficult to turn it on and off. I am sure the batteries will di soon for that reason only.The collar worked good on my dog, although he can still whine and it will not do anything. Overall though, it has stopped his loud barks. Also, my dog is only 15 pounds, and I had to wrap the rdiculous amount of collar around him almost twice.

LaurenNicole - Amazon - March 29, 2013

Not bad

Does the trick but shocks my dog sometimes when he is scratching or just playing around the house. Barking is down, but feel bad when he gets shocked for no reason.

MLBfan - Amazon - March 28, 2013

Great product

I am very pleased with the quality and performance of this bark control collar. My dog has learned quickly and is very responsive to the warning tone (which is a little louder than I think it needs to be.)

Blueline - Amazon - March 24, 2013

Broke within weeks

This collar worked great to keep our German Shepard from barking incessantly. Right up until the clasp broke and it fell off. We did not use the collar to attach a leash to or to restrain the dog in any way. Luckily happened while I could still return. Would not recommend, cheaply made.

iron horse - Amazon - March 23, 2013

Didn't work

The shock didn't work at all. It made the noise like it was supposed to once he barked, but waste of money.

volleyball4eva21 - Amazon - March 22, 2013

Can only be used for 8 hours at a time!

I have a 10# Dachshund mix with a loud bark and this quiets him up! I'm deducting 1 star because you can't have their tags on while using this collar and it can only be used for 8 hours at a time, which works for me thank goodness. I highly recommend giving it a try. I've been skeptical on trying this type of collar for humane reasons, but also because I didn't think it'd really work - it does!!

justice4animals! - Amazon - March 21, 2013

very effective

I got this for my border collie mix who has anxiety when we leave her alone. I didn't want to have to resort to it, but she wouldn't stop barking while i was doing massages (i work from home.) I put it on her and she'd bark once then again and get a little shocked and that would be the end of it. We're getting to the point now where she recognizes the collar and knows she's not supposed to bark

Kacey - Amazon - March 20, 2013

Works sometimes.

It only seems to deliver 'corrections' some of the time. The dog will bark several times before it even beeps.

Shanny - Amazon - March 19, 2013

Not sure yet

Ive only had the collar a few days but so far it seems to work about half the time its on. I use it for my lab and it hasnt helped much. Will continue trying the different levels to see which one will work. I will update my review if I have any progress.

T. McCall - Amazon - March 18, 2013


need to use a training collar that owner can let the dog know why the correction. Need to be made ahere that barking does not make you happy.

Todd M. Hills (Pepperell, Ma United States) - Amazon - March 16, 2013

Good Bark Collar

We bought this bark collar a few months ago, for our beagle who has a very loud bark. The collar itself works great. He's a little on the heavier side, but the collar stops him dead in his tracks and will not bark at all when wearing the collar. However, we really wish this came with a remote control. That would really make this a great training tool. If you just need a bark collar, you will be very happy!

RAIDERGIRL37 - Amazon - March 15, 2013

I like it better than the DOGTEK NoBark Pulse Bark Control Collar

We bought this bark collar a few months ago, for our beagle who has a very loud bark. The collar itself works great. He's a little on the heavier side, but the collar stops him dead in his tracks and will not bark at all when wearing the collar. However, we really wish this came with a remote control. That would really make this a great training tool. If you just need a bark collar, you will be very happy!

Gabriel S - Amazon - March 11, 2013

It is amazing!!! Really stop dog from barking

I bought this collar from a one year old Maltese I rescued. He would not shut up 24/7.I put it on him and he stopped barking right away. The collar emits a sound first and if the dog does not stop barking it will give a shock.I think the shock is more like to scare the dog, because Lennon yelled very surprised. I used for an hour first. I continue using for 2 weeks an now I noticed that he is so conditioned that I just put the collar on him with the switch OFF and he does not bark. He is more calm than before, but still barks when he is not wearing the collar. My Maltese is only 10 pounds and it fits on him, and also fits on my 50 pounds chow mix.I am thinking in buying another one for my second dog. Really recommend!!

RS (WINNETKA, CA, US) - Amazon - March 9, 2013

Strap broke after 3rd time out

Product worked as stated, but the plastic snapped on the collar/strap on our 3rd walk with our dog. Very disappointed.

Christine Melton - Amazon - March 8, 2013

electronic bark control

within the first day he learned not to bark, a great peace maker for the neighbors...and now i dont have to hear him barking any more, i take it off when he is in the house and at ni8ght just during the day when he likes to be outside..

L. D. COSTA (Dillon Montana) - Amazon - March 7, 2013

Over heated and stopped working

This collar was great for the first month. Then one day I noticed my dog yelping and running around. The collar had over heated (was hot to the touch) and was shocking my dog for no reason. Given it was 50 degrees outside, it was not due to weather conditions. I turned the collar off and then replaced the battery a day later to see if it would work. The collar immediately became hot to the touch again and did not work when tested on the floor (the directions tell you to scrape the sensors against a rough surface, like tile, to see if it beeps for confirmation of working). I am sending it back for a refund since I am in the 1-2 month time frame of being able to return the item.

T. Emerick - Amazon - March 6, 2013

Works for me!

My pit/lab mix hates my creepy next door neighbor and barks aggressively anytime he sees the man. So the man calls the cops and claims my dog is a public nuisance. Well, I was about to spend a thousand bucks for a privacy fence which may not have worked anyway. I decided to give the bark control collar a try. My dog is not dumb. When he is wearing the collar, he does not bark. He will run toward the man and hit the chain link fence and bristle and stare, but does not bark. As far as I know, he has not even received a shock from the collar, just warning beeps. I am not saying your dog will learn this easily! When I first got this dog three years ago from the shelter, he badly wanted to chase cars. When I walked him on a leash, he would suddenly lunge at, and nearly pull me into, a passing car. In frustration, I got a shock collar that had a remote control that I could choose to either give him a warning beep only or follow the beep with a shock. Well I did have to shock him really good several times and then he got the message and stopped trying to chase cars. He seemed to learn that a beep from a clunky collar means to settle down and just be calm, I guess. That first training collar was not required to be used very much but it probably saved his life and possibly mine as well. My point here is that he was already familiar with a shock collar when this barking situation started (after a move to another city). So when I put the Dogtek bark control collar on him, he heard the beep only about one time and then he seemed to know it meant behave or else. Now, if I put him in the backyard fence without the collar, and the neighbor comes home, he still barks his head off; but if the collar is on him, he keeps his loud mouth shut, so I would say this invention works. I hope to eventually get him trained with it so that he doesn't need to have it on. Now he only wears it a few hours a day when he is outside and the neighbor is home. All this good stuff having been said, should be aware that if your have no idea how to train a dog, or if you cannot understand how to set the sensitivity and the type of stimulation, and the on/off switch, which requires the use of a little screwdriver and a diagram, then either get someone to help you or try another solution to your problem. For me it has been well worth the expense and effort so I am giving it five stars.

Allen Newton (North Carolina) - Amazon - March 1, 2013

Thank Goodness!

My husband and I rescued a 3-5 year old 15 lb. Pomeranian a year ago. She won't bark if either of us is in the house with her alone. But, if we're both home, she will bark at every little noise my husband makes such as clearing his throat or just shifting in his chair. At first, she was terrified of him, but he was very patient and treated her like gold. Her uncontrollable barking went from 'Stay Away from Me!' to 'Come and Pick me Up Now!' Her barks will deafen you. We could no longer bear the noise. I found out about no-bark collars from a mail order catalog. I never knew about them. We got the collar three days ago. Our home is now a lot quieter. This collar has scared the little one a lot. Make no mistake about that. She sits and shakes and the first night was very upsetting to see her in such anguish. It's gotten better and hopefully she will settle down and relax soon. It only took a couple zaps for her to learn the beep beep beep means be quiet or you will be zapped. We are finally on our way to a peaceful household. I guess I would put this right up there with the 'tough love' concept with children. It's hard on the parents, but in the long haul, the right thing to do.UPDATE: 5 weeks later and we are living in a quiet home for the first time since getting this little dog a year ago. She was shocked all of 3 times and she learned that when the unit goes beep beep beep that she better quiet down or she'll be shocked. She knows the difference between being able to bark when outside playing with the other dogs while wearing her regular collar and being inside with my husband and me while wearing her no-bark collar. She no longer shows signs of anxiety. She knows that she is to be quiet when she wears the collar. I highly recommend this collar to anyone with a dog who barks too much.

Rockowcastle - Amazon - February 26, 2013

Still barking..

We've had this product for almost 2 weeks and our black lab mix wears it everytime she goes outside. The barking sometimes isn't as much, but it's still a constant thing. Not sure if it's the battery or what, maybe I'll try changing that and see how it goes..

Jayme Felstead (Spring Valley, MN) - Amazon - February 25, 2013

Dog collar really do curb dog's barking

Bought two of these for my two schnauzers. I have purchased other bark collars before and they did not work, these by Dogtek do work! The only downside I see is that the batteries need to be replaced often, every 2 or 3 weeks. I bought a bunch of batteries on ebay to try and keep the cost down. I have not been able to take the collars off my dogs for too long because they revert to barking again but when they are wearing them, they work, they make a beep to warn them and if they keep barking they get a shock. Stops the constant barking. I had to do something because I had neighbors complaining and my dogs are 'in the house' dogs, they are only outside for 5 or 10 minutes at a time. These were pricier than the ones on ebay (other brands) but THEY WORK :)

Isabel del Rio - Amazon - February 20, 2013

Works Well!

My neighbor was complaining of my dog barking, which I was not aware of as my walls of my house are apparently very thick. Anywho, I do not often have a problem with dogs barking but some people do, so instead of having to deal with it anymore I decided I would purchase something too see if I could stop the barking. At first I tried the Sonic Egg from Sunbeam, hilariously useless that thing was. My dog ignored it, so I returned it and found this collar which was very well priced. I figured I would give it a try, and if it did not work I would return it too. Just a little background on my dog, he is a 9 year old Yellow Labrador, and very stubborn, even in his old age. You can however teach an old dog new tricks. When I first got the collar I read the manual and discovered it had 3 settings, Long Stimulation, Short Stimulation and Just Sound. I set the collar to Short Stimulation as the behest of my wife who felt very bad about doing this to the poor dog. I felt bad too, because I never thought his barking was that big of a deal, but that is suburb living I suppose. I put the collar on him and set him loose in the yard. It did not take long for him to discover his barking was not a good idea, he was pretty quiet the first day after a few stimulations. Was he perfect? No, but he was learning. Within a couple days he was perfect, he was not barking more than one little bark as long as the collar was on. After a little over a week I set the collar to just the Sound and he has been perfect ever since. I feel bad a little because barking is just a dog being a dog, but at least I won't have to hear complaints of him barking too much anymore. I highly recommend this product. I obviously have not had the product long, and have not had to replace batteries of anything yet, but on pure operation this collar works well on my large dog.

Chad - Amazon - February 16, 2013

Electric Dog Collar

This item was just what I need at the time. It arrived in a timely fashion and was well packaged.

Eugene L. Alexander - Amazon - February 15, 2013

best nights sleep ever!

I was unsure about this collar since it was cheaper than then others I was looking at, but it surprised me. We have a young dog that has a problem with continuous barking. After a few hours of having this collar on the low setting he quickly learned not to bark unless he needed to go outside. The dog was waking up my 1 year old at night and myself. It was a lifesaver!

Amanda - Amazon - February 13, 2013

Good product

This is my lifesaver. I got a new dog that has "found her voice". The problem is that she likes to become vocal around 7 am and I don't even get to bed until midnight most nights. This seems to keep her quiet.

Some Random Guy - Amazon - February 8, 2013

Bark Collar

I bought this collar for my 7 month old puppy, Sandy. I adopted her from a friend of a friend who could no longer take care of her since she was having surgery and Sandy was just too much energy to handle. I live in an apartment complex and had neighbors complain because she would bark very, very loudly while we were at work. I didn't like the idea of a bark collar, but this has defintely helped teach her to correct her behavior. Since I have it on the lowest sensitivty, she has since mastered the 'quiet bark' which none of my neighbors seem to mind.

H. Norvelle (Virginia) - Amazon - February 4, 2013

works well...but

I bought the dog collar because I take my dog to work and he barks at anyone coming into our parking lot or walking up to the door. It was effective immediately, He stopped barking..however after about two weeks we came to realize he was not associating the collar zap with his barking...he was connecting it to the front door. He would bark, it would zap, he would run and sit behind me. My recommendation is to use this in different environments - not just one specific event. Get your dog to associate the zap with his bark, not the event. Otherwise, it is great product and operates as describes.

Shirley Dethlefson - Amazon - February 3, 2013

Works very good, but not waterproof

Works very good. Not waterproof though, so if your dog swims in the pool you may want to upgrade to waterproof unit

John - Amazon - February 3, 2013

Died already

I've had this for less than 4 months and it's dead already. I'm disappointed but just putting the collar on him now seems to be working even though the collar is not.

Kat - Amazon - February 1, 2013

It works!

We had tried five different products and they have all failed until we got Dogtek. I have a very stubborn Yorkshire Terrier that barks almost all day at everything and everyone but no more. The product feels a bit big compared to his size but at this point all it really didn't matter to us as long as thebarking stopped.I think it is worth buying it if you have a stubborn dog that loves barking

Raffi - Amazon - February 1, 2013


I bought this after reading all the reviews and ignoring the one star reports. Well here I am giving it a one star. The collar goes of with my dog just moving here neck and not making a sound. Not a good product at all spend the extra money and get a better product. Also very difficult to replace battery.

sphenson k "k" (Summit Colorado) - Amazon - January 30, 2013

Best Collar EVER

I just recieved the Collar today and i put it on my dog and it works miracles! The first time she barked it shocked her and she hasnt bark since! shes a totally different dog, idk who she is anymore.

Daniel Holford - Amazon - January 29, 2013

works great!

works great to control barking! We have 2 dogs - 1 large german shepherd and 1 45lb mut... works great on both!!

Dawna Elliott - Amazon - January 26, 2013

This bark collar works extremely well.

We have been using this bark collar for months now, and it works well. It has not trained the dog, in that the dog starts barking, especially during a full moon, the first night we leave it off. However, this is the result of a defective dog and not a defective bark collar. The first battery went down quickly, but we bought a ten-pack of Panasonic replacements on Amazon for about the price of two batteries at a battery shop. We have used several bark collars over the years, including ultrasonic, and this one is the best yet.

Michael L. Curtis "Desert CPA" (Desert Hills, AZ USA) - Amazon - January 24, 2013

Works great! Lightweight!

I purchased this collar to help calm down our young pooch. We had worked with him previously using a small beeping sound. The beep option on the collar really helped calm our boy down.

bearsoltis - Amazon - January 22, 2013

Works great

I bought this for my outdoor 85 lb male German Shepherd mix. He was barking all through the night at nothing at all. Be sure to read through the directions before using. It's important to stay with him while he's first learning what triggers the device. It was a little heart-breaking the first day we used it because he was trembling with fear or anxiety, but he soon learned that if he didn't bark, he wouldn't be shocked. Even on such a big boy, I only use the light setting. Once he got the hang of it, I tried going nights without it, but he quickly slipped back into his barking habits, so we still use it every night. I highly recommend this product.

Laura M - Amazon - January 22, 2013

Works fine

Dog not happy with it, but she's go to learn bark at 'air' or anything else..falling leaves...etc etc....I don't like putting it on her, but she's got to learn to stop barking all the time. She's part Chow. mmmmmmm

Juz Lookin' (CA) - Amazon - January 21, 2013

Couldn't Be Happier

Product was very effective for all three of my dogs. I have a 40 lb boxer, 60 lb Blue heeler, and a 70 lb black lab. The beep only function was enough to stop unwanted barking for the boxer; with the heeler and lab needing only a few hours wearing the collar, in combination with encouragement and reward training. Within three days all of our family's furry kids had learned the difference between acceptable and unacceptable barking, and are now responding to verbal commands without the need for further collar use. I couldn't be happier with the product.

D$ (Ohio) - Amazon - January 18, 2013

Worked Quickly With Minimal Stress

We were reluctant to go this route with our year-old pup, a 40-lb mixed breed, but his loud barking at anyone who passed by our front windows had to be addressed. We used the minimum settings for just a couple of days, during the daytime, and he learned not to bark. Wearing the collar did not bother him when not barking. We selected this device based on the user reviews.

C. Stacy (Space Coast, Florida) - Amazon - January 18, 2013

Waste of Money

This product did not work at all. My dog has worn it for some time now and has NO effect on his barking.

Tracy Low - Amazon - January 17, 2013

broke after 3 weeks

Stopped working after three weeks, so I figured battery died. When I went to find replacements I learned that the batteries are $10 a piece. Replaced battery and collar still did not work properly, but instead shocked my dog at random moments when he was quiet and just standing around.I may have gotten a lemon based on other user feedback, but my experience makes this a dud in my book. Was good while it worked though - wish it had lasted.

Sean - Amazon - January 14, 2013

Great collars

We bought 3 of these for our German Shepherd puppies. They are 8 months old and are around 70 pounds. The collars have been a great training tool.

MJM "MJM" (Utah) - Amazon - January 14, 2013

On the fence

I have a large lab so either it wasn't strong enough or she just didn't care. I know she was being shocked but it didn't seem to phase it works but for large dogs I am not sure how well. Also other noises can set the shock off so if you have 2 barking dogs beware if one barks close by they will get shocked.

Emily A. Sparks "Emily" (Des Moines, IA) - Amazon - January 14, 2013

Collar worked just like we needed it to

We bought this collar for out 7 year old hound mix (45 lbs) who likes to howl at night. It worked on the first night. When she barks, it beeps and if she barks again, it shocks her. She only had to feel the shock once! We only leave it on at night- they suggest that you don't leave it on all the time. Glad we found this product!

Laura Lanier (Statesboro, GA United States) - Amazon - January 11, 2013

Worked for both of my dogs

I bought this dog collar because my dogs would bark when I left them home alone. After putting the dog collar on my dog quickly figured out that barking wasn't worth it anymore. It worked great so I bought another one for my other dog and now I no longer get complaints from the neighbor. The three settings are nice also. Now I don't even have to turn it on. I just put it on them and they behave. I would recommend it.

Adam - Amazon - January 11, 2013

follow instructions specially with the adjustments needed and if your dog is smart enough he will learn when not to bark.

It is worth paying for a product that when used appropriately works. Adjust it correctly while observing your dog responses and the product should work.

Jack T. Russell (Sunny Diego) - Amazon - January 10, 2013

angry neighbors hushed up

This collar shut my German shepherd up good. She barks at everything. She wont even bark after I take it off her now.

atreyu - Amazon - January 10, 2013


Really quieted our dog down. Really you don't need to have it on them all the time, they realize what has happened and stop, and you can take it off. Worked very well though.

WilliamR - Amazon - January 10, 2013

Works great

Our dog was yipping every night and waking me early. He had only recently started into this bad habit. I had to adjust it a couple nights but now he no longer wakes me. If I forget and leave it off of him one night, however, he is right back at it. I am very glad to have this.

Margaret M. Scheperle "arschep" (Ozark, MO USA) - Amazon - January 10, 2013

Great and affordable

previous collars just weren't sensitive enough and my dog learned how to constantly make a kind of wining noise that you could still here pretty loudly, this one kicked that habit right away and I haven't had an issue since.

Alden Park - Amazon - January 4, 2013

This item worked as stated; I would just prefer a collar I could control via remote

I used this product for my two dogs: a pug and a German shepherd/lab mix. My shepherd only needed the beeps, but my pug needed the shocks. I didn't feel right turning on shock mode though because this collar would beep even when the dog wasn't barking. If my dog shook his head, the collar would beep. I didn't want to shock my dog for shaking his head.The sensitivity could be varied, but it seemed like it would either be too sensitive and beep when he whined or not sensitive enough and wouldn't beep even if my dog was barking.This item did what it said it would do, but I found that I would prefer to administer the beeps or shocks myself by remote so that my dogs learn exactly what I want them to. I would also say that the collar is a good size for a medium-large dog, but seemed a little too big for my pug.

J. Sculley (Mountlake Terrace, WA) - Amazon - January 3, 2013

DogTek BC-60

Pleased with "options" on collar: (warning sound only, sound then short shocks and sound then longer shock and particularly on/off switch). Previous collar we were using could only be turned off by taking out battery. So far no inappropriate shocks except once when 2 other dogs were right next to the dog with collar and baking their heads off. Only having to use "warning sound" since day1. There is a sliding tab on clasp that "locks" the clasp of the collar and its taken me a while to remember to move it to unlock before trying to remove the collar (it seems to end up in locked position with each use).

JB - Amazon - January 3, 2013

Now it's peace and quite at home

I was sceptical about getting one of this but my wife works from home and makes a lot of phone calls during the day. A lot of times our dog barks non stop and it's very disruptive so I figured spend the money and hope it works. Guess what, this darn thing works. It took only a few hours to train our dog and we hardly put it on him now. When he starts barking we just show the colar and he stop.A few learnings:We only put it on him when he barks non stop. I tried rubbing the tips in my hands and the shock is strong eventhough it's a only a short burst.Our dogs normal colar has pendants and dog tags/ID attached. We he moves, it activates the anti bark colar so we had to remove his normal colar when we put this on.

fxf901 - Amazon - January 2, 2013

Not good for miniature schnauzer.

Our little guy loves to bark when we're not home to the 'joy' of all our neighbors. We were looking for a good solution for him because training him not to do something when we are not there is especially tough.When the product arrived it appeared to be good quality and durable. I wanted to go through extensive testing to make sure it worked well, and he reacted well to it before considering leaving him alone with it on. Being the curious type, I decided to set it to the most sensitive setting and subject myself to the shock before putting it on my dog. I can assure you it is nothing that your dog would ignore, but not bad enough to be cruel in my opinion. I also really liked the beeping before shocking feature to give a good warning first.The problem lied in it's bark detection. I have 20 pound miniature schnauzer. For it to detect his barking it had to be tight enough that he had trouble eating or drinking with the prongs poking him. As far as the sensitivity setting, I had to have it fairly high up to detect even his loud bark. He's small but has a loud bark for his size. But, in order to have it sensitive enough to detect barking, it would go off every time he shook his head or ran, and he would shake a lot once I put it on him. Luckily I had it on 'tone only' for this testing or he would have gotten a lot of shocks while not barking.Maybe if you have a larger dog, or a very loud dog this would be a good option as I liked the features, but for my dog it would not work. I may look for a different one the detects the sound rather than the vibration.

Lance Suttle - Amazon - December 28, 2012

Works like a charm

This product instantly quieted my dog. I'm finally able to sleep in without being woken up in the morning to his barking, and I am no longer worried about him upsetting my neighbors with his continual barking.Unfortunately, there is no charger that comes with the collar. When the battery dies, I'm not sure how to replace it. That's the only real downside I see so far.

tom - Amazon - December 26, 2012

Dogtek Electronic Bark Control Dog Collar

I gave a rating of 3 because I decided not to use them so I returned them still in the shrink wrap.l

Fred (FlOrIdA) - Amazon - December 26, 2012

I like it

I'm trying to get my blue tick hound dog to not be so boisterous when we're out going for a run.. I don't care for the beep. It bugs him for some reason.. it would be nice if there was an option to turn the beep off.. otherwise it works great!

mtcwgrls (Montana, USA) - Amazon - December 24, 2012

Great product

Works great for in the middle of the night barking. Solved our problem and has maid our neighbors much happier.

PAT BACON - Amazon - December 24, 2012

got the wrong product!

I never even got to use this! My bad, I thought it was rechargeable. I did get a very pleasent experience returning it though!

angela - Amazon - December 23, 2012

Peace at last!

They say good fences make good neighbors, but apparently two fences aren't enough. My dog and the neighbor's dogs don't get along as well as their owners do sadly, so there is a ton of barking... or at least there was. This collar has helped us re-gain some sanity, and some peace and quiet. After about 3 days my dog learned the system, bark a few times, you get a beep, continue barking you get a long beep, keep going and you'll get a zap. After 3 days we never got past the first beep and the long beep wasn't really heard more than a handfull of times on days 1-3. I turned down the strength a bit from the default setting and my 45lb Pit still gets the message. We got this collar over the summer and now we only have to put it on if we are having a "sassy day". Even putting the collar on at this point is enough to remind her to mind her manors, no batteries are even required at this point!

Rachel (Madison,WI) - Amazon - December 17, 2012


works as advertised. my dog stopped his annoying barking within two days. he only had to wear it at night.

Catherine Graham - Amazon - December 16, 2012

No Barking!

We have a Scottish Terrier named Tattoo, while she is a wonderful dog, she is a true terrier and likes to bark.The bark collar will keep her from barking at nothing! We Have used several bark collars on her over the years and this one seems to work very well. We like that you can adjust the bark from short to long and to just beep.

Mimi Rosso-Anglin (Gahanna, Ohio United States) - Amazon - December 14, 2012

Bark collar works great!

We bought this collar in a state of distress because our neighbors kept calling the police on us about our barking dog. She would park at everything from cars driving by, people walking by, to the wind blowing and rustling the leaves. As soon as we put on the collar and put her out, it took one a shock to stop the barking. As soon as she came in she was scared and didn't understand. It took about an hour for her to figure it out. Now, just the site of the collar will stop any negative behavior. The only recommendation I have is to be careful how much you turn up the sensitivity, passing cars and people talking can set it off. I have an 85 pound black lab, who no longer barks...

anorige - Amazon - December 13, 2012

Bark collar

Very happy with the bark collar we purchased for our lab. He used to go out and just bark and bark, now with the bark collar his barking is minimal if at all. Have only had the collar for about two weeks, couldn't be happier with it.

Terry Street - Amazon - December 13, 2012


I purchased a Pettags product from a pet store and tried it out. It worked for about 2 hours then the vibrating sensation and audible tones stopped affecting the dog. I then tried out the Dogtek product as explain in the user guide and after it was set to the minimal shock setting, since the first day the pet has not barked once while wearing the collar. The past week I have not even had to turn it on. Just the sight of the collar is enough to made her do anything I say. great product

The Talegator - Amazon - December 13, 2012

Working well

After having one annoying neighbor complain about my dogs barking my husband ordered two of these collars. After playing around with them a little bit I think I have them on a good setting. Make sure they are snug. Otherwise they can bark away and have nothing but a beeping noise bothering them. I hate having to use bark collars, but am hoping they will learn soon and we can just have it on the 'beep only' setting. Overall I am happy with the product, just wish I didn't need it! Oh and they are currently being used on a 50 lb hound mix and an 86 lb lab.

Crystalrae83 - Amazon - December 13, 2012

Dogtek Bark Collar the ONLY one that worked !!

Jennifer,I don't know you but you are a rockstar!The Dogtek Electronic Bark Collar is the ONLY one that has worked. And thus THE ONLY ONE to BUY!! We went to a 'pet mart' in our small town here in the Texas Hill Country and spent $50.00 for an alleged 'bark collar'. After fitting him for the collar we noticed that there was no change in the dogs behavior. Nada, zip, bupkus, zilch, zero , end-of-story. We returned it and acquired a more expensive collar which cost about $70.00 . It too was just as poor and there was no difference in the dogs behavior .Trust me here, I mean constant barking . I took out my stop watch and timed his barking for 20 minutes. 'Sluggo' barked 355 times or an average of every 3.55 seconds . As I am constantly on the phone , i cannot have this irritant in the background as i call clients (lawyers) all over N. America.I went online and started reading the customer reviews at and purchased the Dogtek Electronic Bark Collar from Amazon. It showed up in about 4 days and unlike the others the Dogtek Bark Collar was a breeze to set up and it tested perfectly. I made the necessary adjustments to the collar to fit his neck and within 15 minutes peace descended upon my household! What is really weird is that this collar is made in France. WT... France? The only thing good that ever came out of France was wine, food and Bridgit Bardo . Who would have thought 'a dog collar' and remember it's from a country that thinks that dogs are to be allowed in restaurants . Go figure!The first day that i used it on Sluggo , I had to go outside 3 to 4 times to be sure that the old dog was OK! He's my mother's dog and she recently had to move in with us, so we have not had the opportunity to properly train the dog. Well, he's was just fine and in fact the audio tone that the collar emits,i was able to replicate in my synthesizer and i now just play the sound with my iPhone if he barks in the house and he immediately shuts his 'milkbone trap'.The dog is a heinz-58 hound/basset mix , 68 pounds and about 12 years old and as ugly as a mud fence!Before i forget, I am going to buy one for my wife's aunt this Christmas in hopes of restoring some peace around the Christmas table .Recently, I listened to her ramble on for over 90 minutes and frankly there was nothing of substance being delivered. Four of five hours of her rant on a holiday easily eclipses a root canal by a factor of 10 . You guys may really be onto something here!Thanks again for a great product.Love this collar.Best regards,lancev

HabaneroTex - Amazon - December 13, 2012

Doberman Tamer

My fiance and I have two 1 1/2 year old female dobermans. We previously used another product in hopes of calming the dobbies down and limiting the barking outside. Apparently, dobermans are percieved as dangerous dogs (sexy beasts) and therefore their barking was particulary distubring enough to one of our neighbors to call animal control. However, the previous product eventually died and did not work or charge. It seemed as if our dobbermans knew that and raised the roof on the barking. Barking at falling leaves, flying birds and also the lone neighborhood walker. When the product arrived we initially set it to zap. Within 24 hours you would not have known we had dobermans certainly not two. By the third day we changed the setting back to beep and then progressive zaps. I'm not sure why it took us several weeks to finally decide to purchase this but we are extremely happy. The only downside with the product is that the origianl collar interfers and can cause beeping on it's own. Great buy all the way!!!

Tawanza C. Brown - Amazon - December 13, 2012

works well

my dog we have adopted it use to the counrty and we live in the city limits, so he barks at the trucks and loud motors.. so we got this and he doesn't do it any more.. it trained him in the first couple days using it.. now we can just put it on him and not even turn it on and it does the job..

Shopper Girl - Amazon - December 10, 2012


This is a good bark collar but takes some figuring out at first. Once you figure out what setting it is on and what your dog needs it works great. We have an older deaf dog that constantly barks and when we put this on her it only takes part of a day of wearing it and she is quiet for the next few days without it on. We wish we could use the beep sound for her but the next step up does the trick and she understands. Neighbors are thankful that we found something that works!

Book Worm (Virginia) - Amazon - December 10, 2012

Life Saver

The bark collar has been a life saver for my wife and me. The first day we put it on our 6 month old yellow lab, he barked enough to receive his small jolt and that was the end of the barking for the day. The next day was the same story. The third day he only barked once and when he heard the warning beep, he stopped barking. The last couple of days we just turn the collar to the 'on' position and when he hears the 'on' beep - he is good for the day and we don't even need to put the collar on him.

L. Charlton (Auburn, CA) - Amazon - December 1, 2012

Works Well for Us

This product works very well for our four year old lab. At first he got zapped a couple of times but he quickly picked up on the warning beep and he just doesn't bark when he has it on. He sometimes barks if he's not wearing it, but not nearly as much as he did before.

SDH (Philadelphia) - Amazon - November 30, 2012

Defective POS

This thing was being set off by the sound of the dogs rags jingling when he ran around - I took it off and returned it immediately. I felt terrible.. It's poorly constructed and unreliable, don't buy this thing.

kibbles - Amazon - November 29, 2012

Great Product and Fantastic Customer Service!!

The product arrived quickly, was just as described and worked well on my 60 lb hound mix who barked excessively. The clasp on the collar broke and when the seller found out, she quickly sent me another at no cost!! As we all know, that kind of amazing customer service doesn't come along very often! I would recommend not only the Dogtek collar but highly recommend Pet-Supplies for any of pet needs!!

Teresa B. - Amazon - November 26, 2012

Works Great

The product is good quality with a nice adjustable collar. I have a medium sized dog I guess, 67 pounds, but his neck is rather small. This collar adjusts nicely. The variable controls are also useful. It definitely keeps my dog from annoying the neighbors!

m. graham - Amazon - November 17, 2012

dog bark collar

This dog bark control collar has worked very well. The barking has stopped. I am very happy with it and would recommend it.

Amy E Earner (Dansville, NY, US) - Amazon - November 16, 2012

works like a charm

I was getting complaints from my neighbors that my dog was barking for two hours straight while I was in class. This collar worked perfectly! I don't even have to turn it on anymore. Just putting it around her neck keeps her quiet and my neighbors happy. Also, I have not experienced any of the problems regarding excessive sensitivity.

stanzi16 - Amazon - November 15, 2012

Barking Corgi No More

Our Corgi with an attitude only lets out a yap or two before this collar shuts him down. The only drawback is that other barking dogs can set the collar off, or some sounds.

K. Fortik "Dog Lover" (CO) - Amazon - November 15, 2012

Effective Bark Collar

We have been very happy with this bark collar. We like the features of sound only and the two static settings. We have a cocker spaniel, about 30-40lbs. The collar is a bit larger than others, but it appears to be well balanced and fits well. He does not appear to mind wearing the collar. It is effective in controlling his bark, we are getting to a point that if he just hears the warning beeps he keeps quiet. We started off for 1-2 days with just the sound for an adjustment period, then introduced the shock. So far so good.

Scott Marer - Amazon - November 14, 2012

worked well

This collar worked for my dog after about 10 minutes. I use the warning setting, but because I have an electric fence too my dog doesn't like any beep anymore so it didn't take hardly any time to adjust to.

Ryan - Amazon - November 14, 2012

Works like a charm

I've had this collar in daily use on my dog for 8 months now. Jerry is a very loud and energetic 65lb Redbone Coonhound. After a short learning curve, he went from barking constantly outside to quiet except for some whining he knows won't set off the collar. The neighbors are quite pleased.The batteries need to be changed every 2-3 months, not a hard task.

JeffA "jeffrey3_00" (Lincoln, Rhode Island United States) - Amazon - November 13, 2012

Shockingly good

The dog barks at anything, even leaves blowing thru the yard, non-stop. This collar has ended that and the angry neighbor complaints! Peace in the neighborhood. Well worth it.

mike o'neil - Amazon - November 13, 2012

Works ok

This collar works ok. It is a little difficult to figure out just how sensitive it should be for the dogs. With the adjust-ability between shock and beep only options it has trained the dog to be quiet in most cases. The collar will slip easily on a heavy coated dog. It seems at times to work intermittently - at time the dog will bark and there will be no beep. Other times it works fine.

Becky Voegtlin - Amazon - November 13, 2012

Best device I have tried.

This collar has worked the best of the methods and collars that I have tried with my miniature Schnauzer. I was initially reluctant to use such a 'harsh' training method on my dog, and because of that I was using it only when his barking was really bothersome. I was recently complaining to my dog trainer that the problem with the collar is that it only works when my dog is wearing it and that he knows that he can bark all he wants to when he does not have it on. The trainer reminded me that consistency is key to training and suggested that I faithfully put it on him every morning for 4 months straight and just take it off at night and then see if that takes care of the problem, so that is what I am doing now. I also discussed the situation with my vet, and he recommended that when I take the shock collar off that I replace it with a regular collar which has been weighted down to about the same weight as the shock device (perhaps by duct taping on a C or D battery). I think that I will try that when the 4-month trial period is over.I should mention that I bought the collar about 8 months ago, and a couple of months ago the collar did not seem to be working any more. I thought, 'Oh no, it really does only work for 6 months,' as I had read in some of the reviews. However, after I played with the sensitivity setting, it seemed to work fine again. All in all, I am very, very pleased with the collar.

Patricia Buchanan (Bellflower, CA United States) - Amazon - November 13, 2012

Dogtek Electronic Bark Control Dog Collar

This bark collar works well. My bichon-poodle mix barks at everything and this collar keeps her at bay when needed. 5 stars.

Patrick T. Smith - Amazon - November 13, 2012

BC-60 dog collar

I actually purchased two of the collars and both have been very effective. I have two black labs, one at 60#'s and the other at 75#'s. They still tend to bark without the collar but with the collar on, in beep mode, they don't bark at all. I started the first week in shock mode then changed it to beep. They currently wear them when they go outside with no barking.

brew92 - Amazon - November 13, 2012

Great Bark Collar

This collar was a great investment. It's a smart collar so it's strength adjusts as your dog learns not to bark. It has definitely been a lifesaver for our family. I would definitely recommend it. I hope this helps.

MistiE - Amazon - November 13, 2012

Dogtek electronic bark collar BC-60

I have a 100 lb German Shepherd I got this for and it works great. On the medium intensity setting it prevents him from barking but still allows for an occasional whine which is what I wanted. It only took him a little while the first day to not bark when i placed the collar on him and he heeds the beeps as a warning first. Very happy with this product.

snake81 "snake81" (USA) - Amazon - November 12, 2012

Worked perfectly

We have a 25lb cockapoo who barks nonstop when ever someone comes to the door or we have company. We tried all kinds of remedies. Everyone discouraged me about a bark collar, but I went ahead and purchased this dogtek collar. It has been the perfect solution. Our dog was probably only shocked initially 3 times. There is a warning alarm that goes off first and she learned quickly that she would be shocked if she barked again. The result is a much calmer dog anytime we have company. Our friends have commented on what a completely different dog she is. We have used it for over 6 months...anytime we are expecting company and keep it nearby to quickly put on when the doorbell rings. Would definitely recommend.

Stacy M. Eaton "Avid Christian Fiction Reader!" (WV) - Amazon - November 12, 2012

Bark limiter collar by tri-tronics

I bought 2 collars for 2 very stuborn barkers. It only took 1 day for them to learn that barking was not allowed with the collars on. I would reconmend these to anyone who has a barking problem. Big or small dog. It works great!!!

stroj - Amazon - November 12, 2012

Sweet Silence

The DOGTEK BC-60 bark collar is definitely effective on my dog. She wears it during the day when we are away because it had gotten to the point where anytime the lawn crew was mowing, or the UPS driver delivered a package, or anyone came within her sight she would bark ferociously and hit the large, front window of our house. I was afraid she would crash through the window and injure herself. Our dog also shredded the aluminum blinds in the back of the house trying to get to the lawn crew. The bark collar really works and it only took a couple of 'zaps' before she realized that the three beeps were a warning to stop barking. Our dog does not wear the collar when we are home and even though she still barks occasionally, which is OK, it is a whole lot better since we started using the collar. I tried the spray collar first and after she got used to the citronella spray in her face, she realized it was not a big deal and she would keep on barking. The DOGTEC BC-60 bark collar is easy to set up and is quite sturdy--it has a locking mechanism so it will not come off accidentally. If your dog's barking is a problem or nuisance, try this collar. It really works and I definitely recommend it!!

mamasuita2 - Amazon - November 11, 2012

Quieter walks